Illegal EBTs and Sporting Advantage question remains


Sir David Murray, Campbell Ogilvie, Dave King, as directors of a football club, you presided over tax evasion. While ordinary men and women have no choice, or criminal urge, to avoid paying for public services, you directed a deception on an industrial scale.

Sir David Murray and Campbell Ogilvie have their influence and signatures all over this act. The SFA was quick to discipline and sine die Craig Whyte after he was out of the game, it must now charge Murray and Ogilvie with bringing the game into disrepute. The stale influence of cronyism at Hampden must be routed and seen to be so.

The SPFL instructed an inquiry three years ago but with this verdict in, the SFA must appoint their own inquiry.

Why did the processes at Hampden allow this to happen and continue without check?

Why did Rangers get their European licence in 2011 despite being in arrears to HMRC, in contravention of that licence?  Who was responsible for this decision?

Why was a director and signatory of Rangers illegal tax schemes elected and reappointed president of the SFA?

How transparent were the SFA and the SPL in their handling of these tax evasion charges?

Was the SPL inquiry commissioned to uncover the facts, or to meet a desired objective?  Who prepared the inquiry remit and who signed off on that remit?

Lord Nimmo Smith found that legally executed Employee Benefit Trusts did not confer a significant sporting advantage.  In light of what I have already read of the verdict, we must now discover if such widespread illegal Employee Benefit Trusts conferred a sporting advantage.  This question has not been asked yet.

It’s time for football to shake off the shackles of corruption in Scotland, as elsewhere.

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  1. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    his should really shove folk over the edge …



    Peter Lawwell in line for award



    Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell has been nominated for the CEO of the Year Award at this year’s Football Business Awards.



    Lawwell has been nominated alongside Huw Jenkins (Swansea City), Jez Moxey (Wolverhampton Wanderers), Bob Symns (Peterborough United) and Jason McGill (York City). The nominees have been shortlisted following a vote by their peers in each of their respective leagues.




  2. Tell all the huns you know




    They never did Nine in a Row




    Their contracts were wrong




    They knew all along




    They never did Nine in a Row!

  3. time for change on

    On a day of general bad news for the new team the rangers International FC2012 the allegations against the previous occupents of Ibrox have been vidicated. whether anyone will see the money I don’t know. Hopefully the recipients of the payments will now be chased to recoup the monies.



    SFA needs routed out from top to middle management committees especially in light of all the other football related corruption being revealed.




  4. The SFA will do as they always do, close their eyes, fingers in ears and shout lalalalalala at the top of their voices.


    The SMSM will follow suit.

  5. The Battered Bunnet on




    The most galling issue, and the most important in terms of the Game itself, is this:



    That those who executed the EBT scheme, and indeed, who also benefited from it, in their capacity as Directors of Rangers plc, were simultaneously Directors of the SFA and/or SPL.



    Ogilvie’s remit as a Director and Vice President of the SFA, was to “protect the Game from abuses”.



    The Game was bent from the inside out.

  6. Dave King was a director of a bankrupt club that operated an illegal EBT scheme



    Dave King is a fit and proper person to run a new club.




  7. Weeminger,



    From earlier discussion – I’d agree with your conclusion on cups. They should be removed from the honours of the old club but not awarded to anyone. It’s impossible, as you say, to know what might have happened.

  8. Paul67



    there’s going to be a queue of journalists and SFA cronies at A&E getting their tongues untied after trying to justify how titles shouldn’t be revoked here after this decision!




  9. alex thomson ‏@alextomo 57s57 seconds ago


    The HMRC victory on the Rangers Big Tax Case is also an important vindication of Phil MacGiollabhain’s book ‘Downfall’

  10. BBC Scotland, bold as brass, announces that it was the ‘Murray Group of Companies’ who used to ‘run Rangers’ that was liquidated, and now as its a new company that ‘runs Rangers’, the decision today in favour of HMRC will have no impact on them! The cover up continues….

  11. Well well well,


    never seen that coming,time to take a filleting knife and gut the sfa especially The 6th floor mob past and present.


    i could greet with pleasure for those that fought long and hard to expose the cheating b”&;#@,s at hampden and the hate factory.

  12. Build a bonfire for the vanity’s.


    Can we see a list of beneficiary’s who used the illegal Employee Benefit Trusts please ?


