Improving performance. Lessons from US sport


Following on from our discussion yesterday about adopting one or two of the techniques the enormously successful GB Olympic cycling team there are other areas where a technical advantage can be sought.

Football is awash with metrics these days.  Clubs know things about their players they never even wondered about 10 years ago, leading to more informed decisions.  It is probably no exaggeration to suggest that a club like Celtic will have some information on thousands of players.  At the top level, much of this information will be fresh in the minds of coaches and scouts, and will easily be recorded on a database, but scouting permeates through youth football.  Acquiring and assimilating information on the many hundreds of players on view each month is an information challenge.

The US sports were early to get on top of this problem.  SportsBoard is a iPad-based data capture and management app which enables coaches and scouts to record information on players (their own players and others) as they watch the game.  Data is uploaded from the iPad to a cloud-based database.  Information and comment on each player or opposing team can then easily be analysed.

The alternative would be to scour through unstructured notes without any way of controlling the up-flow of information.

The app has also been used to provide instant metrics to first team squads.  Players can get home from training, login and see how their performance was rated that day, allowing them to adjust their own target for the next session.  I spoke to the designer, Gregg Jacobs, who has received a ton of media coverage in the US over the last two years.  He told me this was about providing “more meaningful feedback”.   Take a look at the Assessment and Contact Management features, which has screenshots of the ‘soccer’ app.

So this week we’ve covered orthopaedic pillows on tour and leg heaters from the GB cycling team, as well as a scouting management and instant metrics system from US sports, all low-cost and designed to reduce risk and improve performance.

Should we do it?
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    Charlie Austin does indeed have a great scoring record,but I watched him when he was at Swindon,and he was painfully slow.



    Might have sharpened up since,mind.



    Re Hoops,The Mail has him today as being offered £25k per week,but likely to prefer the Prem where he will expect £1.5m per year.



    Eh? Not a lot of difference,really.



    Stay where you are,Gary…..

  2. winning captains


    Now I am hooked on analytics.


    We (actually I) demand a complete book of graphs showing readership broken down by age, country, sex and proclivities.


    I will raise a freedom of interest request for info on time spent, posts made, time wasted during work hours broken down by time zone.


    Good to see the interest worldwide.

  3. saltires en sevilla



    17:44 on


    21 January, 2013




    16:48 on


    21 January, 2013



    they certainly are – lower than a snakes belly



    but how does that link to deniabhoys post ?






    I was just commenting on your post saltires.


    Lazy me:-((


    And yes you couldn’t get the tip of a bunnet under their bellies.hh

  4. My dear,dear,dear,friend The Singing Detective



    Aha.. You Beat .. Tues Gal.. tae the Punch..



    She wullnae like that.. But, Ye beat her fair and square..pal..







    Ah didnae know that the Evil.. Islamist.. Bank.. Roller.. The Rulers o


    the Kingdom o’ Saud..



    Oor.. Clandestine.. Enemy.. hiding behind the Curtain..o… Jolly Good Fellowship..


    Wur the



    Money Men.. who bought the Manchester City.






    Thanks fur the Tip off.



    Speaking aboot.. Obama..



    Obama is a Bad Man.



    No time fur him



    He is a real.. BADDIE..



    The Republicans .. are no BADDIES..



    ..In the Parlance o’ Flatbush..



    The Republicans. ur..






    Bumblers.. Mugs..






    Obama is .. Pure.. EVIL.





    Yer pal.. who likes ye aloater.. fur ye know.. Mair .. aboot..a Loater Mair Things..


    than.. Kojo.



    Still.. Laughin

  5. winningcaptains…



    CQN Worldwide Readership…..



    No Recent Take-Up In OZ..?



    As Ah Suspected…..



    We Lose Aboot Twa Hundred Individual Posters And Lurkers In Australasia….



    When The Energetic But Temperamental Persona..



    Gold Coast Kitalba…..



    Takes A Wee Sabbatical……



    And Kinda Gives Creedence Tae The Rumour…..



    That Bellshill Hombre,Summa Of Sumthin’…..



    Is Merely Anither Manifestation….



    Of Our Maist Eloquent Poster, Sir Kojo..




