IT is the morning after the night before in Govania and we have been splitting our sides catching up on the comments. Last night we revealed that the action on Inverness had wasted the weekend for poor old BillyBlue. After sleeping it off some Bears are being to see the bigger picture and for them it isn’t pretty.

Here’s just one of many conversations…

“Would you say any of these things couldn’t happen (obviously worst case scenario):

– finish 5th or below
– have a negative goal difference
– lose to all 11 other Premiership teams
– lose more games than we win
– not get 55 points
– attendance under 20,000 for home game after split

It’s so crushing to think that 5 years of rebuilding has led us to this point. We look about another 5 at least away from a shot at the title.”


“There is ZERO chance we are finishing 2nd. Any hope of that evaporated tonight. We could bring in Sir Alex assisted by Mourinho and we wouldn’t be finishing any higher than 3rd. Even that seems unlikely.”


“5 on the bounce, and 6 in 7 we’ve gone behind, led by a man who’s still learning how to coach under 20’s, with a cast of loanees, freebies, bargain bucketers, old stagers and miscellaneous duds, getting luaghed at and bullied off the park by giants of the game like Ross County and Inverness BUT there’s a long term plan in place. Allegedly.

This is chronic and forget the medium term or long term just get me 13 warriors and a man to lead them, batton down the hatches and fight like maniacs twice a week for 90 minutes. Thinking FDB will miraculously turn this sh it into a championship in 12 or 24 months is lunacy. There’s a malaise at the club and it’s getting worse and worse and worse and worse with every passing hour, day, and week.”

“I would say the negative goal difference is very likely the way things are going, especially as we have some tough away games to come which we will NOT win and probably get hammered in as this team apparently doesn’t do handling pressure.”

“Sadly no. Anyone who thinks we can finish second or possibly 3rd and win the SC is deluded. I have stayed off here for a while as it was depressing me even more, but tonight I will say like I have before that DK is not the man to lead this club forward. I said the same thing about the last manager and got a bit of stick. I have also said it before about King and his 30M and got stick again for that. However, I have been proved correct, sadly. Folk who think it’s okay for DK to live and work in SA whilst the club is in this situation I just don’t understand. Honestly I’m so sick of this team, which are a shambles and it is time that DK told us what is going on what his long term plans are. We need better. Also, after the previous owners we have had I’ll never be trusting anyone again 100%.”

“The end of the season cannot come quick enough for me.”

“We’ll finish 4th and get knocked out the Scottish cup next week is my prediction for the season.

If I’m being brutally honest the second part of that prediction wouldn’t overly bother me. The thought of getting turned over at hampden by the sheep or hibs is nauseating.”

“History will not judge MW well. His legacy was there for all to see tonight! Wonder how Windass Dodoo and Forrester feel knowing they second choice to the starting 11? Dodoo has sat on bench never got a sniff of a chance.

We now look like 3rd is BEST we may attain and if this carries on may not even make top 6 pre split ! That would be ultimate shame for me.”

“I’d be surprised if we manage anything above 5th and a positive GD to be honest. Even when we do manage a victory it’s only going to be by the odd goal, whereas we’re realistically looking at least a couple of drubbings on the horizon.”

“After last night the nightmare scenario of qualifying for Europe could now rest on them doing the treble as 4th place looks the most likely based on the rubbish being produced on the pitch. But ever the optimist maybe we can turn it round with an interim manager go on and win SC and finish 3rd!”

“It wouldn’t be great not qualifying for Europe but I wouldn’t call it a nightmare scenario. This squad will lose the first tie they play.”

“We are absolutely no where near being able to challenge within 2 years , the club have no money and apart from Wes no decent players . Not 1 would even get onto the tarriers bench . The club need serious investment or we are fighting for second for years.”

“We wont get second, even if we beat the sheep next two games. Celtic will do what they did in 2006 and lie down. We also would need to win all our games with some others turning up and doing us a favour.”

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