International break gives Brendan valuable scouting opportunity


Remember when Celtic couldn’t keep a clean sheet? Saturday’s 3-0 win against Inverness was our sixth domestic shut out since Craig Gordon returned to the team after Dorus de Vries injured himself attempting to stop that incredible goal Kilmarnock scored on 24 September.

To put that into some kind of perspective, it took the 20 domestic games before that run started to collate six clean sheets, stretching back to Morton’s visit on 6 March. The longest domestic clean sheet run we achieved last season was three games. Say what you like about the goals from Moussa and Scott Sinclair – and we’ve been spectacularly impressive in attack – but this is a runaway championship because of Celtic’s defensive record.

And what a runaway it is. Remember when we were told we needed the competition we’d see this season? Aberdeen started with a poor five games and we discover there’s not competition at all. There is no competition worthy of the name, just scintillating football, and the stands are fuller than they’ve been in years. We’ll take a look at the rest of the league later in the week.

Brendan Rodgers will spend the international break scouting footballers, his team isn’t finished by a long shot. Usual caveats apply, January is a difficult month, etc., no guarantees targets will want to come, or be available, in January or the summer, but a lot of plans are underway right now for next season’s Champions League.  There are absolutely no detectable plans for dealing with the domestic challenge.

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re in November, winter is upon us and for many, a time of crisis looms. Watch this message from Brendan and the players – they are speaking to you and me.

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    Yep-Fergus,having saved the club,should simply have bowed to the inevitable when pressurised by Farry,and closed it down.



    Or alternatively,he could nurse his growing grievance and take the Shylock out. Which he did.





    Bullshit !!!!


    Fergus waited for 5 years before taking out Farry – Why ?


    Coz money was more important than justice for Cellic.


    Also, Fergus didny save Cellic – John Keane did.


    Also, tens of thousands of Cellic supporters who hidny an erse tae they’re troosers, queued overnight to buy the shares that built the stadium and, if Fergus hadn’t invested ….


    Gerald Wiesfeld


    Michael MacDonald


    Willie Haughey


    Brian Dempsey and Edmund Keane


    ….where waiting in the wings, in case there were any hitches with the McCann investment.


    But,….only the blinkered were deceived by McCann who, only a couple of years ago, showed his true colors when he said that the cheating huns being put out of the same league as Cellic FC was – the ‘worst decision ever.


    Wonder why Fergus, eh ?

  3. I think it is fair to say that any Celtic supporter of my generation who had the privilege of watching Bobby Murdoch will have no doubt that he is the best of the very best we have seen. As Jock Stein said so truly “when Bobby plays, Celtic play”.



    Others who merit mention are Joe McBride, whose goals gave the others the confidence to become greats, Danny McGrain, the best right back I have seen, Paul McStay, quite possibly our finest servant, Kenny Dalglish, a great football player and of course the one and only Jimmy Johnstone.

  4. Does Anybody think that Trump’s motive in seeking the presidency is very similar to that of Dave King.



    They promote the rhetoric of being master businessmen who will lend their expertise to help the club or country but they’re really trying to get access to the controls that will allow them to salvage or recover much of the money they lost during their inept displays during the recession/liquidation of their country/club. And they’ll use other people’s money to do so.



    P.S. Hilary Clinton is also a warmongering dissembler so neither candidate’s reputation should be enhanced by my intervention





    Seems the quality of politicians everywhere has reduced as I get older and more cynical.



    “Ask not what your country can do for you,” etc. Those days are long gone. Spitting Image wouldn’t know where to start with them,they’re beyond parody.

  6. Lev J



    At the risk of taking your contribution seriously, I have a question.



    How come Fergus’s contribution is being discredited because he praised the Rangers once yet you continue to worship Murdo McLeod and Gerry McNee who have many more offences on that score?



    I know Murdo contributed a bit when he played for us but he has been an equal opportunities O** F*** commentator (and a Tory) since retiring who managed to say thet their 9iar was as good as ours was.



    Gerry McNee contributed the square root of Derek Ferguson’s IQ to Celtic, betrayed his Irish heritage in print, and sucked up to the myth of Daid Murray- so he has no defence.





