Imperious champions like Celtic are commercially and competitively beneficial


There are five games between Celtic and a third successive Scottish Cup win, a run of success achieved only by Rangers (in the 60s) and Aberdeen (in the 80s).  Brendan Rodgers’ priority for the remainder of the season will be to win the league title, but with the embarrassment of trebles and seven-in-a-row leagues, matching the successive wins record in the Scottish Cup is a significant and worthy target.

Retaining the Cup also denies pretenders the opportunity to put a stake in the ground, a bit like we did against the other Airdrieonians (who perished when they were unable to pay David Murray’s bill) in the 1995 Final.

There’s a notion that Celtic playing Monopoly with Scottish football is a bad thing from a competitive or commercial sense, but I suspect the opposite is true.  On any given season the Cup would be sacrificed for the league, but everyone else wants to win a trophy, any trophy – this trophy.  Every competition is a chance to deny historically imperious champions.  So let’s just win it.

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  1. RE. the meeting in Perth last night, Lenny was quoted by the BBC as saying “There was a lot of humour, a lot of debate at times and I think everyone came out of it feeling better about themselves.”


    My own feeling is that the manager/coach that felt best about himself would have been Stevie Clark because he wasn’t there to listen to that guff. He obviously knew what was coming.



    VAR (Video Advantage Rangers – copyright TheCelticStar), it appears, takes at least 12 months training (to operate play/pause/rewind/play/etc???????), so we can look forward to possibly (just possibly) to it being introduced in August 2020. In some ways you’ve got to sneakily admire the total brass neck of these clowns.



    Someone suggested the other day (sorry, forget who) that every win we have, every competition we win, every league and cup we lift is a dagger to their black hearts! Great quote and one I’ll carry with me to every home game and something I’ll happily shout every chance I get.



    “There’s a dagger to your black heart Madden/Beaton/Dallas/insert as appropriate”.

  2. succulentlambstinks on

    Jail that 97 yr old twat at his wife’s pleasure.



    9th best supported team in Europe.



    No.1 most duped and palmed off by the SFA and our own BOARD.

  3. Hail Hail to all the napsters…



    I think it’s fair to say, I’m a few weeks behind with Naps results and updates, so apologies for that… getting back onto it now, so hopefully by tomorrow everything will be up to date!



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  4. CQN Saturday Naps Competition : WEEK 12 results (Nov 10th)






    green T (Present Man) @5/1


    Fastbhoy (Donjuan Triumphant) @2/1






    16 roads (Jabarout)


    21-5-79 (Everything for You)


    BMCUWP (Elegiac)


    Bull67 (Buzz)


    Cathal (Birds of Prey)


    Cosy Corner Bhoy (No Selection)


    fleagle1888 (Landecker)


    Gerryfaethebrig (My Lord and Master)


    Graffitionthewall (No Selection)


    Gweedore Celt (Birds of Prey)


    leftclicktic (Now Children)


    Nye Bevans RS (Bona Fide)


    Onemalloy (Daylight Katie)


    Rockon (Aunty Ann)


    Som mes que un club (Jeremiah James)


    twists n turns (Jacks Last Hope)


    voguepunter (Anasheed)


    Zihuatanejo (Dancing Shadow)



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    Cathal (Baron Alco) @8/1


    Fastbhoy (First Assignment) @6/4






    16 roads (Frodon)


    21-5-79 (West Approach)


    BMCUWP (Christmas in April)


    Bull67 (Kalondra)


    Cosy Corner Bhoy (Happy Diva)


    fleagle1888 (Ben Lomond)


    Gerryfaethebrig (Cogry)


    Graffitionthewall (No Selection)


    green T (Gifted Master)


    Gweedore Celt (Romain de Senam)


    leftclicktic (Tower Bridge)


    Onemalloy (Singlefarmpayment)


    Rockon (Movewiththetimes)


    Som mes que un club (Ravens Tower)


    twists n turns (Buckle Street)


    voguepunter (Quantum of Solace)


    Zihuatanejo (West Approach)



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    fleagle1888 (Bristol de Mai) @13/2


    leftclicktic (Hackbridge) @4/1






    16 roads (Gardefort)


    21-5-79 (Jubilympics)


    BMCUWP (Gold Present)


