Instant gratification and the road ahead


Instant gratification is no good for people, it gives our brains the wrong signals, but still, when it comes……….  Within 4 minutes of making his Celtic debut Daizen Maeda opened the scoring against Hibernian.  It was his first chance, his first proper involvement in play and pivoted the game away from Hibs, who should have already been ahead after Joe Hart and Josip Juranovic pondered in their six-yard box.

Such was the anticipation ahead of last night’s game that for some of us it brought back memories of Jorge Cadete’s debut against Aberdeen (delayed by maleficence at the SFA), or Paulo Di Canio’s against Kilmarnock the same year.  Maeda’s impact was every bit as clinical.  His 90 minutes was reminiscent of Kyogo; constant movement, gyroscopic balance, few touches and an outcome-determining performance.

If Maeda had a dream debut, Reo Hatate’s reached fantasy levels.  When we first heard of Reo he was operating as a left back, with the cursed title of a utility player.  The transformation he brought to Celtic’s play had to be seen to be believed.  His role was to create and then utilise space, the former achieved by perpetual movement, the latter by ranging passes that switched play and swiftly pushed Celtic forward.

As a consequence, it all looked too easy for Celtic.  They had options everywhere, a teammate in space, a forward pass tempting them into attack.  Hatate’s movement impacted what happened everywhere on the field.  It was a kind of omnipresence, even when he was 40 yards away (the limit of his distance from play), he was still consequential.

With so many playing their first game in over a month, the relenting pace of the first half could not continue.  Celtic reduced their pressing after the break and saw the game out.  With five substitutes available, it was curious that Ange Postecoglou waited until 74 minutes before brining on Yosuke Ideguchi, Giorgos Giakoumakis and Mikey Johnston.

Our third and final debutant of the night had a lot to live up to.  Yosuke adopted the No. 6 role at the back of the midfield, with Callum McGregor moving one place ahead for the remainder of the game.  He did enough to show comfort and competence on the ball, as Celtic subverted Hibernian hopes.

As I said above, instant gratification misleads our brains.  My brain has already extrapolated last night’s performance across the remainder of the season.  Let’s agree that at the very least, Celtic have embarked on an exciting road.

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  1. DENIABHOY on 18TH JANUARY 2022 7:26 PM


    What is the most number of players from one country (out with UK and Eire) we have had playing at the same time? I am guessing that if/when Kyogo, Maeda, Hatate and Gucci are all on together it will be a record?



    I am guessing our swedes at some point.

  2. !!BADA BING!! on 18TH JANUARY 2022 6:56 PM


    Clancy always books Broonie




  3. CHAIRBHOY on 18TH JANUARY 2022 4:06 PM




    ‘H I know, a lawyer and an Arsenal supporter.


    He served Arsenal with a writ about their supporters using the “Y” word in their songs and chants at the Emirates.’






    Then he had a fool for a client.

  4. I thought being sectarian was illegal?…..if songs of Irish freedom were sectarian…surely I wouldn’t be able to purchase them from all good music shops and platforms ????……..a songs debate eh


    I really think we should, as a support have a proper debate or even a songbook which the majority agree on…..personally there isn’t much I dislike ……ad ons should be dropped……roaming in gloaming …best dropped………but as someone who sang….uncle dickie had a boat ……..I really can’t criticise too much !!

  5. Neil Lennon, never won 1,2,4 or 7 and 8,


    Or 2 doubles, and a treble.



    no wonder we couldnt get a ten.



    blah di blah di blah,



    set the stop watch.

  6. bournesouprecipe on 18th January 2022 7:32 pm



    Have you ever seen a team in recent times have so many players forward @ Celtic Park as the Hibees had last night in the 2nd half?



    There was structure to their play as well. They couldnae really get through the Hoops and it may well have been a less exciting half but OMFG it was impressive as Hibs came to the Party to have a go, as they usually do.



    We are going to need All the Leo Sayers the next few months.



    Loving our Fitba this Season.

  7. ROCK TREE BHOY on 18TH JANUARY 2022 6:21 PM



    18 yard man



    It’s hard to keep up with all the changes to the handball rules, but I believe the following is the latest interpretation



    there will be no penalty if:



    the ball touches a player’s hand/arm immediately from their own head/body/foot or the head/body/foot of another player.




    I’m not doubting you but if thats the case whats to stop a player chesting the ball on to his fist and then punching it away?



    Punching it away would be deliberate hand ball and, therefore, a penalty?



