Impose a player on the manager or pay up


The Barton issue: it seems bizarre to suspend a player for four weeks after an incident, more so to extend that by a further week immediately before a clear-the-air meeting, but it’s not.

This has got nothing to do with the player. Whatever he did with a team-mate in the aftermath of our 5-1 win a month ago has nothing to do with his continuing suspension. Nor is the player’s subsequent charge for gambling on football.

I’m pretty sure it’s not even about money, or the player’s lack of ability. This is about the manager and his board. Who authorised his signing in the summer and on what basis was he employed? Warburton has played his hand by passing the issue up to his board. The board can try to impose the player on the manager, again, or they can find the money to make the problem go away.

Or maybe the manager will go instead.

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  1. The ole Sevco sausages



    Right bare with me here as this could be a stroke of genius.



    We at David Cox Butchers, Main St Bridgeton are going to try this whacky way to raise some more money for the club through the method below.



    All money raised will go to ticket sales for a local BB to get along to Ibrox and watch The Rangers.



    Step One.



    Assistant weighs up one slice of square sausage.



    Step Two.



    Assistant informs punter of price of aforementioned sausage.



    Step Three.



    Cistomer donates the price



    All money raised will go to ticket sales for a local BB to get along to Ibrox and watch The Rangers.



    Step Four.



    Tickets bought for local kids to go watch The Rangers.



    Seems great idea to me



    Started this morning and have had a few hits already. Ill keep this thread updated as we go but its a bit of fun and every penny to the club counts

  2. normanstreet49 on

    Gordon Strachan and his team selection are nothing but bizarre or crooked. Back to the sixties…. Leigh Griffith cooling his his heels on the bench and we have the singer from Coldplay up front. Wee Jamie Forrest, currently keeping 12M super kid Patrick Roberts on the bench is keeping Leigh company. You couldn’t make it it up. Well played Gordo. Another soup taker. Nae wonder we don’t qualify for Nowt.

  3. Now I have no basis of fact for this but…..



    Wee Joey likes Celtic.



    He’s rejected by Celtic.



    Has a wee temper tantrum.



    Signs for Sevco.



    Plays his 1st game.



    Listens to their supports sectarian bile.



    Gets pumped 5-1



    Let’s the manager know in no uncertain terms he’s a buffoon and he hates the place.






    The rest as they say is history




  4. bournesouprecipe



    Hope it works out better than a previous promotion from a few years back.


    ‘Find the missing link’

  5. Paul67:


    Or perhaps both the Manager and Joey will go. Do you remember the 70s T.V. Programme called Budgie, what brought it to my mind was I used to have a Budgie called Joey! Joey was always getting on the wrong side of legality, the similarities of our Joey and Budgie are striking. Maybe we should refer to our Joey as Budgie and get this played by one Adam Faith…faith, you couldn’t make it up…:)


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  6. Goooood afternoon CQN,


    Back online :-)



    Only 1 faller in LMS8 ?



    Thought for today, have Police Scotland released a photo yet of “The Rangers” official that assaulted a young Hibs fan as he run through “The Rangers” team technical area at the end of the recent Scottish cup final ????

  7. I know this is a long shot but…anybody know where I could get my hands on a couple of mountain ash/rowan trees as i’m looking to do up my garden?Preferably they’d be about 8′-10′.I’m able to pick up anywhere within a 33 mile (approx.) radius of Greenock.



    EMERALDBEE…sorry mate,couldn’t resist. ;)))

  8. What is the Stars on

    2 horses at each way prices for today



    No Approval 10/1 4.25 Curragh


    Federici 10/1 4.40 Limerick



    and may the lord have mercy on your souls

  9. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    I’m afraid I’m having difficulty getting my head round how sevco can legally extend Barton”s suspension period without a reason (some additional transgression occurring)….that’s like someone ending a jail sentence and being told at the main gate of the prison … “where are you going … !!?? … get back in there, we’ve added a week to your sentence …!!!!” …… ridiculous !!

  10. I really don’t want to see the new club sack their manager! Respectfully he did a great job for a non-football man and also at a brand new club last season.


    He is doing more to destroy them now though than the corrupt board can! Leave him alone. Let him take them all the way to the wall. Watch the SFA scramble to help!

  11. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on



    there is a que of creditors awaiting payment over at badgers bum mansions




    There could be any number of reasons they have extended or imposed a new suspension, ranging from the betting charge; his discussions about his initial ban on national radio; or some other scenario we don’t know anything about.



    The difficulty for them is that he is costing them £20K a week that they can ill-afford. That will run close to £2M if they want to bump him. Watch out for litigation involving deidco v nutjob with the PFA and their lawyers supporting Barton.



    Intriguing times!




    FAC the Act




  13. !!BADA BING!! on 9TH OCTOBER 2016 3:20 PM


    VFR- I’m sure Fraser Wishart will do everything he can for his client…





    I am sure he will! I think this will run and run!




    FAC the Act




  14. Posted this and then went tae Mass, so here it is again:



    TheBarcaMole on 8th October 2016 11:33 pm



    Tontine Tim… Cesar, John Kurrilla… the third???



    *As TTT later said John Jack real name Jonas Kaduskeviechi another former player who combined his fitba with working down the pits, He was also in the first Celtic team to lift the League Cup the year before “hampden in the sun”.



    Sir Bob is on record as crediting him in playing an important role with helping big Jock tae coach and train the reserves.



    Will any other tree’s be for sale at your branch office ?


    Maybe you should have twigged that a cqnr would have a bit of fun with your kind offer ?

  16. Bhoyjoebelfast on 9th October 2016 11:20 am



    Big Jimmy:My age may have helped me with this one.The BBC personality of the year award presented by Matt Busby to Big Jock.BBC were missing from the world club championship game v racing club.Walter McGowan gets a mention.



    *when I was a lhad I worked with a squad fae larkhaw (as they pronounced it) and they just loved wee wattie, wan o’ oors”, would have loved tae have been there when, in the glorious year of 1967, he opened the St. Martin’s Garden Fete in the holy village of the Renton. Seemingly he had family living there.

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