Inner Record culture disrobed, signing up to the Celtic rulebook


In many places it would be practically inconceivable that someone could be employed in this position:

And get away with running rubbish like this on a back page cover:

But then you see more and get a picture of the organisation involved:

The Record have been caught displaying their inner culture and will no doubt be forced into a remedial action, but getting caught was just misfortune. The culture exists and has informed articles for years.  They have gone too far down this road to even begin to understand what they’ve done to a once-strong demographic.

An echo reached me from 2012 today, which illuminated yesterday’s article. As the SPL debated serious issues in 2012, a consensus emerged on what subsequently took place. There were hold-outs to the new majority, however.

One director of a club near Glasgow (no guesses, now) made his position clear: “I’m not signing up to any f****** Celtic rulebook.”

The comment met with incredulity, as the Celtic rulebook wasn’t part of the conversation. Fans and clubs across the country came to the same conclusion about how our game should proceed.  It was no more the Celtic rulebook than the Aberdeen, Hearts and Hibs rulebook, but prejudices occasionally seep out when people don’t get what they want.

This is what we’re up against. They are still out there, writing articles for the paying public, or voting on the future of our game.

As for the Celtic rulebook, I’ve seen it. It contains one page and only three words: “Pay your bills.” That doesn’t sound like much but remarkably, it may deliver 20-in-a-row. I hope others don’t start to copy us.


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  1. Melbourne Mick on

    My thoughts and prayers this sad morning for all those


    families affected by the carnage in Melbourne city centre


    yesterday, horrible pics this morning of a small pram


    completely mangled by that monster high on drugs and


    apparently shouldn’t have been out on the streets as he


    was well known to the police, really? but thats a question


    the authorities will have to answer.


    Melbourne was voted the most liveable city in the world just


    recently, a friendly open to all environment full of shoppers


    and familes enjoying lunch in the sunshine, yesterday one


    madman forced it into lockdown and the streets empty.


    Sad, sad, sad.


    H.H Mick

  2. Delaneys Dunky on




    74 years of watching Celtic and still attending all the matches in Paradise is amazing. See you in CC pre match soon.



  3. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on






    Melbourne Mick, truly a sad day. My first thoughts were that drugs would be involved when terrorism was ruled out.








    Drugs are an everyday part of youth culture in Australia.


    I know this and discuss it with my own adult children who are remarkably frank about the subject.



    I mention this specifically yo you ,Mick , because you deal with young people in your coaching role .


    The culture is not going to change any time soon.

  4. prestonpans bhoys on




    You got the 12 right just drop the suffix of m and you are bang on ……

  5. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Green piñata 8.48pm: Like all others on here circumstances dictate you time supporting Celtic. I was fortunate to be the second boy and my Mum told my Dad no way was she watching two and older brother,by 4 years wasn’t keen on football never mind watching. Part of the day was spent visiting relations in Glasgow.. a great thing for a wee Bhoy from Ardrossan, and that was how it happened for me!


    On the other thing.. one is just the breaks and the other is plenty practice… 60 years of it!

  6. Melbourne Mick on




    Drugs are a huge problem world wide, and people will get them if


    they want them, the real question here is why that madman was


    allowed out on the streets when they had so many reasons to keep


    him behind bars.


    H.H Mick

  7. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Still catching up on his record / history.



    ” Allowed on the streets ” Yes.



    And in a significant number of cases , allowed into the country.



    Still , our beloved Tims will be rejoining us this weekend. :-)


    Can`t wait.

  8. ..



    MacJay.. MM..



    The F@cker lives in the same street as my Ex-Mother in Law.. Me and my Wee Girl were there for 8 Hours yesterday as she is ill and forgetful Now..



    When Sunrise was reporting the Stabbing Live in the street Yesterday at 8am he Pulled up in the Car behind the Live reporter screaming abuse at them.. this was 6 Hours before the carnage in the City..



    Unbelievable that He was well Known to Police yet was loose to do that then the carnage later that day..




  9. Tough reading back.


    So a wee bit of light heartdidness



    My job could be air travel every week. But I’ve got to a kind of done it for years and try very hard to come up with workarounds so I can limit it It’s mostly boring and a lot of hassle. More importantly the number of top level games I have missed over the years is noo fair.



    This season back being a book holder I am determined to get the balance. But last two days trip I am all for jacking it in.



    Outbound British airways nae cooked breakfast or hot drinks.


    Home bound today. Nae free drink or the lemon shortbread.



    But here is an m and s menu designed by some trendy Wendy nutritionist. Packets of seeds.






    What’s the world coming to.

  10. PS.



    Paddy Roberts was at the airport what a handsome young fella.


    What am amazing beast of a car he is driving.



    Get him signed.

  11. Now I see Celtic are advertising for stadium tour guides to work flexible hours.



    My dream job now.

