Imperious Celtic in metaphor


There has been a lot of noise around football in Scotland since we put Newco on the canvas to win the league on Sunday.  Notions are being peddled that directors left Newco because they had to make room for new people, who will bring bags of money any day now.  It’s just nonsense.

This photo of an imperious Ali (then Clay) and Liston on the canvas is the perfect metaphor for football in Glasgow right now.  Ali went on to set records, entertain, and become one of the world’s sporting greats.  Whereas this is the best known photo Liston; flattened two minutes into a match against his then rival.

The world had already changed for both boxers before this fight, although Liston only realised it that day, and there was nothing he could do about it.

Now Clay swings with a right, what a beautiful swing!
And the punch raises the Bear clear out of the ring.
Liston is still rising, and the ref wears a frown,
For he can’t start counting till Sonny comes down.
—Muhammad Ali

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  1. South Of Tunis on




    Mrs S of T speaks English in a Carmela Soprano style . She also has the Italian habit of speaking very loudly . Her response to seeing somebody eating square in the University Cafe on Byres Rd was –



    ” watta #### – it looks like a fossilized used sanitary towel and I betta it tastes like one “..



    A silence followed -she kept on talking

  2. Tomthethim


    Always though you were such a well-balanced chap that you had a chip on both shoulders, not just the one! I could see why you’s feel no pain that night…..great one to have in your locker and be able to say “I was there”.





    Wow – a sign of things to come.

  3. South Of Tunis


    What`s the Italian media take on Roma? I thought along with Liverpool they were the two worst teams Ive seen in a Champions league semi.

  4. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Seems like they are looking for “investment” over Ibrox way.


    Can’t say I have checked the dictionary lately, but I very much doubt if the word “investment” is defined as “pouring your money into a bottomless pit and not getting any back”.


    Maybe prospective “investors” could ask the chairman what return he got on his £20m “investment” in the “same club”.

  5. From end of previous blog on possibility of SDM being involved with Sevco.



    AULDHEID on 3RD MAY 2018 11:45 AM












    You make a good point about no charge ever being laid against SDM by the SFA.









    However if (and the evidence in public and not formally public suggests so) the Compliance Officer finds that RFC gained the 2011 UEFA licence by deception, then although Alistair Johnson, who has not yet been deemed a fit and proper person to hold a Director post in a SFA member club, signed off the 2011 Interim Accs, it has to be remembered that SDM was still the majority shareholder and had influence over decisions the Ranger’s Board tool in March 2011.









    That is clear on decision to sell the club to Craig Whyte where Johnson known reservations were over ruled by SDM.









    When you look at the charges brought against Craig Whyte for bringing the game into disrepute two points emerge.









    1. Only CW was charged but not on failure to pay the £2.8m wtc bill. On PAYE/ VAT yes but not the wtc liability.









    2. To do that details of the background to that liability, which the SFA should have had in May 2011 unless there was another breach of FFP, would have provided SFA with pause for thought in their strategy to isolate CW and make him the fall guy.









    There is a LOT riding on the Compliance Officer investigation should the authorities really want to clean up Scottish football.

  6. “I was working nightshift last night and heard this guy on Talksport discussing Scottish football. He was talking about Dave King and the takeover panel and also the two directors leaving. He made up some nonsense about how when Dave King took over the club he was instructed to pay shareholders £11m (or something along those lines) and that now has to be paid. The two directors were asked to pay part of it but they declined and that’s why they have now resigned. He then went on to say the club is in turmoil and struggling to stay afloat. This guy sounded so bitter and appeared to be just making things up. You would have thought Armageddon was coming after listening to him.”



    There you go, Tims – ‘He made up some nonesense…’ A Hun’s awakening and denial of ongoing takeover panel proceedings. The Osrtich Loyal.



    And to think we were under the impression that King was in trouble. Move along…




    Tomorrow – Noon Ibrox press conference – Stevie G and 50 million announced.






    Gary McAllister and a new vaping partner.

  7. Bateen Bhoy on



    I’ve been promised concrete shoes on more than one occasion, and yet…..here I am ?


    Hope your well, and the pooch is not running rings around the auld mannie just yet ?

  8. From a great sports journalist





    But our reactions are bound to be complicated by the knowledge that it was boxing that gave Johnny Owen his one positive means of self-expression. Outside the ring he was an inaudible and almost invisible personality. Inside, he became astonishingly positive and self-assured. He seemed to be more at home there than anywhere else. It is his tragedy that he found himself articulate in such a dangerous language.

  9. BSR regarding Empire biscuits shhhoooorley they are called Commonwealth biscuits now that they Empire is finished. Well that’s what I call them anyway.



    Oh the Empire it is finished


    No foreign lands to seize ….





