Incessant, fast, attractive, record-breaking 69’ers never gave up


YOU were there to see it. When you look back on the great teams, the great seasons, the team who established a new British record of 69 games in domestic competition unbeaten, will fill your heart with joy. This team, The 69’ers, eclipsed the Centenary Team by some distance and will measure alongside the Seville Team in our annuls, second only to the Lions.

They are that good.

There is more than just being good. They have been incessant. They suffocate the life out of opponents. They played fast, attractive, football and when they sensed a vulnerability, they went goal crazy. They never gave up.

Eclipsing the club’s 100-year-old unbeaten British record last month took an emotional toll. After this, a late winner against Ross County, an industrial Cup Final win and that unforgettable late show at Fir Park suggested the players needed a new chapter. You and I discussed getting through December after a near thing at Easter Road, but the players just couldn’t climb another mountain.

It ended emphatically, amid two defensive slips and a stonewall penalty. Despite being three, then four, goals down, the players had the hunger, but not the imagination, to overcome the odds one more time.

The run has been a joy. Scott Sinclair announcing himself at Tynecastle in August 2016, then Moussa doing the same with a hat-trick a month later. In a little over four months of starting his first league campaign, Brendan watched his team score four or more against seven Premiership opponents. These were not just victories, they destroyed opponents desire to be on the field. 14 of 38 league games during that campaign saw four, five or six Celtic goals.

In 69 games across two seasons, one moment unquestionably towers above all others. Celtic were on the verge of a truly unique achievement: an Invincible treble, but the 2017 Scottish Cup final hung in the balance with two minutes remaining. One slip, and the most impossible of achievements, then in touching distance, would disappear.

Tom Rogic carved Aberdeen open and dinked the ball over the keeper in a delicious finish to a magnificent season. They did it! League Cup, League and Scottish Cup winners without losing a game.  That Final could have been won as easily as the 3-0 League Cup win over Aberdeen earlier in the season, but fate would gift us a dramatic conclusion.  Grown men cried.

Celtic winning the Premiership this season is the surest thing in sports betting. Their odds, 1/33, reflect how the betting companies can invest your money for the time they hold it, rather than any prospects of Celtic not delivering. A bet on Celtic winning the league is not actually a bet, it is a savings account.

We have planned to address the short-term issue of remaining unbeaten for too long. Now we can focus on being ready to defend the Scottish Cup, our trip to Russia and perhaps more European adventures.  We will overcome Brechin City at home in the Cup next month, leaving four games for a second treble, while the January transfer window will bring the opportunity to add depth to the team.

Brendan, in the words of another great Celtic manager, you and your players have been utterly brilliant! Thank you.

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  1. The comparison figures for 2016/17 (July to December) this years figures in brackets after



    Domestic goals conceded



    0- 10 ((including 8 consecutive shut outs in Oct/Nov- an outlier?) (11)



    1- 5 (7)



    2- 3 (2)



    3- 1 (0)



    4 or more- 0 (1)




    goals conceded vs Foreign opposition



    0- 4 (9)



    1- 10 (2)



    2- 2 (1)



    3- 2 (1)



    4 or more- 1 (4)




    Apart from 3 more heavy Euro defeats, it is hard to see any clearly different pattern between the 2 half-seasons. The only other difference I can see is that our clean sheet domestic record, which is 1 better this year than last, has been dispersed evenly throught August to December whereas we had a concentrated run of 8 consecutive games last season.

  2. KevJ



    One correction. Res12 got more coverage at last AGM than pies etc.



    The position was explained from the top table. A response made by shareholders’ rep from the floor, then separately from supporters in the know, more questions were asked on the latest position with regard to SFA Comp Off investigation.



    My personal opinion?



    Scottish football cannot handle the truth and that includes journos who make a living from the game and fear the same truth will harm their livelihoods.



    Just one example – Tom English . In 2014 he and another 12 journalists were sent documents that showed the LNS Decision was unsound.



    Not one published or refuted.



    A couple showed interest and one red top got an interview where the flaws were indicated in four simple paras but they did not publish nor explain why not.



