International break gives Brendan valuable scouting opportunity


Remember when Celtic couldn’t keep a clean sheet? Saturday’s 3-0 win against Inverness was our sixth domestic shut out since Craig Gordon returned to the team after Dorus de Vries injured himself attempting to stop that incredible goal Kilmarnock scored on 24 September.

To put that into some kind of perspective, it took the 20 domestic games before that run started to collate six clean sheets, stretching back to Morton’s visit on 6 March. The longest domestic clean sheet run we achieved last season was three games. Say what you like about the goals from Moussa and Scott Sinclair – and we’ve been spectacularly impressive in attack – but this is a runaway championship because of Celtic’s defensive record.

And what a runaway it is. Remember when we were told we needed the competition we’d see this season? Aberdeen started with a poor five games and we discover there’s not competition at all. There is no competition worthy of the name, just scintillating football, and the stands are fuller than they’ve been in years. We’ll take a look at the rest of the league later in the week.

Brendan Rodgers will spend the international break scouting footballers, his team isn’t finished by a long shot. Usual caveats apply, January is a difficult month, etc., no guarantees targets will want to come, or be available, in January or the summer, but a lot of plans are underway right now for next season’s Champions League.  There are absolutely no detectable plans for dealing with the domestic challenge.

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re in November, winter is upon us and for many, a time of crisis looms. Watch this message from Brendan and the players – they are speaking to you and me.

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  1. Has there been any update on Mikael Lustig’s injury? The wee Hun commentator on Sportscene said it was a 50/50 challenge. It was a Red Card challenge!

  2. KITALBA @ 11 56 -previous thread.






    October figure for processed arrivals in Sicily / Calabria / Puglia is 27 , 388 .



    Confirmed deaths figure for October in Libyan / Sicilian water is 540 .



    Local radio reporting 766 rescued in Sicilian water on 5 /6 November .



    National radio reporting the discovery of 4 corpses in a mountain pass between Italy and France , yesterday . . Documentation found on the corpses is Sudanese .3 women and one child.

  3. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Be good if we could get in a good DM in January so he is settled in for the CL qualifiers. But better to get the right man in June than the wrong one now.

  4. saltires en sevilla on







    Congratulations on your recent hitching to your stunning bride. Why oh why was she daft enough?









    Thanks buddy



    I’m still trying to figure that one out…




  5. BMCUP



    No! Don’t!



    24 of us heading to Wembley. A mix of Celtic, Motherwell, Aberdeen and deed club supporters.


    Only chance we all get to go to football together!!!

  6. Red card all day. Watched the videocelts highlights instead.



    BBC are brutal.



    Good article Paul. Awesome being a Tim just now.





  7. Saltires said:



    ” I’m still trying to figure that one out…”


    I would recommend you stop trying 0:-))



    Have a wonderful time. I am sure you will. Beats cycling in the snow ! Remember?







    What can be done that is not already been done….?



    Human failures will scar humanity and disfigure individual and collective compassion indelibly.

  9. Celtic Foundation Xmas Apeal: Broony – “let’s raise more than the roof”.


    You have to laugh!

  10. It is certain the generic propensity for Sevc’s to ‘self destroy’ has defeated worser managers than ‘man of mystery ‘ Mark Warburton, the new lone stock exchanger that nobody knew till he rode in, and back out of town with his P45 all inclusive via blowy Brentford.



    No knowledge or inclination, of what he’s trying to achieve at the methodome definitely couldn’t see it, witnessing the ‘humping’. You sure can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear, as the man said, and pure football with wee punies from Accrington and Auchenhowie is ‘ impossible ‘ ( french accent you’ll see why in a minute ) Why not just lump it to the cod father of Sevcs wee Kenny Misser, the only man who has tanned all three faces of the ‘old firm ’?



    The Rangers of yore long before they expired, deceased, perished, departed this life, yada yada yada attempted briefly to become more normal but the personnel rebelled and hysterical fights on the training ground cut them down overseen by mega bucked up Paul Le Guen the ‘only at Christmas seasonal fenian ‘ was undermined by Barry unbookable, and some other ‘two fingered’ pies of the big hoose



    Sevco now have a manager from a different level of the world record Albion Car Park, but then it couldn’t have been difficult to eclipse footballing luminaries Fat Salary, Kenny McTrowall, Dim Durrant or Le Mullet. The indecent haste to bridge the gap they self create, set the brand newbsters off on the wrong foot, and instead of making amends for their previous atrocities, they decided instead to stay on down with bomber brown.



