Indicators to look for from John Kennedy


Aberdeen are back at Celtic Park tomorrow, 10 days after their previous visit, having arrested their record breaking run of six league games without a goal by beating Kilmarnock 1-0 last time out.  Derek McInnes will be relieved to take part in someone else’s soap opera.

Prior to losing to Ross County, Celtic were on one of their best runs of the season: five wins in February since going down at home to the mighty St Mirren.  The performance and result in Dingwall surprised no one, though, even after five wins, there is a fragility about this team.

When the man running the US has a codename ‘Celtic’, there is a bit of symmetry that we appoint ‘The President’ as interim manager.  Having worked as a coach at Celtic for a decade, John Kennedy will relish getting his hands on the levers tomorrow, but he is no miracle worker.  Knocking this team into shape will take more than a few tactical or selection changes.

There are some indicators I am looking for.  Will he retain Scott Bain ahead of Vasilis Barkas?  Almost certainly.  Will Scott Brown retain his place ahead of Ismaila Soro?  Not so sure about this one.  Scott is a voice of authority among the players and will be a key ally to John.  You and I are always looking to the horizon, so we would probably opt for Ismaila, but corralling a couple of dozen egos is a tactical job in itself.  What we notice on the pitch is not everything.

If we do not have unanimous agreement on the unsuitability of Tom Rogic for the energetic, up and down the park, right side of midfield role, I would be amazed.  We have too many No. 10s and not enough wide right options.  A less-effective Ryan Christie is always preferable to Tom on the right.

Albian Ajeti, Leigh Griffiths and Patryk Klimala will all hope to make more of an impact under the new regime.  None has had the kind of run in the team required to reach peak performance.  All three will hope that changes between now and May.  John should pick Albian or Patryk and stick with him, we need to find out what resources we have in these two before we go shopping again.  No harm to Leigh, but we know all about him – and he’s a keeper (not that kind of keeper) for a while yet.

I doubt we will see a change from the midfield diamond, which apart from a haunting January provided a significant improvement in performances and results on formations from earlier this season.

Good luck, John.

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  1. My GOD dates from MON



    In this millenium we have won 15 out of 19 (soon to be 20) titles, 10 out of 19 SCs and 8 out of 20 LC’s.



    That’s as big a domination as we’ve ever had in our unbroken history.



    P.S. I defend myself and argue my points But “defensive” has pejorative overtones so, again- your projection not my self – identity

  2. John Collins mentioned Jesse Marsch as a possible manager of Celtic. Would he come? Could we afford him? I think it’d be a sad day if we have to concede that Red Bull Salzburg to Celtic is seen as a step-down.



    Why not ask him the question?

  3. As for tomorrow.



    I am, as always, looking forward to a Celtic game, even if it is a boring dead rubber. I am not expecting a huge improvement from recent games but I’ll take it if it comes to be. I don’t think we will have sorted our defensive weaknesses within a weak but I hope to see players , at least, contesting, more vigorously in the air.



    John Kennedy, I believe, will not get offered the full time job even if he wins the Scottish cup and both remaining league games vs them. A shame for him but we cannot afford to have a disgruntled support still looking backward and disecting how much he was to blame for this year’s failure(s). That’s and angels dancing on apin type of waste of time and energy.



    Despite that, it’s still important that we improve our current form and get our good players back to playing more like we were when we stared against the Huns in January. Minus the bitton brain fart obviously.



    Whatever the results obtained from here till end of May, John Kennedy will be the new target for accusations of bizarre team selections, unbelievable substitute decisions, and doing everything different from how you would want it done.



    My expectation is we will see






    Kenny Ajer Welsh Taylor



    Soro or Brown (probably the latter)



    Christie Mcgregor






    Edouard and AN Other (probably Ajeti)




    I expect the subs used to be Soro, Elyounoussi, Rogic and Klimala or Griff. Bitton, Duffy or Laxalt will cover the defensive subs, if needed.



    2:0 to the good guys

  4. SFTB. Do you think there’s any reason why we won so many titles in that period or was it wee were so good?

  5. Well am new here ! Got ma jag things whurna great!! But!? Aye Ok , you’re anti vaccine , we get it 👍👎

  6. HOT SMOKED on 26TH FEBRUARY 2021 4:19 PM





    Re the jab:



    Got the jab three weeks ago,told by practice nurse,once I got home to take 2 paracetamol and apply a frozen bag of peas etc to arm that was ‘jabbed.”




    That seems really strange to me. Anyone else given the same instructions as BJB ?





    Got the jab two weeks ago today. The nurse told my wife and I that we might experience a sore arm and a headache. She told us that if it occurred we should take a couple of paracetamol.



    Didn’t find it strange at all. I was OK, wife got sore arm. We had Pfizer vax. Some friends had Astra-Zenica. Some of them -not all- had a sore head next day.



    JAMESGANG 7.13



    Well more sound advice for those about to receive the jab/ jag.All three statements,in my estimation,are true I’m sure, there is a jessie out there proud and glad of being identified as Bhoyjoy.





    Sorry Joe


    Epic – iPhone autocorrect – fail on my part.



    I do wish you joy, Joe!



    HH jg






    Whatever the results obtained from here till end of May, John Kennedy will be the new target for accusations of bizarre team selections, unbelievable substitute decisions, and doing everything different from how you would want it done.





    Yet another tiresome veiled dig at Celtic fans. “Whatever the results obtained from here till the end of May, John Kennedy will be the new target …………..”



    What if Celtic win every game convincingly under John Kennedy’s tutelage? Why would he be such a target? You’re really just bumping your gums.



    If we lose games because of obvious errors, yes, he will attract criticism. That goes with the territory. It might do you good from time to time to consider what you write. You’re rapidly turning into the self-appointed blog bulldog who has a go at anybody who dares criticise anything Celtica.