    I recall when McParland joined Rangers,he had been “lured away from Liverpool”



    So it was reported,anyway-aye,I know(!)



    Seems he was sacked. More lies and falsehoods from our trusty MSM.

  8. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    ABURNTCASE: Macjay and BMCUWP in ‘same room’ ? If a pub counts…. McChuills a couple of years ago at a Hootenanny !





    Well remembered! But can you remember what you were doing thirty years ago?









    NEIL and JEANETTE!!!!!!



    Neil has never regretted me converting him to the die-hard Celtic supporter he is,Jeanette probably hasn’t forgiven me!



    Hope you both have a smashing day.




  10. Gerryfaethebrig on

    If the top 5 list is still going mine from the 80s-now



    1. Paul McStay got me through the late 80s & early 90s


    2. Tommy Burns player &a manager for me he sums Celtic up


    3. Neil Lennon player & manager when MON wanted him he made sure he came and was pivotal in putting the old cheats in their place


    4. Henrik Larsson probably the best ever player I have witnessed in the hoops he had the lot intelligence, bravery, ability and goals


    5. Scott Brown, Broony will appreciated long after he has retired and you canny leave the captain who will lead us to 10 @ row out :-)



    My list isn’t the best players just my favourites, wonder how many appearances they have made, aff in to work with plenty of great memories, enjoy your day fellow Celts

  11. vfr800@girfuy.co.uk on

    I think for the greatest ever Celt (not player) it might be hard to beat The Brush; a fantastic player who literally swept up the mistakes made in front of him. Not the glamorous role, but so important in so many big games, especially in Europe. John Clark is still working for the Leather Belts to this day!



    Best 5 Celtic players I have seen playing:



    Jinky – unsurpassed and I doubt he ever will be. The most talented football player I have ever seen playing in the flesh. I had the privilege of watching Cruyff on a few occasions against Celtic; Maradonna at Hampden; and some of the top European talents of the 60’s and 70’s as we regularly graced quarter-, semi- and finals of the European Cup. That shows how talented I think the wee man was.



    Lubo – a footballing genius who, if he played for Brazil, Argentina or Germany would have been viewed as one of the best players of all time. We were lucky to have him, so thank you Dr Jo!



    Bobby Murdoch – as Jock Stein said, when “Murdoch plays, Celtic play”. For those who haven’t seen his genius, get a copy of the ’67 Final and the ’70 semi-final against Leeds at Hampden. The complete midfielder who was better, IMHO, than Zidane or Platini. Closest in modern times is the genius who is Andreas Iniesta.



    Daniel Fergus McGrain – a consummate professional and a fantastic player. Everything a defender should be – a great reader of the game, brilliant tackler, a superb engine and great going forward! The best all-round defender we have ever had. I wouldnae be surprised if someone told me he was Kieran Tierney’s da!



    George Connelly – magnificent skill and composure. The best complement I can pay him is that I think if he had kept playing he would have been as good as, if not better, than the Kaiser, Franz Beckenbaur. A great loss to Celtic and football.



    Close but no cigar for Henrik Larsson, Davie Hay, John Clark, Bertie Auld and Paul McStay.



    Kenny Dalglish didn’t make my top 10 (he wouldn’t have got into the Lions Team ahead of Wallace, McBride or Chalmers either). He wasn’t even the best of the Quality Street Gang – Brian McLaughlin was but Willie McVie pretty much ended his career! Dalgish’s rightful place is, IMHO, alongside the likes of Bobby Lennox, Tommy Gemmell, Ronny Simpson, Willie Wallace, Joe McBrie, Stevie Chalmers, Tommy Burns, Shinsuke Nakamura, Paul Lambert and Paul Wilson. Great players who would be the best ever players for other clubs, but not the greatest for Celtic.





  12. SFTB curious about Clintons warmongering?



    I have heard a lot of fascists claiming that she is a criminal then trying hard to find a crime.



    Yes she is a woman and was married to a former president randy Bill. Bill Clinton tried unsuccessfully to bring universal healthcare to Americans. It was Hilary’s project and it failed first time. Resurrected under Obamo became Obamacare.



