Improving performance. Lessons from US sport


Following on from our discussion yesterday about adopting one or two of the techniques the enormously successful GB Olympic cycling team there are other areas where a technical advantage can be sought.

Football is awash with metrics these days.  Clubs know things about their players they never even wondered about 10 years ago, leading to more informed decisions.  It is probably no exaggeration to suggest that a club like Celtic will have some information on thousands of players.  At the top level, much of this information will be fresh in the minds of coaches and scouts, and will easily be recorded on a database, but scouting permeates through youth football.  Acquiring and assimilating information on the many hundreds of players on view each month is an information challenge.

The US sports were early to get on top of this problem.  SportsBoard is a iPad-based data capture and management app which enables coaches and scouts to record information on players (their own players and others) as they watch the game.  Data is uploaded from the iPad to a cloud-based database.  Information and comment on each player or opposing team can then easily be analysed.

The alternative would be to scour through unstructured notes without any way of controlling the up-flow of information.

The app has also been used to provide instant metrics to first team squads.  Players can get home from training, login and see how their performance was rated that day, allowing them to adjust their own target for the next session.  I spoke to the designer, Gregg Jacobs, who has received a ton of media coverage in the US over the last two years.  He told me this was about providing “more meaningful feedback”.   Take a look at the Assessment and Contact Management features, which has screenshots of the ‘soccer’ app.

So this week we’ve covered orthopaedic pillows on tour and leg heaters from the GB cycling team, as well as a scouting management and instant metrics system from US sports, all low-cost and designed to reduce risk and improve performance.

Should we do it?
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  1. Dublinbhoy



    Just mailed you now re getting you a replacement.We sent all Annuals out straight away so it must be lost in post. If you email me your address I will send a replacement tomorrow.



    Re more CQN demographics.



    I posted the America locations for CQN’ers earlier.



    Here are the stats for Europe (not including UK) for last 30 days



    Ireland (Republic) -17,348


    Spain – 3761


    France – 1556


    Portugal -214


    Italy – 665


    Croatia -20


    Greece – 66


    Macedonia – 3


    Bulgaria -202


    Bosnia and Herzegovina -17


    Hungary – 193


    Romania – 39


    Czech Republic – 226


    Austria – 147


    Slovakia -578


    Germany – 3107


    Poland – 159


    Ukraine – 32


    Turkey – 71


    Lithuania -1


    Belarus – 1


    Estonia – 4


    Latvia -1


    Sweden – 684


    Norway -719




    Denmark -214


    Russia- 131


    Think that’s them all for Europe?

  2. Palacio67



    19:07 on 21 January, 2013






    Boston Legal



    Rescue Me




  3. Appoel tel aviv even money at ht to beat biatar Jerusalem.



    Worth a look. Double ones dough.

  4. …Perhaps the defhunct klub could learn some lessons from America with regards to the re-branding of their dilapidated stadium?



    Given the disposition of the tribute acts fanbase and the tie-up with downmarket sports retailer…….





    Dick’s Sporting Goods Arena?



    Good fit…….

  5. Jeeves & Wooster is hilarious, imho,


    with Sir Roderick Spode,the 7th Earl of Sidcup stealing the series’ as an amateur dictator and leader of his fascist group,The Black Shorts.


    He demands a British made bicycle and umbrella for every citizen : )))

  6. I was up the Library this morning (and although the weather was wild, a guy was giving the Rabbie Burns statue a face lift!)and saw the back page headline of the Daily Record saying that Norwich had upped their bid to £7 million. Doubtful of the veracity of this, I read the article. Sure enough, not a mention of £7million. That is not the point of this post, though.


    Sitting next to the `papers stand was a Celtic fan I know.


    “Would you take the £7 m?” he asked.


    I pointed out to him that £7 million was not mentioned anywhere in the Norwich statements.


    “Aye,” he replied,”but would you take it?”


    “Has someone offered it?” I asked.


    “Norwich,” he said.


    ” No they haven`t,” I argued. ” The Record is just making it up. It is why I never read the `papers. No information is better than misinformation.”


    He looked at me kind of vacantly then said, ” I would take the


    £7 million.”


    I have sometimes thought that, with a small number of obvious exceptions, that CQN reflects the more thinking side of the Celtic support and that we can be a wee bit out of touch with the more general feel. That conversation in the Library helped reinforce that suspicion.




  7. Paul67,



    Could you please forward my email address to Starry Plough?







  8. Three teams to Wembley


    there’s only three teams to Wembley


    three teams to Wembuleeeeeeeeey


    there’s only three teams to Wembuley

  9. James Hewitt has said he is delighted his son is back safe from a 5 month tour of Afghanistan

  10. Winning Captains


    That is an impressive list. Very impressive. I was going to suggest it was around 30,000 EXCLUDING the UK then I saw TET`s 28,000 but still very impressive. How many in the UK?




  11. Anyways, vino time…



    A 2009, Ribera del Duero, called Matarromera, superb, but a tad on the expensive side, 16.50 euros here.



    Pressi from the wife, I should do the house work more often >}}}

  12. Feeling guilty now.



    I’ve got bets on Everton HT/FT, Jelavic to score 1st and anytime.



    Only then did I remember about The Holy Goalie and Big Joos.




  13. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    I see Efe is getting a wee break ….. does the ref have any Scottish ancestry … LOL



    I sometimes have a wee look in at rm …… The language of 99% of the posters is absolutely atrocious…..and they can’t blame caflik schools for it …… It’s a good thing the site moderator isn’t the Moderator of The Church of Scotland, or there would one helluvah quiet site there, bhoys….!!!!

  14. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    22:02 on 20 January, 2013






    You’ve got money to burn there, bhoy ……. Southampton will this one…

  15. The Sleekits will always try to unsettle us – be it this Dear Green Place or our playing talent……………


    ….shamelessly obvious……….



    Repetitive Hun Injury……………………

  16. 16 roads - Neil Lennon walks on water. on

    Sevco huns going boogaloo because of what they deem to be bad tackles on their players.



    Ian Black.



    Hypocritical cants.



    Boo hoo.

  17. Winning Captains


    I asked ,” How many in the UK?”.


    Are you still counting ? 0:-)




  18. CQN in Africa…



    Morocco – 7, Algeria -110, Senegal -1, Ghana- 2, Nigeria -11, Egypt -31, Ke665nya – 12, Uganda -2, Angola -67 and South Africa 402. TOTAL – 665.

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