Improvements clear two weeks on from home Astra game


It’s a bit frustrating being so close to qualification for the knock out stages last night before a momentary lapse cost us late in the game, but there were plenty of positives.  60 minutes into last month’s game at Celtic Park against Astra, taking four points from them looked very ambitious.  We played considerably better last night in the corresponding home game, or in the home game against Dinamo Zagreb.

Celtic are functioning better in midfield, while defensively they’re also looking solid.  We acknowledged some weeks ago that without Guidetti or Commons we would struggle to create and execute chances, and so it proved.

With Anthony Stokes also out the picture, Leigh Griffiths got the nod to replace Stefan Scepovic and instantly brought some drive to the forward line.  He was unfortunate that his ‘goal’ was disallowed for a debatable infringement, but he just brings the kind of purpose inside the box that we didn’t have until his arrival.

We’re now four games unbeaten in this competition, and we’re improving.  The evidence suggests that Salzburg have also improved since we took a point from them on match day one.  Last night’s result in Zagreb was impressive, but Salzburg will face their stiffest test of the group at Celtic Park.

Still fancy our chances of winning the group.

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  1. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    A run of good results between now and the Salzburg game will have us far more optimistic and up for it. I think we can still take top place with a little confidence and luck.

  2. IMO I think there is an improvement in the teams performances but the midfield still needs fixing.


    I believe that Ronny will get it right but I do not understand the use of Mulgrew in midfield,he is too slow in thought and action,he is a player who should only be used against SPL fodder before and after our Europa games ,to give our best players a rest.

  3. lawwellsacountant on

    Clear to see in all that fog,


    Thought the ref was relation of Craig the hun Thompson


    The defence is still ropey,at the goal nobody tried to get close tot the scorer and allowed him a free shot,


    as for the midfield we still give the ball away to easily and apart from the goal Johanssen put in hid usual useless performance and Mcgregor needs a rest,still don,t understand why Henderson a much better player cannot get a game


    Deila out

  4. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    It’s amazing how we see different things but Charlie got awarded MotM me I thought Wakaso was MotM and there were many on here last night destroyed both.

  5. The Long Wait is Over…



    Don’t you know, you can’t be saying things like that on here.


    The skelper will question your very origin

  6. The Battered Bunnet on

    Salzburg’s Brazilian striker Alan has 17 goals from 19 appearances so far this season.



    A top player imo.



    Meanwhile his strike partner Soriano nabbed a hatrick last night to put him on 7 goals in Europe so far this season, and 27 goals from 24 games so far.



    These guys are good footballers, part of a team that beat Ajax home and away last season, 6-1 on aggregate. That’s the same Ajax team that we couldn’t touch in Amsterdam.



    Runner up behind them in the group would represent good work from Ronny Deila in his first season.



    Beating them at Celtic Park would be quite the triumph.

  7. Hamiltontim:



    I wasn’t making an organised Bobby Murdoch’s stramash per se, I’m going to meet a couple of good guys, from here, in the boozer and pay my dues (tickets and charity obligations to be paid for).



    Which reminds me I haven’t paid my annual CQN dues to Paul67 yet so if he’s about I’ll square him up too.



    I’m hoping that BT and Ol’Tim, and yourself, at least, will drop in for a couple too.



    Still haven’t met Auldheid, MWD, SFTB, or BRTH, or many of the multitude of good and great Celtic supporters who frequent this place so it’s a public house if anybody fancies it.Might just be the last opportunity I get for some time to come (then again….).



    And I owe Winning Captains too. Maybe it would be cheaper, much cheaper, if I just stayed away.

  8. The Battered Bunnet on




    Fair ply to you, but the indisputable proof lies in RFC’s original articles of association which clearly articulates the directing mind of the founding members of the club.

  9. I thought our overall play was excellent, with some of the best purposeful, controlled passing, on the deck, I have seen from a Celtic team in a long while.



    Difficult for me to be critical of any player last night, Scepovic included, I thought he worked the line well, linked with Johanssen and came close to a fantastic finish in the 2nd half.



    Cannot understand the negativity that followed on site after full time.



    Definite progress all over pitch, add Forrest to the mix and we may have some fun this season.

  10. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    I don’t think its unbelievable, none of the players were firing on all cylinders last night, Charlie has made a massive difference to the team and results since his inclusion into midfield.


    I take it he’s just no on your favourites list so you’ll be more disposed to looking for mistakes than being objective, I had a wee rant about what I call sammyitis last night, I think too many of us suffer this affliction, among other rants of course :)

  11. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    I think Dinamo Zagreb have had 5-1 and 1-5 in two of their four matches.



    Ahead of Game6, we should find out what they charge for six goals to see if it’s within our budget.

  12. HT:



    Very unintentional error in that last post,



    meant to say it might be the last opportunity I have, for a long time to come, to have a beer with the good guys.

  13. the long wait is over 13:16 on 7 November, 2014




    Sorry to rain on anyone’s parade, not usually my style , but while we may well have improved the simple fact is that we should have beaten that team last night.



    They were a really poor outfit and we couldn’t score more than one or hold on to a one goal lead to see us actually qualify.



    I think last night was a very, very poor result.