    If Hillary is a Warmonger because of her position in Obamas government then what you are saying is that Obama is a warmonger as it was his call.



    No preference for Clinton, shame that is the best they can come up with in 300 million people. Mind you our 65 million picked Cameron. Can anyone tell me why emailing us now a Capital crime against humanity.



    This is a crazy Workd we live in. Celtic might beat Barca ; ) . Scotland might beat Engerland. Mon the north Brits.

  13. Parkheadcumsalford


    Sorry that be pedantic again – Danny was the best right & left back ( sorry Mr Gemmell) :-)



    Hebcelt – now that was a response :-)


    In fairness I do like reading KevJ and do have some sympathy in a lot of what he posts



    Players I missed out that I adored – J Doyle, T Burns, G Connelly, Lubo, F McAvennie, and of course the other 10 lions that didn’t make my top 5 :-)


    The team from 79, or 86 & 88


    My goodness we’ve been blessed



    Hail Hail





    Aye,…..don’t remember Gerry McNee or, Murdo MacLeod dining out on the ‘myth’ that they saved Cellic.


    Anyway,….don’t take yer eye off the ball as ye must be due a brown-shirted-clique e-mail telling you to refrain from engagement with me…..if you don’t already have one this morn….that’s the usual protocol from the Swindon sleazeball…..innit.

  15. Marrakesh Express on

    I posted a few weeks ago about chatting with supporters of Liverpool Everton Blackburn and Sunderland, on holiday. They all agreed that Dalglish was the best British player to play in England, ahead of Best, Charlton and Moore, at least in terms of medals won.


    To say he wasn’t in the same class as Murdoch, Connelly etc? Nonsense.


    My top 5













    Special mentions to Joe McBride and Paul McStay





    I keep telling you,you’re not that important. But for someone who thrives on controversial posts,you’ve got a terribly thin skin.



    Keep taking your usual wee pops at me,that way you’re leaving everyone else alone. And as you may have noticed,all your lies and innuendo haven’t really bothered me hellish much.

  17. VFR800@GIRFUY Only saw jinky on the tv in my nappies so hard for me to compare. Danny McGrain was my favourite player by a mile as a kid with King Kenny not far behind and big Billy McNeill a hero. Missed all the Paul McStay days as I was either not studying or travelling. Lubo couldn’t agree more what would we have been like if we had him younger. Henrik was fir me the King of kings because he was the best player I ever watched. No one stands out right now. I think that we will get better as the boss brings in the players he wants. So far his signings have been highly successful. Scott Brown legend don’t know, hit and miss for me but continues to grow in my estimation and he has served Celtic very well.





    Liar, liar….pants on fire.




    Oh, am I allowed to say fool ?


    Will ah put ma brown shirt on afore ah post ?


    Oops…..too late….




    No preference for Clinton, shame that is the best they can come up with in 300 million people.




    I had a 4k word rant prepared but this pretty much sums it up.



    At what point will they stop calling it the greatest democracy on the planet? It’s not even the greatest democracy in North America.

  20. NATKNOW few people in this wee Island think of the USA as a democracy, since governor Bush fixed the vote the game has been a bogey. We are not so naive as to think the next junket in charge of the US won’t affect our lives in a small or big way. All looking forward to it being over. Almost as painful as the internationals.




    Can I respectfully suggest you buy and read a copy of The McCann Takeover – The Inside Account By David Low and Francis Shennan.



    Regards picking you top five players of your life time…. I can’t be that cruel to my memories, affections, prides, to select a top twenty. So many great players have pulled on the hoops that I have been privileged to see. They are all family. I can’t find it in me to have favourites at the expense of other worthy favourites.



    I’d feel like an emotions thief




    NATKNOW few people in this wee Island think of the USA as a democracy, since governor Bush fixed the vote the game has been a bogey. We are not so naive as to think the next junket in charge of the US won’t affect our lives in a small or big way. All looking forward to it being over. Almost as painful as the internationals.




    And how does the South Island feel? ;-)))))

  23. BMCUWP


    Dont let Kev get to you. He’s forgotten his meds again.