  6. My boss is peter principle



    Seen django last night…good show.



    I only heard about the newroom lately heard its really good.. How does it compare with breakin bad and the sopranos?




  7. Terrible attendance at the Nigeria game, its like watching an SPL game and not a major continental tournament.

  8. Sky reporter asks Evertonian why he’s travelling to Southampton on a Monday night in the snow. Evertonian replies: “Because of you lot.”




  9. big g



    18:38 on


    21 January, 2013


    Efe booked



    It looks like the ref has graduated from a Dallas class.


    I’m fully expecting him to be hauled up,before the SFA referees committee.

  10. Dearie me, how hard are SSB trying to sell Hooper tonight? Panel tonight that twat Walker and fat Derek.

  11. My dear,dear,dear,friend.. Bobby Murdoch.. etc.






    Of course.. Charlie is Slow..



    He wiz ..a Brickie!




    Nevertheless.. He knows how tae.. Score Goals..








    The Great Alf Tupper. once said…



    ” There is… Nothing, quite like… a Fish Supper and Chips.. wi’ a Good Sprinkling o


    Salt and Vinegar.. wrapped in an Auld Noos o’ the World.. afore a Match.”



    Ah agree..



    Thur is Nothing.. quite ..Like ..it.





    Yer pal.. who likes ye aloater.



    Still. Laughin’




    Gotta Shoot the Craw..Maw..



    See You Guys.

  12. Paul67,



    This data capture and management app – is there a version compatible with the ZX81 using telegraph technology, and can Greggs be included in the communication system on installation? The Sevco management team demand to know >:))

  13. Evening all



    Just arrived home- ticket arrived for the Juve game! Whoop! Whoop!




  14. West Wales Celt on



    “Oy caahnt read, oy caahnt wroyte, but oy can droive a tractah’ – AAAHHHGGGHHH!!! Uttered with long piece of straw in the gob – and you’ve got it in an East Anglian nutshell.”



    Don’t wanna be in anyway picky but I’m not sure if that’s an entirely accurate appraisal of East Anglia…




  15. starryhope



    Alright Starry,I see yer on send me you e-mail via Paul 67 I got a couple of good shotz of you and your Mate at the St Mirren game if you want them..

  16. Starry Plough,



    I’m good mate! Enjoyed your company in the lounge. Say hello to your mate for me – sorry I forget his name .


    I don’t often get the chance of a pint before the games as I usually have my wee bhoy with me and I’m driving but if you’re up for it,let me know when you’re next over.


    I’ll ask Paul to pass on my email address.



    Hail Hail!



  17. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    Winning Captains,


    What’s the stats for









  18. Bhoylo83


    18:43 on


    21 January, 2013



    Just finished season 2 of Homeland, thumbs up from me for both series, after hearing mixed reviews. Up to date now with BB, Madmen, The Walking dead, Game of Thrones. Now onto Sons of Anarchy (Very good so far,) and moving onto earlier ones like Dexter, The Wire, The Shield and The Sopranos. Open to any recommendations on any other series.




  19. I wonder if Johann commenting on Charlie Austin might be to smoke out Steven Thompson re Russell?

  20. starryhope



    I enjoyed it too, always good to put a face to a CQN moniker, my big mate is back over in Japan working again, I was hoping to be over for the Juve game but it’s coming to soon for the Starry Biscuit Tin!! Should be over for the title run in though so will drop you a mail..



    Hail Hail from the Frozen Valley..

  21. Palacio67



    Where do u get the time?! I think uv named the best of any i can think of… Maybe Oz? Used to be on years ago was the first television series produced by HBO as far as i know




  22. Our under 20’s are losing 1-0 to Motherwell u20’s as I type.



    They are 6/5 to win the game. Do we know if we have a string team out and if this is likely?



    Wee investment imminent……

  23. channelislandcelt on

    stringer bell



    stokes and gershon playing…..7/5 with hills. Their website showing 87% possession mwell.



    Blind faith playing a part …….£20 on da hoops




  24. Valentine’s Day



    18:27 on 21 January, 2013



    winning captains



    Is there any from Paisley.




    Naw they’re on a different planet mate



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