    D. :)

  10. South Of Tunis on

    SOUKOUS @ 2 37



    Media take on Roma -?



    Did well for a Pot 3 team . Topped a group which included Atletico and Chelsea . Beat a good Shakhtar home and away . Beat Barcelona . Might have beaten Liverpool had they not defended like schoolboys . Shame that Perotti couldn’t play . . ..



    Inexperienced Manager ( but good ) who’ll learn from the experience . Some of the players are not CL class . Hopefully the money earned will be used to get some better players.



    Media take also includes hoping for a Liverpool win in the Final . Uefadrid are not popular in Italy .

  11. mike in toronto on




    I was going to say that in Sicily, they ‘sleep with the fishes ‘ but given that you are in Aberdeen, and the whole Aberdeen/ sheep thing, I thought I should leave that one well enough alone … or I might earn my first yellow card!?





    I wish I lived in your wee bubble,mate.



    Every time I open a page on my iPad for a Scottish newspaper,it’s full of crime syndicates.



    Drugs,guns,you name it. So,aye. Yer right. No-one will bother trying to make a bob or two. Too much effort,and besides,they might even get caught.

  13. ernie lynch on

    NatKnow on 3rd May 2018 2:09 pm


    Surely there’s an online booze shop based in Englandshire that delivers? Would bypass this nonsense law that discriminates against those on low incomes.






    It occurred to me that there might be an enterprising bus convenor somewhere south of the border who could help fund his European trips by fetching pre ordered cargoes up to CP for each home game (for a small mark up of course). That way there’s no transport costs.

  14. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    There are so many memories from that era that some lie dormant in the mind, until they are brought to the fore on here.



    However, there is one, connected to that era, which accounts for the other chipped shoulder, that still rankles.



    In the immediate days after Lisbon, the media were full of the victory and what it meant to Glasgow.


    This was the introduction to the second half of the City Double, i.e., the ECWC.



    Unfortunately, this didn’t end well and therefore, so ended talk of European champions.



    It didn’t help, of course, that we went out in the first round of the following year’s competition.


    A round that we shouldn’t have been in.



    Nevertheless, we were still champions until the crown passed to ManU the following May, though you would never have known it.




  15. weebobbycollins on

    All roads lead to Carlisle…jist remember-Pablo Escobar started aff runnin’ the auld Malboro fags…and look where that goat’im…

  16. ernie lynch on

    Auldheid on 3rd May 2018 2:41 pm



    Whatever the Compliance Officer reports, and whatever the SFA do about it, one thing is clear.



    The SFA will still regard them as the same club., and the official records will show them as being the same club.

  17. weebobbycollins



    Bobby, interestingly enough the second Ali-Liston fight, which took place in the working class town of Lewiston Maine, also took place in the local Ice Rink. Sonny’s first reaction when he got there was “Oh no not back in Paisley again!”



  18. Jobo Baldie on

    Travelling home on the train and approaching Penrith. Wondering if the prices of liquid refreshments will increase around 4pm when we cross the border?

  19. Jobo Baldie on

    Of course I didn’t really think that one through. The price per unit on this train is already considerably higher than 50p. Which is why I’m no buying it.



  20. mike in toronto on




    PS …. In my experience, those guys dont come round to visit unless you have done something to bring them to your door …



    and yet, it has happened many times with you ….



    sounds like there might be a story there …



    maybe I should be concerned about you, not the other way ’round!




  21. Greenpinata on

    Re minimum alcohol pricing.:



    A 70 c/l bottle of whisky ( 28 units ) cannot be sold for < £14.


    No wonder Aldi et al are stocking up just south of the border.



    Internet sales : Businesses with Scottish premises have to enforce the minimum pricing, those without do not.



    The consequences are self explanatory.

  22. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Liverpool get 16,600 tickets for CL Final, for a 62,000 stadium ……ridiculous…

  23. Bateen Bhoy on



    I’d love to share, but the Officlai Secrets Act prevents me from doing so.



  24. I will be in Italy until the middle of October.



    …and will save an absolute fortune on booze!



    …and fags!



    Cin cin!!



    Cough cough!!




  25. Hi Paul67,



    Haven’t been on for a wee while, so firstly let me congratulate the famous Glasgow Celtic for the latest addition to their unbroken history. The EMPHATIC way we won this Season’s Champioship was most gratifying.



    And you know? If we best Motherwell in the Scottish Cup Final we will write another chapter in our History…



    Did Martin42 stand up for the Champions!?



    I’ve enjoyed your recent articles and although our current squad may not be the best ever your article today is spot on… As far as today’s Scotland is concerned the way we KO’d Sevco Rangers on Sunday makes us Nonpareil Glasgow Celtic.



