Instant Karma for Midtjylland smirker


Despite the many portents of doom, Celtic were the better team last night against Midtjylland.  When the defence needed a leader, Stephen Welsh rose to the occasion, putting in his best performance in senior football.  Honestly, I did not think he had a performance like that in him.  The free kick he conceded was harsh.

Midtjylland are not as good as the Copenhagen team we lose meekly to in February 2020 but they left Glasgow with a draw, courtesy of two hangovers from last season: a lack of cutting edge in attack and a keeper error.  It does not matter how much better you are at most things in football, the game is all about putting the ball in the net and stopping opponents from scoring, aspects that will give Midtjylland hope.

Last season, a friend noted Vasilis Barkas looked like an outfield player stuck in goals.  The keeper’s hands were right below the free kick, taken from what looked like an unlikely tight angle, but Barkas arms did not instinctively extend to make what would have been a functionary block.  That’s what you or I would look like.  Ange learned what you and I already knew about our keeper.

Players running down their contracts can go a couple of ways; Ryan Christie decided to leave everything on the park.  He was Celtic’s fulcrum, one we will miss, for sure.  Fortunately, Liel Abada looked every inch the replacement on his competitive debut, marked with a goal before he was hooked to make way for a defender when fellow Israeli, Nir Bitton, was red carded.

I like Bitton, he has the ability to take the ball out of defence, but he is not a defender.  On the back of last night’s evidence, he is not much of a thinker either.  It is not often we see  Instant Karma but Midtjylland’s Dreyer received two yellows for simulation, the first leading to Bitton’s moment of madness.  His self-satisfied smirk deserved nothing less.  “Gonna knock you off your feet”, indeed

You and I have seen Celtic lose to lesser teams too often, there remains a lot of work to do next week.

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  1. How long does it take Brentford to get a transfer over the line, that was weeks ago they were linked with Ajer.


    Why didnt they just phone him, agree a fee with us, do the medical, and sign him, even with current restrictions surely that should have taken no more than a day and a half.



    how difficult is it.



    I think we will find Peter Lawwell was delaying it, something to do with when the money is paid in affects his bonus and share options.

  2. as an aside, BBC Shortbread did have a wee snidey comment about us arriving at the stadium last night



    “how many parks of hamilton busses does it take to bring celtic players and staff to celtic park, the answer is 5, someone across the city will be pleased with that.



    I am serious on this one, Dom get it bloody sorted.

  3. P67



    Have to disagree with you regarding SW and his footballing future.


    Bit of a rough diamond but he has the basic attributes to have a good career in the game — mobile / forceful / dynamic.



    I would hope that we would aim higher but he is a very valuable asset to us at the moment and will only improve when he gets a full season of proper training and coaching rather than the Carry On Skiving attitude that came to the fore when NL was left with JK and GS as support.



    Consequently here’s hoping he follows up with better next week.



    Last season at CP was no place for a ex youth player to learn his trade.


    He will improve as those around him improve.



    All going well he might surprise me with the time he stays in the team.

  4. National team career


    # National team Debut


    Greece Mar 27, 2018 13


    Greece U21 Mar 30, 2015 8


    Greece U19 Oct 15, 2012 6

  5. DM — he looked quite effective after he came on.


    Legs went at 85 minutes and his passing became erratic.


    However — at 18 — he is one for the future if he gets the right coaching and support.



    Needs a bit of work regarding his physique — he is what is known in the egg chasing trade as a wishbone second row — but he looks to have full set of footballing skills and a desire to come out on top.



    Might be a player in there — one to watch as he develops against the youth who did a runner to BM last season / season before.



    Main thing is to support his development.


    Hopefully AP sees the potential and provides the coaching he will need.

  6. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    ParkheadcumSalford …



    Am with you.



    BBC Sport Scotland are odious.



    Editorial wild west.



    Management in name only.



    Run in reality by an orange cabal on speed dial to Fatman.



    And happy to do the bidding …



    … and not averse to threats and bullying



    “You can run that story but, if you do, a certain group of football stakeholders will know first thing tomorrow where you live and what school your kids go to”

  7. RC,



    you keep posting bud, I love your insights to the game, your tales of supporting all around the globe, those bhoyhood memories under the floodlights, that never diminishing spirit of encouragement and defiance against the cheating enemies of the green.. Those tactical nuances and snippets of how those players could improve. Put that all together with your unflinching dedication to the cause, and a positivity that makes Obama look like Calamero, well the blog would be a darker place without you.



    Keep it lit.

  8. I found BBC’s Tom English’s piece on last night’s game, and our situation in general, to be clear, concise and balanced.



    I cannot for the life of me see any ‘digs’ at Celtic, or, any mischief-making. I see no lies, no bias and no distortion of the truth



    In fact and in essence, there are many more posts about Celtic, by so-called Celtic supporters, on here & other Celtic blogs, that this Tom English piece puts to shame.

  9. The delay in bringing Starbar in was classic PL interference.


    He waited till he was driving Ajer to the airport himsel, so he could pick up the big fella while there.



    And that is it there in a nutshell my JMCG didnt get signed.

  10. Ladybird Book of News Management …



    KA = Out



    Then suddenly it is new bloke in.



    Interested to see how good he is and find out if we have been able to generate some much needed value for money.



    As for KA — huge talent who I think will go very far — all the best.


    Some proper defensive coaching and a stable defence will help in that respect.


    He had to leave after the shambles of last season.


    Couldn’t afford a repeat.

  11. Jocks Immortal Lions on 21st July 2021 6:27 pm



    I agree. Big Kris will be @ Brentford for a very short period of Time – I hope we have a big sell-on %.



    He has been honest in his performances which is All Every Celtic fan wants.

