In defence of the defence


Three years ago, we watched as Odsonne Edouard and Moussa Dembele tore up the early Champions League qualifiers, forming what promised to be a productive partnership.  Injury prevented them from finishing that qualifying group, neither started as we exited in Athens and Moussa left as the transfer window closed.

In all probability, the partnership of Odsonne and Kyogo Furuhashi will end before August is out, but while they are both here and fit, they have the potential to form a devastating attacking threat.  On Sunday, Kyogo was handed the junior role on the left, with Odsonne through the middle.  Both can work either position, a flexibility which increases their potency.

With so many areas of the team looking stronger than it was two weeks ago, defence remains the area Ange Postecoglou will seek to improve.  We need a second right back, with Boli Bolingoli’s position at the club unclear, we probably need a left back too, and as it could be months before we see Christopher Jullien, I could make the case for a central defender.

Without wanting to tempt fate, though, we need to give credit to the three young Scots in the defence, Greg Taylor (23), Anthony Ralston (22) and Stephen Welsh (21) have performed above expectations so far this season.  If Carl Starfelt stops beating himself up and relaxes into his Celtic skin, we will strengthen from a strong base line.

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  1. Some good people out there:-





    “Polish Olympic athlete Maria Andrejczyk has auctioned off her silver medal from Tokyo to help fund life-saving heart surgery for an eight-month old boy.



    The javelin thrower beat bone cancer after being diagnosed in 2018 and went on to win a silver medal at the Games in Japan following a fourth-place finish at Rio 2016.



    Andrejczyk said she wanted to put her success to good use by auctioning off her medal to help a stranger in need, encouraging members of the public to put forward suggestions.”

  2. This is just a quick comment not a propos of anything posted earlier, but credit where it’s due, I had to deal with the Celtic Ticket Office over the phone today. Waited no more than 2 minutes and when I got the young lady on the line she was courteous, efficient, had the authority to do what I was looking for ( I appreciate that this is already sounding like one of those pay lines, allegedly…) and I got the result I was looking for (…as I was saying…)



    Top marks to the Ticket Office.

  3. The only people who believe that there were 17,000 at a home European match…….


    Were on the Board



    Interesting, big Giorgos comes from just a few miles up the road from where Sammy originated!!



    is it the garngad ?




  5. Looks like we’ve got our RB or RB cover if Ralston keeps his current form up.



    I’ll be very surprised if we sign another striker while Eddie remains but the squad is coming together nicely.



    We’ll know a lot more about the strengths of the side come 10pm tomorrow.

  6. With another huge crowd expected to back the Bhoys at Celtic Park this Wednesday night (Aug, 18), we are delighted to confirm that supporters all across the world will be able to watch the game LIVE as it happens at Paradise, with a Pay-Per-View service or a Celtic TV subscription available for this crucial opening leg of the Europa League play-off tie against AZ Alkmaar.



    Such was the demand for the PPV service last week, we are pleased that StreamDigital will once again ensure our supporters all over the world who cannot be at the match in person still have the chance to enjoy all the action LIVE, priced at just £9.99.

  7. First time ever in Crete, standing at the beach bar waiting for the wimin to get down and talking to the bar tender.



    “Where are you from” says he. “Scotland” says I . “Who are your football team?” “Celtic.” “Giorgos!!” he exclaimed. “Sammi and I went to primary school together. He could play football, I couldn’t.”

  8. Tom McLaughlin on




    I was in Crete last September. Sammy was a hero. Came from Heraklion. I was in Gouves, about 10 miles away. Local Sports Bar had huge pic of Sammi plus a couple of Celtic shirts, among many others. Watched Celtic games in pub.

  9. For those advocating we sign Gary Cahill. Too big a risk. Sounds a bit Duffyesque to me.


    I have been pleasantly surprised by the swift progress we have made so far under Ange.


    Just get the final pieces of the jigsaw in and we could be going for the first of ten in a row !!!!!



  10. I had a wee look at coefficient points for Europa and conference.



    Then the prize money.



    No real difference.



    Some reasonable big teams in both that we haven’t faced before.



    Sure ecl would have been nice for the money but I personally am sick of the carve up Gerry mandering favouritism.



    Ffp my arse. By now clubs with any debt should be barred. Barca situation is a mockery.



    So a trip to Leicester or spurs would be nice




    My wife & I did something similar when we went to Myrtle Beach for the first time.


    We’ve never been back because they seem to have several such events during the summer.



    Many of the bikers that go to these events are weekend warriors who’ve retired & have a bike as a plaything. Most are harmless enough…I’m told.


    Many men in later life over here buy cars that lads in the UK stop buying when they reach 25.


    One guy has six cars – all on ramps in storage. Most have a bike or a Dodge Challenger. My son’s father in law has a Dodge Challenger and he’s 74. I refuse his offer of a ride to avoid having a riddy when I step out.



    Hope you’re doing well in these Delta times



  12. Cluj all over Belgrade, bur errors are severely punished at the top level, and they find themselves


    2-0 down.

  13. Celtic40me



    Hi mate was it yourself who posted the Xg rate after Dundee? 6+ or so.



    Was wondering if you had any pointers for jablonec and hearts game?



    Enjoying it nicely tvm :-)




  14. Who is the best left back that Celtic ever had? Tommy Gemmell no? The fact that Tommy wasn’t left footed stands out here.



    Kieran Tierney is more in keeping with the tradition of all the the brilliant left footed number 3’s football has given us…Roberto Carlos, Kenny Sansom, Terry Cooper to name only a few. Most of them have not been that tall. Fachetti of Inter Milan and Marcos Alonso at Chelsea today would be exceptions. Like Tommy Gemmell was an exception, and what an exception, Tommy was exceptional because he threatened to do the scoring himself.



