Incessant, fast, attractive, record-breaking 69’ers never gave up


YOU were there to see it. When you look back on the great teams, the great seasons, the team who established a new British record of 69 games in domestic competition unbeaten, will fill your heart with joy. This team, The 69’ers, eclipsed the Centenary Team by some distance and will measure alongside the Seville Team in our annuls, second only to the Lions.

They are that good.

There is more than just being good. They have been incessant. They suffocate the life out of opponents. They played fast, attractive, football and when they sensed a vulnerability, they went goal crazy. They never gave up.

Eclipsing the club’s 100-year-old unbeaten British record last month took an emotional toll. After this, a late winner against Ross County, an industrial Cup Final win and that unforgettable late show at Fir Park suggested the players needed a new chapter. You and I discussed getting through December after a near thing at Easter Road, but the players just couldn’t climb another mountain.

It ended emphatically, amid two defensive slips and a stonewall penalty. Despite being three, then four, goals down, the players had the hunger, but not the imagination, to overcome the odds one more time.

The run has been a joy. Scott Sinclair announcing himself at Tynecastle in August 2016, then Moussa doing the same with a hat-trick a month later. In a little over four months of starting his first league campaign, Brendan watched his team score four or more against seven Premiership opponents. These were not just victories, they destroyed opponents desire to be on the field. 14 of 38 league games during that campaign saw four, five or six Celtic goals.

In 69 games across two seasons, one moment unquestionably towers above all others. Celtic were on the verge of a truly unique achievement: an Invincible treble, but the 2017 Scottish Cup final hung in the balance with two minutes remaining. One slip, and the most impossible of achievements, then in touching distance, would disappear.

Tom Rogic carved Aberdeen open and dinked the ball over the keeper in a delicious finish to a magnificent season. They did it! League Cup, League and Scottish Cup winners without losing a game.  That Final could have been won as easily as the 3-0 League Cup win over Aberdeen earlier in the season, but fate would gift us a dramatic conclusion.  Grown men cried.

Celtic winning the Premiership this season is the surest thing in sports betting. Their odds, 1/33, reflect how the betting companies can invest your money for the time they hold it, rather than any prospects of Celtic not delivering. A bet on Celtic winning the league is not actually a bet, it is a savings account.

We have planned to address the short-term issue of remaining unbeaten for too long. Now we can focus on being ready to defend the Scottish Cup, our trip to Russia and perhaps more European adventures.  We will overcome Brechin City at home in the Cup next month, leaving four games for a second treble, while the January transfer window will bring the opportunity to add depth to the team.

Brendan, in the words of another great Celtic manager, you and your players have been utterly brilliant! Thank you.

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  1. Leftclicktic & wee Daniel – hip hip hooray. HH




    Apart from the Hearts penalty, I’d say that Gordon could have stopped the other three goals.




    LG wearing his Hibs heart on his sleeve, seemed to be more interested in needling the Hearts fans, as evidenced by his styoooopit booking, than he seemed to be in busting a gut for his present paymasters, the Celtic support.


    Lustig is supposed to be the best right wingback in the country, how many crosses did he put into the box ?


    Who from our team yesterday, bossed Lafferty ?


    And, on, and, on…….


    See if this “Invincible” stuff is as brilliant as some of the spin doctors claim, why was Celtic’s last home game played in front of a hauf empty stadium ?


    Will Celtic’s next home game be played in front of a crowd that will be higher, than a hauf empty stadium ?


    See when Celtic fans see this “Invincible’s” run as, no more than a pub team skelping expedition, will they regret paying £49 for Old Firm match tickets which rubber stamped the Sevco / Rainjurs same club lie, and, will they realize that they allowed themselves to be duped by the Celtic PLC board, who were allowed to use Brendan as a fudge, with regard to the same club issue ?





  2. FAN-A-TIC, You wrote-The undefeated tag was holding back our evolution as a team so hopefully with that now irrelevant we can rediscover a more free flowing game.



    It’s true; you learn from losing not from winning. I’m hopeful our game gets back to its free flowing beauty. That requires smarter running off the ball and quicker passing. Fortunately Brendan Rogers is a fantastic student of the game, I’m confident he’ll get the team playing the way he wants again.


    One loss in 70; it’s tough to be critical.




  3. BMCUP


    That is a horrible indictment of the police and council.


    Racists exist everywhere so no surprise about neighborhood but the institutionalised racism was truly appalling over a prolonged period.

  4. On a different note does any one by any chance know where the Tokyo CSC meets??



    Heading there on Thursday and there website doesn’t seem to be up:((











    Just stunningly bad. Seems like mob mentality in the neighbourhood,and a complete disregard from the police.



    Maybe they were scared to step in,seems likely since it went on for so long. What does that say,a bigger disgrace than being labelled institutionally racist?



    Dead-heat,I reckon.

  6. 50 shades of green on

    Pass n move, sometimes is not enough has to be all the time, but they are getting there.



    My bugbear is this, midfielders not showing for a pass or moving into space to receive the ball.