  12. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    jeez_I_thought_blinker_was_pants on 20th January 2017 1:47 pm



    For anyone still thinking about Lisbon



    Ryanair doing Manchester to Lisbon for as cheap as £47 (Mon-Fri), it gets progressively dearer as you get into the SC Final weekend, however Mon-Sun – £72



    If anyone is going to miss the final, these guys will be showing it






    They have around half a dozen tellys and will show whatever you ask them. I watched the LCF there in November






    Evening All.



    Just a note to let all those going to Lisbon know that so far everyone is booked into one of three hotels which are all within Walking distance of Hennessy’s



    I have never liked the idea of taking transport home and, where possible, I like my pubs to be more or less on my door step or just a short walk away from my bed …………. and I don’t see why you lot should think any different!



    It is just by pure chance the hotel rooms also happen to be in the best part of town next to shops, bars restaurants and all that stuff.



    Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles



    I had a wee idea about a group T- shirt but I will turn to that once we have sort of sorted final numbers etc

  13. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    SUMMA OF SAMMI…. on 20TH JANUARY 2017 9:38 PM





    I saw that footage , but wasn`t aware of the circumstances surrounding it.



    You wouldn`t be surprised to hear that I`m not fussed about the Vic. govt.


    Particularly law and order issues.


    Repeated riots in juvenile detention centres .


    Riots at Moomba and home invasions by gangs of immigrant youth.


    You would have heard that deportations are now being considered.


    Generous Oz deserves better.

  14. East Enclosure Row N


    First Team


    East Enclosure Row N


    First Team




    336 posts






    Posted 2 hours ago · Report post


    Clyde saying Leipzig have upped interest from 6 million to 9 million?



    From the stupidest ,I wont call it a Forum,in the world.


    What is the matter with these peoples brains?.

  15. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    SAINT STIVS on 20TH JANUARY 2017 9:44 PM






    Paddy Roberts was at the airport what a handsome young fella.



    What am amazing beast of a car he is driving.




    Get him signed.






    Oh , yes .


    Lots of winger options .


    And swopping wings during the game.


    Paddy is a talent.

  16. Decisions decisions.


    Watch qi or not.



    Lovely Ronny Ancona. But put up with that twat Alan Davis

  17. HOT SMOKED on 20TH JANUARY 2017 6:24 PM


    Trump does not really interest me. Go back thirty six years and the same things were being said about Ronald Reagan. America is run by the same people regardless of who the President is.



    Totally agree,as I said last night.The amount of numpties that have held this post in the last 40 years,is incredible.


    But that does not cut it with the intelligentsia on here.They still think the President has power.


    Unbelievable how innocent some people are.Trump?,could not give a monkeys,does not alter my way of life,or anyone on here getting hot under the collar about him.

  18. Good evening CQN


    And some of you criticise Neganon for pointing this out


    Form BBC online



    A 12-year-old boy has been charged by police after a priest and parishioners at a Fife church were attacked with eggs and subjected to anti-Catholic abuse as they made their way into Mass.


    The incident happened on Tuesday at St John and St Columba’s Church in Rosyth.


    A report is due to be submitted to the Children’s Reporter.


    Police Scotland said inquiries were still ongoing.

  19. @Mags 6.57….And of course Von Braun…


    Without which there would be nae Moonmen:)








  20. Playing catchup…….Is the legendary lyricist Awenaw back with us yet?


    ifnawhownaw…..I read the news today oh bhoy…….








  21. Folks comparing Trump to Reagan don’t know their history.



    By the time he took office Reagan was an experienced politician, with decades of experience in the conservative movement, including one previous run for the Presidency and several years running America’s richest state.



    He also surrounded himself with intellectuals and big hitters: Bush Snr, James Baker, George Schulz, Caspar Weinberger…



    Trump has zero experience in public office, has a chequered (at best) business career, and his cabinet will consist of essentially his golfing buddies.



    Comparisons are waaay wrong. Waaay wrong…

  22. https://dailyrecord.co.uk/ofcoursethisismadeuppishbutthensoiseverythingelse



    Rangers last night failed in a last minute swoop to grab English starlet Saido Berahino. Gers gaffer Mark Warburton, who used to be a city trader, made a late bid to gazump Stoke City supremo Mark Hughes, in the race for one of English football’s hottest talents. Dave King’s offer of £0 up front, £1000 per week for 1000 weeks, and a £15m add on once the Gers win the Champions League, was rejected by the short sighted West Brom board, in favour of Stoke’s (lower) offer of £12m cash + £3m in add ons. Mr. Warburton, who will now move on to other targets, also strenuously denied Rangers had instructed a PR agency to use their media contacts to hawk Barrie McKay’s name around Europe in a desperate attempt to try and drum up some interest.

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