Indisputable mood to bring in the New


If you were lucky enough, like me, to enjoy a long Christmas holiday, I hope you had a good one.  I’m sure few of us are delighted to be back at it today but there’s an indisputable mood on the blog for bringing in the New.  A fresh start is needed and fortunately we’re at the start of the transfer window.

For Celtic most attention will be directed towards recruiting a striker who is capable of doing the business in the Champions League, not to overlook the important point of doing the business in Champions League qualifiers.  20-year-old Icelandic striker, Holmbert Fridjobsson, finally joins the club this month but although we’ll hopefully see plenty of the player this month he is surely considered ‘one for the future’.

One prolific striker does not solve all of Celtic’s issues, however.  The club remains acutely dependent on Kris Commons’ creativity (as well as goal scoring), which will become increasingly less-effective as opponents setup to inhibit him.  He needs a foil.

Since the annihilation in Barcelona Celtic have offered greater protection from midfield but with both full backs encouraged to overlap the midfield anchor role, previously occupied by Wanyama, becomes crucially important.  It also offers support to the strategy of allowing Commons a free role as an attacking midfielder.

Over the break, Archie MacPherson, Scotland’s greatest ever broadcaster, wrote an article for Celtic Quick News comparing two of Scotland’s greatest ever managers.  These debates are, of course, subjective, but the article provides a few objective points for consideration.  Archie has a totally unique range to deal with this question and is in no doubt as to who the master was.  Look out for the article next week, you’ll enjoy it – no guessing now.
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  1. Tony D @ 10.22



    I like the straightforward support of Celtic you show in your posts . One thing I disagree with, though, is your belief (?) that many of the negative posters are Huns. I know some of the negative posters and they are definitely not Huns. I think the negativity can be put down , in some cases, to supporters` desperation for Celtic to be everything they ( those supporters) want them to be and in other cases because, in the grand scheme of things, some people are just negative by nature. Another scenario is that some people believe that negative comments somehow make the speaker seem more astute than ” ordinary” fans. I am sure there are other reasons ,too but these are just some of the options other than negativity always coming from trolling Huns. Finally, I have to say that I have heard comments from Celtic supporters which are distinctly Hunnish in content.




  2. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on

    I pointed out a few weeks ago that we should be singing strikers who at least have a decent record at their previous club.



    Zurawski and JVOH were reasonably proficient and prolific before they came to us. Now I’m not saying that either were in the class of a Henrik or McGarvey but they came to Celtic and did what we signed them to do, they scored goals.



    We’re getting into a habit, particularly since MAF, of signing strikers who aren’t know as goal scorers.



    Aye every signing is a gamble but let’s at least give ourselves a chance by bringing in players who’ll do exactly what it says on their tin.

  3. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    Tony D


    Since we spend vastly more than our competitors


    maybe even more than all the other SPL teams added together


    you might excuse some of us when we are not all over the moon when we beat these teams



    it doesn’t make us huns though, probably a lot of celtic fans feel that in a hunless SPL we should be running away with it.



    what was the St Mirren gate money on sunday (approx. 5000 fans x 20 quid) which means they take in 100,000 grand a fortnight at best, and probably half of that when they play lesser teams than celtic



    we should expect to give them a skelping IMO



    In a hunless SPL we do expect to win 10 in a row too


    we also expect 10 CL appearances as well


    and maybe even a few trebles too

  4. Tamrabam



    Bums on seats are important but almost more in terms of creating atmosphere than actual income provided.


    Celtic’s main income stream is CL money for which we have to qualify. To qualify we need a certain standard of player.


    We managed to exceed that standard last season and match it this.


    The develop and sell model makes it very difficult to exceed the standard every year ( check Ajax’s record) and that is where we are on the European and domestic stage.


    The need not to fall below that standard of qualification will drive transfers, and as long as the wage of players to meet it does not get inflated beyond our reach by TV money we have no access to then I would expect we will be able to meet the required standard for the next CL competition.


    I guess what I’m trying to say is the drop in crowds and so atmosphere whilst most unwelcome is not going to cause a spend over and above what is needed for CL qualification.

  5. I’m Neil Lennon (tamrabam)


    11:30 on


    7 January, 2014



    I don’t think there’s any one thing that will increase numbers, and in fact it could be the case that nothing will halt the current decline.



    As I’ve no doubt bored every one by mentioning I was in the TO when the club was doing the final push to get STs sold to the waiting list. My recollection is that the overwhelming majority of those taking up the seats were guys like me in their early to mid-20s flush with new jobs and disposable cash. Massive shift in circumstances for most of those guys either socially or economically.



    Every home game I have options on whether my time could be better spent with family or doing something else. – 80% of the time Celtic win. Every season I question whether £500 could be better spent elsewhere, or will I make myself go if ditch the ST and just get match tickets which would save me money overall. I’m sure it’s the same for many.

