Instant Karma for Midtjylland smirker


Despite the many portents of doom, Celtic were the better team last night against Midtjylland.  When the defence needed a leader, Stephen Welsh rose to the occasion, putting in his best performance in senior football.  Honestly, I did not think he had a performance like that in him.  The free kick he conceded was harsh.

Midtjylland are not as good as the Copenhagen team we lose meekly to in February 2020 but they left Glasgow with a draw, courtesy of two hangovers from last season: a lack of cutting edge in attack and a keeper error.  It does not matter how much better you are at most things in football, the game is all about putting the ball in the net and stopping opponents from scoring, aspects that will give Midtjylland hope.

Last season, a friend noted Vasilis Barkas looked like an outfield player stuck in goals.  The keeper’s hands were right below the free kick, taken from what looked like an unlikely tight angle, but Barkas arms did not instinctively extend to make what would have been a functionary block.  That’s what you or I would look like.  Ange learned what you and I already knew about our keeper.

Players running down their contracts can go a couple of ways; Ryan Christie decided to leave everything on the park.  He was Celtic’s fulcrum, one we will miss, for sure.  Fortunately, Liel Abada looked every inch the replacement on his competitive debut, marked with a goal before he was hooked to make way for a defender when fellow Israeli, Nir Bitton, was red carded.

I like Bitton, he has the ability to take the ball out of defence, but he is not a defender.  On the back of last night’s evidence, he is not much of a thinker either.  It is not often we see  Instant Karma but Midtjylland’s Dreyer received two yellows for simulation, the first leading to Bitton’s moment of madness.  His self-satisfied smirk deserved nothing less.  “Gonna knock you off your feet”, indeed

You and I have seen Celtic lose to lesser teams too often, there remains a lot of work to do next week.

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  1. TBB


    I thought you might have made an appearance at Big Jimmy`s/David66`s gathering last week.

  2. The Battered Bunnet on

    My Dad neglected to renew his season ticket so I agreed to help him out.



    Obviously his old seat is no longer available, but as he never goes now anyway the particular seat is irrelevant. He just wants to support the club by buying a season ticket. Good mhan.



    So on the website I can’t buy a ticket for him, but I can put him on the waiting list.



    It costs £10 to go onto the waiting list. I’m assuming this is refunded in the event that a ticket is bought when offered, but that is not mentioned on the site. It’s just an assumption of mine.



    Thing that really got on my goat was that the £10 waiting list charge is subject to a further £1.50 internet charge. Gen up. FFS Celtic, we’re used to you taking the piss but that’s simply insulting.

  3. The Battered Bunnet on




    I was hoping to make it but a project was up against a deadline that day and I wasn’t able to get along. Next time.

  4. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Fair point by Glendalystonsils re the stepping stone to Brentford.



    Reality check on the here and now.



    To The_Huddle’s response – what league you are in – here and now – is a key factor.



    Brentford are temporarily in the “Self-proclaimed big six plus 14 others” league darn sarf ….



    … but it won’t always be that way.


    (either their presence or that league’s existence).

  5. I’ve been impressed with what Ange has shown so far.


    Better tempo and some interesting signings.


    Clearly, a lot of factors outwith his control such as leavers and movers. He needs all of our support and no little patience.


    I hope all within the corridors of power are equally supportive and focused on the footballing side of things.

  6. Sports Salary website — figures on football from 20/21.


    Data point only but worth a look.



    Us = £23mill salary spend.


    PSV = £19mill salary spend.



    Our figure seems low compared to the published figures in the accounts.


    Does not seem to include employers NI for one.



    Plus it shows NB @ £14Kpw rather than the mythical £22K that gets a lot of publicity.



    Consequently handle with care — but it does provide a starting point for a squad wages discussion.



    Might offer a new angle on the train-wreck of last season:



    NL struggling after lockdown with professional standards / leadership.


    NT clique in the squad phoning it in due to the fall in said standards.


    Want-away clique downing tools after nearly getting moves.



    Loan clique getting their money no matter the result.


    The contracted players getting some of their wages in win bonuses?


    Big money plus little or no effort then destroys the dressing room even more.



    DL — for one — gave the impression that he was playing in a beer game all to often.


    SD — to be fair — looked to have other issues relating to a washed out look.



    Main point PSV are in our league financially.


    No matter last night — they still came second.


    Phasers set to malky if we ever get to play them.

  7. glendalystonsils on




    Correct . And if you had said before Sky came on the scene , that Brentford would be seen as a step up from Celtic , you would have been laughed at .

  8. TBB


    Does Celtic HAVE to levy 1:50 charge?


    I, too, get really annoyed when I have to pay such a charge.

  9. I have just been told I have `won` a ticket in the ballot for the West Ham game. I won`t be able to go and am supposed to notify Celtic.If any CQNer would be interested, I can give the ticket office your details when I inform them of my non-attendance.

  10. PS If anyone is interested, could you let me know before 12 noon as I have to go out.

  11. quadrophenian on

    Just watching the Olyroos v Argentina (1-0 now) and seeing our ex-loanee Danny Arzani strive to get into the game.


    Coupla good young Aussies on show in a muscular opening 15 from them.


    Souttar at CB – think he was at Hearts for a bit?


    And Atkinson who’s a cocky and pacey RB w Melb City (part of Ange’s former City Group). He’s green but Gold.

  12. lets all do the huddle on

    I have just been told I have `won` a ticket in the ballot for the West Ham game. I won`t be able to go and am supposed to notify Celtic.If any CQNer would be interested, I can give the ticket office your details when I inform them of my non-attendance




    even a system as corrupt as celtics ticketing system woudnt run things that way!

  13. Tom McLaughlin on




    Why can’t you just give your ticket to someone who wants it?

  14. i’ve got one too . Ryanair flight from Dublin cheap too, don’t have Eu Digi Cert yet but am vaccinated.



    Only hurdle is persuading the missus!!!

  15. Tom


    That`s what I was trying to do on here !


    As I live in Arbroath, I felt Glasgow based CQN ers were more likely to go to a Friendly than those living further afield and what that entails.


    Anyway, as no one has shown interest, I will notify Celtic that I won`t be going and they can give my ticket `to someone who wants it`.

  16. ` I felt Glasgow based CQN ers were more likely to go to a Friendly than those living further afield and what that entails.`



    Unless, of course, you are Coneybhoy :-)

  17. Hot Smoked



    I haven’t been home, or a game, since March 2020. planning to nip over in Aug to see parents so don’t see why i can’t go this weekend; except that my daughter says it’s selfish to take a risk for a friendly so I’m worried the missus will be the same (still at work).



    as you say, need to decide today to give another the chance.



    Whether i go or not, got a wee bit excited for the first time in a while😎

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