Inner Record culture disrobed, signing up to the Celtic rulebook


In many places it would be practically inconceivable that someone could be employed in this position:

And get away with running rubbish like this on a back page cover:

But then you see more and get a picture of the organisation involved:

The Record have been caught displaying their inner culture and will no doubt be forced into a remedial action, but getting caught was just misfortune. The culture exists and has informed articles for years.  They have gone too far down this road to even begin to understand what they’ve done to a once-strong demographic.

An echo reached me from 2012 today, which illuminated yesterday’s article. As the SPL debated serious issues in 2012, a consensus emerged on what subsequently took place. There were hold-outs to the new majority, however.

One director of a club near Glasgow (no guesses, now) made his position clear: “I’m not signing up to any f****** Celtic rulebook.”

The comment met with incredulity, as the Celtic rulebook wasn’t part of the conversation. Fans and clubs across the country came to the same conclusion about how our game should proceed.  It was no more the Celtic rulebook than the Aberdeen, Hearts and Hibs rulebook, but prejudices occasionally seep out when people don’t get what they want.

This is what we’re up against. They are still out there, writing articles for the paying public, or voting on the future of our game.

As for the Celtic rulebook, I’ve seen it. It contains one page and only three words: “Pay your bills.” That doesn’t sound like much but remarkably, it may deliver 20-in-a-row. I hope others don’t start to copy us.


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    I’m sure deep down he really is a warm and fuzzy hate filled psychopath…




    By his friends you’ll shall know him..




    Currently enjoying The Rough Guide to Ethiopian Jazz a Chrimbo present from a mate back home!





  2. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Dont see why Celtic dont just ban these bigots.


    Its beyond a joke.


    Action needs taken.


    Put a hard as nails lawyer on him.


    Ridiculous that we are putting up with this.


    What more evidence of the hatred do you need?


    Ignore it and it will continue.




  3. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    We invite 8k of these bigots to watch our team play a 4 year old club

  4. The Inane Rambler on

    Question – was it the record or sun who ran a front page, following a primary school teacher posting pro Irish Republican sentiment on social media?



    Was possibly past year or so?



    The poor girl was hounded.

  5. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    If that tweet would have been about jewish or muslim people there would be uproar.


    I dont get why they are allowed to get away with this.


    They are surely responsible for the content and for the feckin coward that wrote it.


    Why wont the PLC stand up and do something.


    I dont understand.




  6. Modern Inner Record Culture is rubbish – everyone know that (do we still make that joke in 2017)?



    Mikael Lustig signed a new contract this week. After a stop/start beginning to his Celtic career, he is becoming one of the back bone members of the squads starting 45 games last season and remaining a 1st choice under Rodgers. As he increasingly moves to laying at centre back, are we seeing the best of him?







  7. What one from the picture is this bitter wee Hun redneck Clark?



    Is it Woody Allen, the cross-dresser, or the banjo player from Deliverance?



    Either way he’s marked his own card now.



    But don’t expect the Daily Record to do a thing about the quality of their employees – they’ll be pretty bemused that was even highlighted; won’t see a damn thing wrong about what to them is everyday behaviour.



    Always nice to know the ‘paranoia’ was actually insight.

  8. Paul67





    “Now there is a fresh reality to worry about: Celtic making their own way in the world, with the consent of Scottish football. Others will find their place in the game, while one club would wither on the vine without Celtic to feed off.”





    What evidence is there to support this quote?



    What ,where and when is the “fresh reality” ?







    I like Ethiopian Jazz very much .Memories of trawling Ethiopian shops on the Hornsey Rd , Holloway for 45s , Lps and tapes . Much of it was later anthologised by a French Record Company – Buda Musique – series called Ethiopiques.. Memory ,too , of a French Tv documentary re the ever so pure and zealous Marxist Derg declaring Jazz to be unpatriotic and part of that running dogs of capitalism thing – cue them banning it and hounding people people who played it / listenened to it etc .

  10. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    They are totally vile.


    That kind of sick s*** they revel in.


    That tweet comes within the bounds of a ‘Hate Crime’


    Maybe the Police should be looking into that character.





  11. Don’t ever forget who, in reality, pays the match day bar bill for these purported impartial journalists (sic), whose default mission in life is to smear and vilify the Celtic demographic by every which insidious way they can.



    Would you look them in the eye, shake their hands, wish them good day and buy them a double?



    You do… you just don’t know it.





    I hope Albion Rovers make sure you all have a day to remember.







    I saw that series up on You Tube, must say it’s been a revelation to me the EJ scene, I heard heard a few bits but getting into now!!



    Jazz yeah the devils music!!




  14. Paul67



    I assume the director of a club near Glasgow is a reference to Gilmour?



    I knew him in my teens…. mostly a hockey man and an average cricket player. Kept his home town team afloat for a while. Don’t know why he has an anti-Celtic tendency don’t recall him being so when Davie Hay was a frequent visitor to Ferguslie CC.



