Impressive O’Riley, Scott Brown lesson to Celtic


Whatever ails Aberdeen, for 15 minutes last night they rocked Celtic in a way no other Scottish side has in months.  Their mistake was to do so too early, approximately 30 minutes remained for Celtic to retake the lead; they did so within 60 seconds.  Momentarily, Ibrox rocked to “We shall not, we shall not be, ah ****”.  As they reached their phones to confirm the Aberdeen equaliser, the score showed 2-3.

The first half was as accomplished a second gear performance as I can remember at Pittodrie.  Celtic were 0-2 ahead without having to exert themselves.  That proved to be a false position, Aberdeen flooded the midfield at halftime and Celtic looked porous.  The home side’s first goal came from a clever free kick from the left, drilled along the turf to Ramirez, who peeled off to fire a deflected shot home.

Their second was more of a concern.  A straightforward cross from a free kick and header; textbook defensive scenario, one which haunted Celtic a year ago and we hoped we had overcome.

Some opponents bring the best out of certain players, for Jota, that opponent is Aberdeen.  The Portuguese has scored four against them in three meetings, a late winner at Pittodrie earlier in the season, the opener in a narrow win at Celtic Park, and two last night, all invaluable points.  He was denied a hattrick by an incorrect offside decision.

If Celtic fans had concerns about one goal they lost, Aberdeen fans would have been incredulous at the opening goal.  Neither goalkeeper nor defender claimed a ball they were first and second favourites for.  Jota made a run to the back post and hardly broke his stride to meet Matt O’Riley’s cross.

The impressive stats continue to mount up for O’Riley, an assist followed by his first goal for Celtic, a heavily deflected shot, and another in an impressive run of Celtic goals from outside the box.  Jota’s winner provided the third piece of evidence from Celtic that you need to buy a ticket to win a prize.  His shot bounced off the ground, over the keeper and below the bar; impossible to defend.

It was interesting to see our new and fabulous midfield subdued by a Scott Brown controlled Aberdeen midfield for parts of the second period.  He is well off his peak but still has the muscle memory.  Sterner tests lie ahead, few opponents will be as ill-prepared as Newco and Motherwell.

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  1. BIG JIMMY on 10TH FEBRUARY 2022 12:08 PM


    VIA ETIMS Email this morning, I watched the very BRIEF Footage of The Hun support at Ipox last night who started to sing ” We shall not be moved” after Aberdeens equaliser…





    They were right…They werent moved for about 5 Fecking SECONDS !





    Funny as Feck.





    It seems a bit strange to me that the Huns had TV Access to Celtics game last night, at the very same time that they are at Ipox to watch their own SCUMMY Mob ?





    DID The Huns PAY for ” REDS TV”…or were they watching via Hesgoal ?











  2. Just received my ticket for the Glasgow Whisky Festival at Hampden Park on the 19th of this month. Any other CQNers going?

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    Where are you based in Oz ? my boy lives in Mindarie in Perth. had a few good nights in Rosies watching the games. Big Alan ? I am not sure about that one , there was a Big Alan in the team below me , I think he was from Bishopton, good player. HH

  5. FAO DAVID66..


    I will speak to you on the Phone or by TEXT before 4th March, to make sure that all is okay. I am feeling quite a bit better this week, and I MAY go out tomorrow for a ” Beer FRENZY” all on my own…just to get into Training.





  6. the long wait is over on

    From the last article:-



    MARADOMINIC on 10TH FEBRUARY 2022 11:05 AM


    TV highlights – unreal. Same with DR analysis of 4 talkingg points.



    No show of shot that was hand ball… or it looked like it to me early on for a penalty.




    No show of reason Dons got freekick. And allowed them to get a shot away anyway.



    Jot did not shove Dons defender he tried to foul Jota an just put hand up. to stop him crashing into him.



    Ludicrous fouls not given to Celtic. Two handed shoves in back. Hayes running at full pelt into GG.



    As for Huns penalty. would never be given to any other team.






    All correct but for one glaring error ;-)



    There is one other team that would have been given that penalty award in a heartbeat.



    AnyOtherScottishTeamPlayingCeltic FC

  7. Our MF was not firing on all cylinders last night because they had two SPL level full backs in support — AR is well off the phenomenal pace that JJ is now setting and GT did not have his best game.



    They were just not making the forward passes that we need — so it all comes back to the MF and they could only keep up their high standards for so long.



    In the first half the mix of CMcG / RH / MO’R was just about up to the job.


    Very positive going forward but needing the forward line when it came to pressing / defence.



    The second half saw us struggling to cope with their change of shape.



    CMcG was well off the pace and this reduced his influence on the game and his influence on RH / MO’R — he is not a defensive pivot of the quality we need and last night confirmed it where he went from passable in the first half to a weakness in the second.



    AP got a lot wrong last night.


    Effort was a little bit down and changes should have been made at 60 minutes.


    Some of the play looked a bit complacent and that allowed the Sheep to re-group.