    English could maybe claim not to have the package but he did read the Offshore Game report but never challenged TJN who produced it or refuted it on social media



    That is why it has take 4 years since Res12 raised to get to current position and also why the issue which is simply now one of dishonesty has taken the time it has.



    Res12 is a truth the game and those in it and those reporting dependent in its credibility as they choose to present it , is a truth truth they cannot handle.



    You would find out all the gory detail if you think you can handle the truth.

  3. Lefty – great news matey……



    Auldheid – thanks for sharing the Citeh article……the money stinks to high heaven.






    In ither news……..



    Influential, informative, generally congenial Celtic bhlog beset by sleekit, hunned-up, one trick phony……


    ( hoarse?)…. following a defeat / any opportunity / …….

  4. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on 18th December 2017 7:05 pm



    M6BHOY on 18TH DECEMBER 2017 3:07 PM



    Just as well you’re not the manager. Bitton is the best passer of the ball in our squad. He has come on in leaps and bounds since the Astana game; he has acknowledged that he is still learning the role, but it says so much about his professionalism that he is digging in and willing to play anywhere for the jersey!



    Hopefully we see Bitton and Ajer on Wednesday night – 2 footballing centre halfs (halves?) that will be only to happy to mix the passing up – long and short – and step out into midfield with the ball.




    He may be the best passer in the team (debatable in my opinion) but he is not a natural central defender for much the same reason as Lustig isn’t He’s too big and lanky and couldn’t tackle his way oot a wet paper bag which is a failing for quite a few in the team right now. He may a be a bit better since the away leg in Astana but that’s not saying much as he was absolutely honking that night.



    I’m not suggesting it’s easy finding decent ball playing CBs but the current lot (jury out on Ajer) don’t cut the mustard. If Bitton was that good why does Brendan not play him ahead of the bombscare twins?










  5. Despite what happened yesterday i think Partick Thistle will put men behind the ball on Wednesday. I don’t see them trying to press. Therefore with time on the ball to lift the head selecting Bitton in defence is a no brainer.



    On Saturday it will be interesting to see if McIness has the bottle to do what Hearts and Anderlecht did and press the ball in our half.

  6. One domestic defeat in 70 suggests that for a long period of that time the way we play the game, with the inherent risk of a loose pass endangering us more than anything the opposition can muster, mainly because they do not have the ball, has worked.



    Leven himself said post match his tactics could work or you could find yourself 3 -0 down before you know it.



    Three loose balls converted in one game is unusual for Celtic as is us not scoring.



    In fact I’d say not taking chances is as bad as the loose pass that we get angry about.



    Ground conditions and weather are a factor in how well we play and a plan B which usually means Dembele up front in a holding up roll seems to be it.



    So I don’t see much in the change of overall style although I often wish we would just take the risk to find an attacker than play safe and play back the way.



    The opposition are obviously more geared up to deal with our style. It’s up to Celtic to find ways to wrong foot them.



    In the Motherwell 5 -1 game I thought Ajer’s runs straight at Motherwell midfield unsettled their game plan.



    Scoring goals is an art. It comes and goes and I’d say we have lost the art of taking good chances but seem to score when odds against.



    Nothing disheartens a team pressing like eff to find themselves a couple of goals down early doors when they are doing the pressing.

  7. V8K @ 7.49






    The CB’s are all the men they ever will be.


    They have been playing football on full sized parks since they were 12.


    They were less experienced 8 months ago but they were playing better.


    Something has caused both of them to regress.



    Maybe JS just wants away ASAP — every summer brings more strange behaviour.


    Maybe DB wants us to carry him about in a shawl because he has made the NT.


    Maybe PL thinks he can find a better defensive unit for less money?


    Maybe BR wants his own people in and hasn’t been very subtle.



    No matter they have regressed severely.


    We need to perform at a much higher level.



    Consequently what I read is an excuse culture running riot.

  8. Some players , according to some on here won’t make it at Celtic, well if your game time is limited,then it’s obvious,you are not going to make it, Édouard,in my opinion is a good prospect,and I hope he starts on Wednesday against the Jag’s.

