Instant Karma for Midtjylland smirker


Despite the many portents of doom, Celtic were the better team last night against Midtjylland.  When the defence needed a leader, Stephen Welsh rose to the occasion, putting in his best performance in senior football.  Honestly, I did not think he had a performance like that in him.  The free kick he conceded was harsh.

Midtjylland are not as good as the Copenhagen team we lose meekly to in February 2020 but they left Glasgow with a draw, courtesy of two hangovers from last season: a lack of cutting edge in attack and a keeper error.  It does not matter how much better you are at most things in football, the game is all about putting the ball in the net and stopping opponents from scoring, aspects that will give Midtjylland hope.

Last season, a friend noted Vasilis Barkas looked like an outfield player stuck in goals.  The keeper’s hands were right below the free kick, taken from what looked like an unlikely tight angle, but Barkas arms did not instinctively extend to make what would have been a functionary block.  That’s what you or I would look like.  Ange learned what you and I already knew about our keeper.

Players running down their contracts can go a couple of ways; Ryan Christie decided to leave everything on the park.  He was Celtic’s fulcrum, one we will miss, for sure.  Fortunately, Liel Abada looked every inch the replacement on his competitive debut, marked with a goal before he was hooked to make way for a defender when fellow Israeli, Nir Bitton, was red carded.

I like Bitton, he has the ability to take the ball out of defence, but he is not a defender.  On the back of last night’s evidence, he is not much of a thinker either.  It is not often we see  Instant Karma but Midtjylland’s Dreyer received two yellows for simulation, the first leading to Bitton’s moment of madness.  His self-satisfied smirk deserved nothing less.  “Gonna knock you off your feet”, indeed

You and I have seen Celtic lose to lesser teams too often, there remains a lot of work to do next week.

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  1. Oldtim67, i meant to add the buses that run through Burntisland, Aberdour and dalgety Bay are the No7 / 7B and are every 15 minutes or so.




  2. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Barkas and Celtic – irrespective of his prior club and international record – just do not work together. It happens – needs addressed 10 months ago.



    FIELDOFDRAMS on 21ST JULY 2021 12:49 PM


    where did you see that re: Benjamin Siegrist – an infinitely more competent looking keeper from what I’ve seen.



    We do need a top keeper at the club, but even a basically competent shot-stopper would make a big difference to our chances of winning tight games.






  3. When Starfelt arrives along with our”Japanese Bhoy”,I would think a RB should be a priority.People moaning about Taylor have short memories.We have witnessed what you get for your money.10 million was the initial asking price for Laxsalt.The other numpty,Jonjo,at right back the same.I am sure Taylor is the kind of player Ange loves,and will be happy there.RB,who knows.Ange is supposed to favor a back 3,when Jullien comes back along with Welsh,Urogahide,Hjelde,and the boy from last night,we look well covered there,or do we just buy another,and never give these guys a chance.Dont think that’s Ange style.


    Anyway,I am happy with who is in charge.The difference in style of play last night was amazing.A few more of his type of player,we will be flying.

  4. MMHOME.



    I think the three pubs are enough to keep us going for the time we are there.



    As far as Burntisland goes,I used to drink in the pubs there and they were all enjoyable places to have a bevvie.

  5. spikeysauldman on

    If the new guys taking the slot on the right , what about Wee Jamesie as a false 9 ?

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  7. When Ajeti came on last night,he never looked likely to score.Join the queue at the exit door.

  8. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    As I alluded to last night, if a problem(s) is blatantly obvious, so is the solution.



    There is no excuse not to fix it.

  9. poetic justice


    noun [ U ]



    an occasion when something bad happens to a person who seems to deserve it, usually because of bad things that person has done:


    What poetic justice it is that Brady has to go to court to plead to be allowed to die, just like his innocent victims pleaded to be allowed to live.



    The cheat Dreyer getting sent off was so good to see after his wink and smirk as he left the pitch at half-time.

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  11. spikeysauldman on 21st July 2021 1:29 pm



    If the new guys taking the slot on the right , what about Wee Jamesie as a false 9 ?





    I think wee James saw himself as a striker, and might still do. As he gets older (despite the baby face) he will lose some of his fabulous pace, so a move inside might suit?

  12. SFTB – 1:37pm



    Inspirational stuff there, fantastically good and charitable works being provided by Linda & Sean’s Trust.



    Definitely worthy of our support – thanks for bringing to our attention.

  13. FIELDOFDRAMS on 21ST JULY 2021 12:49 PM


    Benjamin Siegrist, goalie from Dundee Utd – I’m told he’d like to speak to Celtic. A more than decent keeper, a very very decent bloke, speaks perfect English so communication not a problem.






    By some distance the 2nd best keeper we faced in Scotland last season. Immediate upgrade at, you’d expect, a reasonable price.



    (The best keeper we faced wouldn’t fancy the gig. And nor would we want him!😉)






    God Bless you Davie. I hope you have a wonderful day out.



    HH jg

  14. JAMESGANG on 21ST JULY 2021 1:57 PM.



    Why don’t you join us,it a good.

  15. Interesting to see the differences with American Sport. When the wonderfully named Milwaukee Bucks won their best of 7 Championship Play- Offs vs The Pheonix Suns in Game 6, the trophy presentation was to the 3 joint owners of the club while the players waited in the background for their turn



    Imagine that happening at CP

  16. Delaneys Dunky on

    There is no way that Taylor is the type of player that Ange Postecoglou loves.


