Intense period starts for Celtic


Rennes visit Celtic Park tonight already out of the Europa League and are likely to finish bottom of the group, even if they get an unlikely win in Glasgow.  They compete in a ridiculously competitive league, with 6th and 15th place separated by no more than a single win.  They are home to St Etienne on Sunday, a game with far more importance then their visit to Glasgow.

For Celtic, a win tonight should be enough to see them top the group, take the pressure off a busy December by flexing the squad when we visit Cluj on Match Day 6, and become seeded in the first play-off round.  That should be enough motivation to get the job done.

We have three games ahead of the League Cup final, Rennes, Ross County away on Sunday and Hamilton at home on Wednesday.  Neil should use plenty of the squad during these games to ensure we arrive at Hampden in peak condition.  An intense December will go a long way to determining the outcome of the season, energy levels will be key.

The regular Uefa fines for pyrotechnics are not substantial enough to make a material impact on club operations (yet), as was alluded to at yesterday’s AGM, but the issue needs to be resolved, either with a rule change, a Uefa-ordered closure, or people stop bringing pyrotechnics to the football.  I don’t predict a rule change.

I can’t say I am holding out for a win if/when the SFA eventually report on Rangers submissions to the Association for Uefa competitions in 2011.  The best chance for what appears to be an unequivocally false submission being identified, was in Uefa taking an interest (not the police).

I don’t buy the falsehood that it is somehow in Celtic’s interest to make this go away, that notion is paranoid nonsense, only blame-the-victim fantasists believe it.  Celtic have influence, but not without limit.  And despite occasional urging from me, they will wallow in victimhood, like some elsewhere.

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  1. I wonder about the attitude that Celtic where cheated but its their fault and that people are chucking it and advocating boycotts against our own team because we were cheated. We get no support from Hibs Hearts Aberdeen etc but its our fault, The media are set against us and try to criticise us at every turn



    PL is a Freemason, a Tory and is complicit in allowing the fix to go in. He is accused of being party to the 5 way agreement.



    These are all accusations laid against PL in the last few days on this blog. He has said they are all false, but, rather, some people believe their own conspiracy theory.

  2. As someone who found CQN in its early days I thank Paul for the platform and information over the years. I contribute little to this site as I don’t have a lot to say and have issues logging in at times. I am shocked at your last sentence Paul, I hope your account has been hacked. If not I won’t be back of probably missed.

  3. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    You’ll need to provide evidence of anyone advocating boycott,


    Looks to me like your here to troll and misrepresent.


    Res12 was about asking UEFA to investigate the SFAs implementation of licensing procedures.



    We provided evidence they failed to meet their responsibilities.


    UEFA invited the Celtic Plc to present that evidence.


    The Plc decided Res12 was about rangers





    I can only speak for myself.



    I am not advocating a boycott of anything or anyone that is for sure.



    What I said this morning on my own behalf was that when you deal with someone or a company and it leaves a bad taste in your mouth or makes you feel itchy then simply don’t deal with them until such time as that feeling has gone away and you are happy to engage with them again.



    That can happy for many reasons.



    Next, what anyone else did or does is not Celtic’s fault.



    The lack of support, and I have no doubt there is a lack of support, from all the other clubs is not only disappointing but reprehensible.



    The SFA is a trade association and if the officers of that association reported to all of them that rules had been broken and that disciplinary proceedings (which every club is subject to) should be commenced and pursued to a conclusion, then those other members should recognise that such action, consistent and rule demanded action, should be pursued for the benefit of the association and the sport.



    If the attitude of the other clubs is simply “mind thyself and their own interests” with no regard for fair process and natural justice then that weakens the association and diminishes the value of the sport and the clubs in my eyes.



    With regard to UEFA and Celtic — well you can never force anyone to do anything and as a minority shareholder we can’t force Celtic PLC to do anything.



    Nor can Celtic force the SFA or UEFA to do anything — but they can at least try.



    Maybe they have tried but all sorts of avenues were open and have not been taken, and perhaps worst of all no great explanation has really been given re that – even one you could understand but disagree with.



    Celtic is a football club. For many a matter of blind faith somewhat like other clubs elsewhere which are less well run.



    In this instance I would accuse the Celtic board of being ……. complacent ….. that might be a good word.



    It is not a mortal sin, it is not a hanging offence and it is not the end of the world – far from it.



    However, as a person who kinda has this stubborn streak about what I perceive as justice, the right to fight for justice whether you pursue or defend a situation, and have the idea that if you represent the large or the small you must be seen to do your best to fight for justice, I have to say that the whole incident puts me off football – both Scottish and European football.



    My interest in the game has been waning for some time with saturation coverage on the TV and I know longer watch any games other than Celtic ones.



    If I can’t rely on Celtic as a club – and at this point I don’t think I honestly can — then the club is better off without me and I better off without it.



    I have been here before with the club when I didn’t attend throughout the eighties for a couple of reasons.



    Purely personal choice and honestly they won’t miss me too much.



    What anyone else does or thinks is purely up to them.



    It will remain a great club with a great history no matter what.



    The other clubs – many great clubs – are also diminished and whatever soft spot I held for some is also diminished.



    There are other sports and pastimes to follow.




  5. My reading of the last sentence – I have added the subject as I see it in parenthesis



    Celtic have influence, but not without limit. And despite occasional urging from me, they (Celtic) will wallow in victimhood, like some elsewhere.



