Indisputable mood to bring in the New


If you were lucky enough, like me, to enjoy a long Christmas holiday, I hope you had a good one.  I’m sure few of us are delighted to be back at it today but there’s an indisputable mood on the blog for bringing in the New.  A fresh start is needed and fortunately we’re at the start of the transfer window.

For Celtic most attention will be directed towards recruiting a striker who is capable of doing the business in the Champions League, not to overlook the important point of doing the business in Champions League qualifiers.  20-year-old Icelandic striker, Holmbert Fridjobsson, finally joins the club this month but although we’ll hopefully see plenty of the player this month he is surely considered ‘one for the future’.

One prolific striker does not solve all of Celtic’s issues, however.  The club remains acutely dependent on Kris Commons’ creativity (as well as goal scoring), which will become increasingly less-effective as opponents setup to inhibit him.  He needs a foil.

Since the annihilation in Barcelona Celtic have offered greater protection from midfield but with both full backs encouraged to overlap the midfield anchor role, previously occupied by Wanyama, becomes crucially important.  It also offers support to the strategy of allowing Commons a free role as an attacking midfielder.

Over the break, Archie MacPherson, Scotland’s greatest ever broadcaster, wrote an article for Celtic Quick News comparing two of Scotland’s greatest ever managers.  These debates are, of course, subjective, but the article provides a few objective points for consideration.  Archie has a totally unique range to deal with this question and is in no doubt as to who the master was.  Look out for the article next week, you’ll enjoy it – no guessing now.
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  1. tomtheleedstim on

    bournesouprecipe – I think most of us would have doubts about the Fletcher story but there is a bloke on KDS who the “in crowd” think is in the know who says he thinks it will happen.


    Can’t vouch for the veracity but there you go.

  2. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    19:07 on 3 January, 2014



    Hahahahahahahahahahaha………and sally is complaining about the behaviour of Airdrionians fans……..hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  3. twists n turns



    19:05 on 3 January, 2014



    If joe signs that would help and a goal maker and a goal scorer and we won’t be far away, we have a decent team just needs a wee help HH

  4. KOJO!


    “Been saying for months”?


    Try for years!


    No only that, you tend to character assassinate players at will. We know you don’t rate


    Joe Ledley, we will take that as read!



  5. tomtheleedstim



    19:16 on 3 January, 2014



    I think in my humble opinion if we get offered fletcher and he can fit into our wage structure he will sign HH

  6. A Tale of Two City Clubs:



    Chapter I – The ‘Transfer’ Period



    “It was the best of all times and the worst of all times, the period of wise people and of stupid people (insert names), the time of belief and unbelief, the period of light and of darkness, a time of hope and of no hope, when good things were ahead and nothing was ahead, when all of us were going to heaven and all of them were going to hell – basically; it was a time so much like now that some of the loud and respected people said that it must be talked about using extremes, whether that was good or not (literal translation).”



    Charles Dickens MSM ©1859!

  7. TET



    It was Neil how said it mate.



    “Players sometimes won’t come unless you’ve got Champions League football guaranteed,” he added.



    “Then after that it’s pretty difficult to attract the right kind of player that you want in a two-week window.”

  8. dont know if anyone noticed on stv sport, JL has a groin problem again and is to have a scan

  9. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    tomtheleedstim. There certainly is a lot of talk about a possible move both Scottish News programmes featured it and both Lennie and Gus were asked and neither said no it wouldnt happen and the Hartlepool Metro says Fletcher wants the move.We will have to wait and see but I wouldnt completely rule it out. H.H.

  10. tomtheleedstim on

    hun skelper – Fletcher is a good player and a good age. Up until this season he seems to have played 30+ games per year and scores approx one in three.


    If he is injury free he should be able to improve that ratio playing for us.


    It’s a lot of money with not much resale value though, as others have said. But if he gets 25 – 30 goals a year for the next 4 years no-one will care about the fee.


    The truth is we’ll never know until he pulls on the hoops. All transfers are risky anyway.

  11. TET



    I dont think its just a case of ‘just sign him…’



    We got Wanyama from Beerschott (?). Nobody knew him but I believe he was actually watched at Helsingborgs. And it probably was a coincidence. Nothin wrong with that BTW

  12. 67Heaven … I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors



    18:47 on 3 January, 2014



    Why is Neil saying today we can afford to pay £6m…….tell them nothing…!!!!