    Whom so ever bigot of the day presiding on the new but leaky club deck, history shows will play the wrong card , and it is with this card they are damned right there, now to Teninarowism and stricken to suffer endless streams of their unique Jimmy Bellism.



    Sevco semper in excretum CSC

  11. Paul 67


    I agree that the defence is deserving of praise. Simunovic is impressing more and more; Svietchenco is a no nonsense defender and it is great to have him there; Kolo Toure gives confidence to others and is a great help to Broony; Lustig is more and more like his old self and Tierney was even better than last season.


    Relatively speaking, Izzy is a bit of a weakness but he still puts in an enthusiastic shift.


    Things are looking good.







    Thank you, I enjoyed them and I’m glad if others do too, but it goes without saying that all I did was copy and paste.

  13. Kitalba: Another belter! Don’t know which is better- the mirth or the humanity. Keep them coming.

  14. KITALBA…


    Copy and paste is not all you did,you shared them which means more people are aware of them.You could have kept them to yourself after seeing them.


    Going by your reply to my post and posting the videos for others to see I believe you’re a good human being with a fine heart.If only the world had more like you.


    So,thank you again.


    And i bet you’ve got a riddy reading this. ;))




  15. vfr800@girfuy.co.uk on

    I’m organising a Race Night as a Fund Raiser for St Mary’s in The Calton. We’ve had a few and they are good wee nights. If anyone is interested in going, it’s on Friday 18th November. Tickets £5 each and usually involves some free grub as well – pie’n’peas, some home baking etc.



    I know this is unlikely as there is a game on that night so for those who cannot go but want to contribute, I will also hold Races 1 and 8 as the CQN Stakes & Handicap. You can buy (and name a horse) or buy in as the Jockey; £10 a go with £50 to both the winning owner and jockey.



    A good few people have jumped on already but there are still some horses and jockeys available.



    If you don’t gamble but want to contribute, races can be sponsored for £25.



    You can contact me at vfr800@girfuy.co.uk for further info.





    From Anfield Edition…



    “Jordan Rossiter is a Nexus Q. You thought it was super neat for like two weeks but now it’s literally one of the saddest sights you’ve ever seen – and you saw a penguin getting battered over the mother of his children, FOR GOD’S SAKE, THIS S… WASN’T ON HAPPY FEET WHAT THE F…?”



    Edited,from the author’s take on Klopp’s opinion of some of the players he inherited.

  17. I can not pretend to understand all that I read on here due to some blog language etc, abbreviations, some of which would seriously test the brains of Holmes, Poirot, Columbo,etc IMO.


    However, I can state that I enjoy most posters contributions including those of Paul67, VFR80 ( who I know are not just posters ?).


    I also enjoy The Clumpany very much.


    So keep up the good work Bhoys and Ghirls whoever you are ?


    PS I also enjoy the wit of BMCUWP and others.







    It’s good to see such discerning taste back on the blog(!)



    Thought you’d flounced there…

  19. vfr800@girfuy.co.uk on

    Big Jimmy on 7th November 2016 1:55 pm



    Where have ye been? First time I’ve ever been referred to as more than a Poster Bhoy! :>)





  20. I see that Steven Gerrard is set to leave the US. Do you know Paul if there is any interest in him from Celtic Park? Was wondering if we manage to continue in Europe after Christmas if Stevie G would give us some much needed options in AMF. However I appreciate there is no need for him domestically. Also I know BR previously spoke about turning Gerrard into a centre half.

  21. Dont know if it has already been mentioned,but I read that if Celtic keep up the wins until the next Hun game,then a win at their midden would give us 55 points.Whit a riddy.I am sure some clever Tims will come up with a nice wee display to let them know what”Going for 55 “really means.


    Please let it happen.

  22. TURKEYBHOY on 7TH NOVEMBER 2016 1:57 PM



    Poppy Pizzas.FFS.Is there no end to their crassness.






  23. vfr800@girfuy.co.uk on

    TURKEYBHOY we have 8 games before we go to Snake Mountain:


    Killie away


    Motherwell away


    Thistle away


    Hamilton home


    Dundee home


    Thistle home


    Hamilton away


    Ross County home



    So if we win all our games (perfectly reasonable expectation) then we would be on 55 points when we play them.




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