    His brother is without doubt a Celtic supporter.



    New chairman Gordon Scott is a Buddie through and through (and was a damn fine amateur football player who I played in midefield with for a number of seasons) I hope they stay in the Championship this season and progress from there.

  15. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    I would have thought this must be actionable by Police Scotland?



    Guy should be sacked and Celtic should publicly let it be known that the Daily Record is not welcome at Celtic Park – and that by extension, any supporters looking for ‘first hand’ reporting on matters Celtic should read anything but The Record.





    Yeovil? Bad in a previous life,wur ye?



    Once you get your feet under the table,we can sort out a dayoooot in Bristol. I’ll check transport links-if not suitable,another venue can be arranged.



    Exeter is a great wee place and not all that far from you. Pubs,hmmm,be picky.



    Last time I was there,we were in a pub called The King Billy. At the insistence of my hun mate.



    “Drew me here like a magnet”,he said. Proudly.



    “Really,Jimmy?”,I replied. “It’s a gay bar,ya choob!”

  17. There’s a reason we call it the daily ranger, it’s a shame there are still Celtic supporters who buy this anti Celtic rag. Having said that, I wish our club would cut all ties with this paper and make it clear why.



    Walk tall Celtic




  18. saltires en sevilla on




    That is direct. :-)



    My views on MSM and SMSM in particular, is on record (sic). Saved thousands in last 10 years and mainly achieved by reading your independent (sic) view, (amongst others). Thanks again for that!



    Celtic will be bound by contract to engage with the MSM, what sponsor would not demand same?



    If we want sponsorship dosh, the 4th estate (sic) comes with the section, paragraph, sub- heading, item (ii) etc., blah, blah!!



    As someone already pointed out, there are a sizeable number of Celtic fans who still buy the Record/Sun/Mail/Mirror/Herald etc., etc…that is probably a generational thing and dying out, soonish.



    Notwithstanding contractual requirements, I trust Celtic are providing little more than the contractual minimum to these charlatans?!



    As someone said earlier, any hospitality provided is coming from our pocket, one way or another.




  19. traditionalist88 on

    Yesterday the reality was that we were off to find our own way in the football world but now we’re staying for 20-in-a-row!



    Conflicting messages…




  20. Gilmoure comes out with a rant leaving PL without a name, not a lot of difference from plenty on here who in my opinion have came away and posted worse as Celtic supporters on what they think of PL.



    But don’t let that stop them from trashing another who prob. Got most of that rant fro here.Gilmour becomes the squirrel.



    Brendan Rogers comes out swinging today backing PL to the hilt and praising him for the job he does for football in general here in Scotland for both Celtic fc and the game here, as I have done many many many times.



    And the pelters I got from the ones I’m talking about on paragraph one of my post, but don’t converse on what BR sais ffs, awe nawwwwww, use the squirrel who made the remark about child abuse, I know who I am, and I know who Iv backed all along, but then again I’m not BR, and I mean no disrespect to our outstanding manager.



    The silence is deafening, and the spin is of the planet.



    Any way, off to pick up my new suit at Slaters, and then swagger across The Victoria Bridge to my favourite drinking spot, who on a Friday has a well stocked bar, and a crowd who sometimes don’t agree with me, can’t win them all eh?


    GIRFUYs and HH


    I think The Daily Record gets a bad press on here-pardon the pun.



    Aye,I get the anger at some of their behaviour over the years,but I’ve not seen much said about the main story today.



    On the eve of sevco’s latest biggest game of the season,they’ve gone out of their way to unsettle their star* player.



    I don’t think you can expect a young superstar to be focused on football when his head’s been turned by a move to a club like Red Bull Leipzig.



    Well done to The Record,I say. And I’ll be the first to congratulate them again if their strategy works and sevco see their next season planning brought forward a few months.

  22. South Of Tunis on




    Some good stuff , too, from Sudan (IMO ) -Abdel Gadir Salim / Abdel Azis El Mubarak etc . Introduction of Sharia law in the 80s saw it being destroyed and removed from history . Some of the players were destroyed and removed too.

  23. saltires en sevilla on




    liked the line about bar in Exeter… :-)



    You are having another larf with the McKay story unsettling the player?



    Methinks he will be fully appraised, in advance, of the purpose of that fairytale..;-)



    When you back up the road?




    Re Contracted to do Media stuff.



    How can the Huns ban the BBC when they have the exclusive contract for radio coverage of Scottish football?



    I understand the Beeb had live coverage of the Hogmany game on radio but won’t dare to go near the place for other games on radio, or even send a reporter, Weird.



    BBC TV have no qualms right enough.



    Maybe there’s no money in radio coverage.




  25. Hugh Dallas lost his jobs over forwarding an email about The Pope.


    This DR bigot should lose his.



    Who is going to report him for his bigotry ?



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