    I thought we were ok in the first half to be honest and deserved our one goal lead. However, this was one of those night’s when the result was much more important than the performance and you are right it was a “very very poor result” given the standard of our opponents and we were leading for most of the game. We were unlucky with the disallowed goal but we should have had the game dead and buried before then.



    Sadly, we seem to have a self-destruct button which we press at critical points in key matches. We got knocked out of the CL because we couldn’t hold on for another ten minutes or so and we failed to guarantee European football beyond Christmas because of the same players. The players on the park should have been good enough to do the job and they failed like they did against Maribor. They have two more chances to step up to the plate. If they bottle it again then big changes are needed with this group of players.

  14. They’ve got wind of Winning Captain’s advert. Translations of their FFin’ responses welcomed:



    “BRTH is Brogan, Rogan, Trevino and Hogg”




    “More than likely a product of bigot factory St Aliousious”




    “There’s no chance a national newspaper can print an advert which lies about a professional football club.”




    “It has to go through the ASA and then the editor,forget it ,it has no chance.”




    “Adverts must be legal,truthful and decent, three words that can be thrown to that lot.The advert couldn’t be printed and if it did the people behind the advert would be in court by the Trading Authorities before they hit the ground.Also they would be forced to post a full page apology at their own expense so let them try and get the popcorn”




    “Any paper that prints the advert halfs its glasgow subscriptions that day so will never happen.”




    “If I was to guess, they’ll probably have something with Donald Findlay’s comments to McGowan. If the ASA KB it, they’ll probably scream ‘but Donald Findlay’s a QC, you need to take his word’. If the ASA allow it and the Herald refuse to print, they’re essentially threating to ruin a man’s career.”

  15. the long wait is over on

    I don’t know about MOTM but Charlie Mulgrew should have gotten a medal for coming through that tackle.



    One of the worst I’ve ever seen.

  16. Canamalar


    Never have favourites,well not since my school days,just see Celtic jerseys.Mulgrew just does not fit it.There have been a lot of others the same,see JP signings,but I don’t have time to list them.

  17. the long wait is over on




    “We were unlucky with the disallowed goal ” not sure I agree it was a clear foul IMO.



    We were, however , very lucky with their penalty shout for Denayers tackle in the box.



    Thought that was a penalty for them.



    I agree , though , that it’s the mental weakness that’s the concern.

  18. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    Got to agree there, the majority do to fit the jersey since those ideological words were uttered but there are quite a few I’d put before Charlie when it comes to that accusation, and on his game he’s a match for anyone in the current squad but that’s only my expert opinion :)

  19. the long wait is over on




    Good strikers can create for themselves.



    I’m not writing Scepovic off by any means but Griffiths did more in his time on the pitch last night than Scepovic did IMHO – put the ball in the net , for example.

  20. “We were, however , very lucky with their penalty shout for Denayers tackle in the box.



    Thought that was a penalty for them.”








    Meh. Six and 2 three’s imo. Both were at it and one does a swan dive ;)

  21. Winning Captains.



    Would have preferred a much simpler message but I guess that number of words (and more) are required to convey the point.



    I don’t like the last paragraph, it seems inconsistent with the all that precedes it. Could easily be replaced with “GIRFUY ya huns”.



    As others have pointed out – the headline should be about Celtic.



    But really, it is impressive and however it finally arrives in print will be met with my approval and contribution.




  22. Sir Paul



    Ah trust yer judgment,pal.






    If You say .. that Celtic ,hiv IMPROVED..(Based ,on Last Night’s Confronto.) vis a vis..oor Last Number of games… then..



    Ah Believe that Celtic Hiv.



    The Reason that Ah Hivnae bin able tae CONFIRM… those Sentiments.. is






    Ah tried.. Like Hell.. Tae Watch Last Night’s Replay..



    n .. Ah failed Miserably!



    Ma Eyes,are No whit they wur.. Ah must admit.. Although..



    Ah Hivnae even SEEN.. FOG.. since Ah hiv Lived in Las Vegas.



    So.. You hiv the Advantage.. there~ Ah aver…



    Or.. Ma Reminiscences of Glasgow,oan the Clyde… ur tellin me Porkies!



    Bottum line.



    Ah canny mak comment oan Any o’ the Performances o’ oor Lads..



    Which is a Pity..



    Ah am willing tae accept yer judgment.. as Ah hiv already said..



    Yes, we are Improving ,,, Slowly.. but.. surely..






    Tthat is Good enuff Fur Me..



    Ah reckon…Ronny, is Settlin’.






  23. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    My chariot awaits, time for t boozers


    Hail hail timdom

  24. the long wait is over on

    Can anyone enlighten me on what this ad thing with BRTH (which has gotten the permaragers , well, ragin’ ) is about?

  25. Canamalar


    Well who am I too disagree with an expert:).Off oot now ,to go for a long walk to clear my mind.

  26. lawwellsacountant on

    See the club is trying hard to piss off the irish support,by giving ten grand to poppy scotland,money going to scum who murdered their relatives.

  27. Canamalar:



    My chariot awaits too so it the M25 then the boozer for me too. Until Monday… be good.

  28. glendalystonsils on

    A win last night would have given us a fair chance of winning the group. That’s gone now so we must ensure qualification in second. That will give us a chance to get Guidetti in, a player we could sorely have done with last night. Who knows , wee JF might even be available for a game or two!

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