  8. There have been several high profile campaigns to stop spurs fans using the y word to describe themselves, the club even did a consultation



    If you go to white Hart lane you’ll hear over half the crowd using the word in their songs.



    It’s a poor parallel to draw

  9. It’s also very easy to argue that it’s not a racially prejudiced term when used in this context

  10. park the bus 442 on

    That awkward moment when you have to watch English version of UK media to see a political journalist doing their job.


    But then again, big bad Boris could’ve turned the table on Rigby and reminded her that she and her Sky colleagues aren’t fit to be judges having had to disappear from their jobs because they partied and broke the rules, which there’s no evidence of Johnson doing yet.


    Why would they party if there was a killer disease on the loose?


    Why did BBC hand out awards to crisis actors?


    Why the need for all of the lies if what they were saying was true?


    Its not like they’ve never lied before is it?


    Bottom line is, the UK media hate Johnson because he’s not like Labour or the SNP who quite simply can’t accept referendum results, and both of these treacherous parties will agitate to overturn the results of them in effect spitting in the faces of voters.


    Dominic Cummings feels betrayed by Johnston because he didn’t go for no deal Brexit and that with an 80+ seat majority. No deal Brexit nullifies the Good Friday Peace Accord and means Irish reunification, I think that’s automatic even without a border poll, then how many Ulster Scots will remain on the island of Ireland, especially as there would be no psni/ruc hopefully a Sinn Feinn majority would get rid of the Guardia as well.


    Hopefully voter ID is rushed out then sitting Labour, Tory, and SNP, councils can no longer miscount at elections, and know full well that local media will be cowed not to report these miscounts.


    Three anti establishment figures have been robbed recently by voter fraud, Trump, Corbyn, and Galloway.

  11. Chairbhoy,



    By that definition of “sectarianism”, Hibs fans were guilty of sectarianism last night with their “weegie” songs. So I reject that definition you provided regardless of the source.



    I think I am intelligent enough to make my own decision on what is acceptable and what is not. I will walkways err on the side of caution in that regard. Songs regarding small countries freeing themselves from hundreds of years of economic, political, religious and human oppression do not fall into my realm of sectarian.



    Trust it’s not sectarian to support Aberdeen tonight.

  12. VINNIETHEDOG @ 7:34 PM,



    Sectarianism in and of itself is not illegal, I posted a definition, it contained this.



    In its most basic form sectarianism has been defined as, ‘the existence, within a locality, of two or more divided and actively competing communal identities, resulting in a strong sense of dualism which unremittingly transcends commonality, and is both culturally and physically manifest.



    There are two such communities in the West of Scotland, it is far from being mutually exclusive but it manifests itself in the old firm support?



    What is illegal is racism, prejudice and bigotry.



    That is why you have to put your behaviour, chanting and singing in context.



    Let me use the earlier Wolfetones gig I talked about as an example and try to explain the context I’m talking about.



    I have a friend who was brought up in a staunch Protestant family in Dumbarton all of his many brothers are Rangers supporters but he is a Celtic supporter.



    Now this guy actually exists but let’s use him as a fiction in this case.



    We are going to a Wolfetones gig at the Irish Club in Luton, although he knows all about the Wolfetones, their songs and what they stand for he comes along.



    After the gig he says that’s out of order, I can’t believe the audience were singing offensive songs about the IRA, that’s totally out of order.



    You’d say the guys a numpty he knew what it’s all about.



    If however he goes to a football match in Parkhead to watch Celtic play a football match against Hibs and he says I can’t believe it the crowd were singing offensive songs about the IRA, thought that nonsense was over, that’s totally out of order.



    That’s different.



    And many came on CQN with the later view today and in that the context of West of Scotland sectarianism has to be understood.



    And I’d argue it is understood by the majority and if a person doesn’t understand that, then they need to examine their prejudices.



    Hail Hail

  13. Morelos raises hands to Broonie and shoves him on his ass. Clancy just has a wee word. He knows he is Teflon and gets away with murder.

  14. “GREENPINATA on 18TH JANUARY 2022 6:17 PM


    In the pub before the game we debated what the crowd would be.”



    Had a similar discussion with Friesdorfer on the way down to the game and was pleasantly surprised by what seemed like a Full House. I did, however, feel there were quite a few quiet moments/spells and the 67 light show wasn`t up to its usual standard.

  15. McGregor flattens Hedges.. Clancy does nothing. Then Hagi scores. Same old, same old. Can’t watch this anymore. Signing out.

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