Incessant, fast, attractive, record-breaking 69’ers never gave up


YOU were there to see it. When you look back on the great teams, the great seasons, the team who established a new British record of 69 games in domestic competition unbeaten, will fill your heart with joy. This team, The 69’ers, eclipsed the Centenary Team by some distance and will measure alongside the Seville Team in our annuls, second only to the Lions.

They are that good.

There is more than just being good. They have been incessant. They suffocate the life out of opponents. They played fast, attractive, football and when they sensed a vulnerability, they went goal crazy. They never gave up.

Eclipsing the club’s 100-year-old unbeaten British record last month took an emotional toll. After this, a late winner against Ross County, an industrial Cup Final win and that unforgettable late show at Fir Park suggested the players needed a new chapter. You and I discussed getting through December after a near thing at Easter Road, but the players just couldn’t climb another mountain.

It ended emphatically, amid two defensive slips and a stonewall penalty. Despite being three, then four, goals down, the players had the hunger, but not the imagination, to overcome the odds one more time.

The run has been a joy. Scott Sinclair announcing himself at Tynecastle in August 2016, then Moussa doing the same with a hat-trick a month later. In a little over four months of starting his first league campaign, Brendan watched his team score four or more against seven Premiership opponents. These were not just victories, they destroyed opponents desire to be on the field. 14 of 38 league games during that campaign saw four, five or six Celtic goals.

In 69 games across two seasons, one moment unquestionably towers above all others. Celtic were on the verge of a truly unique achievement: an Invincible treble, but the 2017 Scottish Cup final hung in the balance with two minutes remaining. One slip, and the most impossible of achievements, then in touching distance, would disappear.

Tom Rogic carved Aberdeen open and dinked the ball over the keeper in a delicious finish to a magnificent season. They did it! League Cup, League and Scottish Cup winners without losing a game.  That Final could have been won as easily as the 3-0 League Cup win over Aberdeen earlier in the season, but fate would gift us a dramatic conclusion.  Grown men cried.

Celtic winning the Premiership this season is the surest thing in sports betting. Their odds, 1/33, reflect how the betting companies can invest your money for the time they hold it, rather than any prospects of Celtic not delivering. A bet on Celtic winning the league is not actually a bet, it is a savings account.

We have planned to address the short-term issue of remaining unbeaten for too long. Now we can focus on being ready to defend the Scottish Cup, our trip to Russia and perhaps more European adventures.  We will overcome Brechin City at home in the Cup next month, leaving four games for a second treble, while the January transfer window will bring the opportunity to add depth to the team.

Brendan, in the words of another great Celtic manager, you and your players have been utterly brilliant! Thank you.

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  1. We are Celtic .


    We love a debate.


    It is heathy.


    We love winning.


    It is good for our soules.


    But do not ever, ever forget 69.


    Went to Seville.


    Born in 68 missed 67.


    Joch Stein , Billy McNeil , Paul McStay , Tommy Burns and Brendan Rodgers.


    It lives wthin us all.


    Look forward now to what we can achieve.

  2. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    CORKCELT on 18TH DECEMBER 2017 10:38 PM






    CORKCELT – never spoken to you but me and Wee BGFC love reading our post – we always say you are a 100% Tim.



    Don’t let any of the wind-up merchants annoy you – Keep the Faith and ignore those who post extreme views just to get attention.



    Keeps you calm (although I had to apologise [late in the evening, so I hope he saw the apology] to a fellow poster for slightly over-reacting to a comment a couple of weeks ago, so appreciate it isn’t always easy!!!).



    Hail Hail



  3. Huge next 3 games for us…



    I would take 7 points just now, wee bit of rest and then it’s all systems go for the QUADRUPLE.



    I think we should sign Charlie Mulgrew again




  4. Maybe Brendan is sending a message to the PLC. Brendan’s European record is total shit. Not bunch better than Ronnie Delia. However, we all know Europe is the only place that counts when it comes to football it is where Celtic legends and history is made. If he wants to emulate MON nay WGS nay big jock he is gonna need funding. I’m glad 69 is done and dusted. The Huns find it a mouthful anyway. Time to move on. However, if Celtics future is Old Firm and not Europe because of heated driveway requirements then Celtic will become Hibs. Forever. Choke on it.

  5. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Hrvatski Jim on 18th December 2017 12:27PM



    Twelve hours later, one future quiz answer to add.



    At full-time last week, four Celtic players made it across the halfway line, walking ahead of the manager, to acknowledge the Celtic end fans. One of the four handed his jersey to a young fan in the North Stand near the north-west corner flag.



    So, the last player’s top given to a supporter during the run to 69 was No9 Griffiths. That counts as character to me, Leigh.



    Bring on the Thistle.