    Spot on. Keep your cards close to your chest, I think in this case Celtic have already done the deal and bought a 6 million striker, if you are buying a house for £100,000 you don’t tell the sellers you have £160,000 available for a house.



    PS. And I don’t think it is Fletcher.

  13. tomtheleedstim on

    jfh – to be honest I’d be surprised but there does seem to be a lot of “chatter”

  14. I see oor nakas at it again on japanese television



    God i miss that wee genius..




  15. steven fletcher .. i like him but i think at 6m and 40k a week we could do alot better.



    im as concerned about players leaving than i’am of bringing players in.



    sammi, derk, bangura need to be moved on asap. rogic , johnstone, henderson and couple more need loaned out.

  16. TET



    There might be, but Neil can only look at a finite number.



    Maybe Neil has just been unlucky, but I think it’s more likely there are not that many that we want and who want to come until we have Champ League football.



    There’s no real way of knowing, but our lack of success in finding these guys and the lack of quotes from good players saying ‘come and get me’ makes me think that just are not there.



    If you can show otherwise I like to see the evidence.



    Hail Hail

  17. glendalystonsils on

    Arsenal are a team who are run on more stringent financial lines than most other EPL sides, so if they show an interest in having PL at the helm, he must be doing something right.


    Having said that, I think it’s perfectly healthy for the support to question the direction the club is taking and to have valid concerns over the fiscal v football decisions that are made.


    It’s certainly a lot healthier than blindly accepting things.


    Unfortunately, there are a few on the blog who tend to polarise these issues using the old ‘if you don’t agree with me you’re a hun’ tactics which definitely diminishes the blog.


    Just my opinion of course.

  18. whats latest with the GB .. last i read those arrested for the seats broken were not GB members .



    Have the GB or board released any statements recently about possible


    talks ?

  19. bigshuggy



    19:32 on 3 January, 2014


    Wouldn’t mind Fletch at CP. Might cheer us up….was excellent in Porridge.






    HaHaHa….you stirring it ;)

  20. proudbhoy



    19:37 on 3 January, 2014


    steven fletcher .. i like him but i think at 6m and 40k a week we could do alot better.



    Can you give us some names of these better players ?


    Not having a go or looking for a argument mate just interested HH

  21. Don’t want Fletcher, or Crosas.



    Give us someone fresh who’s fit, hungry for success, tough, and dripping with footballing ability.



    Scouts, etc – Dae Yer Joabs.

  22. tomtheleedstim on

    Just had a text…


    “Coronation Street. Somebody got a tee shirt on ‘ keep calm kill zombies’. They will go mental”

  23. tomtheleedstim



    19:44 on 3 January, 2014



    Just had a text,,,,,,


    Aye right who you trying to kid :-)




  24. tomtheleedstim



    19:44 on 3 January, 2014


    Just had a text…


    “Coronation Street. Somebody got a tee shirt on ‘ keep calm kill zombies’. They will go mental”






    Good one… A text ;). Yep, seen it aswel.

  25. McDowellcelt god bless wee oscar on

    3 things. Sunderland are fighting relegation and won’t want to sell their striker, they bought him for 12.5 million not that long ago, he’s on a reputed 70,000 per week..


    Can’t see this deal happenin!

  26. Did Bangura realy get a chance at Celtic. Big Balde going to be the same as him ,put out to loan .For god sake along with Pukki, Ajatic, give them game time this season,also Tony Watt has to be given another chance,also punt Samaras, Ledly,Borregtiner,Stokes.James Forrest.and may i add im sure Lassad would have made it at Celtic, but as i have said manys a time on here,if your face dosent fit with Lenny then you have had it.as for Fletcher i too have seem him many times, not for Celtic.

  27. adi_dasler-jamabhoy



    I don’t have the answers, if I did, I wouldn’t be on here talking to you, with all due respect >}



    There are plenty of clubs who can find these players, clubs who have budgets far inferior to ours, Basel for example.



    Take the Nigerian team, eight of their starting 11 in their games in Brasil had home based players, most would walk into our team, work permits wouldn’t be a problem.



    It depends on what JP’s remit is.




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