    His frustration at Taylor’s performance was very evident to anyone like myself who was inside the stadium.


    Greg Taylor is nowhere near Celtic class, and never will be.


    He needs sold.

  17. OT



    I’m in London till early august Davie. Have a G&T for me youngster.






    I feel sorry for Taylor. It’s not his fault he’s not the quality we need. I agree totally, we need better. Considerably.



    HH jg

  18. I will admit to being nervous that we seem to need to sign 5 x first team ready players this close season, when we’ve barely done that over the past 5 seasons.


    To me, Ange is absolved of all blame this season. However, we need others to perform better than they have done. Not reshaping the footballing dept is a risk

  19. vinniethedog on

    So Bitton and Barkas……Bitton…is the type every squad needs …utility….he cracked last night after a terrible challenge ..then an obvious cheat put him over the edge……….Barkas suits Ange sweeper keeper type…..unfortunately can’t save a ball …Rodgers had the same conundrum with Gordon…..De vris was meant to be better with ball at feet …hopeless otherwise…Gordon survived……we need a keeper who wins us games first and foremost…..last night with a keeper we would have won…..simple

  20. PeterLatchfordsBelly on




    Glad you enjoyed it. Keeping on the positive theme, I like Ange. He’s a much better fit than faint heart Howe. Guess it’s better to be lucky than good if you’re the PLC.



    I’m also supportive of a financially well run club, which means selling assets like Ajer and Eddy for decent prices and reinvesting in good players – crucially not overpaid duds on loan because you’re lazy and your scouting network doesn’t comprise your cronies.



    I can also take defeat – even from the huns – so long as we’ve given it our best and the playing field is level. It’s the wilful failure on these last two points that I consider unforgivable.



    Too bad if you disagree, but it’s a free country. At least for now.

  21. As much as it is nice to have a keeper that can play football, i feel that should be a bonus, be a shop stopper first, and if you cant distribute the ball accuretly just give it to the nearest defender to do it.



    last nights non-save gets worse every time i look at it, i just can see how he doesnt raise his arms, what is he doing

  22. Always been a fan of Greg Taylor. But I just don’t see him fitting into Anges style of play.


    Maybe OK as backup.


    Would like to see Bolingoli give a chance.


    Ralston is not even good enough as a back up.


    2 fullbacks needed.

  23. SAINT STIVS on 21ST JULY 2021 3:10 PM



    To be fair, a keeper that does both is pretty important in the modern game – maybe less so in the SPFL but vital in Europe.



    However, our current keeper does neither. I’m not sure if we’ve been linked with any keepers but Ange has to put this at the top of his list of priorities….

  24. spikeysauldman on

    PLB – another good post :-) Free Country ? ;-) Keep The Faith – Hail Hail.

  25. If Ajeti is not good enough and LG is well LG we need a striker or two as well.



    Eddies price going down.

  26. Not seeking yo excuse Barkas at the goal last night, however Erik had a long word with the free kick taker.


    Looks as though he instructed him to belt one on target. Erik then makes a run in front of the keeper. Whether an attempt to head or just to unsight keeper, I’m unsure.


    It’s a bad day, when opposition players understand our defensive frailties more than we do.


    Hopefully, not another season of conceding dozens of set piece goals.


    Mind you, why wouldn’t it be? What has changed?

  27. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Favourite Uncle:


    Thanks for replying to my query.In the 60s we had Glen Daly,Calum Kennedy,Darby Coyle and Sean Doherty and Lily.I still have LPs from the 60s including BBC match recordings,three Celtic LPs and a LP featuring Coatbridge accordion band,which provided entertainment all those ages ago.

  28. I was wondering why i wasnt seeing england players …………… and viola, here they are now.



    I think CQN can read your mind and is data mining us for the PLC.

  29. Swansea mutually consenting their manager. You know what would be funny don’t you?



    That said I’d like to see slippy face a reinforced and well coached Celtic side. He doesn’t like it up ‘im

  30. Uncle Jimmy, I think some of the defensive frailties can be coached out of us. Hopefully personnel improvements will also help. Their goal aside and a brief spell after that aside I thought we looked better at both stopping crosses and defending them.



    The coaching has changed. More improvements needed but the signs are promising.

  31. Young Anthony is clearly not the best RB to wear the hoops , his recovery pace is poor however he does have a neat trick to beat a defender and whip in a decent ball and he has the other advantage of being a tad menacing …



    Hopefully Ange’s all my fault mantra is the MON equivalent of ‘benchmark’ … experienced campaigner

  32. ROBERTTRESSELL on 21ST JULY 2021 3:41 PM



    Yeah, that was quite surprising. Swansea tend to make quite progressive managerial appointments and go slightly left-field. However, they do tend to get it right more often than not and have helped launch some big-name careers.



    Cameron Toshack is the current favourite.

  33. Been busy and haven’t read back….difference of 4 days between competitive ch qualifier and friendly on Sat…anyone know the process map for the decisions on these, would have preferred 18000 in last night and it’s just 4 days difference. Almost like we got a raw deal for the much more important fixture….



    Btw some of our quick play was great to watch🍀