  9. M6BHOY on 18TH DECEMBER 2017 3:07 PM


    TURKEYBHOY on 18TH DECEMBER 2017 2:53 PM







    Sorry but Bitton is never a centre-half in a month of Sundays – think back to Astana. He’s a stop gap and gets away with it in Scotland as for the most part he is rarely put under much pressure. Now that teams are sussing the high press tactic, he would be found to be just as deficient as Simo and Boyata. Mark my word he will not be with the club next season.




    The boy has said he is still learning.And in my opinion,learning well.He is the best passer of the ball at our club.the calmest,most intelligent player.He has a big part to play at our club.The numpties who have been going on about him for years,being the 1st out the door,know fek all about football.


    Nir Biton,under BR will be a fantastic CH for us.

  10. AH @ 9.32



    We were scared of the pitch — JS especially.


    We were scared of the referee — he was capable of anything.


    Were became scared of KL because he was capable of ninja tackle and he would get away with it.



    The fore arm smash on KT was just a sighter.



    My complaint is that we didn’t learn and change our play accordingly.


    If KL is assaulting our players then we should have taken turns to kick him up in the air.


    Plus when he was on booking it should have been game on the wind him up.



    At the end we looked shell shocked — rabbits in the headlights material.


    That is my biggest gripe. Form is not guaranteed effort should be.

  11. M6BHOY on 18TH DECEMBER 2017 9:17 PM





    A load of bollocks because,in the circumstances,had to play two absolute rookies together,in Ajer and Biton.


    Dont pick out the facts that suit you.

  12. IMHO,this team will be totally revived for Wednesday.Thats not being Celtic blindfolded,I honestly think we will gub Thistle on Wednesday,Dons?,not sure,win or draw,but a gubbing for the uglies is on the cards.


    Too many doom merchants on here.Away and read the Record,come back and tell us all whats happening,how bad we are.

  13. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    br’s had some challenges in his career – bet he never thought a massive one wold be against thistle on a cold wed at CP. how on earth will he motivate a knackered squad – suggestion 1 : get sa to tell the team the vitriol he heard from the stands at vilecastle.

  14. TURKEYBHOY on 18TH DECEMBER 2017 9:40 PM


    M6BHOY on 18TH DECEMBER 2017 9:17 PM



    A load of bollocks because,in the circumstances,had to play two absolute rookies together,in Ajer and Biton.



    Dont pick out the facts that suit you




    The reason we had to play two rookies is because the club failed to sign a better centre half during the close season when it was obvious to a blind man we needed to because it was generally recognised this was a weak area within the squad. We tried to sign the boy from South Africa but didn’t have plan B when that fell through.



    Ajer is still young, has potential and may improve to be a fine centre back. Bitton is not a serious option at the heart of the defence. Make do in an emergency but that’s it at best.



    I’ll tell you what bollocks is. The heart of our defence is bollocks and has been most of this season. They finally got caught out domestically big time on Sunday. No Celtic team should ship four goals to a Hearts team that is missing quite a few of their first team regulars and play two sixteen year-olds in the team. The defence has conceded 9 goals in the last five matches. That is also a load of bollocks.

  15. I will leave you with the”Best of the Ignorant” tonight.With the news,the brand new,DOF,just hired ,his jacket now on a shaky nail,because the Board fainted at his recomendations”,Monkey Media”put this twist on it.





    Tommy Robinson Taig Bashing R.S.C.





    Trusted Seller




    20,988 posts





    Location:SPFL – corrupt & unfit.


    Posted 5 minutes ago


    2 hours ago, KingKirk said:


    bbc sportsound seems to be suggesting so anyone heard anything?



    Yes I was hinting at it earlier today with you.



    This is where the McInnes chat has re-emerged from … word on the street (whispers/rumours/unconfirmed – of course) is that we are considering making another move for him and presenting it as such that the major obstacle the last time is out the road.



    I would love this to be true but it sounds too good to be.




    What can you do with them,no cloud is ever too dark fur “Ra Peepul”

  16. The last Monkey Media post,the line”The word on the street”.You can imagine a numbskull Zombie,sitting on the Shoe Shine chair,handing 20 quid notes over to the “Shiner”for info.The “Shiner”,laughing his bollox off as he leaves believing a load of drivel.




