Illusive focus should return to Celtic


Highlights from Easter Road on Saturday suggest Hibs are very much in the hunt for second place.  Aberdeen have the experience to finish Best of the Rest, but it is disappointing performances like that against Hibs which have given Celtic carte blanche to experiment with the squad so regularly in the league this season.

While Brendan Rodgers will only have thoughts for Zenit right now, Derek McInnes will be planning how to deploy against Celtic on Sunday.  The Aberdeen manager has tried and failed many times to get the better of Celtic in recent seasons, which is not the inhibitor it might seem to be.  He knows what does not work and what not to try.  This week’s discussion matter at Pittodrie will be whether Aberdeen can do what half the teams in the league have already done and take points from Celtic.

As far as the Champions are concerned, stacking big games back-to-back will bring out the best in them.  An away game at St Petersburg before heading marginally south to Aberdeen will bring a focus to the club which has been elusive recently.

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  1. Based on my own memories and experiences of European nights since the early 80s, it is difficult to think about tomorrow’s game without thinking about all the other times we had a chance across two legs and blew it. Other than the Seville run when I was wildly optimistic about every game we played, most European away ties in the last 30 years has seen us either shooting ourselves in the foot when playing ok or just not showing up at all.





    I can’t see us not conceding 2+ goals tomorrow. It will be over by half time.







    There, I’ve said it. Doom and gloom.





    Now put a tenner on 2-2 and us being in the next round.

  2. I cannae wait to have PR back.



    TR takes more time to get back to his Best.



    Olivier and Moussa are ready to Rock.



    Charly is for next Season.



    Jamesie Magic incoming.

  3. PB,




    No, that is the point.



    As it stands, Sevco will have played two homes v the other top six teams by the split.



    They should have five away fixtures in a normal league, but won’t.



    They will be given an extra two home games.




    Celtic however, will not be asked to go back there a third time but two of the other four will.




    Fair and equitable?








  4. mike in toronto on

    BSR @1:05



    That seems to be a sentiment shared by DD who also seems to want to ensure that ‘we will not be treated differently’ … than we have been treated in the past






    People will only watch a one horse league for so long. We don’t have a real rival on the pitch in Scotland (although at some point that will change), so, to avoid loss of interest/attrition, we have to stoke the flames of rivalry off the pitch. ’us v them’ sells tickets.



    It is the only explanation that I can see that makes any sense of the events (including Celtic’s muted response) of the last several years.

  5. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    The One Night in Lisbon dinner takes place on Friday 25th May 2018 at the Kerrydale Suite Celtic Park.



    The tickets are £65 each to include the three course meal, a welcome drink, and all entertainment.



    We will have a great line up of music, video presentations, some short speeches, charity raffles and auctions and a lot of communal singing, infectious smiling and many a laugh and a joke shared.



    Hopefully we will be celebrating a fabulous double treble and Celtic are going to make sure that all available trophies are there on the night for photographs.



    There will be a huge party atmosphere and we will raise a good sum for The 67 kitchens being operated by The Celtic Charity Foundation and Mary’s Meals plus some charities which are close to the hearts of some on here.



    If you want to take up some of the remaining places then drop me an e-mail at jjoe88@hotmail.co.uk and let me know how many seats, the names of those coming and whether any of your party are vegetarian.



    If you were at the Lisbon dinner last year you will know what to expect — except that this will be bigger and with a wider variety of entertainment.



    What we look to recreate is the Spirit of ’67 — dress code smart but casual and definitely Green and White!!



    Hail Hail




  6. SFTB


    Thanks for your response.



    I suspect the fact that the pentagon has managed to avoid having a full and comprehensive audit of it’s accounts/spending for it’s entire existence gives rise to such ‘ fantastic ‘ claims.


    With zero transparency and in contravention of the country’s law regarding auditing since 1990 it’s no wonder that there is suspicion around it’s spending.

  7. If Sevco get two extra top-six home games this season then it will have to be addressed next season just like any other SPFL team from the bottom-six which has lost out in the past.



    So next season they will indeed have to play five top-six fixtures away from home.



    Or i’m I just being naive?

  8. glendalystonsils on



    “ We will not be treated differently “









    John Reid ( ages ago )




    Indeed not. We will be treated like Sh**e ,just like all bar one of the other Scottish clubs.

  9. SFTB


    It seems we have our wires crossed, I apologise, I wasn’t thinking about the stolen trillions, all I was thinking and talking about was the establishment’s version of the twin towers.


