Inexplicable talk


There can be no doubt that Brendan Rodgers has played his cards very publicly this week.  I don’t know the ins-and-outs of it, but it cannot be over losing a player he could not promise a starting position to.  I’m not buying that, there has to be something we are not seeing.

We have a modestly important league game tomorrow and a hugely important Champions League qualifier on Tuesday, so between now and Wednesday, at the earliest, it would be preferable not to allow this week of internally created negativity to drag on into yet another press conference.

We are also trying to convince Dedryck Boyata and Moussa Dembele to sign new contracts.  You and I know that talk getting in the way these objectives is as inexplicable as it is indulgent.

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  1. when the going gets a wee bit tougher…..the Celtic grow stronger..



    smiley there has been an awful lot of self defeating trollop posted lately thing



    win ,lose or draw….




  2. Go tell the Spartim on

    And so it begins………………………………..



    Staringyouintheface CSC

  3. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on




    You seem to be having a dig at our manager or I misinterpreting


    your article?




    Just watched the youtube clips there . great range of passing also vision to make a pass through the lines too. Technically looks good , predominately right footed with a splash of JohnMcGinnesque tackling …..what’s not to like :)))

  5. Is this the challenge we have been looking for? Watched the Sevco game last night they played well in parts but were poor in others…they seem fitter than the last few years but Maribor passed the ball well in and around them and had plenty of chances.



    Brendan’s comments are worrying but the guy loves it here having spoken to him he has never been happier in both his professional and private life. However the next few weeks with games against Hearts AEK and the Huns coming up and the transfer window may well define his ongoing Celtic tenure. In the worrying scale I’m 5/10 at the moment. I’m laid back but some here are approaching 11.



    Big games are what define our season and we have a big manager in place. 2/3 signings in place and a few good results and I’m hoping these issues blow over. Not too fussed with McGinn he could have been a Celtic player today or January he chose not to join us. We’ll get over it.



    Interesting 3 weeks ahead.




    If anyone has information on where to watch our game in Split let me know my bhoy arrives there tonight with his pals so any help appreciated.




    ??? x 2




  6. I rarely post but I feel compelled to do so after the last 72 hours. I always find it distressing when I read Celtic fans turn on each other. I have read some ridiculous comments from some because some fans have chosen to agree with our Manager abput the direction of the club.



    Brendan could not have been clearer on Tuesday. He is unhappy with the transfer activity (or lack of it) and also the signing policy of the club.



    Therefore when other Celts accuse some Celtic fans of being ridiculous and overly ambitious I find that incredible. The Manager is unhappy. That is what matters. BR is not an unreasonable man,



    Anybody with the ability to comprehend an interview (or interviews) can see that he is disappointed/unhappy/angry by not having signed one and he is making it clear to the fans that point.



    What is also key though is that he is also worried about who we are looking at. Its surely about balance. Develop some but have some that are ready.



    What concerns me is that this is not a read between the lines situation. BR is very articulate and considered when he speaks. For him to be so clear can only concern fans. You have to give your manager some of his targets and not just “club signings.



    Does anybody honestly think that BR has scouted Izzy, Denayer or Arzani? Really?



    We don’t know the facts of who we have looked at but we do know that for the third summer in a row we have gone into the Champions league qualifiers with inadequate defenders.



    As BR said we need to replace the three players that have left as a minimum. Not for numerical reasons but for quality reasons. We have five centre halves. Two of them are very young and raw (and both started on Wednesday), one is a waste of a salary and Boyata and Jozo have both made plentiful mistakes in the last two seasons.



    Several people have spoken about business decisions as to why we didn’t sign John McGinn. I find that laughable. He would have signed for us weeks ago. He was a target. Whether or not people think he would have been straight in the team is not the point. BR wanted him. Armstrong has gone and was not in the team every week but you need good replacements.



    We lost Roberts and signed Arzani. Where does he fit? We have Hayes, Sinclair, Forrest and Morgan already – not to mention Rogic and McGregor.



