Imperious champions like Celtic are commercially and competitively beneficial


There are five games between Celtic and a third successive Scottish Cup win, a run of success achieved only by Rangers (in the 60s) and Aberdeen (in the 80s).  Brendan Rodgers’ priority for the remainder of the season will be to win the league title, but with the embarrassment of trebles and seven-in-a-row leagues, matching the successive wins record in the Scottish Cup is a significant and worthy target.

Retaining the Cup also denies pretenders the opportunity to put a stake in the ground, a bit like we did against the other Airdrieonians (who perished when they were unable to pay David Murray’s bill) in the 1995 Final.

There’s a notion that Celtic playing Monopoly with Scottish football is a bad thing from a competitive or commercial sense, but I suspect the opposite is true.  On any given season the Cup would be sacrificed for the league, but everyone else wants to win a trophy, any trophy – this trophy.  Every competition is a chance to deny historically imperious champions.  So let’s just win it.

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  1. AULDHEID @ 5:59 PM,



    Well said, totally agree…



    BTW: Does anyone know what imperious means?



    Hail Hail

  2. prestonpans bhoys on

    Did My ears hear that right on Reporting Scotland, full time refs would cost £100k, surely for the lot and not individually ?

  3. The key here is to insist on some kind of independent assessment process or the games a bogey because if Celtic think it necessary, but fail to get change, they are accepting that incompetent refereeing is part and parcel of the Scottish game and can only sell tickets with that Caveat Emptor.







    If its a vote & Celtic get out voted how are Celtic accepting….?




  4. Ah, the Chookyembra involved in a crash. Drove out a side road into a car, guess the driver of the car he hit will be sent to the tower.




  5. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Yet another rumour the Bayo to Celtic transfer could be in danger of falling through as there appears to be a problem in him getting a work permit. I hope it is just another MSM anti Celtic rumour. H.H.

  6. Re the referees…



    Its the SFAs fault………. it the medias fault…its the masons…its the huns…….have been hearing this for 50 odd years When the fact of the matter quite clearly is….ITS CELTIC’S FAULT !!!! The evidence even from ONE game and its social media aftermath is both compelling and damning…Just imagine for one moment those in charge at Ibrox puting up with this. Celtic Football Club make a statement merely to appease the fans, no real intent to follow it up. As usual …its down to the fans to take direct action as they can not depend on the clubs custodians to act on our behalf other than maybe set up a direct debit. I’m afraid boycott is the only action that will have any affect. Oh well …stand by for another 50 years of blaming the masonic cabal

  7. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    I was at a talk by a macfarlane (of the macfarlane maze break family) today. This macf was born in West Belfast but the family left in the 70s. Being born in violence , it was all he knew and he went on the drugs, bate his way around the place and ended up in and out of jail. God came to him and he’s turned his life around. Wonderful but scary story. Respect and God bless all on here from the 6 counties who survived the troubles.

  8. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    The SFA’s proposed meeting with managers is the sporting equivalent of Mrs. May’s exhibition last night.



    An attempt to defend the indefensible, in a manner that paints the miscreants as the victims of a plot to undermine the Divine Right of Referees.



    The tactic is to isolate Celtic, as oft times before.


    The son of the widow has called.

  9. BR said Bayo needs a couple of weeks to get his fitness up…..still time for a hamstring pull before he puts the Hoops on

  10. thomthethim for Oscar OK on



    Yet another rumour the Bayo to Celtic transfer could be in danger of falling through as there appears to be a problem in him getting a work permit. I hope it is just another MSM anti Celtic rumour. H.H.





    Without adding to a rumour, the thought has crossed my mind that it is not beyond the Scottish authorities to sabotage the Bayo signing.



    In the light of events this season and the absolute need for us not to win the title, does anyone think that there can’t be a “leetle problem” with the work permit”




    In the clamour for Celtic to “out” the SFA et al, can anyone suggest to whom Celtic direct theis “out”?



    The Record?




    UEFA ? FIFA ?



    I don’t know either.



    For any protest to work, people have to vote with their feet.



    If our local pub started to water the beer or short change us, what would we do?



    Go back in tomorrow and ask for a pint of their watered down Heavy,,,,and keep the change?



