Incentives all fall to Celtic for a change


After three rounds of games where everyone apart from Celtic had something to play for, the league table seems set ahead of the final weekend of the season.  Conversely, one week ahead of the Scottish Cup Final, Celtic players alone have an incentive.  This is why we can expect as close to a full-strength team as Ange Postecoglou can muster, which should mean the return of Joe Hart, Greg Taylor, Alistair Johnston, Jota and Kyogo to the starting line-up.

Results on Wednesday meant Aberdeen secured third spot and European group stage football, which will be a massive benefit to the club, fans and finances.  The turnaround since Barry Robson took over in February has been incredible.  Five years ago, as we ended our second 8-in-a-row season, we lost at home to Aberdeen on the final day of the season.  The Dons needed a win to ensure a second place finish in the table, which few of us grudged them.

Aberdeen are not in control of what happens tomorrow, that honour is Celtic’s.  We will return to form, win, and have an encouraging warm-up for the cup final.

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  1. bigrailroadblues



    Bob also did a fantastic version of Tina Turner’s (RIP) ‘Nut Bush City Limits’


    Itself a bona fide TT classic




    Excellent post. I will just add DITTO. DITTO and DITTO for me and my mates.



    Wonderful summary of where most of us will find ourselves tomorrow.



    What a truly wonderful time to be a Celtic fan. Being of the vintage of the born-early-50s,I started following Celtic late 50s, suffered until mid 60s, enjoyed Big Jock’s years then had the sporadic failures and successes of the 70s/80s/90s. So, since the new millennium, despite the cheating of The Cheats, we have seen so much success, the death of the original (sectarian and cheating) Rangers, the emergence of a worse form of the Govan Disease, Celtic greats such as Martin O’Neill and Brendan Rodgers (I know!!), Treble after Treble, a sickening hiatus in the year of the “10” then the era of the Great Aussie and the best football since the Lions.



    Yep, tomorrow is going to be a PARTY!



    Enjoy yourselves fellow Celts everywhere.



    Ave Ave

  3. EmeraldBee \o/ A Double Niner!!






    “Treble after Treble”



    Covid interrupted things.



    These are really Good Times and I, Maybe I’m wrong, think that Ange is where he Really wants to be. And is wanting to Win the Big Cup wae dudes not close to Celtic Park but couldnae be further away, when born.

  4. fergusslayedtheblues on



    Yous all back aboard the goo ship bank.again this week


    Think it will be wise to get a check up.from the auld saw bones next time yous on board to make sure the olde scurvy doesn’t take half the crew out





  5. bigrailroadblues on

    Good night all. You are a bunch of rascals. I better get home before Mrs BRRB heats up the poker and baseball bat. We don’t have a fire and I don’t think she plays baseball. Girls nowadays.

  6. fergusslayedtheblues on



    Your spot on regarding sevco 2012 they really are worse than the dead club iteration.


    When you see how them and their lipsiikkles


    In the media have been bigging up their


    hero ‘s dead rubber triumph and his summer revolution, whilst grudgingly mentioning our achievements will really make the amber nectar tomorrow taste so much sweeter


    wash down with a #un tears chaser



  7. fergusslayedtheblues on



    If it’s a choice between the baseball bat or the hot poker ,might be wise to opt for the bat


    otherwise you may have to sneak.into the all standing section tomorrow



  8. Martin’s gonna be there, maybe wee Gordy too. Barry Robson is well liked by Celtic supporters, and Johnny Hayes and Liam Scales will be all in red. Interesting to see how they match up against us. Pretty well I’m thinking. Lets finish the League on a high, and salute Ange and his team for their efforts over the whole season.

  9. Tom McLaughlin on

    Early rise in the morning for 9:30 departure from Leith.



    Staying in town aftewards for celebrations and a few beers.



    Gonna be a long day.



    Hail Hail 🟩⬜🟧

  10. It’s shorts wearing attire the morra.



    Party Time !!!



    IMO, this is the best Celtic team fitba wise, I have seen.



    I care not a jot or a tittle about those trying to, ach ye know whit they try to dae.



    1 Massive Celebration the morra and Hopefully 1 next week.




  11. TheLurkinTim on

    If I dont Superbtu….am I srill active :))



    Trying for wooden spoon




  12. Tom McLaughlin on




    Forecast is for cooler temperatures tomorrow and possibility of rain.

  13. The returnof weeron on




    Tomorrow isn’t just about Two in a Row….



    It is 11 out of 12……



    Rub it in…..

  14. Well it seems the time for Mark Lawwell to pull another rabbit out of a hat …..



    If he can match Ange I will be delighted.



    Owen Coyle is out of a job and not sure about Stuart Baxter. Maybe Jim Goodwin might fancy adding to his set of clubs ?



    Hopefully whoever will get in soon. At least we don’t have CL qualifiers.

  15. From earlier



    Slot has done a more impressive job at Feyenoord than Ange has at Celtic



    A final of the Conference League last season, Eredevisie winners this season, Europa Quarter finalists including a humping of the Shakhtar team we couldn’t beat



    He was offered the Spurs job but the buyout this summer was too high for spurs. His contract included lower amount for 2024.



    He didn’t get the chance to move so his commitment to Feyenoord is empty words. He would have gone if Spurs had paid the big buyout. He still has a strong desire to manage in the EPL according to a Dutch football expert. He’ll leave when his contract allows it



    Ange isn’t Spurs first choice and hasn’t been offered the job. There’s no reason why he should come out and commit to Celtic.



    Levy is an arrogant man who doesn’t generally care what people but even he must realize that Spurs fans don’t pay 2 grand for a season ticket to watch a team managed by some unknown from a farmers league. At least that’s what the perception will be

  16. Celtic40me



    I reckon £8m or so will persuade our Ange.



    I hope I am wrong.

  17. Tom McLaughlin on 26th May 2023 11:15 pm






    Forecast is for cooler temperatures tomorrow and possibility of rain.






    Tom, I did check the Weather Forecast.



    Disnae Matter as we hud Boyata.



    Great seeing Frimpong being mentioned with the other Fitba Greats.



    NJOI the Morra Tom & Every Celt.



    Ma bets for the morra are mental.





    Ange’s team is gonnae be rocking like a Rhino the morra.



    We are gonnae be RHC.

  18. BURNLEY78 on 26TH MAY 2023 11:46 PM



    He’s got to be offered the job first



    Sometimes I don’t think we realize how Scottish football is perceived.



    His European record isn’t good enough, yet, to be seriously considered for a team who were invited into the ESL.

  19. The treble will be won by beating a championship team in the final. It’s meaningless to a team who were in the CL final a few years ago

  20. Burnley78 on 26th May 2023 11:46 pm







    I reckon £8m or so will persuade our Ange.




    I hope I am wrong.






    such a pittance.



    Ange is going nowhere.

  21. GG – Thanks it might be that I get I will check, the 1 get lasts for 6 months. On the waiting list for a new knee. This is my 2nd in my knee. Had various in each elbow and had a new hip. Feck I am going out to the garden to find a quiet spot and lie down and ……. well after another can of lager.



    Could be a while though for new knee.



    D :)

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