In defence of the defence


Three years ago, we watched as Odsonne Edouard and Moussa Dembele tore up the early Champions League qualifiers, forming what promised to be a productive partnership.  Injury prevented them from finishing that qualifying group, neither started as we exited in Athens and Moussa left as the transfer window closed.

In all probability, the partnership of Odsonne and Kyogo Furuhashi will end before August is out, but while they are both here and fit, they have the potential to form a devastating attacking threat.  On Sunday, Kyogo was handed the junior role on the left, with Odsonne through the middle.  Both can work either position, a flexibility which increases their potency.

With so many areas of the team looking stronger than it was two weeks ago, defence remains the area Ange Postecoglou will seek to improve.  We need a second right back, with Boli Bolingoli’s position at the club unclear, we probably need a left back too, and as it could be months before we see Christopher Jullien, I could make the case for a central defender.

Without wanting to tempt fate, though, we need to give credit to the three young Scots in the defence, Greg Taylor (23), Anthony Ralston (22) and Stephen Welsh (21) have performed above expectations so far this season.  If Carl Starfelt stops beating himself up and relaxes into his Celtic skin, we will strengthen from a strong base line.

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  1. Translation – Juranovic closer to Celtic: First offer rejected, but clubs are well on their way to a final deal

  2. Weebobbycollins on

    Turkeybhoy…you forgetting Hugh Maxwell scored after about 10 seconds on his debut?

  3. Georgios Giakoumakis in Celtic transfer talks as Ange Postecoglou takes lead in pursuit of Eredivisie goal machine

  4. What is the Stars on

    Dismissing Scales because he plays in Ireland…bit like EPL teams dismissing interest in Celtic players because they only play in Scotland..


    For the record Shamrock Rovers would wipe the floor with Falkirk and would finish in the top half of the SPL

  5. We’re obviously busy lining up a replacement for Eddie which is encouraging, however, it’s a contingency we will not need. Odsonne is staying at Celtic.

  6. Galatasaray’s Marcao was red carded after headbutting and punching his own team-mate on Monday.



    The Brazilian defender was dismissed just after the hour mark of Gala’s 2-0 league win over Giresunspor after losing it with winger Muhammed Kerem Akturkoglu.



    The centre-back seemed to take exception to something that Akturkoglu said, as well as the winger putting his finger to his lips in a ‘be quiet’ gesture.



    He responded by running from his own half to headbutt and then throw punches at the winger, and had to be restrained by team-mates before he was shown a red card.

  7. Could be mistaken but am I the only one hearing the sound of distant drums from our leader today? Or his Masters Voice? Tant Pis. Our defence, as we know it, will be tested by the two games against AZ. If we get past them and qualify for the EL group stage that will be a terrific achievement at this point. And time to strengthen our options. The problem is though, we can defend when we are the front foot, winning the ball back etc, but as Hearts showed later in the second half, when our game slows down in the midfield, our weakness across the back four are exposed. See their second goal as a good example of what can happen. That said we kept the Czechs at bay, and scored as and when we had to, to dampen their good effort to push forward.

  8. BADA BING @12:53



    Looks like that’s where we are doing our shopping for a CB…………unless Celtic are keeping a lid on this position.

  9. A good few Irish bhoys did just fine when coming direct from Irish football………most of you to young to remember……….God i’m getting old.

  10. Tom McLaughlin on

    I remember when I was 8 and travelling on a CSC bus from Celtic Park back to Motherwell and wondering why my dad, uncle and just about everyone, including the driver, wanted to dump Celtic player Hugh Maxwell in the River Clyde.



    That night I included Hugh Maxwell in my prayers, asking Jesus to not let him drown. Even 60 years later, when I read or hear a Celtic player being slaughtered by supporters, I have an image of him floating down the Clyde and clutching at straws.



    Shane Duffy must be a strong swimmer.

  11. There is time yet for Starfield to improve .


    But my early impressions of him are


    Not good .


    I know it is boring to repeat it , but our scouting recently, has been atrocious.



    Kyogo was found by Anje , not our scouts .



    Abada looks good so far , so credit is due there .



    But I lack faith in our scouts .




  12. SONSOFERIN on 17TH AUGUST 2021 1:05 PM



    That was an excellent read. It was the kind of post that attracted me to CQN in the first place.


