Improving performance. Lessons from US sport


Following on from our discussion yesterday about adopting one or two of the techniques the enormously successful GB Olympic cycling team there are other areas where a technical advantage can be sought.

Football is awash with metrics these days.  Clubs know things about their players they never even wondered about 10 years ago, leading to more informed decisions.  It is probably no exaggeration to suggest that a club like Celtic will have some information on thousands of players.  At the top level, much of this information will be fresh in the minds of coaches and scouts, and will easily be recorded on a database, but scouting permeates through youth football.  Acquiring and assimilating information on the many hundreds of players on view each month is an information challenge.

The US sports were early to get on top of this problem.  SportsBoard is a iPad-based data capture and management app which enables coaches and scouts to record information on players (their own players and others) as they watch the game.  Data is uploaded from the iPad to a cloud-based database.  Information and comment on each player or opposing team can then easily be analysed.

The alternative would be to scour through unstructured notes without any way of controlling the up-flow of information.

The app has also been used to provide instant metrics to first team squads.  Players can get home from training, login and see how their performance was rated that day, allowing them to adjust their own target for the next session.  I spoke to the designer, Gregg Jacobs, who has received a ton of media coverage in the US over the last two years.  He told me this was about providing “more meaningful feedback”.   Take a look at the Assessment and Contact Management features, which has screenshots of the ‘soccer’ app.

So this week we’ve covered orthopaedic pillows on tour and leg heaters from the GB cycling team, as well as a scouting management and instant metrics system from US sports, all low-cost and designed to reduce risk and improve performance.

Should we do it?
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  1. Burgas Hoops



    Times are hard mi amigo !!!



    I only have one who can do the biz, the rest have been for the chop.



    He is a half size white Wolfhound, and as daft as a brush, thinking of doing the same with him.

  2. palacio67



    15:53 on


    21 January, 2013




    15:39 on


    21 January, 2013



    It gets better and better. You are correct though, it’s a bit slow at the start and most folk chuck it before episode 4. I have urged a few to keep at it, and they all get hooked before the first season ends. I’m up to date with BB and MadMen and have now started ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ ( Kindly passed down from my elder Hermano at CP on Saturday !









    Aye first couple werent the greatest, starting series 2 now and it has got lot better. Gonna keep at it.



    Watched first 10 eposides of sons of anarchy. Great show so these 2 programmes should keep me going for a while.



    Do you know what series breaking bad and sons of anarchy are currently upto ?

  3. WeeOscarLife Cycle’s to Belfast St Patricks weekend March 2013



    On 15th/16th of March 100 cyclist will set off from 5 locations in the UK & Ireland for Belfast to raise funds that will go towards helping Wee Oscar Knox fund the Immunotherapy treatment he so desperately requires. We will be leaving from:



    Celtic Park – 32 Cyclists


    Leeds – 7 Cyclists


    Duleek – 25 Cyclists


    Roscommon – 10 Cyclists


    Dublin – 26 Cyclist



    We will be supported by 16 support team members over the 2 days also.



    Our team is made up of many CQN’ers, guys from KDS, friends and family members and non Celtic supporters.



    You can support our cyclists and support team by making a donation to this event by clicking here (remember to leave your blog name):



    WeeOscar4Life Cycle’s to Belfast March 2013 Justgiving Page



    or by texting BELF88 to 70070 followed by amount you wish to donate:



    To: 70070







    We would like to thank Morrisons Facility Mngt, Gardiner & Theobald Surveyors and ProAir Conditioning for their sponsorship of the WeeOscar4Life cycle’s to Belfast. If your company would like to sponsor this event please drop an email to weeoscar4life@gmail.com



    WeeOscar4Life Team

  4. tommytwiststommyturns on

    When’s the earliest that Nigeria can be eliminated from the tournament?!




  5. sipsini


    16:10 on


    21 January, 2013



    I asked for no links



    I stated the Video was a disgrace



    You have decided to take that personally

  6. The Moon Bhoys on




    It’s a lovely thought but I think you are to a certain extent p***ing into the wind, the etiquette you find on here on match days will always be (imo) similar to the etiquette you will find on any given public golf course, i.e. not very much, mainly because everybody is hyper on match days.

  7. Livibhoy.


    Big G.



    Thanks for the info,I was about 95% certain it was Nigeria,but the doubt was there.


    That game is on at 5.30 for a 6 o’clock kick off.

  8. Tet.



    Im putting up good fight but the kids are wearing me down.


    My daughter and her friend are going through to my brothes in dalgety bay to dog sit next weekend.


    “Two” westies….notice that petethebeat..


    And the screw will be turned until i give in.hh

  9. The Moon Bhoys



    Thanks for the reply.



    I think the ‘FFS’ is the worst – it leaves you thinking of a goal against us, a penalty or a red card.



