Inner Record culture disrobed, signing up to the Celtic rulebook


In many places it would be practically inconceivable that someone could be employed in this position:

And get away with running rubbish like this on a back page cover:

But then you see more and get a picture of the organisation involved:

The Record have been caught displaying their inner culture and will no doubt be forced into a remedial action, but getting caught was just misfortune. The culture exists and has informed articles for years.  They have gone too far down this road to even begin to understand what they’ve done to a once-strong demographic.

An echo reached me from 2012 today, which illuminated yesterday’s article. As the SPL debated serious issues in 2012, a consensus emerged on what subsequently took place. There were hold-outs to the new majority, however.

One director of a club near Glasgow (no guesses, now) made his position clear: “I’m not signing up to any f****** Celtic rulebook.”

The comment met with incredulity, as the Celtic rulebook wasn’t part of the conversation. Fans and clubs across the country came to the same conclusion about how our game should proceed.  It was no more the Celtic rulebook than the Aberdeen, Hearts and Hibs rulebook, but prejudices occasionally seep out when people don’t get what they want.

This is what we’re up against. They are still out there, writing articles for the paying public, or voting on the future of our game.

As for the Celtic rulebook, I’ve seen it. It contains one page and only three words: “Pay your bills.” That doesn’t sound like much but remarkably, it may deliver 20-in-a-row. I hope others don’t start to copy us.


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  1. Donald Trump – what a guy!



    Posting on CQN in the middle of his inauguration.



    Bet JFK would never have managed that.

  2. Aff oot to the real celebration today that of Greta McGowan , Greenock and Lanarkshire’s 100 year old lady.

  3. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    I still say Barney the Purple Dinosaur would have been a better choice:)






  4. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Quite a historical precedent for America ‘wiping people off the face of the earth’


    Manifest Destiny Part 10


    anybody wondering where the bard of CASTLEMILK has been for 2 weeks need only listen to DONALD the TRUMPET.yes he has been in USA helping with THE SPEECH..




  6. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Is Donald going to finish by singing ‘American Trilogy’:)





  7. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Talk about dumbing down, he can hardly string a sentence together.


    A bit like the Hun Meeja





  8. Hi Bhoys






    That’s the closest he’ll ever get to Celtic.



    Regarding that reporter. That is the first time i have ever been happy about someone losing their job.



    As for the £6 million pound man Celtic’s bankers must love that story. £6 MILLION for a good 30 mins against us, so Sinclair has a good 60 mins plus a goal that must mean (2X30 = 60) SO (2X6,000,000) = £12,000,000. Plus the goal value say £3,000,000. That’s £15 MILLION for Sinclair.Holy shit what does that mean for Mousa.









    Not bought the daily ranger fae they printed “Get well soon Ian from all our readers” after Durrant got done at Pittodrie.

  9. Paul67 et al



    Not the first President to have Scottish roots of course but surely one of the few to have a Scottish mother.


    Even so did it have to be the MacLeods?


    First ‘Highlander’ and now this…..


    We’ll never hear the end of it!

  10. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Where is the Anarchist Clown Army when you need them.


    A few flans would have livened this show up:)





  11. …America disny seem anythin like America…


    …When Clint Eastwood isny aboot….


    …Like Cellic withoot Larsson….


    …Like Parheid withoot the Jungle…


    …Like CQN withoot King Kojo…


    …Like CQN-Nightshift withoot the Magical Petec…


    …Like Gotham withoot Batman…


    …Like Eastenders withoot Phil Mitchell…




    …Hipocrisy abounds…


    …Ah mean, what kind of folk would throw a fair few…


    …Quid into the coffers of the anti-Cellic Sunday Herald…


    …to get a ‘statement’ printed to say RFC urny the same club(LOL)…


    …And then, start moaning about folk buying the anti-Cellic DR…?….


    …Ah mean, nay winnur the Establishment can condone / cover-up…


    …£140 million swindles fae the RFC when, Cellic supporters of the…


    …NonRebellious-Jungle-Era at Parkheid are q-ing-up to give they’re dosh to…


    …A Cellic PLC who’d sell they’re granny afore they’d stand up to cheating etc…


    …All to preserve Old Firm games and all that goes along wi it…


    …Ach well,…what the hell do we care now….



  12. Interesting speech to say the least. Couldn’t believe the bit about the being the same Club though.

  13. CONNAIRE12 on 20TH JANUARY 2017 3:34 PM



    I understand what you are saying about sponsors expecting publicity, but the SMSM has such a small and diminishing readership that the loss to them (the sponsors) and the club will be miniscule.



    When Brian Quinn was our chairman you could guarantee a regular appearance on radio 5 talking all good things celtic. Since Ian Bankier there has been nothing. Free advertising lost. We really need to sort that for a start.



    There are also far bigger and better channels than newspapers out there in which to advertise and communicate. That is where the club needs to concentrate.



    Time to “write the papers off as a bad job”. We have nothing to lose but our enemies.

  14. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    HRVATSKI JIM on 20TH JANUARY 2017 4:54 PM


    Donald Trump – what a guy!




    Posting on CQN in the middle of his inauguration.




    Bet JFK would never have managed that.






    Belter! :)




  15. JOBO BALDIE on 20TH JANUARY 2017 5:56 PM


    Just you and TET to make your picks, you’ve got too much time on your hands…:)


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

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