  12. IniquitousIV on

    SAINTSTIVS @ 6:31


    “How long does it take Brentford to get a transfer over the line, that was weeks ago they were linked with Ajer.


    Why didnt they just phone him, agree a fee with us, do the medical, and sign him, even with current restrictions surely that should have taken no more than a day and a half.


    how difficult is it.


    I think we will find Peter Lawwell was delaying it, something to do with when the money is paid in affects his bonus and share options.”



    Your Saintliness, that sounds a tad negatory coming from you. I am shocked, shocked I tell you!


    Or was it tongue in cheek, with a wee sly poke at the mineshafters?😊

  13. IV6.



    just being a tad mischevious, everybody else does faster transfers than us sure.

  14. IniquitousIV on







    just being a tad mischevious, everybody else does faster transfers than us sure.



    Aye, but many a true word is said in jest. Peter Lawwell definitely has previous. He STILL hasn’t got the Fletcher deal over the line. How long are we going to wait?

  15. JHB



    ‘Celtic need to nail down a new number one or they’re going nowhere’



    It is the headline that counts no one really remembers what the old windbag has written … setting an agenda Ange one year , undermine mgr and keeper …. On and on and on



    I’d suggest you take an anti naivety pill


    MADMITCH on 21ST JULY 2021 6:26 PM



    Anyone noticed that KIER is not very SHARP.

  17. Paul67 et al



    Bad enough having to put up with the editorial line of Northern Britland, but got to draw the line with being bombarded with propaganda of an English National team whose supporters took the George Square template of the supporters of Rangers FC old and new to a major European Final at Wembley.


    If I wanted to support Wing Commander Woke’s team in any way shape, form or fashion I would…


    Thing is….. I don’t

  18. prestonpans bhoys on

    My laugh of the day…….


    Kamara was playing 7 a side in London and brought this mouth watering accolade from MSM.


    The Rangers star was seen strutting his stuff on the ball and mostly played as a defender.



    But he had the odd venture forward to join Iwobi and co in the final third and dazzled with his footwork alongside some of English football’s best and brightest.



    I mean where do you start with this pish😵😱

  19. squire danaher on

    EKBHOY on 21ST JULY 2021 6:20 PM



    I hear you and don’t disagree.



    I am not going to go to war with a Celtic man about defending English



    I agree he could’ve been more constructive but as AP says they’re half empty towards Celtic at the best of times.

  20. squire danaher on

    MADMITCH on 21ST JULY 2021 6:34 PM



    Good post BTW re SW



    (Everyone see whit ah did there…..)

  21. EKBHOY on 21ST JULY 2021 7:25 PM


    Celtic need to nail down a new number one or they’re going nowhere’




    I think you will find the vast majority of Celtic supporters are in total agreement.



    Example 1. League Cup Final v Sevco. We were outplayed but won thanks to Fraser Forster.



    Example 2. We would have won last night if Barkas had been a top number 1.



    A top keeper is worth ten points per season – FF proved it 19/20.



    As a long-standing Celtic supporter through thick & thin (sometimes anorexic), I need no anti-naivety pill – I have massive antibody reserves.

  22. Irrespective if Barkas has came with a glowing reputation. For one reason or another it just isnae happening for him @ Celtic. The Goalkeeping position is crucial for a team that is to be successful. I hope this is being addressed.

  23. just a reminder by the way



    centre back




    a defender who plays in the middle of the field.


    “he plays at centre back”

  24. I know I have been almost a lone voice when I have said I really rated Ryan Christie, this bhoy is top drawer.


    Can you wonder why he was hacked off last year with the Lenny and his useless pair of halfwits about the place. On top of that did someone not say Ryan was on £8 k a week. If true , can you blame the lad when other numpties with half his talent are on 5 to 6 times his wages.


    We have a proper footballer in Christie, we should do all we can to hold onto him.




  25. garygillespieshamstring on

    Ange seems to want the keeper to be able to pass the ball. Not sure FF fits that profile.



    I’m more traditional. I think a keeper should be good with his hands. Anything else is an extra.

  26. Good luck to Big Kris , fitting that his last kick was to stick it in the net to lift the Cup.



    Always felt that he was never really that comfortable playing left side defence and for a big guy was a bit tentative for my liking.



    To be honest he looked a bit lost year when the ball came into our box , (keeper and Duffy main culprits I’m my book) from crosses … good move for all concerned, it had run its course with Kris …. The good big lhad was a trier



    Perhaps now we will have more balance at the back … Big Carl is a left pegger ( I think) so getting the ball out from the back should be easier , more comfortable hopefully



    Sadly we will need 2 keepers , as Bain is scaring me rigid , Barkas unlikely to recover …. It is just a matter of time , I’d get an experienced guy in now and loan out Bain …. No clue on who but don’t believe anyone in the SPL is good enough

  27. BadaBing



    cheers for post of Charlie last trip down Celtic way.God bless him.i will miss him as i used to say hello at corner. i used to have an old upstairs neighbour,long dead,she used to take PaddyC and Charlie to Gweedore when they were weans on the Derry boat.He was a humble man with a nice smile.a wee bit of my prematch gone to rest.i never seen him play,but he is part of our histpry.



    hh cg :-)

  28. JHB on 21ST JULY 2021 7:42 PM


    EKBHOY on 21ST JULY 2021 7:25 PM



    Would the old rugby loving muppet pen an article criticising the Southside Orange mafia …



    Keepers let bad goals in all the time Craig Gordon in a European tie saved a ball that was going 2 or 3 feet wide ball bounced back towards goal either directly or was tapped in (old memory playing up )



    Mistakes happen all the time …. Ange will move Barkas on when he is good and ready … but you are welcome to use this as a stick to beat up the manager / club in the intervening period