    As for the stolen squillions, I agree with you on that :-)



  10. A draw and then a win would be just perfect.


    Two draws would be acceptable.


    A loss and a win we could live with.


    A Loss and a draw, mild concern.


    2 losses, CQN meltdown but post numbers rocket.

  11. MIT



    Yip, fraid so.



    Rainjurz not being around was ‘bad for business’



    Fergus McCann ( not that long ago )



    It’s the square that cannot be circled by Celtic supporters and it gets worse now that we have Sevco ‘back’.

  12. We play 38 league games, at the end of the day it will work out 19 at home and 19 away, the computer sure has messed it up again, funny how it’s always the huns who benefit from the computer fecking up.

  13. glendalystonsils on

    It’s been heard singing ‘the sash my mainframe wore’ in one of those cyber voices deep in the bowels of Hampden.

  14. Any league where a team doesn’t play the same number of games at home and away, and/or doesn’t play each team an equal number of games home and away is flawed. Its been flawed since it was set up and will continue to be flawed until the ‘brains’ at the SPFL (and formerly the SPL) sort it out (although I suspect there is no willingness to do so).

  15. Why all the hullabaloo bout Sevco’s likely post-split fixtures? As far as I can see, so far this season they have only beaten one of the other top six teams at home, namely Aberdeen. We should be more concerned about who they get to play away from home, as they have beaten THREE of the others in the away ties.



    Let them have Aberdeen at home again, as they’ll beat them home or away due to the Dons’ inferiority complex. Then Killie would be a good one for the other “bonus” home game, as Sevco have yet to beat Killie home or away in this season’s SPL.



    And the assumption in the media, that Sevco are going to close the gap at the top to just 6 points this weekend, seems a bit far fetched. Since bonfire night Hearts (who Sevco play next) have lost just once (to the Champions), while Sevco have lost no fewer than FIVE times in that period. And in the SPL’s other pivotal fixture Celtic (2 domestic defeats since bonfire night) play Aberdeen (6 defeats in the same period), who they have beaten in their last NINE (in a row) meetings.



    History would suggest that there is a greater chance of Celtic’s lead being 12 points on Sunday night than being reduced to “just” 6.

  16. Talking about sevcohunites getting advantage, I notice that their league game is next Tuesday and they don’t play their cup tie until the following Monday whereas we play Wednesday and Saturday, after competing tomorrow and Sunday.


    Chinese bid for Morelos has been confirmed in China by both Clubs‘ agent Mr Wun Long Lai.

  17. …oh, I should clarify that history is not necessarily a guide to the future.



    Celtic is the only Scottish team to have been the Champions of Europe. And in the future, Celtic is the only Scottish team who will EVER have been the Champions of Europe.




  18. I have noticed what appears to be a plot to destabilise Brendan. Daily Mail and Evening times are today running with story about how Brendans wife ex husband killed himself.



    it has been noticible that Clyde have been giving platforms to so called Celtic fans being critical of Brendan. There have been loads of posters on celtic forums who are critical of Brendan and all are not Hunposters but the celtic fans who listen to Clyde and read the Record.



    The idea is that if a big offer comes in for Brenda, then, he will leave if he feels that he is not appreciated.



    I can recognise this and to me it looks like level 5 and their minions at work.



    With Brendan in charge we must be odds on to reach 10 in a row, without him then it is more questionable.



    So once you recognise the plot then it becomes counter productive

  19. As if by magic, the story about the ex husband is now on the Record site. Don’t be fooled. The msm is anti Celtic and are working against the club with every means possible

  20. May I be more precise.


    I do not fear Sevco or any other Scottish team.



    I do however, suspect a manipulation of circumstance to undermine Celtic ‘s proven dominance.



    That one team, any team, can have 21 home games and 17 away in any league is just a corruption.



    That we buy into that knowingly, makes it a trifle more difficult to query the likes of Beaton ‘s performance on Sunday, with any hope of improvement.



    I do hope that Peter and Dermott are playing the long game.




  21. mike in toronto on




    There is no doubt that the zombies are afraid of BR and the changes he has made to Celtic. So, would they love to see him go? Absolutely. In fact, I am surprised that there haven’t been more stories about him in the papers.



