Improvements clear two weeks on from home Astra game


It’s a bit frustrating being so close to qualification for the knock out stages last night before a momentary lapse cost us late in the game, but there were plenty of positives.  60 minutes into last month’s game at Celtic Park against Astra, taking four points from them looked very ambitious.  We played considerably better last night in the corresponding home game, or in the home game against Dinamo Zagreb.

Celtic are functioning better in midfield, while defensively they’re also looking solid.  We acknowledged some weeks ago that without Guidetti or Commons we would struggle to create and execute chances, and so it proved.

With Anthony Stokes also out the picture, Leigh Griffiths got the nod to replace Stefan Scepovic and instantly brought some drive to the forward line.  He was unfortunate that his ‘goal’ was disallowed for a debatable infringement, but he just brings the kind of purpose inside the box that we didn’t have until his arrival.

We’re now four games unbeaten in this competition, and we’re improving.  The evidence suggests that Salzburg have also improved since we took a point from them on match day one.  Last night’s result in Zagreb was impressive, but Salzburg will face their stiffest test of the group at Celtic Park.

Still fancy our chances of winning the group.

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  1. Assuming Salzburg are better than us, we’ve still overcome a bigger gulf in class many times before. That said it’s usually been with a large vocal support. Over to us.



    Comments from the Aberdeen boss in his tenure suggest to me he has his eye on managing the dead boys in the future.

  2. Sloleybhoy



    Cannot understand the negativity that followed on site after full time.






    It can also be pretty bad before the games and on days we don’t have games either!

  3. Richie #TeamOscarForever on

    Definitely worth a re-post, fine sentiments Kit:





    09:58 on


    7 November, 2014


    ohits :



    ”After the recent Astra game at home I was in the company of some esteemed posters from this site , we had a discussion about Kano and it was the consensus between us that we should be revisiting the issue as it had been a long time since we had . I know that everyone done there bit for Kano but there must be ongoing things that we could help with and we were all of the opinion its time we looked after one of our own .



    This may not be worded great but you know what i am trying to get across Kano’s situation is ongoing and we should be helping.”









    Now why does that not surprise me about you, you and all those others to whom you refer.



    I can’t speak for Kano and the family; I can only proffer my opinion at the moment because I haven’t spoken to Ramie in ages.



    I’ll tell you what I do know historically though, and has never been said enough on here or other places too for that matter: I know that all who populate this place, and many other from beyond these pages too, all those people dug deep to help a fellow Celt in extreme need. Not only did they help that Celt in his need, they eased many of the crushing anxieties of his family and friends, smoothing the way for Kano, his family, and his friends, to somehow organise to make the best of the bad cards they’d been dealt. And Kano and his family and friends gratefully received all that help with equal measures of humility and pride, often apparent with floods of tears and red, red, sore eyes.



    They appreciate that they will be eternally indebted to the ‘global’ Celtic Family and they understand that it is a debt beyond their means or abilities to ever reciprocate or often comprehend. It just is not humanly possible to begin to reciprocate such diverse displays of compassion and generosity.



    I do know that your, all of your, acts of compassion and kindness hangs on their hearts like a necklace. It often hurts their hearts too because they find it hard to absorb just what it was that the global Celtic Community mobilised to achieve. And they did it all for whom to the vast majority was either a virtual stranger or a cantankerous proud distant Celt. The king of the ‘moonhowlers’. The fact that their thanks were accepted with the nonchalance of somebody holding a door open for a stranger did not go unnoticed either and only further endeared – beyond measure or words – their confusion and appreciation of the kindness that the Celtic Support had extended to them. The true glory of the support is that with so many worthy causes demanding your compassion and generosity, still you don’t forget him. I know that squeezes their hearts to tears every time they think about that, and I also know also that they think about it often.



    They know what it is to be on the receiving end of the kindness of the Celtic support and I also know that what you all did for Kano, without a thought beyond your inherent and instinctive compassion, is talked about with envy in many far flung places.


    I believe the Celtic support, for all that they do, are without equal. What do you do for Kano now? You don’t ‘need’ to do anything… just do what is in your heart.

