Inconceivable wifi debate, Supporter statements


I’ve a bit of experience at deploying wifi to stadiums at sports stadiums.  The business model is straightforward:

You offer free wifi access to spectators who otherwise would have trouble getting 3G or 4G access due to the short-term convergence of thousands of other spectators.

In return you capture spectators registration details, which you can subsequently use for marketing purposes.  You can also force visitors to a landing page after the login, which can carry advertising.  Finally, you can control access to premium event-related sites, like gambling.  The venue can prohibit access to betting sites apart from their (paying) betting partner.

This technology has been around for a while but the tools and processes to commercialise it are still relatively new.

Venues across the country are already doing all of the above, but we’re only at the beginning of how sports venues engage with the phone in the hands of their in-stadium spectators.  The venues control premium content – like replays of goals or key incidents, which they can use to entice stadium visitors to register, login and view adverts.  You can view a goal reply on stadium screens, but this technology would allow you to view incident whenever you want, from whatever camera angle you want – great if you’re stuck at one end of the ground and want to see an incident in the opposite penalty area.

Eventually you will be able to order snacks or buy shirts through the same app you use to view replays.  The possibilities are endless: view Benchcam to see who is doing what in the technical area, click on your adjacent Kioskcam to see if there’s a queue before leaving your seat.

Sizing an install is a straightforward process.  You start with the capacity of the venue, then estimate what percentage you’ll get to register, then estimate how many will want to access the internet simultaneously, then estimate their average bandwidth requirement.

From that you get an estimate of what throughput your access points need (and where they are needed), what routers you need, and the leased line bandwidth.  This exercise has been done in practically every town in the country.

It’s inconceivable # 1

It’s inconceivable that the supplier and customer have not gone through this sizing procedure.  There will be email trails confirming the process.

It’s inconceivable # 2

It’s inconceivable that a customer expects 100% of their maximum population to register, login and access the internet simultaneously.  Especially so if the customer already had a stadium wifi installation and was aware of visitor login profiles.  If they did, their supplier would size accordingly, but this would have been well covered during the preliminary conversations.

It’s inconceivable # 3

The deal Newco Rangers are trying to get out of was signed under then chief executive, Charles Green.  Star witness for the plaintiff would surely be the directors from the other side who instructed the deal:

Counsel: “Mr Green, as chief executive of Rangers International did you instruct our clients to install a wifi at Ibrox allowing around 10,000 users to simultaneously access the internet?”

Case closed.

The Association, the Affiliation and the Irish Association, by some distance the three largest supporters organisations, all issued statements condemning those who use pyrotechnics at Celtic games.

It’s difficult for any group of people counted in the tens or hundreds of thousands to self-police over decades.  One of the functions which makes this possible is that when self-criticism is needed, it happens.  There was no whatabouterry in these statements, no blaming the media, just the straightforward message about what this behaviour is doing to Celtic supporters.

I don’t know if these statements will make any difference (all points were previously known), but the wellbeing of the support depends no strong voices stepping forward at the right time, especially when they can be shouted down.

The 3rd Annual Celtic Supporter’s Féile takes place in Philadelphia from 29th-31st January, including a Tommy Burns Supper for the first time.  Events are based at The Plough & Stars, in the Old City section of Philadelphia, where Celtic supporters from all over the world will gather.

There’s live music and radio shows, a book launch and a Q&A with Supporters Liason Officer, John Paul Taylor.  $5 from each ticket also goes to the Foundation.

Book tickets for the Tommy Burns Supper here.  If you need accommodation, special rates are available at the Wyndham Philadelphia Historic District with passcode: Celtic Group.

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  1. ‘I’ve a bit of experience at deploying wifi to stadiums at sports stadiums. The business model is straightforward:……


    You can also force visitors to a landing page after the login, which can carry advertising. Finally, you can control access to premium event-related sites, like gambling.’







    This we didn’t know already???????????

  2. Bognorbhoy



    Keep me posted.


    We catch up soon hopefully.


    We are all ok.


    Im still writing that epic historical dictionary/analysis/novel.


    But i keep getting stuck at the letter R.


    I want to write about Revolution, but my hands refuse and start to write in capital letters: RANGERS ARE DEID:)


    See, there i go again:)



    Hail Hail

  3. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Repost from the Guard’s Van of the last thread.





    Fred Quimby@11.20,







    A well written and reasoned post, which I fully agree with. Well done.







    There is one small point I would like you to clarify, though.







    I am possibly the only poster who refers to Belfast Celtic, so I am wondering if your closing remarks are directed at me.







    For clarification, my references to BC and Derry City, are in the context of what options Celtic have if they were not to be perceived to be complicit in the SFA/SPFL corruption.







    Assuming that they don’t have the power to single handedly bring down those bodies, unless we either joined another league or closed down, then the perception would be that they condoned the status quo.







    Of course neither option is available to us, so, if/when they step up next season, we have to get on with it.







    That is different from saying we should do a Belfast Celtic.







    Apologies if I misinterpreted that part of your excellent post.