    And, unlike some on here …. I think Brendan’s work/tactics sometimes merits criticiism (note: not presonal shots at him, but if he sets up his team wrong, or makes a poor sub…. fair game for discussion). But, I he seems like a pretty self-assured guy, so I dont think he is going to be swayed by those sorts of things …



    I think that, when he does go, that it will have more to do with him feeling that he has done as much as he can, as opposed to what other people say. He’ll go because I believe that he has ambitions that exceed what is realistic with Celtic, e.g., winning a European trophy, , coaching abroad, coaching in a top league again…).



    Every person likes to feel that their successes are recognized, and as long as BR coaches in Scotland, most people’s assessment will be ‘yeah … but, that was in Scotland…’



    If he gets a second treble this season, and a decent run in Europe …. what more is there for him to realistically accomplish in Scotland?



    Honestly, outsisde of the games in Europe, I have to think he must be getting a bit bored already… even the old zombie games (whilie I hated the hatred that came with them … there was an undeniable buzz for them… and winning or losing did effect my mood for the day!) … even thought I still hate what the new club represents,…. now, games against them are, for the most part, ‘meh… even if we lose this, no matter … not likely going to change the destination of the league trophy’





    If the top six stay as they are,and Rangers are told to play a second away game of the season against each of them,they would only have 17 home games in total.



    To make it 19 home and away,they will play two teams-as it stands-at home three times and only once away.

  23. BIGBHOY on 21ST FEBRUARY 2018 2:10 PM


    I have noticed what appears to be a plot to destabilise Brendan. Daily Mail and Evening times are today running with story about how Brendans wife ex husband killed himself.



    This was in the rags a couple of months ago, old news, I think Brendan asked the lapdogs for privacy at that time.HH

  24. Why don’t yeez empty the park, until


    yeez can assemble a board who will


    take the eternally hostile SMSM


    out of the equation, by banning them


    from Celtic Park, and, at the same time


    announcing that, the now freed up


    SMSM quota of seats from within CP


    will be allocated to homeless Celtic fans


    and that, these fans will be extended


    every catering facility possible, and also


    that these homeless Celtic supporters


    will take part in a process of, Celtic FC’s


    plans to build an extra tier above the old


    Main Stand, which will be the exclusive preserve


    of all, homeless and impoverished fans, and that


    this area of the stadium will be opened 24/7 to


    cater for the needs of these Celtic supporters.


    Celtic weren’t formed, to make rich people, richer CSC



  25. Bada Bing



    Well they have resurrected the story today. 3 different papers running with what looks like the same headline. Not that I clicked on the links.



    What they want is to split Brendan and the club and hope he feels underappreciated and leaves.?



    Ask the question would we make 10 in a row easier with Brendan or with another!!

  26. Paul 67,



    ce qui est venu sur vous bhoys en vert.


    It seems l need to find a suitable boozer in Paris tomorrow.



    As for the sheep, what a stroke of luck playing them after a Thursday Euro night. Imo McInnes is a desperately poor manager with a one dimensional approach.




  27. DBHOY on 21ST FEBRUARY 2018 1:32 PM





    Thanks for your response.


    I suspect the fact that the pentagon has managed to avoid having a full and comprehensive audit of it’s accounts/spending for it’s entire existence gives rise to such ‘ fantastic ‘ claims.



    With zero transparency and in contravention of the country’s law regarding auditing since 1990 it’s no wonder that there is suspicion around it’s spending.






    Whatever happened to the IranContra money?



    HH jamesgang

  28. DBHOY



    “With zero transparency and in contravention of the country’s law regarding auditing since 1990 it’s no wonder that there is suspicion around it’s spending.”



    100% agree- a black hole of inadequate management and accountability0 we need to send in Blantyre Kev to sort it out




    TET- No problem, Crossed Wires are a speciality of mine



    James Gang- Olly North shredded the paper trail, avoided jail and became a celebrity hiding behind God

  29. mike in toronto on

    CQN seems pretty quiet these days ….



    this song often pops into my head when I log on and see there have only been a few posts ….






    Does CQN have an official song? If not, it should…



    How about the Eurythmics “Would I Lie to You?



    CQn was originally set up to counter ‘lazy journalism’ (lies), so would appeal to P67’s followers, and also those who think that CQN has lost its focus. So, something for everyone.

  30. SFTB



    All of that.


    While on matters divine, I see billy graham has gone to meet his maker.



    I actually wondered if there was a ‘sins of the son’ clause that would allow the big guy to chin him about his son’s dogged absolution for trump and various other sex predators.



    HH jamesgang

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