Important commercial day


5,800 miles is a long way to go for two football games but that’s the distance from Celtic Park to the Nissan Stadium, where Celtic are currently playing Yokohama F. Marinos.  It has been a great trip so far for our sizeable Japanese contingent, while the commercial department have been able to put down some roots in a large and wealthy market.  This is an important commercial day.

Maintaining interest from Japan depends on the interests of the football operation, which will inevitably peak and trough.  Still, we need to be like Daizen Maeda and make the most of the opportunity while it’s there.

Football is not known for understatements and Inter ultras certainly didn’t go there with their notice to Romelu Lukaku.  Their note read, “you repay us with a stab worthy of Brutus. You kissed the badge that is worth more than our lives to us and now like a vile cheap mercenary”.

It’s been 2067 years lads, let it go.   A note untempered by anyone who is not an angry male.

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  1. I thought our defence needed padding long before today so I won’t be losing sleep over a preseason game.



    I don’t want us to be going into a big game without CCV, AJ or Taylor because the fall off in quality is absolutely huge.



    We need to bridge that gap in the weeks ahead.

  2. Loving the expert opinion on here.



    We have folk who haven’t even watched it jumping in and giving views on what they haven’t seen. Begging for info, from those who have, to prove their negative bias.



    It’s our first pre season game with a mixed team v a team in mid season. We made wholesale changes during the game to give players a run out.



    We have several other players (new to club and injured) who will add to those who played today in next few weeks.



    No one cares about the score. Celtic fans can’t even be bothered to go to the game at Celtic park in 2 weeks time yet many lining up to share their ‘expert’ views.

  3. garygillespieshamstring on

    Ange’s team got hammered by West Ham at the start of his term in change and that season worked out ok


    So no need to panic.

  4. quadrophenian on

    So we put on a bit of a Yokohama Tyred performance today? Ok, I will get my coat.



    As much as we say results never matter but as we aspire to become a bit of a Euro force, I rarely – if ever – read about the Arses, Citehs and Pools of the world getting done over on their pre-season warmup games. Even with their stiffs on show (titter ye not missus!)




  5. yinng yang.



    imagine during the close season if your team actually went out of business ………….



    Rangers assistant manager, Kenny McDowall told the The Sun:



    “We didn’t know whether the club would exist. We didn’t know if we’d be here, didn’t know when the season would start — all those things are usually a given.



    As a coach, you organise your year in advance. Normally you know your start date, your preseason tour — but we had none of that.



    We didn’t know if we’d have a team, which players would be back at Murray Park. We didn’t know if we’d be hit with a transfer embargo. It was a horrible time. There were so many low points, I couldn’t say which was the lowest. We just kept getting hit. The whole thing was just a low point, an absolute disaster.”

  6. Melvin Udall on

    BIGCHIPSUK on 19TH JULY 2023 1:36 PM


    MELVIN UDALL on 19TH JULY 2023 12:56



    Remember the outcome of BR’s first competitive match last time?… 😲




    Wasn’t it the Lincoln Red Imps from Girbraltar or somewhere? Lost 1-0 away and beat them 3-0 at CP?



    Media just love a negative Celtic story. They were all over that one.

  7. Not really interested in the result, they are mid-season so unlikely to be an easy game. Minutes in the legs and a good advert in Japan. Easy on buying any more wingers though:)

  8. LENNYBHOY from yesterday.



    Long may his memory live on in this wee place. Time to rename the Live Updates thread.




  9. BillyBhoy1967 on

    🎶When are they coming when oh when are they coming – the new players?🎶



    🎶When are they coming when oh when are they coming – the new players?🎶

  10. a club like Celtic should never be short at center back – I said last season we should not have sold Jenz at the time and we got lucky CCV did not pick up an injury – we would not have won a treble and possibly lost the league imo. Ange got away with it.



    We have been woeful without CCV leadership at the back.



    It’s worry we have not yet solved this issue since Rodgers said he watched all games.



    I’ll say again – we are too weak , too wee defensively.



    ok its pre season, jet lag, heat , injuries to AJ etc dont help – but its frustrating to see us sign and linked to wee wingers when we need to be linked with power and height.



    hopefully this lesson promotes some urgency !

  11. First game playing for a new manager on the other side of the world after two years of playing to a very particular system.

  12. Burnely78 – Naka also warned us yesterday that the bhoys would struggle due to the heat and the fact that their players are mid season. I haven’t seen anything, but on the surface it looks like we gave a very good account of ourselves.

  13. Prestonpans bhoys on

    I watched the last 40 while waiting for lunch to cook. Thought we were fine before they subs which seemed to confuse them.