    As again the Manager says we can not just fill the team full of development players.



    Every point BR has made in the last 72 hours I have discussed with friends in the pub over the last season or two. I agree 100% with him on them all. He is not being unreasonable. We are not operating on a budget like Hibs or Aberdeen. We can attract quality players. His net spend is not a lot.



    The squad should not be a numbers game. It should have bene about bringing in two or maybe three really good standard players to bolster the squad. Instead we have arguments galore amongst the support and a negative feeling at the ground once again.



    We have a very strong squad but all we need to do is add some better quality and experience throughtout defence and midfield.



    It’s all unnecessary. Quite frankly it’s baffling.



    Paul, If the board actually sign a player or two then the mood will lift and BR can move on. Actions speak much louder than rhetoric.



    BR is the best we can get. The board need to help him out more.

  7. What I don’t get is where Lee Congreton is in all this.



    This is the guy who is a mate of Rodgers and is supposed to help identify players. I’m assuming we appointed him on Rodgers recommendation.

  8. When your objective is to begin to transfer responsibilities “indulgent” is a good word.

  9. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    It seems clear the Board and Brendan have different perspectives on the limit of Celtic’s potential and ambition. When Brendan came in they were on the same page about that. The goal posts have been moved – either by Brendan asking for more than originally agreed or the Board putting the brakes on. To borrow one of your phrases, we know how this ends. It’s incredibly disheartening after two glorious years of progress.

  10. Just watched the Trencin – Feyenoord and Dinamo Minsk – Zenit highlights. Some of the smelliest defending you will witness in Europe this season.



    Puts it all in perspective really…at least until Wednesday ;)

  11. Wow.



    This article really does put the cat amongst the pigeons and reveals how bad things have gotten at Celtic.



    Blaming Rodgers for speaking out and the warning him to shut up is quite remarkable.



    There is only one outcome in this . Rodgers will walk and the breathtaking arrogance of lawwell and the board is displayed yet again in these pages.



    This is a battle for what Celtic is about. Are we a football club or a money making machine. Paul67 and lawwell believe the later.



    No doubt they both think that to make money you need a strong sevco and we are willing to weaken ourselves to achieve that.



    This is the battle that has been going on for years. Seems the board are willing to sacrifice our latest manager on their altar of greed.



    Do you support money or the football club.



    You are being betrayed.

  12. the glorious balance sheet on

    And so the digs at Brendan from Lawwell’s truth channels – cqn and Chris McLaughlin – show no sign of abating.



    In the event that Celtic exit the CL next Tuesday, look out for a 2 page spread with Peter Lawwell interviewed by Keith Jackson on Thursday 16th august featuring the usual epithets


    – we’ve done well,qualifying 2 times out of 3 isn’t bad;


    – we are the best run club in the world and the envy of them all;


    – I’m on the ECA by the way;


    – the dice are loaded against us, look at how much Steven fletcher earned in England, Andy robertson’s wage packet etc


    – I, “big Peter” am the biggest Celtic fan ever and no one hurts more than me when things go wrong


    – the fight back starts here



    We have bee here before, see the contents of the daily record 2 days after Maribor in 2014.



    We laugh at the Huns blatant media manipulation and boardroom malfeasance but are blind to our own.



    A putrid turn of events.

  13. Paul67



    Good shout,



    Would be incredible for the fans if we could tie Moussa down, and keep the three musketeers together at Celtic.



    I’d say the game tomorrow was massive and would like Simunovic in the back four if possible along with


    Ajer Lustig and Keiran.



    Looking forward to Brendan’s signings this weekend and beyond.

  14. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Never mind Dembele and Boyata, imagine you are an Celtic player or opposing manager listening to Rogers telling the world his team is weaker. You’ve just given the former an excuse to fail and the latter reason to believe.



    Rogers is eithet pursuing his own agenda or has made a massive error of judgment.

  15. Go tell the Spartim on

    This is the start of BR being hung out to dry, its not even covert now.