    Celtic supporters have voted with their feet as has been noted within the corridors of power and Boardrooms all over the country and beyond.



    Those feet head directly to Hampden and Ibrox.



    So, spare us the faux anger about what Celtic should do. We are Celtic, or so I read regularly.



    Ask not…..

  11. When Pat in the Hat says it’s pish…..then it’s pish. Cos he’s a reasonable a gent as I’ve ever met.



    HH jg

  12. okay bhoys, need to get this right for the old 65 year old bonce, if im mistaken forgive me, so in a nutshell if your of the muslim faith or the sikkh faith or the jewish faith, or any of the protestant faiths, you can become prime minister of the uk but if you were a member of the roman catholic church, no you cant how does that pan out.hh.

  13. glendalystonsils on

    BIG PACKY 1 on 17TH JANUARY 2019 8:02 PM



    No ……I give you…..Tony Blair.



    An RC but still a bad Bas***d

  14. glendalystonsils on




    I think you might be right. Maybe his sins were too much for him . I think the answer to Big Packy though, is that there is nothing to stop a catholic becoming PM. Becoming SFA president however………

  15. !!BADA BING!! on 17TH JANUARY 2019 6:56 PM


    98 and driving on a public road,seriously….






    Truly shocking, a real lack of respect for other road users by putting them at risk.

  16. Fan-a-tic


    My Brother was a Referee until recently. Aberdeen Fan. Never made it to the top level because of his age, but ran the line at SPL games (started refereeing after a knee-injury ended his playing career )


    Hates Rangers as much as anyone on here.

  17. So 27 out of 32 Category One referees in Scotland are self-confessed aficionados of RFC/RIFC and yet the SFA expect Celtic to turn up at a masonic cabal in Perth for a pow wow?


    We wouldn’t. Would we?

  18. The SFA are afforded a favourable media platform because by and large their agenda is pro rainjurz and ABC. the comms guys are usually lifted from the same brown brogue gene pool that ensures a tight knit britherhood between governing body ,media outlet and the ither Boys in Blue.



    The only time they get called out for anything of significance is if it could be interpreted as being of some harm to the huns……..then all scorn is poured upon the heid bummer and his pibli life is made uncomfortable.



    The constituent clubs in Scotland have supported this and are the main cause of the scoddish fitba’ problem. Meaningful change will only be effected when they are suitably motivated to kick back against the huns.



    Won’t hold my breath.

  19. Evening Troops…


    Great to hear that according to the latest audit figures just published, the hun media, (record, mail and post) have suffered a 15% drop in sales in the last 12 months. This is Great, means their readership will be totally made up of masons and orangemen.


    Hail Hail!!

  20. Iain Duncan Smith was a RC. I presume the Tory’s intention was that he would have been PM.



    Incidentally he was Scottish, born in Edinburgh.



    The constituent clubs in Scotland have supported this and are the main cause of the scoddish fitba’ problem. Meaningful change will only be effected when they are suitably motivated to kick back against the huns.




    Won’t hold my breath.



    You are probably right but hun on hun action is not uncommon.


    Our support should strangle the life out of them then we would see where their priorities lie.


    Self preservation is a wonderful human trait.

  22. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    He became a catholic to get forgiveness for betrayal, something he can’t get as a Protestant

  23. Fan a tic



    In theory, very possible -a Bhoycott of away grounds would certainly make a big point and draw attention.



    However, imo – it is more likely to galvanise the scoddish fitba’ common purpose of gettin’ at Celtic. I think we’d suddenly find ourselves surrounded by even more entrenched bear-faced invective, portrayed as the bad ghuys in all this. No matter the facts, the media clique would agree the narrative that would see us as the baddies for as long as it took for the rebellion to fold.






    They portray us as baddies anyway.


    The support if they felt it was effective would hold firm so clubs more likely to fold as it’s always about the money in the end.


    Initially the clubs own support would take up the tickets but that would wane quickly and the cost to local economies may have political fallout.

  25. mike in toronto on

    SG says Sevco won’t be signing Adam Lallana …



    In Other news…



    Celtic won’t be signing Lionel Messi



    I won’t be dating Heidi Klum this week…