Imperious Celtic in metaphor


There has been a lot of noise around football in Scotland since we put Newco on the canvas to win the league on Sunday.  Notions are being peddled that directors left Newco because they had to make room for new people, who will bring bags of money any day now.  It’s just nonsense.

This photo of an imperious Ali (then Clay) and Liston on the canvas is the perfect metaphor for football in Glasgow right now.  Ali went on to set records, entertain, and become one of the world’s sporting greats.  Whereas this is the best known photo Liston; flattened two minutes into a match against his then rival.

The world had already changed for both boxers before this fight, although Liston only realised it that day, and there was nothing he could do about it.

Now Clay swings with a right, what a beautiful swing!
And the punch raises the Bear clear out of the ring.
Liston is still rising, and the ref wears a frown,
For he can’t start counting till Sonny comes down.
—Muhammad Ali

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  1. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Big Packy,


    It’s seriously becoming a struggle to read the inane drivel, it’s becoming the sun or daily sport. Exactly what many demanded and argued for. Any serious discussion is discouraged. Lost its bite and turned into an extension of the kerrydale street website, brainless pap.


    Sad to say it gets harder to stay every time I open, no longer relevant or a contribution. A shame really when I think of the heat and learning this place used to generate.

  2. Bateen Bhoy on

    No big fan of English fitba’ but there are few teams I’d rather see lose more than Altetico.

  3. Delaneys Dunky on




    Was with my ex wife recently at her grans funeral. Her advice to me was to show more interest in females and less interest in Celtic. Glad she divorced me now. Bad attitude she has developed. ?



    Is andy robertson better than KT ?







    D. :)

  5. Big Packy. Shut your Geggie… That’s what it was


    Well that’s what I remember



    D. :)

  6. BANKIEBHOY1 on 3RD MAY 2018 8:36 PM








    Aye. Ah know….




  7. david66



    Of course paraffin was actually invented in Scotland, by James er ‘Paraffin’ Young.


    Not so sure about American Cream Soda.

  8. Delaneys Dunky on

    I’ve had to.


    Sorry. Why is my craic, bad craic?


    Who are you to judge my craic?


    Do you know me, or my family?


    Do you do humour?

  9. CANAMALAR IT LOOKS LIKE OCD OBSESSION, dont know what to say pal, awenaw maggie mcgill morrisey, think maybe thats who you are referring to, think we all miss them and tin hat on maybe kojo and the green man, the list is endless,but without you canamalar the blog loses another good poster keep posting pal ktf.

  10. Celtic Mac was it ? Every day is a school day.


    We had 23 story high flats with loads of tenants using Paraffin , my god it’s a miracle a flat never went up in flames



    D. :)

  11. Harry Flashheart on

    If anyone has seen facing Ali on Netflix it really is great watch from what really was the golden age of heavyweights compared to what is now more like strictly come dancing ?

  12. DAVID66 shame on you, come on cheeko tell your dad the answer, a geggie was like a bogie or a small 4 wheel cart, you steered with the front wheels unless im imagining all this.lol hh.ktf.

  13. mike in toronto on




    That will (i) be ignored, or (ii) put the cat amongst the canaries.



    Is Robertson better than KT? no… but he is improving all the time, and the gap is closing…. Robertson plays with better players every day, and against better teams and players on a regular basis … whereas KT plays good players once every couple of weeks in Europe … and not sure what he can learn getting humped by the really good teams…



    KT is young … but football is getting younger … unpopular to say, but if KT wants to become the best player he can, he needs to move to a better league fairly soon …



    if he goes to someone like Southampton, I can see another VVD situation where he is sold for 40 or 50 million pounds a year or two later …



    it is up to PL to make sure that Celtic get a fair price for him now, and, if he doens’t go to one of the top teams now, then a decent slice of the next, inevitable transfer …..

  14. BP you could be right and probably are.


    I just remember a saying about shut your mouth and it was shut yer Geggie …. I think



    D. )

  15. bankiebhoy1 on

    I know very little about anything – least of all fitba’.. obvs..and I’m responsible for a fair amount of rubbish here ,imo, almost since inception, there has been an ever-changing cavalcade of eye-catching sleekit waaarmirs designed to blunt and dilute the potency of the bhlog…with off-putting drivel designed to scunner, little by little……I doubt they are Tims……..

  16. Big Packy wee Cheeko is gonnae miss me tomorrow.


    He will be left in the house himself again :((((((



    D. :)

  17. Jimmynotpaul on

    HARRY FLASHHEART on 3RD MAY 2018 9:02 PM


    If anyone has seen facing Ali on Netflix it really is great watch from what really was the golden age of heavyweights compared to what is now more like strictly come dancing ?



    Ali much more than a boxer.His involvement in Civil Rights Movement gives him his place in USA history.


    When he returned from Rome in 1960 with his Olympic Gold medal he was served with a plastic tumbler in a bar because of his colour. Imagine how that would make you feel, winning a gold for your country and then returning and being treated as a second class citizen.


    Hail Hail

  18. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Big Packy there were many more than them guys, sanitisation and the PC Hun brigade had them removed.


    CQN is now simply an asset with little social commentary or relevance, up to last year there was still a bit of bite, it is fast becoming a main stream compliant retard.

  19. glendalystonsils on

    !!BADA BING!! on 3RD MAY 2018 8:21 PM


    When the Alpine ginger factory got screwed in Queenslie,i.e every night, the neds struggled to sell it cheaper than you could buy it for…



    I think they left the doors unlocked so the neds would take it away-))

  20. DAVID66 bring him down to the shop frankie and benny will play with him till you get home.lol. cant do them emojjis.ktf.

