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Having rested nine players from Sunday, last night’s result and performance was inconceivably good.  There were several star performers but I thought Anthony Ralston and David Turnbull put in shifts that may go below radar, but were both outstanding.

Callum McGregor made the most of his freedom to move forward to catch the County defence sleeping at a corner kick.  The unlikely amount of space he had inside the box was punished with remarkable simplicity.

Giorgos Giakoumakis did what Giorgos Giakoumakis does.  He was a handful for the home defence throughout, taking some industrial treatment in the process, but got his goal and could have added more.

Sead Haksabanovicat hasn’t played in 12 weeks and only signed with Celtic a week ago.  I did not expect to see him until near the end of September and, during the game, was adamant his was on the subs bench only to help him integrate with the squad.

I am happy to put a caveat before what I’m going to suggest, specifically, this Celtic team could make you or I look good, but what an impressive 15 minutes we saw of him last night.  He is direct, can cross and shoot, and was always available.  He is a player.

You and I have been doing this stuff on deadline day for a long time.  Never have we been so chilled out.  Never has the Celtic squad looked so complete.  Never have the “just one more player would guarantee the league” brigade been so prosaic.  In that time, we have seen a lot of great Celtic teams, several sides that progressed to the knockout stages of the Champions League and completed four trebles.

For years, Callum McGregor played more football than any other player on the planet.  He coped admirably, but this did his development and longevity in the game no favours.

Oliver Abildgaard is a defensive mid in the peak of his career who may become the third capture from our development club in the east.  Whether he arrives or not, you have never seen as comprehensive a Celtic squad.

One more thing, as Columbo used to say.  I am very familiar with the precarious finances across the city, which continue to underpin our second successive Generation of Domination.  But even I’m surprised at their lack of transfer spend so far this window.  Has financial realism finally reached Ibrox after 34 years of havoc?

Let’s not tempt provenance, there are hours left and all this strategic stuff will feel inappropriate if the result doesn’t go our way on Saturday (it will only feel that way), but despite A Europa final, Champions League group stage and all those player sales, this window indicates the depths of their problems.

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  1. Timbhoy163



    could you post something about Barrowfield, Lennoxtown the state of the lamposts at celtic park or how you cant go to the pennycar stadium, then i can respond,



    ta much

  2. bye the way,



    Celtic 19s vs Real Madrid 19s at the penny cars next week before the big fixture, got to be worth a swatch for local retirees

  3. 9 league championships.



    4 trebles back to back



    2 doubles.



    one bad season.



    back on track



    profits most years.



    what do we really think could have been better ?

  4. Just another moan about the scums luck.Liverpool struggling with form.


    Ajax have more on strike than the Binmen.



    Is there a higher being somewhere with a H.un scarf?.

  5. SAINT STIVS on 1ST SEPTEMBER 2022 9:04 PM



    Sarcasm, in this case, is unbecoming







  6. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on 1st September 2022 9:17 pm



    Beating Leeds 1970 Hampden





    Well done sir. You won’t get the last one – if you do I might not see as I am off to bed. Got bad news today in Belvoir Park Centre.




  7. I can see them going for Barkley if we beat them on Saturday. Otherwise the pitch forks will be out.

  8. Well I did catch answers as I logged off –



    Jock Stein and Kenny Dalglish in 1977



    Two all-time legends of the game here, with then-Celtic manager Jock Stein and striker Kenny Dalglish celebrating the club’s Scottish title success in 1977. Dalglish, who is on the Coca Cola here, left for Liverpool soon after, and a year later he scored the winning goal in a memorable 1-0 European Cup Final win for the Merseysiders against Bruges at Wembley

  9. bankiebhoy1 on 1st September 2022 9:19 pm



    Lovin’ the pics Mr Scully……….


    ….mibbe nix the Rekord?


    HH Bud.





    Yeah, totally right. I do try to get a variety of sources and sadly some of the best pics come from crap sources. Will try to avoid totally in the future.






    Off to bed now – promise!




    Bernabei, it’s far too early to judge. Only going by last night I thought he was not adventurous enough 1st half and chose the safe pass….but he came into it 2nd half but still a work in progress




  11. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    The Huns and SMSM still basking in the glories of……..



    Billy “Billy 😉” Gilmour.



    Dearie me.