  6. A historic accomplishment for Celtic and Brendan. Ah well all good things come to an end. In much the same way when Lawwell took Paul67 under his cloak of respectability CQN became an OAP Legion of Mary and PLC compliance palace of pish.

  7. I believe in one holy a pistol packing Celtic


    No amount of hun collusion to get my Old Firm bigot buck will make me deviate one iota


    Because I’m thick I’m holy and I go to mass every Sunday.


    God bless yeez.



  8. Paul67



    Great praise for Brendan and the boys.






    His team would not live with the Seville side.



    MON’s team would steam roller the current lot.



    It wouldn’t even be close.




  9. Celtarella



    I am biased and unfair to WGS.



    I just never liked his persona.



    In fact it was a deep dislike.



    He was far too clever at being clever.





  10. TinyTim on 19th December 2017 1:53 am


    Thats ok mate I get you. After all WGS was a proddy dog. You know how clever they can be.

  11. The club that was set up by immigrants to feed hungry children has now sold its soul for the bigot buck and heated driveways. All good things come to an end. In much the same way as the internet so beloved by Tim Berners Lee is now a corporate gravy train so too Celtic.

  12. BCW @ 10.16 pm.



    The several thousand ” trumpets” in the ground on Wednesday you talk about will have got off their backsides and made the effort to get to Paradise.


    No mean feat at this time of year .Actions speak louder than words.



    I will never criticise them for voicing their opinion. Whether I agree or disagree. Due to work commitments I cannot make the game, mega respect to all who make the effort to attend.




  13. Good morning friends from a slightly damp but dry overhead and milder than of late East Kilbride. Excitement building ahead of El Glassigo and just 1 mare sleep.

  14. Good Morning From The Frosty, Foggy Chilterns…



    BSR @ 3:00 PM,



    Thanks… from your good self that is more than appreciated…



    Got to say I agree, get our number one team available and play them. Dembele is our number one striker, no doubts, give him a run, let him get his sharpness back.



    Reading through the posts, there has been criticism of BR’s approach to the transfer market. I must say, when he took the reigns, if you told me that Brendan would, by and large, be working with RD’s squad, bolstered by prospects and SPL talent 18 months down the road, I’d have been amazed.



    Yet that’s where we are. Of course those “prospects” are, SPL wise, very top drawer.



    In the main he has looked at what was available in his first team squad, what was available in his Development squad and looked at the talent and potential throughout the Academy. He’s given everyone a chance.



    He’s let players go, (some very good SPL standard players) rather than bloating the squad with new arrivals, he’s loaned out players that needed experience that they would not get with Celtic. He has worked very hard in developing the players he had and the prospects he brought in. Often to magical effect.



    But here’s the main point. He managed to get all of his targets reached…



    Scottish Champions, European football secured, Domestic Trophies won. That was his remit – but he’s bettered that.



    Invincible Champions, UCL European Football, Every Domestic Trophy won – but he’s even bettered that.



    A British record 69 (68?) Domestic games undefeated and This Season European Football after Christmas.



    He’s done all of this while scrutinizing every aspect of Celtic’s set up and being very careful with Celtic’s money (the reason he is playing Edourd ahead of the first choice strikers before he invests).



    Have there been shoogly moments, of course, have there been below par performances, of course, have there been embarrassing defeats at the highest level, of course.



    Yet every “goal” was achieved and bettered and Brendan still has his powder dry…



    Hail Hail

  15. My thoughts on Sunday’s defeat…



    “Celtic, Celtic, that’s the team for me”



    God help any of today’s malcontents if they’d been forced to endure what were regular hidings by diddy teams back in the 90’s!


    I’m pretty sure we finished 5th one season.



    I used to travel home and away on the Glenbarr bus from Royston Road, and there were many days like Sunday.



    “Faithful through and through…”




  16. fleagle1888 on 19th December 2017 8:02 am


    I think you’ll find the vast majority posting on here endured the 90s.

  17. VFR800 IS NOW A MONSTER 821 on 18TH DECEMBER 2017 11:48 PM


    M6BHOY on 18TH DECEMBER 2017 9:17 PM



    He (Bitton) may be the best passer in the team (debatable in my opinion) but he is not a natural central defender for much the same reason as Lustig isn’t He’s too big and lanky and couldn’t tackle his way oot a wet paper bag which is a failing for quite a few in the team right now. He may a be a bit better since the away leg in Astana but that’s not saying much as he was absolutely honking that night.



    I’m not suggesting it’s easy finding decent ball playing CBs but the current lot (jury out on Ajer) don’t cut the mustard. If Bitton was that good why does Brendan not play him ahead of the bombscare twins?




    George Connelly was big and lanky; he was no’ too bad a defender as I recall. As for Ajer, according to your “too big and lanky” theory he’s a dud as well.