    Only one of our mids does this regularly and if you watch Celtic then you know who he is, of the others only the ferry mhan shows for a pass, the others will take an obvious pass but dont move into space to give the guy on the ball another option, surprisingly our centre backs are usually good at this.



    As I said just my bugbear we all have them.




  7. For most of this season, the BBC site has give their Reportage Podium to Sevco . They are obviously trying to even things up now as their first FOUR articles today are about Celtic and Hearts.



  8. GARY67 on 18TH DECEMBER 2017 12:33 PM


    German media saying that Marvin Compper travelling to Glasgow today to sign 2 1/2 year deal, with 1 year option.





    Another centre half, a goalkeeper and an attacking midfield playmaker to follow (fingers crossed)??





    To be perfectly honest with you,if we sign the German boy,and he is good,I dont think we need another CH.Ajer can only get better by playing games.Biton ,who has been excellent,is still learning,he tells us about the position.I think the problem is,midfield.Not so much in SPFL games,but higher up the chain.Broony should get a run of games alongside Kouassi.We paid good money for him,he looks good.


    Brendan also has to think about things.Against Aberdeen,at Pittodrie,we played wit only one striker,and Jamesey.Our best performance of the season.Plenty of midfielders,that accommodated Armstrong,and Rogic.A line up like that would have suited Sundays game better.


    Ntcham says his best position is No 10.Why not give him a run there.We can see how the boy has an eye for a pass.Rogic,a great standbye.IMHO,we need a right back.ML,has been fantastic,but sometimes could do with a few games out.Try for Paddy permanent,and put De Vries in goal for a run of games.

  9. I hope Brendan took the Bhoys back to the Park for a few beers last night, to celebrate the achievement.

  10. chairbhoy @1.45



    celticmac @ 1.52



    Good posts



    Before a ball was kicked and long before yesterday’s defeat Celtic were already active before the January window has officially opened.



    How many clubs can boast this let alone a club that is at the top of their league?



    A good experienced CB assured from a much better league than ours, and help in midfield for beleaguered Brown, another essential ?



    This Celtic under BR can afford to make continuous improvement the next 4 league games could define our season, and several players will have to step up.



    Stuart Armstrong should start on Wednesday in a five man midfield, he should be coached to dig in and wins balls along with Brown.






    Play the same side no more experiments no rotation play a settled side






    Upfront we should unleash………… Dembele



    With Rogic and Roberts out two wise signings are required to freshen the squad and the title charge thereafter



    Hail Hail

  11. TURKEYBHOY on 18TH DECEMBER 2017 2:53 PM



    Sorry but Bitton is never a centre-half in a month of Sundays – think back to Astana. He’s a stop gap and gets away with it in Scotland as for the most part he is rarely put under much pressure. Now that teams are sussing the high press tactic, he would be found to be just as deficient as Simo and Boyata. Mark my word he will not be with the club next season.

  12. A lot has been said, but despite the misery of yesterday, we are all so very very proud of what this team has achieved under our esteemed leader, Brendan Rogers. If proof were needed, on how to take a defeat so well, look no further than the post match interview with Brendan. Speaks volumes.



    Like many, I am no football expert, i only have opinions. Yes we made some shocking mistakes yesterday, but ask, how often does that happen? We have lost one game in seventy, get over it. however, I’ve seen it on here that while most have been scathing of our two centre backs, and yesterday they were awful, I feel we need to toughen up the midfiield to support the guys at the back, as only our captain seems to be doing that, leaving them very exposed indeed. We need a Kante kind of guy to help but I feel with the resources we have we should have enough.


    I was wondering too about young Henderson, Allan and Christie, is there no place in the squad for them I ask?


    Still chuffed to the knicker line about our fantastic record, fantastic and thanks for the wonderful memories, the like of which I will probably never see again.


    Onward and upward.


    Just a word of negativity. That specimen La Farty is an absolute disgrace of a human being, nuff said.



    Happy Christmas all in Celtic and here’s hoping you all have a healthy happy New Year.




  13. First of all welcome to the Celtic Family Baby Danny & welcome to CQN to the BarcaMole’s Bro.


    Booo to all the Trolls, Drama Queens & Attention Seekers who try to downplay the magnificent achievement of our team.


    If you need Football perfection go follow PSG. Barcelona or Man City. I follow Celtic because I love everything about the Club.


    I well know our shortcomings, the League we play in, the Clubs we play against & our record in Group Stages Champions League.


    Of course I want our team to be the best it can be but I’d get a bigger thrill watching Celtic grinbut it’s done & dustedd it out against the likes of Ross County. then watching PSG & Barca playing a Euro Final.


    I have to listen constantly to the EPL fans mocking our record & the ‘Pub League’ we play in.


    I can deal with those ignorant dicks no problem but when I read this type of guff on here from so called Supporters it really pisses me off.


    If that is what these Posters really believe, why on earth do they continue to kid themselves that they are Celtic Supporters.


    I was shocked by what happened yesterday but I will not condemn either the team, or any individual for one horror show after what they have done in the previous 69 games.


    Bring on the Thistle, Victory Wed night will taste twice as sweet.

  14. “I have to listen constantly to the EPL fans mocking our record & the ‘Pub League’ we play in.”