    Wont be renewing and its not rocket science to know why, and i aint no sunshine bhoy, been a season ticket holder for 35 years (when it used to be £60 to stand in the Jungle)

  16. I don’t buy the ‘Celtic want to sign you but can’t guarantee you a game’ patter.



    Who would attempt to buy someone by telling them they can’t be guaranteed a game?



    Where do I sign?



    Anyway, surely the official day of mourning, resulting from not signing McGinn (feck’im) and drawing with AEK, is over and now we can concentrate on supporting Celtic and hammering that p@%&k Levein’s hammer throwers.









    Get the finger oot PL.

  17. By the way paul67 do you really think you are more important than Brendan Rodgers? Who the hell are you to say he is being indulgent.



    They’ve got your season book money now so they think they are immune.

  18. CQN Transfer Style Guide



    A cracking player – Brendan Rodgers – signing.



    A pile of steaming dung – Peter Lawwell – signing.



    A Marvin Compper – nobody’s owned up – signing



    As ever CSC

  19. Paul,



    I’m not buying the line about McGinn not coming because he wasn’t “promised a start” . I don’t believe any Celtic signings are promised a start (the only exception to this would be be if we made a truly incredible signing), and I don’t believe any decent pro would make such a demand.



    We play 60 odd games a season. We are one central midfielder down on last season’s squad (Armstrong). With injuries, suspensions, fluctuating form, and the manager’s preference to keep opponents guessing with his flexible systems, it’s not difficult to see that there would be a meaningful role here for McGinn. This is a young guy who bossed our midfield on at least a few occasions last season. Like I say, I’m not buying the line, and I’m surprised that you are too.



    The transfer market is difficult. I know it’s not Champ manager, but the bottom line is, whatever our process is it’s not working. For at least the second season in a row, we are going into our biggest games of the season nowhere near having addressed the manager’s reasonable needs, despite being in the strongest financial position we’ve ever been in. That’s unacceptable. There needs to be a root and branch review of every aspect of our scouting and recruitment processes. What’s inexplicable is that the club has somehow managed to squander the unity and feelgood factor that the manager has played a huge part in fostering over the last few years, by failing to be pro-active and building from a position of strength – a mistake we’ve made countless times in our history.

  20. Lisbon Lions Upper on

    Sorry Paul. I’ve read and supported your views for years, but today’s offering is a bit hard to swallow.



    Your line querying Brendan’s displeasure over failing to secure someone who wouldn’t be In the first XI is very disingenuous. Brendan has made very clear the importance of the squad. While he might not have made Brendan’s starting line up when everyone’s fit, you can be damn sure Brendan was desperate for him to be in the squad.



    Regardless, Brendan wanted him, he was easily within our range, and he was failed big time, despite all he has achieved for us.



    If he is working his ticket, I wouldn’t blame him.

  21. A few views from me:



    1) I agree with and understand BR’s comments to the media, however I think timing was bad…real bad.


    2) The board using Chris McLaughlin to bitch back was totally unacceptable, and whoever did it should be on a warning.


    3) Given that BR’s comments in yesterday’s presser (when read in full) suggested a bit of a détente, the timing, language and tone of this article are most unhelpful, bordering on idiotic.


    4) We now need to focus on Hearts as they will be clugging seven shades of sh… out of us tomorrow, in a game we really need to win for the sake of morale. That’s what this article should have been about.



    Flippin’ ridiculous.

  22. Just read your post TANGBHOY couldn’t agree more it sums up the situation ,Brendan Rodgers wanted McGinn as back up and as a long term mainstay of our midfield. The Celtic chief exec haggled for around a few hundred thousand, the boy became impatient to get his future sorted and villa nipped in,no wonder our manager is unhappy.

  23. i’vehadtochangemymind on 10th August 2018 10:13 am



    Boyata and MD back for AEK – now that would make things very different





    Yes, it would. I said yesterday that I think we should go 3-5-2 over in Athens, particularly if Moussa is fit!

  24. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    2 of Peter Lawells friends giving it tight to Brendan


    Step forward Burnley78 and Paul67

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