    Bull67 (Gold Present)


    Cathal (Delusionofgrandeur)


    Cosy Corner Bhoy (No Selection)


    Fastbhoy (First Assignment)


    Gerryfaethebrig (Manofthemoment)


    Graffitionthewall (The Kings Steed)


    green T (No Selection)


    Gweedore Celt (San Benedeto)


    Nye Bevans RS (Cyrname)


    Onemalloy (Burren Life)


    Rockon (Fayez)


    Som mes que un club (Downloadtheapp)


    twists n turns (Old Guard)


    voguepunter (No Selection)


    Zihuatanejo (Beach Break)



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    twists n turns (Sizing Tennessee) @12/1


    green T (Posh Trish) @11/8






    16 roads (Jungle Warfare)


    21-5-79 (Padleyourowncanoe)


    BMCUWP (No Selection)


    Bull67 (Boite)


    Cathal (Barters Hill)


    Cosy Corner Bhoy (No Selection)


    Fastbhoy (Timeforwest)


    fleagle1888 (Luckys Dream)


    Gerryfaethebrig (Luckys Dream)


    Graffitionthewall (Maratha)


    Gweedore Celt (No Selection)


    leftclicktic (Donachies Girl)


    Nye Bevans RS (Mont des Avaloirs)


    Onemalloy (Bishops Road)


    Rockon (Thomas Patrick)


    Som mes que un club (Admirals Art)


    voguepunter (Kayf Adventure)


    Zihuatanejo (West Approach)



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    twists n turns (Walk in the Mill) @10/1






    16 roads (Don Poli)


    21-5-79 (Captain Redbeard)


    BMCUWP (No Selection)


    Bull67 (Forest des Aigles)


    Cathal (Poker Play)


    Cosy Corner Bhoy (Another Venture)


    Fastbhoy (Mahlervous)


    fleagle1888 (No Selection)


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    Graffitionthewall (Super Kid)


    green T (Gun Digger)


    Gweedore Celt (Shawaaheq)


    leftclicktic (Lollys Dream)


    Nye Bevans RS (Forest des Aigles)


    Onemalloy (Eight Till Late)


    Rockon (Lady Camelot)


    Som mes que un club (Wig Wam Wiggle)


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    Som mes que un club (Sannadh) @16/1 !!!






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    fleagle1888 (Doux Pretender)


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    Gweedore Celt (Romain de Senam)


    leftclicktic (Ice Canyon)


    Nye Bevans RS (Definitelyanoscar)


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    twists n turns (Rough Night)


    voguepunter (Baron Alco)


    Zihuatanejo (Casablanca Mix)



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    voguepunter (Paisley Park) @8/1






    16 roads (No Selection)


    21-5-79 (Cyrus Darius)


    BMCUWP (No Selection)


    Bull67 (Shear Rock)


    Cathal (Fin and Game)


    Cosy Corner Bhoy (Tornado Watch)


    Fastbhoy (Western Ryder)


    fleagle1888 (Thomas Patrick)


    Gerryfaethebrig (Western Ryder)


    Graffitionthewall (Top Notch)


    green T (Danse Idol)


    Gweedore Celt (No Selection)


    leftclicktic (No Selection)


    Nye Bevans RS (Ubaltique)


    Onemalloy (Janika)


    Rockon (Another Go)


    Som mes que un club (Chidswell)


    twists n turns (Flying Tiger)


    Zihuatanejo (Nietzche)



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    twists n turns (Whenapoet) @15/8






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    Gerryfaethebrig (Jack Dillinger)


    Graffitionthewall (No Selection)


    green T (Moyhenna)


    Gweedore Celt (No Selection)


    leftclicktic (Shearian)


    Nye Bevans RS (Monsieur Co)


    Onemalloy (Enniscoffey Oscar)


    Som mes que un club (Secret Escape)


    voguepunter (Poly Dora)


    Zihuatanejo (Classic Ben)



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  12. CQN Saturday Naps Competition : WEEK 20 results (Jan 5th)






    Som mes que un club (Molineaux) @4/1






    16 roads (Dromore Lad)


    21-5-79 (Buywise)


    BMCUWP (No Selection)


    Bull67 (Cultram Abbey)


    Cathal (No Selection)