    Quite often, the poster just means a dodgy offside decision or a Celtic miskick.

  10. oldtim67



    No problem. If you want to show off in a Celtic quiz he was born in Kaduna, Nigeria just to let you know ;)

  11. Any Belfast or Co. Down Tims about?



    Looking for a bit of help with exact routes from Dundalk to Belfast for the cyclists going from Duleek and Dublin for the WeeOscar4Life cycle on 16th March.



    We were planning on sticking on the N1 straight into Belfast but have been advised it is too busy for any group of cyclists and are now looking for quiter routes.



    We will be heading up from Dundlak and then into Banbridge and into Belfast so if anyone has info on exact routes for me please pass it on, you can get my contact details through Paul67







  12. petethebeat 15:47 on 21 January, 2013


    Etiquette on CQN Live Updates?


    Hard to set hard and fast rules when we are all posting in reaction to events on the field, many of us with feeds that are out of synch.


    It’s great to read input from all corners of the globe. CQN’s live updates makes me feel that I am part of the larger Celtic support even stuck here in rural New Jersey with my PC streaming to my TV and fighting to get my arthritic fingers across the iPad keyboard.


    I personally like the off subject witty sarcastic asides which we often can’t react fully to as play moves on.



  13. dontpatmadug



    16:19 on 21 January, 2013





    16:11 on 21 January, 2013



    Use this site if you want any info on films or telly









    Cheers buddy.



    U watch homeland ?



    Any good is it ?

  14. petethebeat



    I think I am the worst ffs offender on a match day and shall desist- not good you thinking we have conceded when I’m bemoaning brines. Etiquette’s never been ma forté



    HH : )

  15. ‘GG



    The live updates can be great at times. Paul should collate some of them into a book like the Barca 2-1, Man U 1-0 or the Rangers 2-1 in 2008 with the JVOH last minute winner

  16. Jackie Mac – People should also be breathalysed before they post – especially after a defeat.

  17. saltires en sevilla on




    13:29 on


    21 January, 2013






    Very Interesting post



    Can you share how cycling helps u pay the bills?




  18. The Moon Bhoys on

    PeteTheBeat – agreed, but etiquette or not – its miles better on here during live matches than listening to the live commentary on Radio Shortbread, now that’s what I call really annoying.

  19. proudbhoy



    16:35 on 21 January, 2013



    Started watching the first season got to about the 8th


    episode an wrapped it. Wasn’t for me.

  20. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    Interesting dynamic now at the Superbowl.


    Two brothers, Jim(49ers)& John(Baltimore) against each other…



    Should make Christmas dinners interesting for years to come!



    When we were two little Bhoys indeed..




  21. My Dear Kojo……



    Oor High Heid Yins….



    Need Tae Lever The Lid Off The Biscuit Tin….



    And Buy Mackay Steven & Russell……



    Fae Oor Tangerine Pals…..



    The Increased Competition…..



    For Places Up Front…..



    Will Energise Oor Squad…..



    And Drive Us…Onwards…Tae Wem-B-Lee



    Too Often In The Past…..



    We Hiv Hesitated…..



    And Missed Oot On Tip Top Players….



    Fae The Fair City Of Jute & Jam….



    Like Strachan…Before Big Billy Snapped Him Up For The Dandy Dons…..



    Deadly And Stylish John Duncan..


    Afore The Ne’er Do-Wells Of White-Hart Lane…Stole Him From Oor Clutches…..



    And The Mighty Andy Gray….


    His Mother’s “Broth Of A Bhoy”….


    Who Wiz Hijacked ….


    By Dull And Boring Aston Villa…



    So Let’s Go Out An Buy These Stars….



    Before We Sell Anyone(Apart From Paddy)…



    Send A Message To All These Wee Shouty-Boy Journeyman Teams….



    In The Bloated And Boring….EPL..




  22. Nigeria v Burkina Faso in the African Cup of Nations shortly.



    Natives of Nigeria are known as Nigerians.



    What are natives of Burkina Faso known as?





    Burkina Fasonians?



    Cmon Efe!




  23. ‘gg-Try an app called TV Catchup,it is free and picture on my phone is brilliant.Basically live TV ,Freeview channels and a few extra ones,via android and apple.

  24. saltires en sevilla



    16:40 on 21 January, 2013





    13:29 on


    21 January, 2013






    Very Interesting post



    Can you share how cycling helps u pay the bills?










    Prob best asking lance Murray or David Armstrong.



    Same cheating b******s.hail hail.

  25. dontpatmadug



    16:42 on


    21 January, 2013





    16:35 on 21 January, 2013



    Started watching the first season got to about the 8th


    episode an wrapped it. Wasn’t for me.










    Think the wire is nxt on list anyway. Wont be for couple months probably.

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