  4. I see that p***k Derek mc innes is on the news saying it was wrong for RD&SB saying Tonev didn’t say what he’s been accused off…double standards by him methinks.

  5. the long wait is over




    13:16 on 7 November, 2014




    Sorry to rain on anyone’s parade, not usually my style , but while we may well have improved the simple fact is that we should have beaten that team last night.



    They were a really poor outfit and we couldn’t score more than one or hold on to a one goal lead to see us actually qualify.



    I think last night was a very, very poor result.






    I know everyone sees the game differently, but I’m in total agreement. We should have wiped the floor with Astra last night, but as always in away EL/CL ties we didn’t..



    How many of us were awaiting that equaliser last night, I bet a fair number of us. ?



    We are wasteful in possession and leave gaps all over the park. Astra to my mind should have had a penalty, and we should have closed down their scorer, before the goal.



    I still think this is a poor Celtic side, that needs a lot of improvement.



    Fortunately JF and KC, can make a difference on their return, but I feel we need to dump the present hit and miss strategy in favour of a proven quality midfielder come the next window.. but hey ! I live in hope.



  6. Kevj….



    SS did balloon one over the bar following great interplay between him and SJ. He really should have buried it.



    That said I’m with you in assessing him over time and when he gets service.




  7. Richie #TeamOscarForever on





    You make a good point. It should end with TD’s eloquent:



    “To all you lurking huns, GIRFUY”

  8. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    The midfield tired and stopped giving cover to the defence.



    Charlie was exhausted and apart from slowing down, he began to make wrong decisios,e.g. Trying to dribble from the right back position, late in the game



    By then his head had gone, as well as his legs.



    Kayal being on, for Callum,would have eased the problems of lack of energy and cover for Lustig.


    Biton for Charlie should have been an obvious choice.






    As for the ad.


    A good idea, but too late, I fear.


    Long ago, I suggested that Supporter Asscs. of every club should have been approached for a collective initiative against the SFA.


    The CSA should have been active in this area, instead of waiting for the clubs to move.


    Restrictions and, perhaps other motives, have seen little obvious moves from clubs against the SFA.



    It was other clubs’s fans who stopped the hun in it’s tracks.



    Perhaps it is not too late to circulate your idea to other fan associations.


    I also think the final paragraph is unnecessary and counter productive…..and, perhaps not even accurate.


    Many Celtic fans won’t attend that game, for the best of reasons.

  9. the long wait is over on






    13:57 on



    7 November, 2014





    Assuming Salzburg are better than us, we’ve still overcome a bigger gulf in class many times before. That said it’s usually been with a large vocal support. Over to us.





    100% right.




  10. the long wait is over on




    “How many of us were awaiting that equaliser last night, I bet a fair number of us.”



    Sadly , I think a fair number of the players might have been too.



    They lacked the confidence / mental strength to see it through.

  11. the long wait is over 13:49 on 7 November, 2014





    I agree , though , that it’s the mental weakness that’s the concern.





    In the first half they knocked the ball about with some confidence and for the most part the balls reached it’s intended destination. For some reason, it was the complete opposite in the second half and the longer the game went on the worse it got. Their goal had the stench of failure and inevitability about it. I’m getting increasingly pissed off with players who earn more money in a month than I earn in a year and who do a job they must love, regularly failing to hold their bottle especially against so-called inferior teams. Legia Warsaw, Maribor, Astra Thingymyjug. Hardly European giants yet our players just go to pieces when the chips are down. If we are defending a slender lead against Salsberg or Zagreb with 10/15 mins. to go then I’m switching channels as I don’t think I could stand another collapse.

  12. Apologies if this has been discussed previously, but I’ve just become aware of this…



    The British Legion’s charity song for Remembrance this year is Green Fields of France by Joss Stone and Jeff Beck…ffs…



    Worse than that, they have removed any of the anti-war sentiment from the song – chopping out two verses! That is pretty low and sums up why so many are uncomfortable about Remembrance nowadays.



    N.B. this is note a poppy debate post…yet.