  17. Hello again all you young rebels.



    Oz tims especially the peninsula rebels.


    The Grand hotel Main st Mornington will once again host us


    for the upcoming sadco game, the usual pint and parma at


    a reasonable price pre-game and the wonderful Ritchie McKay


    and his music afterwards.


    Book your place early through the Social Celts facebook page


    and get there early to see the saddo’s get whupped on that


    pubs multitude of tellies :-))))))


    H.H Mick

  18. CQN Loyal in full swing tonight.



    Rubbishing Celtic players who are apparently hopeless after losing their first match in 70.



    Spoilt, backstabbing clowns at best.



    Go and vote on the Daily Record’s latest poll. They’ll have some pish like vote now for who you “think” is the worst Jozo or Boyatta.



    Shame is there will be several thousand trumpets in the ground just desperate to air their collective stupidity and petulance on Wednesday.



    Greatest fans in the world my ar$e.



    Thank god for the GB who will support the players and club.

  19. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    With Brendan mentioning physical a few times in his post match interview , might we see Eboue Kouassi getting a run of games now to give our midfield more physicality?



    Ntcham may then get the ten role , going with Broonie and Kouassi In front of our defence.



    Alternatively ,I’ve mentioned a few times on here Calum and the team don’t seem to play as well if he is in the more advanced/ ten role or this may be a coincidence. To me Calum is better facing the opposition goal where he can spot gaps he pass or run into.



    Myself like all of us , has huge pride in our players’ and management’s achievments over the last 18 months and it would be great to build on these by strengthening in the next transfer window plus bring through some of our teenage players ready to be tested in the first team.

  20. CultsBhoy- Last of the famous international PlayBhoys on

    Very proud of the 69-ers.


    They have been under massive pressure playing in Europe winning trebles and sustaining an unbeaten run that made even lesser games domestically big games.



    If any flaws have been identified we have January to right the wrongs.



    All good going forward . The time to make judgment is in May. I’m very confident of a positive end of season report.

  21. BCW. Thanks for that post mate.


    I can’t believe that these guys, I reckon a couple are on the wind up and a couple more are easily led gullibles.


    The only good thing is these guys will slither away once the Celtic are back in Business.



    4 consecutive Titles, 2 Champion League Group Stages, still in Europa Cup, 69 games unbeaten and one shite performance & suddenly our team are total rubbish.


    Down in Cork they would be known as Langers.

  22. MadMitch



    If the shenanagins of the last 7 years have told me anything, it is that we like to play fair.



    It’s what makes us not them.



    It seems to have worked over that period so in the round it is the right thing to do.



    However there will be occasions when the ability to direct a kick in the haw maws would be nice to have in the locker.



    Our values are what make Celtic, Celtic, but we should prepared to mix it when the opposition are.



    Off and off the field.



    No more Mr Nice Guy.

  23. Any word oan van bronkhurst.



    Any word oan de boer ( the cockeyed wan).



    Any word oan combover mcleish.



    Any word oan billy the swinger Davies.



    Any word oan Alan pardew.



    Any word oan Steve the mad monk mclaren.



    Oh ma side’s!!!.

  24. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    M6BHOY on 18TH DECEMBER 2017 9:17 PM



    He (Bitton) may be the best passer in the team (debatable in my opinion) but he is not a natural central defender for much the same reason as Lustig isn’t He’s too big and lanky and couldn’t tackle his way oot a wet paper bag which is a failing for quite a few in the team right now. He may a be a bit better since the away leg in Astana but that’s not saying much as he was absolutely honking that night.



    I’m not suggesting it’s easy finding decent ball playing CBs but the current lot (jury out on Ajer) don’t cut the mustard. If Bitton was that good why does Brendan not play him ahead of the bombscare twins?





    George Connelly was big and lanky; he was no’ too bad a defender as I recall. As for Ajer, according to your “too big and lanky” theory he’s a dud as well.



    Bitton by his own admission isn’t a natural central defender; Rodgers has rotated him and out alongside Boyata and Simunovic. He is learning and has the making of a very good ball playing centre half. Time will tell!








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