Insights from strategically huge window


Having rested nine players from Sunday, last night’s result and performance was inconceivably good.  There were several star performers but I thought Anthony Ralston and David Turnbull put in shifts that may go below radar, but were both outstanding.

Callum McGregor made the most of his freedom to move forward to catch the County defence sleeping at a corner kick.  The unlikely amount of space he had inside the box was punished with remarkable simplicity.

Giorgos Giakoumakis did what Giorgos Giakoumakis does.  He was a handful for the home defence throughout, taking some industrial treatment in the process, but got his goal and could have added more.

Sead Haksabanovicat hasn’t played in 12 weeks and only signed with Celtic a week ago.  I did not expect to see him until near the end of September and, during the game, was adamant his was on the subs bench only to help him integrate with the squad.

I am happy to put a caveat before what I’m going to suggest, specifically, this Celtic team could make you or I look good, but what an impressive 15 minutes we saw of him last night.  He is direct, can cross and shoot, and was always available.  He is a player.

You and I have been doing this stuff on deadline day for a long time.  Never have we been so chilled out.  Never has the Celtic squad looked so complete.  Never have the “just one more player would guarantee the league” brigade been so prosaic.  In that time, we have seen a lot of great Celtic teams, several sides that progressed to the knockout stages of the Champions League and completed four trebles.

For years, Callum McGregor played more football than any other player on the planet.  He coped admirably, but this did his development and longevity in the game no favours.

Oliver Abildgaard is a defensive mid in the peak of his career who may become the third capture from our development club in the east.  Whether he arrives or not, you have never seen as comprehensive a Celtic squad.

One more thing, as Columbo used to say.  I am very familiar with the precarious finances across the city, which continue to underpin our second successive Generation of Domination.  But even I’m surprised at their lack of transfer spend so far this window.  Has financial realism finally reached Ibrox after 34 years of havoc?

Let’s not tempt provenance, there are hours left and all this strategic stuff will feel inappropriate if the result doesn’t go our way on Saturday (it will only feel that way), but despite A Europa final, Champions League group stage and all those player sales, this window indicates the depths of their problems.

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  1. Der Hun seems to think they can afford to wait til the next transfer window and do a Celtic. With the likes of Collum, Robertson and Walsh on side, their long war strategy is in play.

  2. Breaking News from Ibrox on deadline day:



    Sevco phone BT faults dept to see if their phone lines are working. They suspect their is an intermittent fault on incoming calls that has prevented suitors placing bids for Morelos, Kent and Kamara today.



    If the fault is confirmed Sevco will be seeking compensation to the tune of £50m.

  3. TEXASTIM on 1ST SEPTEMBER 2022 11:18 PM



    You’re probably right, and it is about self-interest. Maybe they want some of their money back when they can, maybe they’re making everything look nice for a sale. But to make themselves this unpopular when all it would take is a bit of bling to appease the hordes is such a change in mentality its all a bit strange.



    I do think they’ve been spooked by how good our football is at the moment. You’d have to be very ignorant to have not watched us last night and seen how far ahead our squad is of theirs.



    I dont think FFP will be much of a worry for them. Last year and this years successes will give them a lot of leeway with the existing regs and the new ones that come in. The new regs are being phased in gradually, I think they’ll be ok, although it was always going to make signing Barkley on a huge wage for 4 years unlikely.

  4. BURNLEY78 on 1ST SEPTEMBER 2022 11:20 PM



    To paraphrase Paul67, football comes at you quickly when you lose games.



    They’re walking a bit of a tightrope. Lets see how they cope without their safety net.

  5. “And the football link with Carl Starfelt is not Oliver Abildgaard’s only Celtic connection, with his granddad, who stays in Aberdeen, a Celtic fan, as is his uncle.”



    Sorry, what?

  6. Question



    Do we a) really need any additions



    b) not get free agents



    3) really need any additions




  7. Mickey Johnson loan confirmed. We also gave him a one year extension…



    I thought he was under contract until 2024 so I’m not sure why we’ve given him an extension.

  8. Burnley78



    Lundstrom dominated the middle of the park in the last 2 derbies.


    He was also allowed to foul with impunity.



    Bassey going weakens them.


    Balogun matched Maeda for pace in the 2nd half of our 3-0 win in Jan .


    I’m glad to see him go .



    Their big threat for me is Kent ,and their teamwork.




  9. garygillespieshamstring on

    Eighteen bookings and two red cards in two years playing in Russia.


    I hope big Carl warns Olly about Scottish referees.

  10. Oliver Abildgaard on his move



    Oliver Abildgaard has maintained a keen interest in Celtic’s fortunes ever since his former Rubin Kazan team-mate, Carl Starfelt, signed for the Hoops last summer.



    And the Swedish defender reported back on the positive experiences he’s enjoyed, both on the pitch with Celtic and also living in Glasgow.



    So the 26-year-old Danish midfielder is delighted to be reunited with Starfelt, having joined Celtic on a season-long deal, subject to international clearance.



    He’s made the move on transfer deadline day, becoming the club’s ninth signing of this window, and speaking exclusively to Celtic TV, he admitted that he can’t wait to play at Paradise.



    “This is a day I’ve been very much looking forward to ever since I heard the possibility of coming here,” Oliver Abildgaard said.



    “I’ve been following the highlights recently, ever since I heard about the interest, and I’ve also been keeping my eye on Carl Starfelt as well ever since he moved here a year ago.



