Instant Karma for Midtjylland smirker


Despite the many portents of doom, Celtic were the better team last night against Midtjylland.  When the defence needed a leader, Stephen Welsh rose to the occasion, putting in his best performance in senior football.  Honestly, I did not think he had a performance like that in him.  The free kick he conceded was harsh.

Midtjylland are not as good as the Copenhagen team we lose meekly to in February 2020 but they left Glasgow with a draw, courtesy of two hangovers from last season: a lack of cutting edge in attack and a keeper error.  It does not matter how much better you are at most things in football, the game is all about putting the ball in the net and stopping opponents from scoring, aspects that will give Midtjylland hope.

Last season, a friend noted Vasilis Barkas looked like an outfield player stuck in goals.  The keeper’s hands were right below the free kick, taken from what looked like an unlikely tight angle, but Barkas arms did not instinctively extend to make what would have been a functionary block.  That’s what you or I would look like.  Ange learned what you and I already knew about our keeper.

Players running down their contracts can go a couple of ways; Ryan Christie decided to leave everything on the park.  He was Celtic’s fulcrum, one we will miss, for sure.  Fortunately, Liel Abada looked every inch the replacement on his competitive debut, marked with a goal before he was hooked to make way for a defender when fellow Israeli, Nir Bitton, was red carded.

I like Bitton, he has the ability to take the ball out of defence, but he is not a defender.  On the back of last night’s evidence, he is not much of a thinker either.  It is not often we see  Instant Karma but Midtjylland’s Dreyer received two yellows for simulation, the first leading to Bitton’s moment of madness.  His self-satisfied smirk deserved nothing less.  “Gonna knock you off your feet”, indeed

You and I have seen Celtic lose to lesser teams too often, there remains a lot of work to do next week.

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  1. Sláinte Ange on

    Enjoyed watching the PSV v Galatasaray match. Two things struck me:


    1. PSV are a class side that will be a tough task to beat for anyone in this year’s Europa League


    2. Galatasaray need a new keeper. Gifted the first goal and palmed the fifth into his own net.


    I wonder if they would be interested in our Greek tragedy? I doubt somewhat that Barkas would be brave enough to play in Turkey anyway.




    Payment made today to Walk With Shay



  3. SIONNAIGH on 22ND JULY 2021 1:43 AM




    One of my favourite Van songs – Brian Kennedy was born to sing harmony with the great man – complimentary is putting it very lightly.



    Apt song for our ‘Celtic Days’ at the moment – a couple of new lines:



    “When the virus hits, there’ll be days like this.


    When the squad don’t fit, there’ll be days like this”

  4. Bill Leckie’s piece on vaccinations for the under thirties is first-class journalism – clear, concise, brave and 100% ‘on the money’.



    Why 95% of us are allowing the other 5% to dictate the fate of our health, economy & livelihoods staggers me.



    If the selfish few want to opt out then they should be treated appropriately… outcasts

  5. Everton have signed Begovic on a free to spend the next couple of years on the bench.



    Doubt he was on huge money and may have fancied first-team football and a crack in Europe.



    I wonder how many of these competent, experienced goalkeepers are dotted around Europe sitting on the bench….

  6. glendalystonsils on




    I wonder how many of these competent, experienced goalkeepers are dotted around Europe sitting on the bench….




    Maybe we should let our scouting dept know? Nah , on second thoughts ………….

  7. C’mon it’s not remotely possible that we’ve scouted and paid money for keeper who is not a keeper. We’ll leave the philosophy of that to Camus himself.

  8. JHB on 22ND JULY 2021 8:37 AM



    “Why 95% of us are allowing the other 5% to dictate the fate of our health, economy & livelihoods staggers me.”



    Hasn’t it always been thus, just a different 5%, based on privilege and wealth?



    A society should be judged on how it treats its outliers. Words like “outcast” belong in the Bible where a more understanding context is applied.



    Certainly not on a Celtic website

  9. Morning troops from a cloudy Garngad, cloud expected to burn back and another 27degrees expected, I picked the right 2 weeks to be on Annual leave 👍



    Barkas could not keep weans oota close.



    Get in the RB bhoy from Sheffield. Get in a LB. Another CF and of course a decent keeper and we will have the bones of a good squad.