    On KD, yes he was a world class player and joined Liverpool as the compleat article. Celtic got 5 seasons from him and his contribution was immense. He joined a team with a few world class players when he broke into the Celtic 1st team. Johnstone, McGrain, Hay and for a few games only, Murdoch. KD had the best apprenticeship a footballer could want.



  24. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Top five:



    Ian Andrews


    Gary Gillespie


    Willie Garner


    Tony Cascarino


    Jim Casey



    Lysergicaciddiethylamide CSC :)

  25. NATKNOW Dunno , will check it out over a few pints of speights when me and Mrs T do the Milford Sound walk in four weeks time. Going to Stewart Island fir the first time too so will check out the thoughts from the real end of the World. Probably get blank stares and asked if I am Irish after the ABs first defeat in yonks.





    His bullets cannot harm me,my wings are like a shield of steel(!)



    I’m wi KITALBA on this;impossible to name five. Re KD,I agree he was a tremendous player for us. Every time he pulled The Hoooops over his head,he gave us,and Jock,his all.



    I don’t think we were that important to him the rest of the time.

  27. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Good Morning Bhoys from a dry but grey Central Scotland for me the best ever Celt that I have ever seen was wee Jinky he was as brave as a lion as tricky as tricky can be and at times as daft as a brush.I often wonder what his transfer value would be now a days. H.H.




    NATKNOW Dunno , will check it out over a few pints of speights when me and Mrs T do the Milford Sound walk in four weeks time. Going to Stewart Island fir the first time too so will check out the thoughts from the real end of the World. Probably get blank stares and asked if I am Irish after the ABs first defeat in yonks.




    South Island is very nice. You’ll love the Milf. Sound. :-)))


    Never made it to Stewart Island but did get to Invercargill.



    Last time I was there I spend a couple of weeks up at Coramandel taking my wee cousin fishing – had a great time. Must go back soon.




  29. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    My Old Man (RIP) used to think Dalglish was terrible. Too slow, no brave enough, weak, jammy goals, overrated. All of the above were often heard when watching Celtic or Scotland on the TV.


    It wasn’t the accepted World view at the time.



    His bias began to rub off on me, and as I always enjoyed playing Devils Advocate, by around 1975 (aged 16) I would happily engage in discussion and debate, pointing out Dalglish’s failings to anybody who played the great player card. I like discussing the moon landings with believers too.



    On reflection though, Dalglish probably displayed more “football intelligence” than anybody who has ever played the game, I will give him that,



    Re. Him leaving Celtic, somebody posted earlier that if you were going to double your wages, play in a better league etc. Then we would all do the same,



    I can honestly say, not me! If I was ever blessed with enough skill to play for Celtic, I would never have moved. Being part of Celtic is very important in my life.

  30. I have just scrolled down to my usual wee bo peep and I know its Melbourne Mick who is the instigator of the best 5 debate.I,m so disappointed he hasn’t got a polo shirt up as a prize. Sorry Bhoys all the picks are so predictable ,could not argue against any of them. So here is Paddys Picks.Hugh Maxwell.Bobby Craig. Paddy Turner.The most dynamic midfield ever.Big Scheidt at Centrehalf and big Frank Haffey our singing goalkeeper. Keep up the banter and Melbourne Mick don’t be such a tight arse and get a shirt up as a prize.HH




    Winning medals is important to a footballer too. At Liverpool not only did Dalglish secure his family’s financial future he also enhanced his chances of pocketing an European Champions medal. Kenny gave us a lot and the writing was on the wall.

  32. GER57 on 8TH NOVEMBER 2016 9:29 AM





    Dont let Kev get to you. He’s forgotten his meds again.



    On KD, yes he was a world class player and joined Liverpool as the compleat article.



    And Desi White told us that the four hundred grand we got for him was the better end of the bargain.

  33. vfr800@girfuy.co.uk on

    Taurangabhoy on 8th November 2016 9:14 am you missed true greatness. Get the DVD and watch his magic.



    Here’s a taster: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-nOoMkdcqc



    and here’s a recommendation from some old guy that used to play for Brazil:



    Pele: “One player who sticks in my mind is the little red haired winger Jimmy Johnstone. He had such skill and was the kind of player I always enjoy watching.”