    “He’s been amazed by the club ever since he came here, and the life in Glasgow as well. He’s enjoying it very much and he’s only told me good things about it.”




    And the football link with Carl Starfelt is not Oliver Abildgaard’s only Celtic connection, with his granddad, who stays in Aberdeen, a Celtic fan, as is his uncle.



    As for what he can bring to Ange Postecoglou’s side, the Danish midfielder said: “My main strengths are as a holding midfielder, and I’ll do whatever the manager and the coaching staff will require from me.



    ‘Due to my physique, I’m very strong, I will win my duels, and I’m able to be the link between our defence and our attacking players.’



    It an exciting season for the Scottish champions, who kick off their UEFA Champions League group-stage campaign next Tuesday with a home game against the holders, Real Madrid.



    And with so many big games ahead, both domestically and in Europe, Celtic’s latest signing can’t wait to play in front of the Celtic fans.



    “At all times it would be perfect to come here but, of course, with these big games coming up, I’m really looking forward to feeling the atmosphere, not only in the stadium but also in the city,” he said.



    “I’ve only heard very good things about the fans and the culture of the club. It goes without saying how big the fanbase and I’m just looking forward to being part of it.”




  11. Good luck to Mikey Johnston in Portual






    An Dun



    Maybees Ange and team sees him with a part to play in the future,playing weekly will hopefully ensure he comes back and adds to us,he’s not being played,who knows what window will be like next year,just theorising,:-) but we got to look ahead.i do hope he comes back,if no well he did wear thi hoops,good luck to him.






    Maestro thought it was his last game throwing his shirt into the Jungle. Move to Italy later fell through





    Maestro just after clinching the title in 1988.

  13. Their last accounts showed just over £10 million was owed to directors, £2 million owed in commercial loans, £3 million owed in a covid loan, £7 million owed to HMRC.



    We know they’ve settled (lost) their legal dispute with Ashley, reportedly costing £10 million.



    They look to have used the CL money to clear their slate so to speak.



    I don’t think there’s much equity left in their current squad so the next challenge will be to reduce their operating costs to break even for future seasons.

  14. Another very good transfer window – both the ins and the outs.


    Ive found myself incredibly excited about our next game all season so far


    These are happy times to be a Tim


    Standard of debate on CQN has been equally pleasing


    Now, who do we play next?

  15. Probably be false, but there are rumours on the dark side that Tavernier has not trained this week. Injured.

  16. We have enjoyed 2-3 days of football-related posts rather than party political broadcasts.


    CQN returns to its roots.


    Welcome home.

  17. GENE



    Missing your input mate!



    The Blog has been great the last few days!



    Why don’t you give it another try?



    Good to see TOM MCLAUGHLIN back too!



    Best window ever in my opinion and great to be a CELT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As usual!

  18. AP2 looks to be moving forward in style.


    Big progress of the park / even bigger progress on the park.



    Deal of the summer — AM.


    He is the player SB wanted to be — nous as well as energy.



    Strategy of the summer — make our £20mill spend go as far as it could.


    Consolidation saw £15mill go out the door to stand still.


    Looks like we had to nickel and dime some of the deals.


    Some big hits on previous players.


    However things are moving.



    Forward vs back vs sideways — we will soon have some answers.



    The curse of loans that work and work well.


    At some point you are going to have to pick the can up.


    Plus your negotiating position isn’t great.



    Two late deals — interesting.


    Replacing the two that went out first — TR and NB– last.


    Not sure if that was the plan but we managed it.



    Once the accounts come out we will see how well we are doing.


    More games to give us a better understanding of where we are as a football club.


    Plus some hard numbers to quantify / qualify AP’s growth agenda.



    One element = new players.


    Second element is tactics / coaching starting to work.


    Third element — young / younger players developing.


    Step forward GT — proudly wearing that yellow jersey.



    Stuff for Jan?



    Make sure the MF is set up correctly — gnashing of teeth on the way..


    Look for better quality at CB — CCV + CS are a bit bare bones for the CL.


    MoJ looks as if he is 24 months away from real CL quality — although so was GT 12 months ago..


    Work the B Team harder and start looking for 2005’s who will improve us.



    What is the mantra — we never stop …



    How about some plans for the Main Stand rebuild.


    If we had a hotel we would be raking it in at the moment.

  19. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on









    Loved this picture Scullybhoy.



    Thank you.



    For me it perfectly encapsulates what the two greatest players (as voted by fans) of Celtic and Oldco represented.



    Jimmy Johnstone – jinking, in motion, bending his body with great balance, taking it forward, ball close to feet.



    John Greig in the background – motionless, upright, muscular, menacing.



    Throw a Roman legionnaire’s outfit on him and he’d be a shoe-in as an extra in Ben Hur.



    Says everything about what our club and both their clubs are all about.





    ‘Says everything about what our club and both their clubs are all about.’







    Reliant on one another?

  21. ticket fraud silent tims on

    Neither SENTINEL CELTS nor CELTIC QUICK NEWS has written a single article about Celtic fans being duped by deceitfully contrived Old Firm ticket prices since 2016.


    Prices on tickets which suggest that Sevco are Rangers, and Celtic fans have been sold out by their PLC.


    So why no articles about this scam on either SENTINEL CELTS or CELTIC QUICK NEWS?


    What are you cowards, liars, or both?