    Can we now hold those people accountable ?


    The SFA can no longer state it has the authority to govern our game in the light of such a massive cover up.



    Hail Hail.

  13. Deja Vu all over again





    Rangers: Scottish Championship leaders reveal annual loss



    Scottish Championship leaders Rangers have announced a loss of £7.5m for the year ending 30 June.


    Chairman Dave King insists the figures do not reflect the changes implemented since the consortium he led assumed control in March.


    “The year under way is already much more promising on all fronts,” he said.


    “I look forward to this time next year when I can comment on a financial year that is wholly under the influence and guidance of the new board.”


    With Rangers five points clear at the top of the table and the club reporting a “significant increase” in season ticket sales, King adds that “there is once again a genuine belief that the club faces a much brighter future”.


    Last week, the Ibrox outfit said they were postponing a share issue and listing on the ISDX market until criminal proceedings against former directors Craig Whyte, Charles Green, Imran Ahmed and others are concluded.


    The club said it was “satisfied” there was no short term need for the funding the share issue would have generated.


    Rangers’ operating expenses for the period under revue were £26.8m, down from £27.7m, while turnover fell to £16.5m from £17.6m.


    The figures are a slight improvement on the previous campaign, when the club lost £8.1m.

  14. Starting to dawn on me how momentous a day this could be.


    Looks like FINALLY the truth is starting to emerge from years of lying,misinformation, and a corrupt press and SFA collusion.



    I feel numb to be honest. The anger will probably come along later when the now confirmed enormity of what went on sinks in. Cheats, thieves and liars.



    Thanks for that link Embramike. That’s gonnae be my opening gambit for ruining the office hun’s afternoon/miserable existance…… (just hope the aforementioned anger doesn’t turn up or I’ll get bagged for rag dolling the wee creep).



    It’s time for ALL the clubs in Scotland to make a stand on this, not just Celtic.



    An utter scandal which even the press and SFA cannot ride out.



    Campbell Ogilvie? Words fail me.

  15. leftclicktic



    I have to admit to being somewhat taken aback by todays decision and it’s now or never for Scottish football, reform it from top to bottom or forever swim in the sewage created by Ogilvie and Murray and their stinking club.



    Hail Hail My Big Pal..

  16. “Furthermore, so far as the footballers are concerned, at least, it seems to us that if bonuses had not been paid they might well have taken their services elsewhere”



    (Bonuses paid through EBTs)



    If that doesn’t suggest a sporting advantage I don’t know what does.



    Wish RTC would come out of retirement to take the plaudits. Vindicated at last!

  17. Margaret McGill on

    21 Trophies they obtained by illegal means.


    Cant wait for the history books to show that Ayr Utd won the 2002 league cup.


    Ogilvie is still there.


    The SFA were and are still complicit.


    Puts the 5 way agreement in a new light.


    Celtic, having lost millions from being denied CL money will of course do….. nothing!

  18. Ya shower o bampots!! you all have beat me too all the best punchlines………..never mind,when does all the title strippin start??????????

  19. Paul,auldheid,tsfm,rtc and so many others


    Today i will raise a glass (of juice) to you all today.

  20. TURKEYBHOY on 4TH NOVEMBER 2015 12:30 PM


    Every game the Huns played with EBTs would have to be awarded 3-0 to their opponents.That is football law for cheating,breaking the rules.There can be no arguments about this.How this pans out over the course of the seasons,should then be taken into account.We have all witnessed the disgust,the headlines,the contempt from fellow sportsmen and women,that past sports cheats have suffered.Their titles have been stripped,and they were banned/suspended from the sport.





    The sheer scale of this cheating dwarves anything before in Britain.It should be treated with the headlines and investigations it merits.The mind actually does boggle when the outcome of this fraud is taken to a conclusion.Trophies won,Leagues won,prestige gained,enabling sponsorship deals to be won.Participation in the then era of no qualification in the lucrative Champions league.All of this depriving their opponents of the millions of £s on offer and therefore unable to compete.





    As I said,this is a sporting scandal,the likes of which has never before been seen in Britain,and should be treated as such.The present incumbents of positions in Scottish football,who were part of this cheating should be removed from office forthwith.Ogilvie,King,Murray really cannot be allowed to continue.

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