    As far as our nearest rivals are concerned “cough cough” I have noticed the notions that have been peddled, as a wiser man the I may have said…



    “You will hear of warchests and rumors of warchests, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end will still come.”



    One such notion was a Whisky Baron with £100M at his disposal. Now I suggested when DCK took charge at Sevco and offered to invest £30M, that he would need that every Season for at least three Seasons…



    Well, we didn’t even see the first tranche, did we?



    Also it’s doubtful in hindsight if this would have been enough. Now of course, no way would it be enough.



    Can we really see someone investing their £100M family fortune to try (and fail) to catch Celtic. I think not.



    Current “Investor/Directors” stopped throwing good money after bad sometime ago. Now we have Investor/Directors walking away from the toxic Club and abandoning their “stake”.



    Since Mr King’s first interference with Charles Green through his “promises” to “restore” greatness to him playing “chicken” with Sevco’s survival vs TOP, Mr King has done more to avenge the wronged in Scottish Football than anyone else…



    When all is said and done and Rangers MKII lies in a broken heap, DCK should be allowed to display Sevco Scotland’s Incorporation Certificate along side the Certificate of Company Name Change above his mantelpiece as a token of his Glorious Revolution.



    Hail Hail

  26. ERNIE LYNCH on 3RD MAY 2018 3:12 PM



    NatKnow on 3rd May 2018 2:09 pm



    Surely there’s an online booze shop based in Englandshire that delivers? Would bypass this nonsense law that discriminates against those on low incomes.





    It occurred to me that there might be an enterprising bus convenor somewhere south of the border who could help fund his European trips by fetching pre ordered cargoes up to CP for each home game (for a small mark up of course). That way there’s no transport costs.





    “The noblest prospect which a Scotchman ever sees, is the high markup that leads him from Penrith CSC to Parkheid….” – Dr. Johnson

  27. What is the Stars on

    Stop Press



    In case anyone wasnt aware


    Here is the truth at last about Scottish Football and Celtics Domination thereof



    From Ibrox Noise



    37-year-old Stevie G’s first task will be to try and stop the Celtic juggernaut and let’s be honest, they haven’t faced any real competition for any of their title wins since Rangers’ relegation due to lack of money.



    So there you have it


    It was lack of money that made Lawwells puppets in the SFA “relegate” Rangers

  28. TALLYBHOY on 3RD MAY 2018 4:27 PM



    I will be in Italy until the middle of October.



    …and will save an absolute fortune on booze!



    …and fags!



    Cin cin!!



    Cough cough!!







    Is that ’cause ye canny get decent wine in that Italy?



    “It was old and it was beautiful and colour it was fine,


    But it’s not the sash we’re on about, it’s the Buckfast Tonic Wine”

  29. Go tell the Spartim on




    are they likely to take up their allocation, not many went to Rome (for whatever reason)?

  30. evening all couple of things reading back about 12 months ago, guy came into the salon to ask about a price for his jack russell, heard my accent said where you from, i always say coatbridge coz nobody knows glenboig, my great grandfather was from glasgow he was a boxer called benny lynch have you


    heard of him just a little i said .

  31. !!Bada Bing!! on

    GO TELL THE SPARTIM on 3RD MAY 2018 4:55 PM






    are they likely to take up their allocation, not many went to Rome (for whatever reason)?



    2 big clubs with big home gates and ST base, just over half the stadium capacity for the final between them, sponsors, fatcats, corporate, and the’ UEFA family’get the rest.As Big Jock said about football without the fans…..i thonk it’s scandalous mate, oh and Mastercard customers get priority too.HH

  32. mike in toronto on

    Bateen …



    Official Secrets Act?! I wont press … I thought it was run of the mill bad guys… but politicians?! … they are too dirty, even for me!




  33. also have been known to drive up to annan from cheshire for some skwerr some pies and some bridies 4hour round trip.hh.

  34. mike in toronto on




    “enter a goat”?! that is the politest way I have ever heard something like that described … and far too polite for the ACGR we all know and love …



    you are clearly an impostor! What have you done with the real ACGR?




  35. Malorbhoy,


    Unfortunately I will not be taken you kind offer up of a ’Border Raid.’ This afternoon’s trip into Elgin and its ASDA unearthed some very fine Tsingtao, which I am quite partial to, at £1.51 a 640ml bottle at 4.7 abv. Minimum pricing of these 3 unit bottles dictates a price of £1.50 so I won’t grudge ASDA that extra penny.


    I am slightly disappointed in losing 20ml and 0.3% abv compared to my Lidl San Miguel that I purchased 2 weeks ago for that extra penny ? but hey life goes on. Their San Miguel was retailing £1.65, exactly 50p a unit.


    Because this is not a tax and the retailer is keeping the revenue generated by the minimum pricing they can afford to continue supplying ‘cheap’ premium beer ?

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