    Bitton by his own admission isn’t a natural central defender; Rodgers has rotated him and out alongside Boyata and Simunovic. He is learning and has the making of a very good ball playing centre half. Time will tell!





    I did see George Connelly, he wasn’t as lanky as you suggested (he filled out) and he at least could tackle as well as his other fantastic attributes. Ajer could be turn out to be a very good defender as he is young enough to learn and played a season at the heart of Kilmarnock’s defence which has improved his game.



    Bitton is no spring flower, is not a natural defender and is only tends to be used by the manager when Simunovic and Boyata are injured. He may be trying to adapt to this new role but only because he knows he has no chance of getting a regular game in midfield which is his more natural position. If he didn’t get the odd game in defence then he would hardly get any game time at all. I just can’t understand why some supporters see him as a long term solution to a problem. I don’t expect him to be at the club next season if we recruit some half decent centre-backs.



    All of the above is just my opinion which is just as valid (I personally think more so) than the those posted by others on this blog. Some of the recent comments about “CQN loyal” and posters being “hunnish” or “moonhowlers” come straight out of the Hugh Keevins’ Book of Internet Bampots. If posters can’t express an honest opinion about the team and club without being subjected to personal abuse then frankly what’s the point of this blog?

  18. FLEAGLE1888. why accuse other celtic fans of being malcontents because they have a different opinion .by the way think thats a horrible word.

  19. What is the Stars on

    Lets face reality…we have a team of over rated duds,A delusional manager and penny pinching board who are more interested in heated drive ways paid for by the £49 bigot buck. We made an embarrassing fanfare about going unbeaten in a pub league and have now been found out.


    Celtic as a club are finished..


    FACT !!!

  20. Good morning from a cold but brightening North Staffs



    WITS – a very concise and astute summation of our over-hyped achievements. :)



    Off to Church to pray for CQN intentions – back later

  21. BIG PACKY on 19TH DECEMBER 2017 8:17 AM


    FLEAGLE1888. why accuse other celtic fans of being malcontents because they have a different opinion .by the way think thats a horrible word.





    “Malcontents” was used by the old board to describe unhappy fans back in the early 90s. The Not the View fanzine responded by using it within their strap-line, “Not the View, incorporating Malcontents Monthly” which I thought was a good and piss-taking way of dealing with the board’s view of those fans who were critical of their running of the club. Somewhat ironic to see it used on this blog … or is it?

  22. What is the Stars on



    But surely one has a right to complain about ones right to complain being denigrated by those who complain about it. By the way those who complain about the complainers also have a right to complain.

  23. Anyways, Uxbridge letter of the day is N :-



    Nanometer: A device for counting grannies.



    Napkin: A sleepy relative.



    Navigator: Road-building crocodile



    Negligent: A man who wears lingerie



    Neighbourhood: The gangster next door



    Nematode: An avenging frog



    Nephophilia: Morbid fear of German cooking appliances



    Nicotine: To arrest a youth.



    Ninety-nine: A sexual act involving a flake



    Noble: Really true.



    Nomad: Not at all angry.



    Nomology: The study of gnomes.



    Nostrum: Misplayed guitar chord.



    Notable: A complete lack of desks.



    Notary: Definitely not Harry.



    Nottingham: A tied up pig.



    Notum: Quite slim.



    Nudity: A song to sing when the old one gets stale and boring.



    Nummary: Recently wed.



    Nurture: A Chas’n’Dave song

  24. M6Bhoy



    It is about as ironic as all the examples given in the Alanis Morisette song, which, ironically, is very few.



    Posters get dissed for being uber:loyalist, happy-clapping, complacent and hunnishy-synservient to their Board masters and others get criticised for being perma-raging, mineshafters, anhedonic and hunnishly-self-entitled to expect superiority from their team on all occasions.



    We all have a tendency only to notice it when it is our side of the argument that gets called out.

  25. Gooooood Morning CQN



    Celticbynumbers @ 7.38 , some fantastic info/stats in that -thanks



    So in that 69 run Armstrong from midfield has scored as many goals as the Griff


    Both have dried up alarmingly


    Also for me the much heralded CMcG appears the least productive of our midfield


    As we badly miss wee Paddy and Tom Rogic



    Brilliant reading

  26. What is the Stars on 19th December 2017 8:20 am




    I think the reality is that it’s going to take longer to recover from the deliberate, managed decline that took place during the absence of der hun than people realised.



    As things stand it will take another season at least of continued improvement and investment before this team is anywhere near being able to emulate the standard reached by the teams of NFL and GS.



    The domestic invincibility thing seems to have blinded people to what was going on. Now that it’s out of the way it may help everyone to see more clearly.

  27. My friends in Celtic,



    I find the figures quoted by ” Celtic by Numbers” fascinating.



    However I am mindful of the very true phrase ” Lies, damned lies and statistics “.




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