Inner Record culture disrobed, signing up to the Celtic rulebook


In many places it would be practically inconceivable that someone could be employed in this position:

And get away with running rubbish like this on a back page cover:

But then you see more and get a picture of the organisation involved:

The Record have been caught displaying their inner culture and will no doubt be forced into a remedial action, but getting caught was just misfortune. The culture exists and has informed articles for years.  They have gone too far down this road to even begin to understand what they’ve done to a once-strong demographic.

An echo reached me from 2012 today, which illuminated yesterday’s article. As the SPL debated serious issues in 2012, a consensus emerged on what subsequently took place. There were hold-outs to the new majority, however.

One director of a club near Glasgow (no guesses, now) made his position clear: “I’m not signing up to any f****** Celtic rulebook.”

The comment met with incredulity, as the Celtic rulebook wasn’t part of the conversation. Fans and clubs across the country came to the same conclusion about how our game should proceed.  It was no more the Celtic rulebook than the Aberdeen, Hearts and Hibs rulebook, but prejudices occasionally seep out when people don’t get what they want.

This is what we’re up against. They are still out there, writing articles for the paying public, or voting on the future of our game.

As for the Celtic rulebook, I’ve seen it. It contains one page and only three words: “Pay your bills.” That doesn’t sound like much but remarkably, it may deliver 20-in-a-row. I hope others don’t start to copy us.


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  1. saltires en sevilla on

    Carltontongues 1:17



    Ha! Dammit… sevco do ban the beeb! That argument is scuppered then :-)



    Unless we accept that the TRFC and their predecessors can do what they like with impunity?



    I hazard a guess if Celts try that .. the full force of law will be applied, with vigour!







    The Huns banned the Beeb for telling the truth.



    We should be banning the (Spit) Record for constant anti Celtic stories/lies.




  3. Saltires en Sevilla makes a good point re who buys the red tops – my father in law (mid 70s) buys the Record & evening times every day – he doesn’t get the PR link or that these rags have an agenda to attract the larger demographic (not us).


    They will be gone in 10 years, hopefully less… the papers not my in-law!

  4. saltires en sevilla on




    Good point buddy!



    Don’t get me wrong, I would horse the lot of them right now. Then invite them back, one by one..selectively. Proviso: “you can call us unrepentant Fenian Rebels..but don’t ever tell lies about us!”




  5. Just back from ASDA and walked by the chip wrapper stall. DR headline made me chuckle Not so much the £6m for Barry Manilow but referring to RBB Leipzig as German giants, ffs.


    German giants:


    BVB Dortmund – undoubtedly


    FC Bayern München- undoubtedly


    Werder Bremen – close thing


    Borussia Mönchengladbach – close thing


    Schalke 04 – maybe (masssive support) but not successful


    HSV Hamburg – fell asleep a long time ago


    RBB Leipzig – not even close

  6. It is not about the individual, it is about the despicable, perpetuating bigoted west of Scotland dollar scramble.



    Coins in the bank are worth more than blood on the pavement.



    Incitement, we never incited. No you didn’t, but you never once countered those that did.



    Whose guilt is more sorrowful?



    They who did it.



    They who in silence allowed it to happen.



    There is never a wrong time to do the right thing. Even if it means you have to stop being a coward and protect your children.

  7. saltires en sevilla on







    You have expectations?



    Just messin’ you covered that well :-)



    I hate to admit MrsSeS sometimes appears back from shopping with a blatt… “I saw something about Erik Sviatchenko (she has a wee likey) ….”




    Grrrrrrr x2 ;-)







  8. Interesting to see Alan Clark’s previous experience on LinkedIn:



    WATP Magazine,


    The Rock River Times,


    Copland Road Organization



    Wonder if that helped him get the Record job?

  9. saltires en sevilla on




    That cv would sail through the selection software



    Straight to the gold stack candidates



    Interview a formality :-)

  10. jeez_I_thought_blinker_was_pants on

    For anyone still thinking about Lisbon



    Ryanair doing Manchester to Lisbon for as cheap as £47 (Mon-Fri), it gets progressively dearer as you get into the SC Final weekend, however Mon-Sun – £72



    If anyone is going to miss the final, these guys will be showing it






    They have around half a dozen tellys and will show whatever you ask them. I watched the LCF there in November





    Just booked flights to Lisbon,so there’s week one of my five taken. As I don’t want to have three taken by then,looks like two fortnight trips,late summer and late autumn.



    If I can convince my kid sis that the latter is actually early winter,she might even let me go to a match!



    Btw,I know you’re just a loved-up newly-wed,but get the missus telt about her reading habits(!)

  12. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    No surprise from that rag.