    In the left footed style ,Greg Taylor was not a panic buy…one of the few in the last few years….he did cost some money!!



    However it’s possible that these traditional left footed number 3s might not be so strong in defence because these number 3’s can get too flashy. Marcelo of Real Madrid comes to mind, incredible talent and ability but gets caught out regulary, Jordi Alba is another. The left back berth has been an achilles heel for Celtic in recent times. Although Tom Boyd was quite Gemmellesque, did he get played out of his position for Scotland like Danny McGrain? He was certainly right footed.



    Lustig showed what a right back could do most recently. The club could have been a bit more generous to the big Swede and gave him a new contract but he was shipped out “a la Jackie MacNamara” with no real replacement thought out and that is where we are today. The money motive affecting the team’s performance. Lustig played at the Euros recently. I agree with Paul that Ralston deserves a lot of praise, he’s got the appetite and the hunger that are required, time will tell if he can do the job. Ange says it’s not about bringing players in, but bringing the right players in, so no panic buys, there is still a fortnight to look around.



    Lots of the posters on here have seen more Celtic full backs than I’ve had hot dinners. For me Danny McGrain was the greatest full back I ever saw…full stop…..apart from Carlos Alberto. However, Danny was better than Cafu or Dani Alves and maybe even a wee bit taller.

  15. SAINT STIVS on 17TH AUGUST 2021 8:42 PM



    The knights are fare drawing ins.



    Aye nae payin oot fur them!




  16. rimtimtim



    No mention of Paul Breitner, of the great Bayern Munich and West Germany teams of the first half of the 1970s alongside the late great Gerd Muller, Franz Beckenbauer et al and one of the finest left backs ever to play that position.

  17. No mention of John grieg. Play all along a back three four or five.



    Mr versatile. Break legs with either foot.



    Cornelius @ 4:15 pm







    That wee clip reminded me of a trip my wife made to Gettysburg just over 5 years ago. I picked up a hire car in Harrisburg and drove to my hotel in Gettysburg. As I was driving through town, I saw all these hairy bikers riding Harley Davidsons and the like up and down the street and sometimes in procession. There were about 50 of them at my hotel and acouple of thousand altogether in this small town, dominating all the bars.







    I only realised later that we had booked to go during Biker’s Week at Gettysburg (who knew there was such a thing?).







    We were a bit wary of wandering out into this but I had a long talk with my good lady, who is barely 5 foot tall and under 8 stone. I said we should be careful and not get into any trouble because there were so many of them and I was not confident that they weren’t armed.







    Anyway, we had a lovely couple of days there and drank in a few bars. My wife behaved herself very well and not one single biker was harmed during our stay.






    Brilliant. that made me chuckle







  19. prestonpans bhoys on

    SAINT STIVS on 17TH AUGUST 2021 9:15 PM





    Salzburg game 1:1 and very entertaining bhoys⚽

  20. Rimtimtim, the support today couldnae handle Cairney or big Tam, in fact the only defensive full back at that time was Ian Young, as the wee Fife ned found out, but Jock preferred Jim Craig purely for his attacking skills.



    He did tell them though that only one at a time could go forward, so we were more 3-3-4 than 4-4-2, amazingly they both went forward for Tam’s equalizer in Lisbon.

  21. It’s like that up here in the short summer, 8 weeks, we have Cornelius, anytime you see a Camaro, Corvette or God forbid a convertible it’s generally an oul geriatric trying tae rediscover his youth, a youth incidentally where he couldnae have afforded one of them.

  22. CORNELIUS @ 8:53


    Your post struck a chord with me. I live a few hundred miles north of Myrtle Beach. 14 years ago, and at 60 years of age, I succumbed to temptation and bought a 450 horse power, turbo charged, and fully restored 1968 Chevy pick up truck. It was bright red, noisy, exhilarating, and could absolutely fly, getting from 0-60 MPH in about 10 seconds. I installed a “ I support law enforcement” decal on the windscreen, which worked like magic, turning potential speeding tickets into warnings as if by magic. ( As background, I am actually a responsible driver. I have a PSV licence, having driven Corporation buses out of Newlands Garage, Routes 38, 45, 48, 48A and 57, and have several defensive driving certificates. )



    As it was an historic truck, I took it to shows, some for historic vehicles and some for ‘Muscle’ trucks. At one of these, the adjacent truck to mine was a new huge turbocharged Dodge, the fastest truck on earth, reaching 60mph in 4.5 seconds.



    Eventually, at 74 years old, I was getting a bit tired of guys beside me at traffic lights challenging me to drag race to the next light. I advertised the truck for sale, and sold it to a dealer from Lancaster, Pennsylvania.



    He drove to my house with a driver to complete the sale. I had the truck gleaming in the driveway. The driver climbed out of the dealer’s car and said, “Wow! That is a TRUCK! How fast can it go?” I told him, and the dealer immediately interceded and said, “You will NOT be doing that on the way back!”



    I had a lot of fun with that truck, and selling it was bittersweet, but I guess I’m getting a tad more responsible in old age! I now drive a wee Honda Fit and an all electric Chevy Bolt. Quite the change.

  23. My work colleague, 70, head of security, worked all over for the USA embassy services, nice guy (to me anyways) , when we started zoom calls we get a peak into his den, in the beach house in fort lauderdale,


    it was like jack burns trailer.



    wall to wall ferrari memorabilia.



    and 3 real ones in the garage,

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