Ingredients of a viable football club


The main ingredients of a viable football club are a significant fan base, an appropriate stadium and TV deal. Celtic over achieve with the fan base, which offsets a deficient TV deal.

Without a large stadium, Celtic would survive in some form, but it wouldn’t be the club we know and love.  We should always look for ways to improve the fan experience at Celtic Park; it’s worth forgoing the odd player.

If you ever get the chance to visit Rome, go. Not for a football game, visit the city properly.  It’s breathtaking and cheaper than London.

One of the many highlights is the Pantheon. A church older than Christianity itself, it’s a testament to Roman engineering. Over 2000 years old, it has the world’s largest unsupported concrete ceiling. But the Romans didn’t use RAAC concrete, which would make any subsequent changes troublesome.

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  1. HH CQN



    I hope you don’t mind me posting a link to demand the new Labour government call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza





    Please pass the link on



    DJ David Holmes “As a proud Irish man and a citizen of planet Earth, to be silent (as we all bear witness in real time to the genocide of the Palestinian people) is not an option.”



    Here’s a link to his “Humanity As An Act Of Resistance” mixes





    Free Palestine CSC

  2. If this is Lawwell getting the word out that the manager’s budget will be curtailed this summer because of some vague plan to upgrade the stadium you can just stow that bullshit right now.



    How much longer will we have to “forego the odd player” to prop up that man’s ego?



    And how much longer do you expect people to swallow your blatant shilling for that utter charlatan?

  3. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    I guess you wouldn’t necessarily need to have all those things to be viable if you could be guaranteed of being propped up by someone who is………

  4. Ibrox concrete as porous as the Celtic defence last night?


    Both need strengthened then.

  5. GP


    Kane made sure the incident went to VAR , holding his foot rolling about then says his foot is hanging off, no evidence of that as he took the penalty with the same foot and ran about for his time on the pitch, you’re clocked Harry as a cheat and a liar about being seriously injured.

  6. I would also go for a Rome derby if you get the chance. The atmosphere is the match of ours, although that might be because they still have evening games as the norm. The trip to the ground and the area around it are grander, as you’d expect from anything built in Rome a hundred years ago in a sports complex by a regime that saw sport as a propaganda tool Always more chance of violence though.



    Talking of Rome, viable football clubs and stadia both the big teams share the municipal ground, both have been looking to build their own for many years. The have different ownership models, Lazio are owned by a cartoon lawwellesque baddy, detested by a lot of the fans for longer than PL, a keen eye for a bargain in the transfer market and a habit of pidding off managers, but also of employing very good ones and having the club punch above its weight. He employed Igor Tudor when Sarri left in the Spring. Tudor walked recently because of arguments with Lotito over transfer. He also gave Inzaghi who has gone on to be a top manager his first job



    Roma favor a more

  7. James Forrest



    “If this is Lawwell getting the word out that the manager’s budget will be curtailed this summer because of some vague plan to upgrade the stadium you can just stow that bullshit right now.




    How much longer will we have to “forego the odd player” to prop up that man’s ego?




    And how much longer do you expect people to swallow your blatant shilling for that utter charlatan?”





    And, if it’s not?



    You started with a conditional and then drew a definitive conclusion that this “possible” behaviour/attitude “must” stop.



    Anyone can play that game



    e.g. If you are on here to try and generate interest in your own blog you should stop doing that- it’s undignified.

  8. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    “Celtic over achieve with the fan base”



    Yes they do.



    Well done to every single member of the Celtic family.




    I told you,


    Customer survey will be used as the justification for where monies are spent.



    You asked for hot water and now look at all this new plumbing, ta da,



    To suggest how the money is spent is somehow in the control of an ego maniacal chair person, well that is just silly,

  10. Roma have always been more showy – the newest Anerican owners continue with the “jam today” model – blingy names in the pitch and in the dugout, big wage bills, big European ambitions but big debts and not much more success than their frugal local rivals.



    Roma’s owners aren’t football people, or even sports franchise people they are entertainment people, which fits with the profile of Roma.



    Roma have a bigger profile, have a bigger fan base, churn through expensive fanous footballers and managers and carry huge debts which threaten their viability



    Lazio are unpopular just about everyone outside their own smaller fan base, work smartly in the transfer window, pay low wages and carry a small debt. Them and Atalanta are the two most financially secure clubs in Italy.