    I see it as Paul saying that Celtic plc will play the victim instead of taking the opportunity to call out the SFA



    But I may be wrong

  6. PHILBHOY @ 2:50 said (re: Res 12): ‘There is more money in the game with the huns around’.



    That’s it in a nutshell: the Board (as it will argue that it had to do) sides with the [handful of] shareholders who own most of the plc.



    Someone commented earlier (can’t remember who, and their comment appears to have been deleted) that Peter Lawwell stated several years back that Celtic’s ‘business model’ did not rely on any other club.



    To be fair, one could take that view at any time in Celtic’s recent past … especially the very recent past when, with another team now flourishing at Ibrox (for how long, is anyone’s guess) – one that draws tens of thousands of followers – extra money has undoubtedly been heading Celtic’s way and shareholder ‘value’ will be doing very nicely thank you.



    They (the Board) would rather not see us drift back to average gates of 35,000 or so – which will probably happen anyway, when Sevco follow follow Rangers into oblivion – since that will adversely affect ‘shareholder value.’



    The majority shareholders will therefore be doing quite nicely at the moment – so can easily say that (in a purely [short-term] business sense) it is not in their interests to give Res 12 any succour whatsoever; they will say ‘not in the club’s interest’.



    But the plc’s interest and those of a great many customer/supporters are not always aligned.



    In other words we’re in a Shareholder v Supporters stand-off … except Peter Lawwell and his Board member bosses can’t say that out loud …




  7. Good evening friends.


    The main reason I continue to visit this site is to keep in touch with my fellow CQNrs, new and old. If everyone stops using this site, where do we all go? Continuing to post on here should not be seen as endorsing the views contained in he lead aricle – sometimes I agree wih them, somtimes I’m the polar opposite.


    Clearly the long term future of the site depends on folk continuing to participate in the debate. But for now I’ll continue to use it as the main vehicle for all things ‘player of the year’. So, after tonight’s final whistle get your votes in as usual to cqnpoty@gmail.com . Please

  8. BGFC,


    Am very sorry to see you go, I am reconsidering my own position but learned in life never to make a final decision in the heat of the moment.


    Always best to let the dust settle certainly read other sites get a sense of what they are like but keep all options open.


    Paul’s final sentence is hard to fathom, think he should explain it better but we have been reading his stuff for years & years he is never rude or insulting to anyone so maybe he is entitled to a bit of slack for this one, I think we have all fecked up from time to time, I know I have anyway.


    Anyhow dwell on it, I hope we converse again either here or on some other platform.

  9. jobo baldie



    this is a great site and sometimes i just scroll by the intro.


    its a celtic site and most of all its all about opinions.( love it )

  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Sincerely hope those who have advised today that they’re not coming back onto CQN have a change of heart.



    Respectfully, I’d boycott the SFA and other clubs (already have in fact) before boycotting Celtic or CQN.



    Have given some thought this afternoon about my opinion of the board.



    Ironically (perhaps) it is similar to my opinion of the Green Brigade.



    They both do lots of things I like. Occasionally, they take a stance that irritates me.



    Hail hail

  11. ADI_DASSLER on 28TH NOVEMBER 2019 3:54 PM









    Manu U under 15s playin Astana



    8/1 Astana….

  12. Jungle VIP


    It may well be, and indeed probably is, the case that preference shareholders are ‘quids in’ to coin a phrase, however dividends are not paid to ordinary shareholders – the vast majority of whom hold shares for sentimental reasons. But they have rights too, and the Board are not protecting those rights, imo of course.







    My beef is with the board and the ftSFA, not Paul67 or CQN.



    I am and will always be grateful to PAUL67 for providing this great platform.



    I too hope that those who have said they will not post on here again will reconsider.



    Hell, the only other option is to by the daily feckin’ record.



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Paul.



    Thanks for this great site.


    Sorry for all the agro your getting today for: commenting and not commenting, disagreeing with some and agreeing with others, for believing in Celtic but not innuendo. Thanks for providing a forum: for folk to have a dig, for folk to find other forums; for talking dogs and bitches bitching, for helping us to feed kids in Africa without all the fireworks, for face to face hootenannies and gameday play by play, for bringing the world wide Celtic support together everyday, for argy bargies and cyber pints, for trips into the past and tactical analysis…



    Hope you Enjoy the game today.


    Here’s to winning the group and being seeded in 2020.







    If you are not around tomorrow I will repost that if you don’t mind.



    Excellent post!




  16. Haha one nil Fey. First time I’ve watched Dinamo Govan this year. Not sure what all the fuss is about – they are Eartha Kitt. Why they live on US tv I don’t know

  17. My friends in Celtic,



    Happiest post of the day ” Goal Feyenoord ”



    Remember guys, collectively we were there before our current custodians and we will still be there when they are gone.



    Our Celtic journey has taken us from despair to euphoria. We remain tribal and passionate for a reason.This is our club.



    Support the team, give Paul 67 The leeway he has earned and remember the words we sing, beginning ” We are Celtic supporters.



    HH to all. COYBIG.

  18. Looks like Christie could be our Striker tonight. No Eddie on team or bench. Bauer & Taylor fulls, Morgan starts,


    Griff, Johnston & Sinclair on bench.

  19. Arbroath Emerald CSC bus now on M73 approaching warp factor 67 due to various traffic issues. Touchdown around 7.15 anticipated.



  20. CELTIC: Forster, Jullien, Taylor, Brown, Bauer, Morgan, Christie, Ntcham, Ajer, McGregor, Forrest.


    Subs: Gordon, Bitton, Griffiths, Sinclair, Rogic, Johnston, Robertson

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