    I get more annoyed at the insidious nature of the supposedly-impartial but clearly agenda-driven national broadcaster.


    See Tuesday’s Sportsound for a clear example.

  13. saltires en sevilla on




    You have that holiday planning down to a fibe art. We will miss Lisbon unfortunately, but both heading to Vegas for FNACSC Convention.



    Don’t get me started on that blatt buying stuff btw.



    She is gorgeous, fun, Celtic daft, likes good music… I can even learn to live with the Erik fantasies…



    Redtops? nah!




    Could be touch & go buddy ;-)





    Just means another will get the shift.



    The Sun did the same a few years back. Slightly different, in as much, that reporter, created his own headline. Decided to contact UEFA about Celtic supporters choice of songs in the Camp Nou.



    Then ran the story that UEFA were investigating…..

  15. OWEN:


    Couple of your posts deleted from last thread please do not threaten other posters.




    Your my favourite too, couple of your posts deleted alas, language, one of which was okay to your sign off, nearly missed it due to long word…:)

  16. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Please tell me someone is at the wind-up with that McKay “story”?


    I posted this after the game on Sunday as a half-joke:




    GlassTwoThirdsFull on 15th January 2017 5:19 pm


    “Leipzig coach hugely impressed by Barrie McKay – set to launch £10m bid”?

  17. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Of course there is no £6m from Leipzig or anyone else.


    Just a way of getting his name “out there” so maybe some English club with more money than sense might worry that they are missing out on some “special talent” and waste £2m on the “starlet”.


    Either that or the “starlet” turns down the non-existent bid to pledge his future to “Rangers” as they complete the “journey” and everybody is very happy!

  18. Big Peat – if what you say is true i.e.



    “If you buy the Daily Rectum, you are endorsing their anti-Celtic slurs and lies. Your call.”



    Is it similarly true



    “If you buy a season ticket, you are endorsing the anti Celtic , racist Scottish society (given that the celtic board are as ever doing and saying precisely nothing and have propped up the huns etc etc? ”



    Daily record employs an anti celtic racist – what a shocker – whodavthunkit………..



    Please tell me someone is at the wind-up with that McKay “story”?



    I posted this after the game on Sunday as a half-joke:






    GlassTwoThirdsFull on 15th January 2017 5:19 pm



    “Leipzig coach hugely impressed by Barrie McKay – set to launch £10m bid”?




    So it was you who gave them the idea. Do you work for Level 5?

  20. Marrakesh Express on




    And add that, Frankfurt, Cologne, Hertha, Stuttgart, Kaiserslautern and more. Red Bull are akin to Coventry, currently in dire straights, but never were or ever will be English giants, with or without Billionaire backing.

  21. Marrakesh Express on

    My son in law and his brother are Sevconians. I’ve actually t stopped putting them right over the Record headlines, except to say that the rag damages their club more than mine, by printing lies and fairy tales to suit the demographic. Sadly but dangerously too, they buy into it. It’s even sadder when I hear the odd ‘I never read that in the Record’ from resident tims in the Brazen.


    All said and done, they have to be banned. The DR is simply bad for business.





    Thanks,bud. The six night a week stuff really screws it up. Five would be easier to plan round.



    I got an invitation to a right guid pal’s wedding a few weeks ago. Feb 18. God,I’d love to be there. Smashing fella,one you know right away is your kinda company. Hun or not(!)



    Only way I can be there is to finish a night shift,bus to London,tube to Euston,train to Glasgow then Kilwinning. Repeat and back to Swindon in time for my next shift.



    Not looking too promising,but I’m a resourceful bloke.



    “Something will come up!”

  23. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on 20th January 2017 2:18 pm




    Far too much integrity!


    Can’t believe they went with such a low valuation!





    Oh,that doesn’t look good!



    Obviously he’s trying to blank out Celtic with his hand,but….oh,dear.



    PMSL here. Thanks,old bean.

  25. embramike supporting Res 12 on

    Just to remind everyone that the Scottish Cup 5th rd draw is on Sunday live after our game.



    Stats for last 22 Scottish Cup draws:



    Celtic -19 Away and 3 Home;



    (The) R*ngers – 6 Away and 16 Home including last 6 draws over last 2 years



    Perhaps they should list the numbers on screen before the first ball is drawn, not that I don’t trust the SFA ???

  26. So Paul67, are Celtic actually going to speak out about this conveyor vilification of their core income stream?



    I don’t even know why I’m asking beyond forlorn hope that we pride ourselves as individuals on the behavior of our our demographics majority.



    But to be honest mate… the silence of Celtic PLC is really boring the tits off me.

  27. And are Celtic PLC going to be hosting the Daily Record again at Celtic Park at the next home game and drowning them in prawn sandwiches and red wine?

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