  13. the long wait is over on




    too true, especially as we were so close to just to doing the professional thing and seeing it home.

  14. I think i am in the minority,but if LG’s ‘goal’ was given against us,i wouldn’t be happy.

  15. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Even if we had won that game last night there would be posters on here today ready and willing to put the boot in anyway, zero credibilty most of them have but they cant see it.

  16. The Battered Bunnet on

    “Campbell won’t play any part in any meeting, discussion or conclusion on any activities surrounding Rangers,” said Regan on Friday.



    “I think it’s pretty obvious that he’s heavily conflicted.



    We’ve been aware of the issue for a while. We’ve been aware that people have views and believe that pieces of evidence exist. What we’re trying to do at the moment is get hold of as much information as we can.”




  17. Davidopolous,



    They played it on radio 1 on weds and I was just about to post and mention it. Heard the first few lines and didn’t want tge grief for it.







    I wouldn’t be too happy either. It was scored into their goals for a start ;)

  18. Geordie Munro



    Apart from being a really bad version of the song (I mean Joss Stone???), it is a crass manipulation of Eric Bogle’s beautiful and deeply moving lyrics and arrangment.



    It is an embarrassment to Remembrance.

  19. jonny the tim



    14:12 on 7 November, 2014


    Can’t see the “heavily compromised” quote being accepted. Will we not have to attribute the comment to wherever it came from?









    I mailed winning captains last night ,gave him your name and address and told him you would be honoured to be named as he author.;))))

  20. Bada Bing



    I agree with you on Leigh’s “goal”.



    I thought Leigh was very clever about it and may have got away with it with some refs but he definitely backed into a jumping player without challenging for the ball in the air. it was blown by the ref for the same reasons that Rugby Union blows for “taking out a man jumping to catch while he is in mid air”. If Leigh had jumped with him and bumped him, I think it would have been legal.



    I do not think that Astra should have had a penalty however. The arm across by Jason Denayer did not force the Astra attacker to fall. He went off balance by himself. I did not think the ref was too influential. Mind you I could barely see much of the first half play.



    My overall, sketchy, impression was that it was quite a dull game with Celtic being slightly the better of two dull teams. The loss of two points hurts more than the performance but it was a very good strike by them.

  21. Winning Captains.



    I’m sitting here in the small office, your advertisement is before me.


    It will soon be behind me.




  22. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    Rock Tree Bhoy


    12:49 on


    7 November, 2014


    “Liquidated, not Relegated”



    For me, the above is the perfect headline for WC`s Ad.



  23. Few things to update you on…



    The DVD offer from was a great success the other day – the copies are now on their way to Celtic supporters in Australia, USA, Germany Ireland and across Britain.



    We have held back on Ayrshiretim’s order for him as he is away on business and the President of the Boston CSC will collect his in person at the CQN corner at the next home match, as he is over for a few games.



    Caesar & The Assassin in due back from the printers next week – they have taken a flamin’ age to do this but it is their busiest time of the year. We will get all the pre-orders signed then sent out straight away. Thanks to everyone for being patient with us on this one.



    Anyone who wants to order now can do so at



    We are launching the book at Greenock CSC on Friday 21st November – with some big names coming along. We are working on this now. The CQN nights in Greenock have been fantastic events and this will be the best yet. ALL the door money will go to Inverclyde Foodbank and you can decide how much you want to pay for your ticket (min £1 – max £10). We also ask that you bring along a wee bag with a Christmas themed foodbank donation. You can get tickets from me – – tell me how much you can pay in the email.



    Davie Hay will be on the blog one morning next week – looking like Tuesday at the moment. Will let you know when 100% confirmed…



    Thanks re comments re the Sunday Herald ad – all noted.

  24. I wouldn’t be too happy either. It was scored into their goals for a start ;)






    KevJungle – 4/4/2 with Wim’s diamond midfield makes the Jungle sing.




    14:24 on 7 November, 2014




    Visitors – bye.






    Are they wearing white coats, baring handcuffs and carrying jackets with long sleeves that attatch at the back?

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