    Cosy Corner Bhoy (Band of Blood)


    Fastbhoy (Sir Carno)


    fleagle1888 (No Selection)


    Gerryfaethebrig (No Selection)


    Graffitionthewall (No Selection)


    green T (Luxford)


    Gweedore Celt (Grand Sancy)


    leftclicktic (Famous Dynasty)


    Nye Bevans RS (Dark Episode)


    Onemalloy (Rathlin Rose)


    Rockon (Cultram Abbey)


    twists n turns (Lord George)


    voguepunter (Rathlin Rose)


    Zihuatanejo (Pete the Feat)



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  13. ‘TIMOTHY WEAH? reminds me of his Da,” was one of the comments on our supporters bus on the way back from Paradise this evening. The young American star was a hot topic of conversation after he came on to replace Scotty Sinclair to grab the third goal of the afternoon in the Scottish Cup 4th round win over Airdrie.



    And the teenager himself was also buzzing after getting his first goal for Celtic – and how he celebrated!



    “That’s one of the best experiences I’ve ever had and have ever played in,” Timothy said to the Celtic media team.



    “The Celtic fans, when I scored, it was like something out of a dream. Even when Scott scored, you could feel the fans, how they really are, and I’m really honoured and blessed to be here.



    “It’s always a good feeling to get that first goal on the books, and now I can go on to the next game with a bit more confidence.



    “It’s now time for me to get back to training, continue to work on my finishing, and continue to work on gelling with the boys, even better than we have now, and just listening to all the info the gaffer’s given me, and paying attention to all the guys in training.



    “I’m really happy, and it’s now it’s just a step-by-step for me. The first goal is out of the way, and now it’s about continuing to get more and to try and work harder.”



    And Weah with one in the bag, is already hungry for more.



    “It’s an amazing welcome, and as you can see with my celebration, I already love the club, and I feel honoured and blessed to even have this opportunity.



    “Going from a team that I didn’t play as much, to come here and to be accepted by the fans, the players and the coaching staff is an amazing feeling and that makes me want to give everything out on the field, and leave my blood, sweat and tears on the pitch for the crest.



    “There’s always pressure to get that first goal, and you want to start off really good.



    “Getting it on my debut, I’ve never done that before and that’s a blessing. I now need to focus on the next game and try to get another one, or an assist for my team, and work hard for the win.”



    Celtic Star

  14. CQN Saturday Naps Competition : WEEK 21 results (Jan 12th)






    None; Nada; Zip; Zilch; Zero; Hee-Haw; Bugg’er all; etc.






    16 roads (Cubomania)


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    BMCUWP (No Selection)


    Bull67 (Ibis du Rheu)


    Cathal (No Selection)


    Cosy Corner Bhoy (No Selection)


    Fastbhoy (Kildorrey)


    fleagle1888 (Emrata)


    Gerryfaethebrig (No Selection)


    Graffitionthewall (Capla Demon)


    green T (Ibis du Rheu)


    Gweedore Celt (Ultragold)


    leftclicktic (Top Offer)


    Nye Bevans RS (And the New)


    Onemalloy (Kloud Gate)


    Rockon (Ibis du Rheu)


    Som mes que un club (Jet Set)


    twists n turns (Dino Velvet)


    voguepunter (Notwhatiam)


    Zihuatanejo (Ultragold)



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  15. CQN Saturday Naps Competition : WEEK 22 results (Jan 19th)






    16 roads (Ballymoy) @4/1


    Gweedore Celt (Cyrname) @4/1


    Nye Bevans RS (Cyrname) @4/1


    twists n turns (Suggestion) @4/1






    21-5-79 (San Benedeto)


    BMCUWP (No Selection)


    Bull67 (Daklondike)


    Cathal (No Selection)


    Cosy Corner Bhoy (Captain Redbeard)


    Fastbhoy (Risk and Roll)


    fleagle1888 (Casting)


    Gerryfaethebrig (No Selection)


    Graffitionthewall (No Selection)


    green T (If You Say Run)


    leftclicktic (Fflur)


    Onemalloy (Colonial Dreams)


    Rockon (Mr Medic)


    Som mes que un club (Glashas Peak)


    voguepunter (Falcon Cliff)


    Zihuatanejo (Ubaltique)



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