  6. The Honest Mistake loves being first on



    Following your logic we should expect to get beat off of every other team in the champions league. We done well, exceeding expectations, to beat Ajax at home then

  7. Auldheid



    Thanks I do not need to contact you through Paul to know what is going on, I know what is going on, it’s what was going on before resolution 12 was made, Celtic are. Doing now what they where doing before resolution 12, Celtic will look after it, and take it as far as they can, LEGALY, that update was to appease you and others, if you accept that, then it only proves what I have been saying all along, why would you want to get in touch with me through Paul, you got something to say, then why not just say it, I will have no part in secrets between you and Celtic, as far as I am concerned your answers are all smoke and mirrors no matter how you post them and that I will take no part in, you dropped the ball or who ever was at the secret meeting did, and you know it, for gods sake we got a 5 way secrete agreement with Sevco and the SFA, and we don’t like that, and now this soap opera, all started by you and the other ones involved, you let the people in down bad no matter what you say, so stop trying to pull a stroke saying this is progress, there has been no movement on this, you know it, I know it, and the people that gave you there proxies know it, this isn’t Huns you are talking too, HH , and lurking Huns…..GIRUY.

  8. spikeysauldman on



    in the end – ddint go.


    tickets were for nephew who was 17 on sunday and son who was 21 Monday.


    nephew stoated in at 4am Sunday and slept in.


    son slept in too.


    watched the game in The Bells with son and his 2 grandparents then “up the road” – son had uni stuff to complete – leaving me with no excuse to go out and get blootered – ragin !

  9. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    In future just ensure that you’re his alarm and kick him out of bed early!!



    Ps there were a load of tickets for sale outside the ground btw.

  10. Tamrabam



    What you expect out of life, is not always what you get, whether in sport or real life, if as you say what you think we should be doing, then understand this, there are no certainties in life, if life was that…..one shop you wouldent see would be a bookies ;)

  11. NatKnow - Supporting Wee Oscar on

    I’m Neil Lennon (tamrabam)




    11:30 on 7 January, 2014






    you touched on a very valid point about selling the best players since it delivers profit.


    the particular problem at the summer was that we had a good profit from selling our best players and a last 16 place too. If we don’t re invest that profit then its probably not that helpful.



    what do you think is the best way to get bums on seats next season at CP


    Sign 2 biggies?


    or sign 10 hopefuls?


    or what?


    perhaps nothing to do with signings even, but carrying on by


    selling our best players


    reducing or ST prices


    doesn’t seem to be working that well and if we have a bummer against the likes or karagandy, the ball is well and truly up on the slates is it not?





    I agree overall with the point you make – we need someone who can put the ball in the net and we need to play play entertaining football – that will get bums on seats. If we have £6m to spend and we spend it all on 1 striker is there a greater chance that player will score? You would think so but I’m not convinced it’s that straightforward. Gary Hooper cost us circa £2.5m and it worked out for us. Marc Antoine Fortune cost us circa £4m and it didn’t work. Is there a better chance of a £6m goalscorer doing the business at Celtic? You would think so, but it’s not a guarantee. I agree that we should spend the money when required (like now!) but the stated strategy is Value For Money. I’m not sure if there is an offical definition of VFM. Personally I think we need to be creating more chances – we need someone in addition to Kris Commons who is able to make chances as well as take them. So persoanlly, while I’d like to see the budget spent, I would like a midfielder and possibly a forward.








    Too many sentences.

  13. NatKnow - Supporting Wee Oscar on

    Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar




    11:36 on 7 January, 2014




    I pointed out a few weeks ago that we should be singing strikers who at least have a decent record at their previous club.



    Zurawski and JVOH were reasonably proficient and prolific before they came to us. Now I’m not saying that either were in the class of a Henrik or McGarvey but they came to Celtic and did what we signed them to do, they scored goals.



    We’re getting into a habit, particularly since MAF, of signing strikers who aren’t know as goal scorers.



    Aye every signing is a gamble but let’s at least give ourselves a chance by bringing in players who’ll do exactly what it says on their tin.




    An interesting observation re: the strikers we’ve acquired since MAF. I wondered if this was a deliberate policy – of looking for a forward who did more than just put the ball in the net. However, I’m not sure MAF ever did more than not score much! :-)

  14. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    the honest mistake


    and we do get beat by most teams in the CL who have a greater budget!


    that is why we are over the moon when we beat a bigger (spending) team like barca and not so happy when we beat a lesser (spending) team like elsborg



    I don’t think there is any rocket science in that claim though, I do think the object is to get ourselves amongst the bigger (spending) teams since common sense (and the last 16 teams) tell you that if you can buy better players you can more likely be more successful


    again no rocket science



    But the point is that its not JUST all about spend what we earn IMO its also about increasing what we earn and then spending it


    a point that is often missed.


    Are we increasing what we earn?


    if we didn’t sell our best players are we still increasing what we earn?


    and if so if this the only way we can increase what we earn

  15. CQN has been responsible for an amazing amount of charitable fund raising, to such an extent that I would be reluctant to name any individuals for fear of leaving out equally generous, motivated & hard working philanthropists.



    On a political front, Resolution 12 is probably the most important achievement of this site.


    The dedication in the face of scepticism of Canamalar, Morrissey23, Auldheid & others should be recognised & lauded. Their efforts WILL break down the defences of those who have corrupted our game for far too long & who thought they were secure in their misdeeds.



    Well done & THANK YOU.