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Having rested nine players from Sunday, last night’s result and performance was inconceivably good.  There were several star performers but I thought Anthony Ralston and David Turnbull put in shifts that may go below radar, but were both outstanding.

Callum McGregor made the most of his freedom to move forward to catch the County defence sleeping at a corner kick.  The unlikely amount of space he had inside the box was punished with remarkable simplicity.

Giorgos Giakoumakis did what Giorgos Giakoumakis does.  He was a handful for the home defence throughout, taking some industrial treatment in the process, but got his goal and could have added more.

Sead Haksabanovicat hasn’t played in 12 weeks and only signed with Celtic a week ago.  I did not expect to see him until near the end of September and, during the game, was adamant his was on the subs bench only to help him integrate with the squad.

I am happy to put a caveat before what I’m going to suggest, specifically, this Celtic team could make you or I look good, but what an impressive 15 minutes we saw of him last night.  He is direct, can cross and shoot, and was always available.  He is a player.

You and I have been doing this stuff on deadline day for a long time.  Never have we been so chilled out.  Never has the Celtic squad looked so complete.  Never have the “just one more player would guarantee the league” brigade been so prosaic.  In that time, we have seen a lot of great Celtic teams, several sides that progressed to the knockout stages of the Champions League and completed four trebles.

For years, Callum McGregor played more football than any other player on the planet.  He coped admirably, but this did his development and longevity in the game no favours.

Oliver Abildgaard is a defensive mid in the peak of his career who may become the third capture from our development club in the east.  Whether he arrives or not, you have never seen as comprehensive a Celtic squad.

One more thing, as Columbo used to say.  I am very familiar with the precarious finances across the city, which continue to underpin our second successive Generation of Domination.  But even I’m surprised at their lack of transfer spend so far this window.  Has financial realism finally reached Ibrox after 34 years of havoc?

Let’s not tempt provenance, there are hours left and all this strategic stuff will feel inappropriate if the result doesn’t go our way on Saturday (it will only feel that way), but despite A Europa final, Champions League group stage and all those player sales, this window indicates the depths of their problems.

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  1. prestonpans bhoys on

    Tom McLaughlin on 1st September 2022 7:17 pm



    Welcome back, about time😂😂👍👏👏

  2. CONEYBHOY on 1ST SEPTEMBER 2022 8:16 PM



    I think its a bit of a stretch to suggest neither added anything. There aren’t many football clubs in similar situations who can boast our record on the pitch while remaining profitable over such a long period. That doesn’t happen by accident or luck.

  3. Lambert 14



    Don’t you realise that for much of those years we were competing in a rigged market vs an over spending competitor and yet still won handsomely in many of those years whilst also running the business without selling family silver and the entire thing from under our feet.



    This sowed the seeds for our dominance. We are leveraging the fruits of that tonight as we see the newco finally brought face to face with financial reality

  4. ‘GG on 1st September 2022 7:52 pm



    Ange has brought an end to the lowering the sash anxiety we experienced in former days.



    Brisk business has been done in an orderly fashion ensuring targets met his philosophy.



    No more crowds in the car park to see the latest unknown arrival.



    No more dissatisfied hand wringing on public forums and private meeting corners.



    Instead a steady stream of players with add on value and exciting potential.



    The future’s bright. It’s green and white.






    Ange Wiz Born to Manage Celtic.



    No doubt Tuesday will be out of this World for Ange and Celtic Supporters.



    Ye never know as admin errors etc but the cashboolah has been taken out the account. Me & the Wee Man are gonnae witness something Special on Tuesday.

  5. bigrailroadblues on

    Philbhoy 8.16. Nae bother mate. Plenty more meets upcoming. Coatbridge is one this month and a few more at the Shipbank and other dens of Ill repute. Well they are if they allow me and BelmontBrian in.

  6. Tom McLaughlin on 1st September 2022 7:17 pm





    I’m 69 on Monday. Still another year before I’m old.





    In case I forget to mention it on Monday, I will wish you a Happy Birthday in advance – enjoy your day!

  7. BMCUWP is coming home for a coupla weeks….from nxt week…I’ll get in touch n see if he can be arsed coming out furra beer ;-))




  8. There is an irony, however that they’ve tried to copy our model for years and now its bearing fruit, they’ve won the league and are talking about the journey being at its end with cl qualification, sevco have stopped the spending.



    There will be some very confused bears out there tonight

  9. Beamishismypint – good question, well put matey………..i think there has to be something in that. But the Board do seem keen to support Ange, and their faith looks to be being repaid.







    Much obliged my friend.



    Got my son’s wedding in Edinburgh on Saturday. Will watch the first half of the big game at home then taxi to the chapel. Will have 2nd half on silent on my phone in my sporran for as long as my missus doesn’t notice.



    A victory should make a great day even better, and make for a very enjoyable birthday on Monday.



    Hail Hail.

  11. bigrailroadblues on

    Team for Saturday; Joe, JJ, CCV, Carl, Greg, Captain, Reo, Jota, Kyogo, Liel, Mooy. You heard it here first. Or worst. 🙄

  12. According to some on here,my comments are not worth bothering about ,I have posted on here several times with no replies,

  13. TIMBHOY163



    Happens to me all the time too!



    Always read your posts so don’t fret about it!

  14. Tom McLaughlin on 1st September 2022 8:39 pm





    Obviously, the wedding is a very important thing, so I really hope you get everything you want for your birthday. That means Celtic win their next 2 games and the wedding goes swingeingly.



    Hope so.





  15. TIMBHOY163 on 1ST SEPTEMBER 2022 8:42 PM


    According to some on here,my comments are not worth bothering about ,I have posted on here several times with no replies,



    I wouldn’t take it personally, on days like today there’s so much going on its difficult to get yourself heard sometimes.

  16. Good grief Timbhoy163…99% ( jist made that up EL style ) of my posts are just shouting into the void. If you really want to have a conversation, address another poster’s post/pish directly 😂







    Soiree is indeed a word. One of the many French words absorbed into the English language.



    Only problem is, le soir is French for evening, so soiree means an evening event or gathering rather than an afternoon.

  18. Superannuated Fenian on

    Sorry, guys. I’ve just had a closer look at the photo forwarded by my son. Yeah, it’s a fake. Got his ref’s earpiece in. Still, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean the b……s aren’t out to get you!

  19. I have never understood kids planning their weddings for a date during the seasons when they know full well their celtic da will be missing a match



    weans egh,