    Consequently a new element of focus is needed.



    GG should have started as DM is still finding his feet.


    LA missed the support of JJ and had a curates egg of a game.


    JNPF the striker was imperious but JNPF the winger was missing at times.


    JH needs to be encouraged to command his 6 yard box.


    We need more resilience in the MF — if RH / MO’R drift wide we are very open if we give the ball away which meant that the Sheep were walking through us for long periods in the second half.



    Plus JF is well of the pace and needs support to get more out of him.


    He currently looks like the shadow of the PR inspired goal machine of 4 years ago.



    Hopefully we can learn and move on — we cannot play the TFOD2.1 every week.

  8. Trying to avoid the details of the game a little today – I’m treating it as a singularity and taking away the most important point.



    A hard fought win in February at Pittodrie, by a single goal, with a crappy ref, when we were under pressure.



    That’s a league winning side.

  9. We had a bad 20 minutes last night folks, and after such good recent displays deserves a bit of context. We should have been 3 up at the break also which is something that should not be overlooked. Aberdeen were always going to have a spell in the game too, and have raised their game for us and them this season, while struggling elsewhere. My main worry for last night was our inability to defend a cross into our box. 2CV and Starfelt are not commanding, I said we should have looked to get a centre half in on loan in January as Welsh isn’t either and nobody seems to know when Jullien will be back. He’s also no Bobo/Mjallby either. It may be a cliché but every League game is a Cup Final now, winning them is the most important thing, performances are a bonus.

  10. The MET Polis Commisoner ( or whatever she is) CRESSIDA DICK…SHOULD should be SACKED .


    I say that they should get ” The Sweeneys JACK REGAN IN the Job.



    He would sort oot the MET Polis in no time, and he also knows how to treat the Wummin Folk !





  11. OHITS on 10TH FEBRUARY 2022 12:20 PM




    Where are you based in Oz ? my boy lives in Mindarie in Perth. had a few good nights in Rosies watching the games. Big Alan ? I am not sure about that one , there was a Big Alan in the team below me , I think he was from Bishopton, good player. HH






    Based down in Melbourne. Used to get across to WA for biz; not so much due to Covid etc. Funny nuff, we bought a car from Clarkson next to Mindarie and drove across Oz about 3 yrs back; what a place! There’s a big Celtic supporter club welcome if yer lad ever flies East !


    The Big Al from Bishopton is surely one and the same! Small world.


    My Mirins mob all came from East Ren – but I used to dance and drink in Paisley; Coates Social Club, then the Bungalow now and then.


    Great yakkin to an ex-pupil. All the best HH

  12. Seen the Associates in the bungalow many years ago






    3-2 victory.enjoyed that.




  13. SAV001 @ 12:37



    We had a bad 20 minutes last night folks, and after such good recent displays deserves a bit of context.




    Got to agree – ‘context’ is important & together with ‘perspective’ and can be missing from many contributions on CQN – on all subjects.




    There will be other similar games from now to the end of the season – there will be no ‘plain sailing’. Some were probably lulled into a sense of false security by the sweeping & straightforward victories over the Ibrox club & Motherwell.



    We will need to graft to get what we want – the treble is no longer the ‘pipe-dream’ it was around August to October time.



    Quite a few were off the pace last night, however they are not machines – Ange will coax them back on track.



    I am looking forward to the Raith game – wonder what the line-up with be. We will probably have to keep a wary eye on their ‘big bustling attacker’ McDermid – who will look to dominate everything, anything and anyone – a wide-berth may be the answer!

  14. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Ideguchi would have been a good sub to bring on at 60 minutes last night.



    Shame he was unavailable due to a piece of absolute thuggery instigated by the uncle of Aberdeen’s second goal scorer.



    Ange has been completely clear.



    We are nowhere near where he wants us to be.



    The relative rest this weekend plus the staggered reintroductions into the squad of Ideguchi, Turnbull & Kyogo ….



    …. Plus increased sharpness and familiarisation of those either newly signed or newly returned from injury



    will help.




    I must admit to slight impatience waiting for it all to “click” repetitively …



    … but huge respect to Ange this season for repeatedly changing tyres while not just still driving, but accelerating.



    PS – I thought Maeda did fine last night.

  15. It’s been a very long time since there was a proper shoot-out for the title, as the red tops might say. But here we are. 12 games, 36 points and very little margin of error available. Maybe 32 more will be enough ???



    Winning a close one is always more satisfying than the canters, those are the one’s that are embedded in the memory.

  16. Is that Val Mc Dermid whose dad was a scout for RR


    Is that Val McDermid who has been to more RR games from the age of 4


    The same val mc dermid who seen more raith games than you have seen Celtic games by the age of 6


    The same Val mc Dermid who invested in the club she supported since she was 4.



    Val Mc Dermid was robust in her actions of taking on a rapist,


    Val Mc Dermid was robust in knocking back Britnat racists and misogynist skanks who seek to advance why a proven rapist does not pay compensation to his victim


    Who would have thunk it.