    Roma play the entertainment game which clearly suits the fans, Lazio don’t seem to care. Lazio are probably the more successful club on the pitch relative to their size but it dotsnt syop Lotito from being one of the least popular men in Rome

  11. It also looks like Roma’s owners are buying Everton for a cut price cost so they obviously don’t mind a bit of a gamble

  12. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Taken from Google



    “Reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete ( RAAC )


    RAAC is a lightweight form of concrete which was used in building construction from the 1950s until the mid-1990s”



    From the above I assume the rebuilt Celtic Park from 1994 was just about too late for RAAC and the Main Stand structure too early for it?



    Juicy enough chuckle bait in your last sentence Pablo …



    …. but it would be more palatable still if we had confirmation that Celtic Park doesn’t have any?



    As for Ibrox – classic imperial type legacy.



    Let’s give credit where it is due.



    Ibrox was the first large stadium in the UK to be built to a modern, mostly seated standard.



    But that was close to 50 years ago.



    Times, regimes, materials, technology, ergonomics and consumer needs & wants all move on.



    R1ngers didn’t … instead arrogantly lording over Scottish football on the never never.



    R2ngers haven’t … stuck in the same anachronistic spin cycle as their predecessor club … but without access to credit.

  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    SAINT STIVS on 11TH JULY 2024 12:53 PM



    Rome will be nice when it is finished.






    Lol. 😃



    Beautiful city though.

  14. Rome my favourite city and nothing to do with Papal stuff though not a bad bonus.



    Went to both Lazio game obviously first better than 2nd.



    I always say they were building that (coliseum) and we were living in caves.



    On the Pantheon read only in last 15 years we have figured out why still standing.


    ( aside from being designated a church unlike Coliseum where nobody bothered about people


    taking away the bricks etc over the centuries)



    The Pantheon was built with a cement infused with volcanic ash that apparently expands when wet.



    Maybe we can sell the zombies some papal blessed Vesuvius infused ash for new build.




    They’re waking up, though. A viable business model, entirejy cribbed from ours.



    They gave an advantage over us – a support that would be happy with half of our success, while ours comes up daily with reasons that ours isn’t enough.



    If they hold their nerve they must just catch us in 50 years

  16. lets all do the huddle on



    Hamas in all their glory….




    this is the first line in the story..



    “A Palestinian activist known for organising anti-Hamas protests in Gaza has been taken to hospital after an attack by a group of masked men.”



    i have some trouble with the ‘taken to hospital’ bit.



    there are no hospitals left.



    israel has bombed the fk out them all while trying to murder all the children in them.



    abley supported or funded by the 2 main political parties in britain and america of course.

  17. The Battered Bunnet on

    The inscription on the portico reads:



    “Agrippa was here OK” or something

  18. RAAC is still used in construction.



    The problem is for concrete manufactured in the 50-80s, has a lifespan of only 30 years, and will deteriorate if moisure is evident, usually via rusting steel structures,


    This then leads to collapse of structures.



    The concrete will look grey and smooth on the outside, but will be “aero” like on the inside, and moistrue will be trapped there,



    The concrete comes in slabs, often used for the floors/ceilings as structures were built up the way.



    I am no expert but it is easy to imagine that the sections of terrace/steps for a stadium would be a use for RAAC during the 70s.



    If found in the Copland stand, then why would it not also be used in the Broomloan and Govan stands.



    Whisper it,……. and in a worse case scenario, Demolition might be cheaper and preferential than trying to replace it.



    But that is not getting us a goalie is it.

  19. bournesouprecipe on




    Plan still on course sign a new keeper, and complete the Bernardo loan to permanent, then sit back and wait for the Matt O’Riley type departure and see if there’s any window bargains. One or two potential youngsters like Bosun Lawal promoted to the first team squad, last years ‘development’ eight out, or in the exit door. Season ticket base sold out again, fan survey issued, share price up, balance sheet booming.



    As ever



    Status quo Celtic CSC



    P.s. Directors box refurbished

  20. They’ll be insufferable now they’ve got to the final. There will be flags everywhere, songs about it coming home, thinking they’ve already got it won etc. But enough about Cork people, what about England.

  21. my spanish relatives think spain will win by at least two clear goals, i live in hope.

  22. Whether its infrastructure, manufacturing or utility upgrades, anyone involved in project work will be aware of the need to identify the critical path and source materials needed to ensure the critical path is followed. This could take months of prep but it’s all done before a single shovel hits the ground.



    We’re told the Huns were let down by a materials supplier and that as a result, a time critical project has overrun significantly.



    This in off itself represents such profound incompetence that it’s difficult for me to believe it.



    Even if this farcical excuse of delayed supplies were true, the weeks of silence and the lack of information being made public almost certainly signals something far larger in terms of significance.



    It shouldn’t take the Huns weeks to source new materials and to make public a revised estimated completion date for Ibrox. It’s a deathly silence.

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