    Anyway it’s a training exercise so not bothered in the least.

  14. STEBHOY on 19TH JULY 2023 2:25 PM



    Our wee defence had an excellent record in Scotland last season until Ange decided to chop and change the team.



    The conventional wisdom was that the system left us too open in the CL. No defensive midfield shield, a very high line, very high press and very advanced full backs.



    I would think a new left back and cover at centre half and possibly another defensive-minded midfielder to add to the new Korean lad will be on Brendan’s shopping list in the next 6 weeks or so.

  15. Proof positive. 2067 years from now Celtic supporters on Mars will be saying


    That strip should never have made it off the drawing board



    Adidas muss raus!

  16. Watched the game start to finish…


    Defending was awful…


    Going forward very quick and some lovely passing..


    Looking forward tae Saturday already…



  17. Easy to forget we won the treble last season and replaced our manager with someone who had never lost a trophy in Scotland

  18. Tobago Street on

    Great game to watch for pre season! The multiple changes for both teams between 60-70 minutes changed the game as a spectacle.




  19. Burnley78


    I wasn’t begging .



    Please don’t insult me in such a way .



    You have made it clear that you don’t like me expressing my views when they are negative .



    I was brought up in an area where Catholics and Celtic supporters were referred to as beggars .


    I don’t expect the inference from a fellow Celtic supporter .



    As for the intent behind my question .


    You’re a mind reader now .



    Kobayashi has been poor when he has been pressed .


    I was hoping to be told that he looked more self assured on home soil ,in a footballing environment that he was accustomed to .



    I also didn’t see Maeda’s hat trick ,but I didn’t need to see it ,to know that it was worthy of praise .



    I have ignored your pious remarks before .


    You look down on the Celtic support .You are negative about the Celtic support .You think you are a better supporter than the average Celtic supporter .



    Yes I may be critical / negative about the team and its failings .


    But you won’t find me regularly on here berating my fellow Celtic supporters as you do .



    Have you considered that the reason James Forrest’s match isn’t a sell out ,is that many fans don’t actually rate him .


    That there is a cost of living crisis and they choose to spend their money on other things ?



    Alan MacGregor has endeared himself to the hun support ,despite abandoning them after they were liquidated .


    They have forgiven him and supported his testimonial because of his terrific performances ,especially in Europe , over two spells for the huns.



    The huns are not better supporters than us .


    Despite you previously referencing the difference in attendances for both testimonials .




  20. Burnley78



    I have never seen anyone on here claiming to be an expert on football matters ,when they comment on football matters .



    You seem to have lost the point of the blog.


    It is for fans to post comments on Celtic .


    Just because they are different from yours ,is not cause to deride them .




  21. As the game was ongoing, before the mass changes, I was thinking back to Brendan’s first time in charge when we skelped the huns big time, I have faith that he will do the same again, we have better players, a far far superior coach and I honestly can’t see them damaging us, we will only get better and better.

  22. BIGCHIPSUK on 19TH JULY 2023 1:36 PM


    MELVIN UDALL on 19TH JULY 2023 12:56



    Remember the outcome of BR’s first competitive match last time?… 😲



    *or big Billy’s on August 1, 1987, when the following side lost 1-5 to the arse:



    Bonnar; Morris Aitken Whyte and Rogan; Grant Stark McStay and Burns; McGhee and Walker, with Archdeacon on the bench.

  23. jimtim on 19th July 2023 2:24 pm



    Not a good start but now Brendan knows what he needs to do .





    Everything else being the same, had we appointed a Maresca or similar, right now I’d be nervous.



    With BR in charge, I’m much more confident he’ll have us in shape for the 5th August.

  24. not to worried about the result , more worried about our goal keeping and lack of height in our defence.

  25. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    I think 40,000 would be a decent crowd for James’ testimonial match.



    I haven’t bought tickets yet.



    I plan to go as do my family.



    Two weeks from now I think I’ll be desperate to see Celtic ….



    … and excited at the prospect of seeing them twice in four days.



    Gosh and golly. I get excited just writing about it.



    Better go lie down.

  26. Celtics sixth biggest medal haul player with over 100 goals and100 assist s having played for the last 12 seasons is not rated by many Celtic supporters who will not go to his testimonial and therefore not contribute to the nominated charities.



    Not very Celtic ethos is it.

  27. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Never nice to see us conceded 6 goals but I’m sure BR will have learned a lot from that display. Not that I’m thinking its a big deal, it’s all about getting our fitness right for the start of the season, and Brendan finding out just how strong this squad really is.



    The chip wrappers might make an issue out of it but who cares about them, zero credibility.

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