    A britnat supporting misogyny as well as a rapist.


    Picking the wrong topic racist



    Any word on whose racism was called disgusting by “commie corbyn”?



    He was on the button.



    As said last week go listen to rr ex director of child services,you may learn something,I doubt that,racism is dripping of every word you time,and they way you ‘slip one in” on misogyny is par for your ignorant course

  17. AN TEARMANN on 10TH FEBRUARY 2022 1:25 PM



    Do you think it would be a good idea to abolish jury trials?



    If not, why not?



    Do you think we should reduce the burden of proof in criminal cases from beyond reasonable doubt to balance of probability?



    If not, why not?



    Do you think we should have rerun of the Alex Salmond case but this time without a jury, and to be decided on a balance of probability burden of proof?



    If not, why not?

  18. Toaty Trumper @ 1.25



    Interesting to see you get all worked up about someone who would appear to be making too much money from a production line of male torture porn in the shape of a series of crime penny dreadfuls?



    It all seems to come far too easy for her — a bit like 1970’s Italian film directors who is they could imagine it then it was OK to film it no matter the subject matter.



    File under Monkey Glands useful cash cow — radical socialist my erse.

  19. JHB on 10TH FEBRUARY 2022 1:09 PM



    Today: Many posts on CQN lack context and perspective



    Earlier in the season: Celtic will struggle to finish in the top 6

  20. Delighted with our recent results and to a large extent with our form – 20 undefeated and 9 points from the last 3 difficult games. As a natural pessimist – Perturbed by



    (1) Drop off in performances in 2nd half of 2 of the last 3 matches. Against Sevco, it was understandable for us to take the foot off the pedal with a comfy lead in the bag. But, against Aberdeen, they managed to flood the midfield and with extra aggression tolerated, if not encouraged, by Gollum, were first to almost every loose ball. They pressed sufficiently well to destroy our passing rhythm and for 20 mins looked the better side. Was Ange correct to delay the subs and force the initial team to work through it or was he slow to react to the changes in formation and play from the opposition which had knocked us off our stride ?



    (2) On the right side, Rogic, Abada and Jura are superb and currently unstoppable. Their understudies – O’Riley, Ralston and Forest – nowhere near as devastating.



    (3) On the left side, Taylor, Hatate and Jota blow a bit hot + cold and I’m not convinced that there are competent understudies – possibly Scales, McGregor (with Bitton at 6 !) and wee Mikey.



    (4) Anyone aware of the transfer status on CCV – it’s quiet on that front. Does CCV want to stay with us ? Are Spurs likely to renege on any buy option we may have agreed cos I don’t trust Conte or Levy at all ?



    (5) Ditto on Jota – that seemed to be going well but again it has gone quiet.



    Up to the split we have 4 home games – Dundee, St Mirren, Ross County + St Johnstone – all of whom will park the bus; and 3 away – Hibs, Livi & Sevco. I don’t fancy the last 2 of these at all !!

  21. SAINT STIVS on 10TH FEBRUARY 2022 1:48 PM


    always the questions, never any answers.






    Cult members frown upon anyone asking questions.



    Anything other than slavish, unquestioning acceptance takes them out of their comfort zone.

  22. Perspective normally suggests a reasoned, sensible, balanced and informed outlook on events. Not a single other person with a knowledge of Scottish football, even Boyd, Rae or any of the other Huns would have said they thought we’d struggle to finish in the top half of the table.

  23. Large sized bias by the BBC to cover SKY’s night off.



    Reminds me of the infamous line “Larsson on the verge of offside” repeatedly heard over the years, it seems we’ve to have a Willie Collum called VAR, to adjudicate on Willie Collum what could possibly go wrong?



    Celtic with a new team come through a charted course of home and away games overtaking Sevco in the process, Collum didn’t need VAR for Aberdeen’s opening goal when he pulled them back for a debatable free kick because they missed. Multiple angles and pictures show Abada clearly in line with the Don’s right back, but who cares when its Celtic bashing and Abada ‘is not’ interfering with play.



    All teams lose goals from dead balls, some teams don’t score much from open play, and the pairing of Starfelt and Carter-Vickers didn’t create the best defensive record in the SPL without some excellence. Julien wasn’t in the squad as he’s a defender too many when we have Welsh ahead of him for a game.



    Kyogo Abada Jota and Turnbull all on double figure goals, 12 games left 7 in Paradise – looking good IMO

  24. JHB on 10th February 2022 1:09 pm



    As a great friend of mine would say to the likes of you: “Everyday and in every way”.


    Bigot arsehole.

  25. Civil verdict different from the criminal verdict — what does that make the defendant?



    Half guilty / poorer / under a cloud?



    Difficult state of affairs — OJ Simpson from 25 years ago comes to mind.


    It highlighted the low energy criminal prosecution vs high energy civil prosecution.

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