Improvements clear two weeks on from home Astra game


It’s a bit frustrating being so close to qualification for the knock out stages last night before a momentary lapse cost us late in the game, but there were plenty of positives.  60 minutes into last month’s game at Celtic Park against Astra, taking four points from them looked very ambitious.  We played considerably better last night in the corresponding home game, or in the home game against Dinamo Zagreb.

Celtic are functioning better in midfield, while defensively they’re also looking solid.  We acknowledged some weeks ago that without Guidetti or Commons we would struggle to create and execute chances, and so it proved.

With Anthony Stokes also out the picture, Leigh Griffiths got the nod to replace Stefan Scepovic and instantly brought some drive to the forward line.  He was unfortunate that his ‘goal’ was disallowed for a debatable infringement, but he just brings the kind of purpose inside the box that we didn’t have until his arrival.

We’re now four games unbeaten in this competition, and we’re improving.  The evidence suggests that Salzburg have also improved since we took a point from them on match day one.  Last night’s result in Zagreb was impressive, but Salzburg will face their stiffest test of the group at Celtic Park.

Still fancy our chances of winning the group.

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  1. Tom McG



    Surely though players will be omitted BECAUSE a manager has favourites.



    It may not be the case that a manager has a particular vendetta or dislike of a player, however, that player may rarely feature because the manager continues to rely on a player that he has a preference for, regardless of form.

  2. Jamesgang



    If my leg dangled out the boat it’d struggle to break the surface of the water.



    Your’s on the other hand :-)

  3. Saw a reference a bit earlier as to the amount of posts some guy had, anyone care to enlighten me as how you can find out the number of posts you have made. I must say I shudder to find out, if Mrs. corkcelt finds out it could be used as grounds for a divorce.

  4. tom mclaughlin-can you re-post where it was stated that RD ‘had it in for ‘ Liam Henderson,thanks.

  5. I might be wrong as I logged out at half 5ish last night and didn’t login till around lunch today but I’m betting there were more shouts for Griffiths after the game than before.

  6. Right. Maffit.



    I’m heading out tonight. Can’t say where as it’s a secte, but let’s just say there’s gonna be fireworks ;)

  7. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    Tom Mclaughlin


    I agree with your 16:52 post.


    I must have it in for Liam Henderson as well because I don`t think he is ready for the current Celtic side.


    He has obvious talent but, in the games where I have seen him, he reminds me of many skilled players I remember from my Glasgow yout. These guys felt that you had to be great without trying. Effort was seen as an admission of `ordinariness` ….and that, in our gallus culture of the time, would never do!


    When I went to England, I found the football culture very different. The word `gallus` didn`t exist because the whatever gives birth to it didn`t exist either ( of course there were a few cocky individuals but there was a difference).


    So, back to Liam, he has some of what is necessary and, if he adopts the `right` attitude, then , IMO, of course, he could feature in Celtic teams in the future.




  8. Team for tomorrow





    Lustig Denayer VVD Izaguirre


    Brown Mulgrew Johansen


    Griffiths Guidetti Wakaso

  9. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    Anyway, if they are still fresh enough, I would expect that team but with Scepovic in place of Griffiths.




  10. See thon McInnes, how can he make the claim that our manager and captain cannot say what they have about Tonev? They are not saying that his player lied; he may have felt he heard something but it has only been proved that he heard Tonev saying it “on the balance of probablities”. That cannot be allowed to stand as a judgement. It surely wouldn’t be allowed in a court of law.



    Mcinnes must see himself as taking McCoist’s place in Govan.

  11. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    A Hun in my local hated Barry F. I actually rated him……just not as highly as the Scottish Media did!



  12. Personally, I would hope to see game time given to Griffiths, Biton, Kayal and Henderson, in that order. I would also like to see a lot less of McGregor and Mulgrew for a wee while.

  13. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Maybe someone should ask McInnes why his captain initially said he never heard anything only to change his mind .

  14. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    We ( Celtic supporters) have alway known more about decent footballers than have supporters of our former rivals 0:-)


    Cheerio for now.



  15. BCW,



    Funnily enough it was still there when I finished at one, which I found unusual, in the past it would have been ripped off straight away.



    I suppose some are beginning to realise they died after all.



    No doubt my Celtic collage will be defaced at some point in retaliation by others on the back shift. HH

  16. Regarding Liam Henderson..the manager seems to favour Brown Johansen and Mulgrew as a 3 in midfield , so if Henderson is to play he has to drop one of them.


    .dont see that happening..

  17. Auldheid @ 16.42,



    Oh that we had players with that level of technique. Then the ole pass and move would be second nature. Too too often we labour to make not just the forward pass properly but the pass that allows a fellow player to move forward without breaking his stride.

  18. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Good Evening Timland.



    It’s only a matter of time before Ashley pulls the trigger on


    sleekit,McInnes is flinging is hat in the ring……standing up


    to timmy always go’s down well in hunland.

  19. glendalystonsils on

    I have decided (perhaps prematurely) that Scepovic will not do. They say a good striker can not be in a game but will seize the one good chance that crops up and still be a matchwinner.


    Old Scep had one great chance in the second half when he was played in with a lovely wee slipped pass From Izzy (I think). He ballooned the ball high over the bar from about 12 yards out. If he had scored with that, I could have forgiven him for his zero contribution in the rest of his time on the pitch. I’m convinced we would have won that game if Griffiths had been brought on at half time.

  20. nye bevans’ rebel soldier-i think The Snowman will have melted before the LC semi,possibly if Hearts gub them in a couple of weeks.The Mullet has positioned himself now.

  21. The main disappointment for me about Liam Henderson is he’s not even making the bench. Would rather see him there, ready to come on later in games for one of the main midfield trio than Kayal or Biton.

  22. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    !!Bada Bing!!



    You may well be right,but McInnes will jump ship in a heartbeat,


    he will have the sheep well up for it on Sunday.

  23. bournesouprecipe on

    Warrington Town v Exeter City FA Cup 1st Round 19:55 BBC Two / BBC Two HD



    TheRomanceofTheFACup CSC

  24. Gary67


    17:23 on


    7 November, 2014


    Team for tomorrow





    Lustig Denayer VVD Izaguirre


    Brown Mulgrew Johansen


    Griffiths Guidetti Wakaso





    I wish. Good selection.



    Aberdeen will want to do us so I hope RD is aware,no lightweights which means no McGregor or Scepovic ( who looks slow and light).



    If he used this as a base and use Efe and Kayal as active subs also I would think we could build on this.



    For Zagreb game bring in Efe to partner VVD move Denayer to MF and shut shop,had we done this on 60 mins last night we would be through.