  21. Bateen Bhoy on



    I remember after one European pumping, one of our better informed posters saying the same thing about KT, and being rounded on by some others for even expressing such a thought.


    What David17 said seems even more prophetic in light of Robertsons performances in Europe, and reaching the biggest game in European football with his team. Something Kieran is unlikely to do unless he leaves our club.


    We know Kieran loves the club, and will always be a diehard fan, but at some point he will be tempted by the millions on offer elsewhere and the chance to play in games like the Big Cup final. Sadly.

  22. BP he will be fine, I actually only work 5 mins from Hous, might come up the road at lunchtime..




    D. :)

  23. CANAMALAR IT LOOKS LIKE OCD OBSESSION thats why we need your input on the blog.ktf.

  24. Goooooooooooood Evening CQN & Champions ???????



    ?What time is table booked for on Sun 13th ?



    Oh, has the Gerard deal hit the buffers ??

  25. How many stolen trophies were stripped the day then ?


    Whit school did the Compliance Officer go to ?


    Compliant Celtic PLC, and their £49 Old Firm supporters, have sent out the message that, they’ve moved on, and, beautiful Brendan the pub team skelper, was recruited, to enable that process.


    In other news,……


    Benny Lynch, my fathers father used to train wi Benny Lynch.


    Wee story, there was, back in the day, a loud mouthed tough nut from one of the villages in East Kilbride, who challenged my granda, auld Charlie Jungle fae Blantyre to a boxing square go type of thing.


    Now, auld Charlie Jungle was yer original “Quiet Man” kept himself to himself, wouldn’t do ye bad turn, but, would go out of his wye to do ye a good turn type of fella. The E. K. loud mouthed tough nut who fancied his barra, saw the good guy traits in auld Charlie Jungle, as a weakness.


    So, the E.K. loud mouthed tough but who fancied his barra, set up a, boxing square go type of thing for, a think it was a week later.


    Auld Charlie Jungle accepted, but wanted to “do” the E.K. loud mouthed tough nut who fancied his barra, there and then.


    But, the E.K. loud mouthed tough nut who fancied his barra, was having none of it, and wanted to wait till the following week.


    So, Auld Charlie Jungle vs the E.K. loud mouthed tough nut who fancied his barra, had their boxing square go, on a field thing with the river Calder running through it between, Blantyre and E.K, a place that is now converted into a nature trail called Green Hall.


    Auld Charlie Jungle turned up to the boxing square go type of thing with a sponger / trainer guy.


    The E.K. loud mouthed tough nut who fancied his barra, was stand waiting, wi half the village there to cheer him on.


    I’m told that, Auld Charlie Jungle got himself ready, the E.K. loud mouthed tough nut who fancied his barra, started to land a cuplla punches on, Auld Charlie Jungle.


    Auld Charlie Jungle landed a blow on, the chin of the E.K. loud mouthed tough nut who fancied his barra, and, the E.K. loud mouthed tough nut who fancied his barra, was out cold!


    The villagers who were there to back, the E.K. tough nut who fancied his barra, wanted to make it, the best of three.


    So, the E.K. tough nut who fancied his barra, was sponged doon and, Auld Charlie Jungle agreed to the best of three.


    By this time, the humiliated, E.K. loud mouthed tough nut who fancied his barra, was swinging wild punches at, Auld Charlie Jungle, and some of the punches were merely sclaffing off Auld Charlie Jungle’s arms and back etc.


    So, Auld Charlie Jungle swung another punch at the chin of, the E.K. loud mouthed tough but who fancied his barra’s chin, and, same again, out for the count. Only, this time he rolled into the river Calder and, the E.K. loud mouthed tough nut who fancied his barra, was refusing to come out from the edge of the river until, Auld Charlie Jungle and his sponger guy, had left Green Hall. What ye have to bear in mind is that, back in those days, a square go was a, square go. That is a true story.


    Anywye, who would win between,……


    A former Junglist, who refuses to give his / her season ticket money to the present, Old Firm compliant custodians, who presently govern Celtic FC ?




    A former Junglist, who unquestioningly, hands his / her season ticket money to the present, Old Firm compliant custodians, actually paying these custodians to, look the other way from, or, to participate in, the corruption which is fashioned to suit the corrupt chicanery of one club who will only become a regulated entity, when Celtic Football Club is run by supporters with balls, and is supported by supporters with balls, not by £49 Old Firm soul sellers ?




    Troll-diers are we CSC


    Woof Woof!



  26. Can I ask, the latest photo being used on newsnow (video Celts story) of that mob in our stand


    Who is the guy in the gold/orange tie ?

  27. canamalar



    The blog was alight by the sevco scandal which caused many thoughtful & great posts plus also the kano appeal & Wee Oscar campaign. The blog had those great causes to battle for. To the blog had reached it’s zenith campaigning on all 3 fronts by then was going to challenge to equal that. Though I admire your RESS 12 campaign as well



    I dare say being a Celtic blog we will have our fights to fight in the future as we always do




  28. mike in toronto on




    KT is a great young prospect… and by all accounts seems like a genuinely nice kid who loves playing for Celtic ….



    so, only hope for the best for him….



    and, frankly, from a business perspective (and, as CQN reminds us… that is what Celtic is), it is all about monetizing assets …. buy low/sell high …

  29. Delaneys Dunky on




    MLK was spoke about me and Dallas.


    Bob Marley’s War, sums it up for me.


    Till the colour of a man’s skin is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes. Everywhere is War.