    Off to drop the grandson at his footy training camp.






    D :)

  10. Pingdemic – These phrses/words are brilliant.



    How much did they pay some PR numpty to come up with that.



    D :)

  11. DAVID66



    Baldock is 5’8″.



    Can we no sigh his big brother.



    Big defenders please!!!

  12. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Good luck to big Ajer. Has earned his move.



    Smart PR by the club simultaneously announcing Starfelt. Could it be we are finally under more competent management?



    On the face of it smart business by the club. Then again I was excited by Ajeti and Duffy last year, so will wait to see the lad on the park. Looks the part on paper.

  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Sevco making public noises about capacity.



    Playing the “unfair on us” card …. when the opposite is true … is their standard tactic



    Exact same used with racism and everything else they use to play to the gallery.



    If only we had played our card first (and simply left it at that – not indulged in punch and Judy) ….



    … the resonance of their subsequent messaging would be depleted.




    A truly great man once said …..



    “Retaliate first !”




    Agree with your comment although I have to say, I wasn’t excited by Ajeti.



    I’ll use the power of hindsight over Duffy but not Ajeti.

  15. Geebee


    Begovic has form on this – he left Stoke City who were in the EPL to join chelski and sat in the bench or loads more money.





    What have you done with the real PLB 🤭

  16. Kristofer Ajer, a professional footballer at Celtic for five years then transferred for a quoted 12.5 million pounds,, rates John Kennedy very highly.



    Is it likely that those who think John Kennedy is rubbish are in a better position to make their collective judgement?

  17. Good luck to Kris Ajer in his new venture at Brentford. New club, new contract, new stadium, new manager, new league, new city, new supporters, new media, new house, new motor, new neighbours, new team mates, new friends, new opportunities, new possibilities, new era, new dawn……




  18. glendalystonsils on

    Good luck big Kris . Perhaps the only wantaway with enough conscience and integrity to give his all for us while hankering for a move .



    In other news , whoever thought Celtic would be a stepping stone to Brentford .

  19. Tom McLaughlin on

    On the acquisition of Carl Starfelt, the Celtic FC website states:



    “Celtic Football Club is delighted to announce that it has reached agreement with FC Rubin Kazan for the transfer of Swedish defender Carl Starfelt, subject to the satisfaction of usual conditions and international clearance. On satisfaction and gaining clearance, Carl will sign on a four-year deal.”



    The final sentence is a game changer.



    This is a new departure for Celtic in that the club has officially announced a new player BEFORE he has actually signed the contract. This is clearly a welcome change under new CEO Dominic McKay.



    If Peter Lawwell was still in charge, we wouldn’t have heard Celtic utter the player’s name until probably early next week.



    Changed days indeed.

  20. Tom,


    it is a change, and it is a communication that basically says we are going to sign this player once all these factors (which are outwith the clubs control) are satisfied.


    It clearly also will show why transfers take so long sometimes.



    I bet though, some will still moan , along the lines of , Celtic should be influencing a , b or c.

  21. GLENDALYSTONSILS on 22ND JULY 2021 10:38 AM



    In other news , whoever thought Celtic would be a stepping stone to Brentford .




    And who thought Chelsea and Man City would become 2 of the biggest(richest) clubs in football.



    History/reputations don’t matter anymore, it’s all about the league you play in, and unfortunately Celtic are out of luck in that regard.

  22. Why isn`t Starfelt here yet?


    A club of Celtic`s statiure should be able to influence at least a and c.

  23. The Battered Bunnet on

    The Starfelt announcement breaks no new ground in terms of Celtic’s approach to overseas player signings.



    The same “subject to work permit etc” caveat was released with Nakamura way back in 2005 and for others since.



    Basically, with Brexit all non-UK players now require a work permit which cannot be applied for unless there is a formal employment offer.

  24. GLENDALYSTONSILS on 22ND JULY 2021 10:38


    In other news , whoever thought Celtic would be a stepping stone to Brentford .






    With the money on offer, it is nigh on impossible for Celtic to compete with even a new member of the EPL.

  25. TBB


    I thought you might have made an appearance at Big Jimmy`s/David66`s gathering last week.