    Corkcelt – I just quote Bayern 10 – Arsenal 2 and refer to the EPL as an Expensive Wine Bar League.



    People are easily influenced by noise and bling.


    The advertisers have done a magnificent job elevating the EPL beyond it’s actual value.


    I live in the USA and Americans are often incredulous that i don’t support an EPL team.


    One asked me recently after our Paris humping aren’t you ashamed?I said why and pointed out the financial disparity .He was shocked that the football authorities permitted this.


    I then mentioned Arsenal’s beating from Bayern as there was no financial gap and he said he never heard about it.


    This is how advertising works .Promote beyond actuality and hide inconvenient truths.

  16. 50 shades of green on

    HOT SMOKED on 18TH DECEMBER 2017 2:54 PM


    The ferry mhan?…..






    Sorry mate was on the school run,



    Ferry mhan is Cal Mac.




  17. I am not convinced that protecting the undefeated run was influencing tactics, team set up or in any way preventing our players from playing free-flowing football as suggested by a few fellow posters. More believable is that we became a bit complacent. If you have steamrollered over most of the opposition several times then it would be only natural to think that you don’t need to be on your A Game all the time.


    The other key factor has to be the sheer number of competitive games we have played since July. I think I read we have played around 12 more games than most of the SPFL. That is close to 1/3 of the entire SPFL season (38 games). A number of the players, like KT and SB who have also been playing internatational fixtures, must be physically and mentally fatigued.


    Absolutely brilliant that they have been getting results despite this. Hopefully BR can find a way of rejuvenating the squad while adding some much needed quality. If he can’t do it then no one can.

  18. Wee pick ourselves up on Wednesday,same on Saturday, again on Boxing Day,then finish Sevco on the 30th,not much to ask is it.

  19. Boyatta has his place, but he is not the fulcrum of the defence.



    He is a good, no nonsense defender with a goal threat from set pieces, a poor mans Bobo Balde.



    Where it all goes wrong with DB is when he is asked to build the moves from the back. He just doesn’t have that in his locker.



    Watch how often he is given the ball, its clearly his role in the team.



    I do hope Brendan is working with the tools he has until January shopping window.

  20. NTB- I don’t think Boyata punches his weight, should be more physical for his size , and not agressive enough in the air IMO



    It is a product of hype .


    Will be interesting to see if city succeed in champions league?


    One thing i think that has a big bearing on 5 teams qualifying for knock out stages is foreign coaches have given them better savvy in international competition.


    The recent successes of the young English teams in World and European competitions suggest that they are using the money at a development level and preparing for the future if there is an income change due to tv money diminishing .


    They are in a good place at the moment though the appointment of guys like Allardyce and Moyes are a return to old ways.

  22. 50 Shades


    Thanks. I wondered if maybe Stuart Armstrong came from Broughty Ferry !


    I have always been aware of the Cal Mac ferry connection but somehow didn`t twig this time. Thanks again,




  23. 69 game unbeaten British slump



    beat our own British record



    best fans in the world award



    league points record



    league wins record



    league goals record



    unbeaten season



    4 trophies in a row



    6 league titles in a row



    103 trophies



    67 anniversary



    CL group stages qualification 2 years in a row



    7 consecutive wins against our main rival

  24. dont like it when anyone says put your mortgage on us winning the league. still a long way to go. just watched the game again. the defence. tin hat on here. dont seem to have the trust in gordon that they should have.

  25. One victory out of twelve in the Champions League group stages. √


    30,000 fans had to disappear oot their seats to bring an end to the


    Lawwell Managerial Puppet Confidentility Claused era. √


    Celtic supporters wrong footed by the PLC board on the


    Sevco / Rainjurs same club lie £49 ticket rubber stamping. √


    Res:12 kicked into the long grass and wrapped in a cloak of apathy. √


    Seven in a row under threat as, big cute Levine provides the template


    that brought doon the “Invincible’s” √


    30th of December looming as, Brendan plots, for the second time, as he tries to bring doon the mighty Murty, who’ll be boosted by the loss of Clint Hill. √


    Only Jeremy can set us free.


    Jingle All The Way In Jeremy’s Jungle CSC



  26. prestonpans bhoys on

    Big Packy 4:42



    Was told today of a hertz fan who put £2,000 on the hoops to win, took me about an hour to stop laughing :0)

  27. Every game we have played domestically has been a cup final for our opposition.


    We have been facing highly motivated teams week in week out for literally twice a week for months.


    I’d say the toll of it has been showing and Sunday was just one too many.


    Wonder if that desperation to beat us will ease a little now?

  28. Leftclicktic – Great news for your family, congratulations to your daughter and partner, welcome young Daniel




  29. Kevjungle



    I’d be grateful if you would



    1. Keep your uninformed guesses on Res12 to yourself or get informed.



    2. Leave out insidious guesses like LG being more intent on winding up Hearts than playing for us to yourself.



    I say insidious because it attributes reasons for LG’s loss of scoring form to something that cannot be proven and demeans the guy’s character.



    Its unpleasant and it stinks. Keep the smell to yourself.

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