  9. If John Kennedy gets the team to win every game til seasons end I still want a new, forward thinking manager. Nothing against big John, I just think we NEED a whole new approach from someone who’s not already tied to a failing regime

  10. BIG G on 26TH FEBRUARY 2021 11:33 PM





    Do you think there’s any reason why we won so many titles in that period or was it wee were so good?



    can we now redact history to be oldfrim inclusive? ie would we have won a 2nd 9iar


    had the shitinoot not happened? haha



    if i may butt in there.


    we won those titles as we worked for them.


    fair and square.playung by the rules and with players all legitimately registered.



    The shitinoot of rfc 1871?2?3-2012 is wholly owned by Sir Hunnet of pence.every single part of its criminal tax dodging debt ridden


    suicide was conceive by their own fraud



    the shitinoot is irreversible



    the shitinoot is the liquidation of another club and is nowt to do with how we won 9iar…our clubs second 9iar.



    so if you want to start big g with some assumptiions.imagine having to explain a petrofac cup final defeat in a few generations time(.that gap.if only he paid tax !! only.



    funny that

  11. WEEJOE on 26TH FEBRUARY 2021 6:47 PM





    Celtic didn’t play Slavia Prague, they played Sparta Prague.





    Apologies WeeJoe. You are absolutely correct. David Tanner must have influenced me. I absolutely knew it was Sparta who done us but there’s been a lot of mentions for Slavia in today’s blog.

  12. Dan Dan 1.26pm



    Absolutely bang on .


    The team is too short and weak .



    Ross Wallace is never going to beat Danny Invincible to a back post header.




  13. Good morning cqn from a dry and mild Garngad



    So the Deen of Aber come to town, always loved playing them home and away and pumping them.



    Reading on other sites and a very few news outlets and players and former team mates of Lenny coming out with ” I was surprised he resigned” are these guys for real. Obviously not.


    Without going over old coals again he should have been SACKED in September which would have gave our football club a fighting chance to recover an utter shambles.


    Everyone could see how this season was panning out bar our board and some of his pals.



    Anyway let’s see what today brings, I am not really interested in John Kennedy getting the job on a permanent basis, I personally want fresh ideas and we should and DESERVE a big name manager.


    It will be more interesting to see the attitude of the players today as they are all to a man culpable in some way in Neil getting the sack also. The only ones I would keep are unfortunately the ones who will probably go:



    Then we should get rid of some of the out of touch with reality board.



    Now come on Celtic please show a bit of pride and Heart today and for the rest of the season.



    D :)

  14. D66- it’s clear he was sacked, and it’s been turned into a resignation, we move on until the end of the season.Kennedy ,Strachan, Hammond need to go as well, we need to start from scratch, and give the new regime a blank canvas and bring their own men in.

  15. Bada- This could have all ended so differently.


    Despite my post I still cannot wait to see the Bhoys



    D :)

  16. Big Jimmy- Get back on here with those jokes I need cheered up.



    I know you are feeling a bit down at the moment get on here and interact with numpties like me.😉🍻



    It wont be long now my friend to we are sitting supping a few pints.



    D :)

  17. lets all do the huddle on




    Kenny Ajer Welsh Taylor



    Christie Turnbull Rogic Soro



    Edouard Griff

  18. lets all do the huddle on

    the kids in the street lost their ball last nite so im thinking one of Christie’s shots could provide them with a new one



    im only 8 miles away so he could reach here easily

  19. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    That’s the thing that will irritate many Celtic supporters for a long time to come – many of us are not being ‘wise after the event’, many of us saw the writing on the wall long ago. Even P67 saw it, but nothing was done about it.



    The rest of the executive should follow Peter Lawwell’s example.

  20. A wee bit concerned about possible team selection today.



    Against the sheep last week watchiing wee Greg marking big Ash at set pieces gave me the willies.



    I would be tempted tp play Ajer, Welsh, Duffy and Bitton today.



    Not sure where, but all four on the park gives us a bit of height.



    I’d rather have Bitton than Christie.



    Hell, I’d rather have anyone than Christie.



    And I’d give Patryck a run of games.



    And I’d tell OE not to be so selfish.



    This management game is easy peasy!



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Anyone know the story with Gutman and Perez?



    Do we pay any of their wages?



    Are we likely to see them here anytime soon apart from on holiday?

  22. Let’s all do the Huddle @ 08.04



    Couple of points, Greg Taylor went off injured on Sunday, has he recovered ?


    I thought Tom Rogic and Ryan Christie wee both woeful



    I would shake things up a little if I was John Kennedy




    Kenny, Welsh, Ajer, Laxalt




    Turnbull, McGregor, Johnston


    Ajeti Edouard



    Let Kenny and Laxalt have a little space outside Turnbull and Johnston ( both will still be our players next season), although they need to support and close the gaps when Aberdeen have the ball


    Let McGregor play the No10 creative role ?


    Finally 2 upfront, let Odsonne do the roaming role, and have the poacher Ajeti, stick around the 18 yard line area ??



    For me Griffiths has had enough chances, that’s now nearly 2 full seasons he’s been carried by our club, giving little in return for this support



    Hail Hail

  23. Guys all good team selections, but surely we have got to give Soro the rest of the season to play in all games. Even if we fit Broonie and him in the same team.


    I think Soro is and will be a fantastic player but he needs game time.



    D :)

  24. Norriem we play to narrow we come inside nearly every time and when Greg T does get by his man his final ball is pish.


    We need Mikey J out there and The wing back on the other side going by men, then swap Mikey to other side.



    I think we have missed natural born wingers badly.



    D :)