    I am much more impressed by the `Celtic` and `News` than I am by the foundless and predictable `Quick` in some low level posts :-)

  13. WBC,




    TB…sorry , apparently it was his second game v Falkirk that he scored in 10 secs.



    It was indeed,and he still ended up a waste of space.We probably did dither.We just can’t help it.Its in our DNA.


    Do you remember him?

  14. WHAT IS THE STARS on 17TH AUGUST 2021 1:52 PM


    Dismissing Scales because he plays in Ireland…bit like EPL teams dismissing interest in Celtic players because they only play in Scotland..





    For the record Shamrock Rovers would wipe the floor with Falkirk and would finish in the top half of the SPL



    Well said WITS.

  15. Garngad to Croy on

    Only 600-700 tickets left for the AZ game, quick average count (33 sections x 20 tickets) , very impressive for a Europa League qualifier !

  16. Tiny Tim,





    But I lack faith in our scouts .




    General Custer CSC.








  17. Weebobbycollins on

    Turkeybhoy…I was in the enclosure for that game against Falkirk when he scored so quickly. Big hopes but bigger disappointment. Those were the days of sub-20,000 crowds…

  18. The Greek striker,looks very capable of being a deadly partnership with Kyogo.He scored 5 more goals,with a team that got relegated,26 in all,than another guy who went for 30 million a couple of weeks ago.Watched all his 26 goals,scored against AZ,in fact nearly against everyone.A dab hand at penalties as well.


    Sometimes there are diamonds to be had.



    Turkeybhoy…I was in the enclosure for that game against Falkirk when he scored so quickly. Big hopes but bigger disappointment. Those were the days of sub-20,000 crowds…,



    I was in the Jungle with my Da as well.Have to say,Tom’s prayers not to let him drown in the Clyde,were not the thoughts of the majority.Those were the days.

  20. Thanks Hot Smoked. When you look at the devastation of that Alkmaar team for our opening tie: they’ve lost a right back, sold the right winger, left back is out injured, left winger suspended, and sold the main striker and keeper. They’re without every one of last season’s first team players on both wings.



    I suspect we need to put the tie out of sight tomorrow, leaving any kind of difficult task for the away leg provides Alkmaar an opportunity to regroup and fix some of those holes.

  21. Anthony Joseph








    Celtic are close to agreeing a deal with Legia Warsaw for right-back Josip Juranovic.

  22. If we can get in,the Eredivisi top scorer,for around 3 million,that’s got to be some bit of business.

  23. WBC,



    Yes we remember those days.Thats why when some come on here and say the past 9 years were a failure,that we should have done better,I have to argue.


    That gets me called a PL lover.


    They should have lived through those years.

  24. Tom McLaughlin on




    It’s all about the innocence of childhood.



    In the early 60s Celtic went to Deventer in the Netherlands to face Go Ahead in the European Cup Winners Cup and won 6-0. My dad took me to the 2nd leg at Celtic Park. The 17,000 crowd expected an avalanche of goals. Go Ahead parked the bus and Celtic struggled to a 1-0 win. The team were booed off the park.



    7-0 aggregate and they were slaughtered by the supporters. At least nobody took to the car park.

  25. what I like about Georgios is his link up play, the variety of goals he scores, his strength and he scores with the head from left and right crosses. Less selfish than Edward and better in then air than Edward – more of a striker than Edward. Why not at 3m and the Ange greek effect. (just don’t let him consult with Barkas).



    I see we are still dithering for defenders – close to a deal, almost done, negotiating terms, blah blah blah. I get that Celtic should try and get players for 1-2m less but our negotiating takes weeks/months and we lose out as other clubs come in.



    Bare in mind these are not back up squad positions – these are 1st team improvements. Get scales , Josip in asap and hopefully a big strong center back too.



    Starfelt has made many goal saving tackles , acknowledged by his team mates. For every mistake he has made , he has more than made up DESPITE playing out of position. Will improve on the right and with a strong center beside him!

  26. Hilarious exchange on FF about the Castore brand. Just when will the penny drop..(comments below)




    Can’t believe people actually still defend this shambles of a company Castor. when they have actually said Newcastle is their flagship brand. I bet Newcastle don’t sell even half the merchandise we have for them.




    Did they honestly say that?



    Shocking comment to make after it was us who took a gamble on them and they have the cheek to say Newcastle is their flagship!



    Thursday September 23


    Celtic v Raith Rovers – Premier Sports, ko 7.45pm

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