  4. The Battered Bunnet on




    It’s the abuse of small businesses that sticks in the craw, larger firms using SMEs as a lender of last resort.



    In the current case, the (unpaid) supplier is being forced into legal action to avoid bankruptcy. This is a small business for whom this debt (£300K) asrepresents around one year’s turnover. The debt will include materials and labour purchased from other suppliers, probably around 70% of the debt is owed to their supply chain.



    It’s one thing facing down HMRC or a large corporate, that takes a bit of courage, but the abuse of small business betrays a cynical disregard for “the small guy” and highlights the extent of the cash distress of the debtor.



    Now, where have I seen this before?

  5. What a great chance for Stokesy to become a Celtic legend.Move to Hibs,rattle in the goals,Stokes and Cummings sounds a good pairing,and confine the Huns to at least a play off.


    I also love the Huns forever in court.Win or lose,it does nothing for their already minging reputation.




    Wouldn’t disagree.



    But it maybe wasn’t a good idea to leave themselves exposed like this.



    It’s not like there weren’t enough warning signs.

  7. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    You can also force visitors to a landing page after the login, which can carry advertising. Finally, you can control access to premium event-related sites, like gambling. The venue can prohibit access to betting sites apart from their (paying) betting partner. –



    you don’t say Paul….8-)

  8. My friends in Celtic,



    Seemingly Pat Nevin has had a hair transplant. They took hair from the back of his head and plopped it on the front.



    Some may think it would have been more appropriate to take it from the pubic region.




  9. Most likely that bigger suppliers would have walked away when Sevco Scotland flunked the credit assessment for the WiFi contract, hence them going for a smaller supplier for whom this deal was such a big catch. You can’t defend deliberate non-payment, but Ernie is right; the warning signs were clear.

  10. The Battered Bunnet on




    True. Nuts. There isn’t a bargepole long enough for that kind of business.

  11. A bit of desperation,constantly trying to attach yourself to big EPL clubs for loan players,who we have no intention of signing IMO

  12. The Battered Bunnet on

    Considering the size of the debt, I wonder if the supplier is het for the Broadband charges as well as the installation costs.

  13. Tom


    I doubt, but you never know, will get a reply from him, it’s not his mo, he just trolls the blog.


    I have asked him many questions to no avail, you might be lucky tho, he disny get much praise on here :-)



  14. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    I reckon The Wifi decision will go in Sevco’s favour – the company who entered into any financial agreement with them MUST have known the risks of non payment – their history of us non papyment was well documented.



    I can only imagine the company involved were dodgers and trying to get dough out of Sevco with king Dodger Charles G.



    It’s good to see their shredded reutation further tarnished. Dignity indeed!

  15. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on




    ” Some may think it would have been more appropriate to take it from the pubic region. ”



    Very good……and true!


    Pat is a very insecure wee soul.



  16. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park



    It may well be that the case regarding arrestment of funds goes in Sevco’s favour, but there would surely be a further case to settle the dispute (if this one does not do that) and the likely outcome of that is they would be ordered to pay up.

  17. lennon's passion on

    Had the loan players debate with my mate last night. Loaning players is ok if we have a purchase clause at the end. Getting players ready for Man City first team are we really that skint.

  18. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    ernie lynch @12:19



    You are a very well informed poster but you sometimes lack the human touch ( on CQN anyway).That approach can blind people to the often astute points you make.




  19. Someone posted yesterday that Virgin had turned them off due to not getting paid.



    Can anyone confirm?

  20. Thems dont need wifi….they have a secret bunker under ipox, which connects to the SFA HQ.


    They know everything there is to know.


    They dont even need money…the most creative accountants on earth.


    The glib and shameless horned one is a black example to them all, they worship him in a cave underneath ipox…if you are crazy enough to walk past at night, you can hear a faint wailing…’kaffliks…kaffliks…kaffliks’


    Scary mob…strange language and hand signals….and thats them when they are sober:)


    We should be told.





  21. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    ” ..are we really that skint.” Compared to the EPL clubs and to the amounts many posters would like us to spend,, yes, we are.




  22. The Battered Bunnet on




    Companies House data indicates it’s a husband and wife business, estabished 8 years ago, and trading modestly though profitably. Total shareholders funds amount to just £70K while year end debtors indicate a business turning over less than £500K. A small firm, doing their stuff over a decent period of time. Nothing more or less.



    Given what we know, and what was in the public domain, the only thing that can be levelled against them is stupidity.

  23. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    One person can see it as stupidity ; another can see it as trusting .Where the Huns are concerned, I would say it was stupid to trust.




  24. Wi Fi Fo Fum


    I smell the work of an Englishman.



    (Big hands, whippet of a striker in his day, friendly with Darkie Johnson)

  25. Have this uppity evil wifi company been threatened by the peepil yet in time honoured ‘tradishun’ for having the audacity to actually want paid by sevco?!?!? Or are they waiting to see what the verdict is on Friday before marching on the wifi mob’s portakabin?



    They don’t do paying their way.



    Anybody who has business dealings with this poisonous new entity without getting the CASH up front needs their bumps feeling.

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