International football is a tax on Celtic


Steve Clarke made the right call to leave Leigh Griffiths out of his Scotland squad for the right reasons, saying, “I feel we should just give him a little bit more time to settle into the role again at Celtic…a fully fit, firing, sharp Leigh Griffiths will always be good for us.”  It is difficult to get a quiet period of normality when you are a high profile football player, but that’s what Leigh needs, while simultaneously getting back to what he does as a top football player.

International football is a tax on Celtic, as more of our players feature in full or youth squads than our direct competitors, most of whom get international fortnights off.  It’s a pity Callum McGregor and James Forrest are not also rested.


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  1. Rock Tree Bhoy on




    I understand that and for the most part agree, but we should be looking to get maximum value out of the existing playing squad rather than relentlessly complaining about not increasing the size of the squad.

  2. CELTIC40ME on 27TH AUGUST 2019 5:19 PM



    If it’s too hard to recruit a director of football I’d question why we have a CEO with an EPL salary.



    We’re never going to take the Head of Recruitment from Liverpool but maybe somebody a step or two below that level who wants to prove themselves.



    Maybe we need to just take the best guy out of our domestic market or promote from within.



    Something needs to change with our recruitment team.

  3. Some are reporting that we are waiting to see if Rosenborg get knocked out tonight to go after Meling, if there is any truth in that, even the slightest grain of truth, we are even more of an amateur outfit than I thought we were.

  4. I accept you can’t get it right all the time. But the club is crying out for something to happen since the appointment & resignation of Congerton.



    All we have is a temporary appointment.

  5. FATHER JACK on 27TH AUGUST 2019 5:34 PM


    Some are reporting that we are waiting to see if Rosenborg get knocked out tonight to go after Meling, if there is any truth in that, even the slightest grain of truth, we are even more of an amateur outfit than I thought we were.






    The reports are that Meling is waiting to see what happens. Not Celtic.

  6. Corkcelt @ 5.15



    Highly debateable I know, but simpler when broken in team positions IMO. Celtic transfer chatter is encouraged when out manager makes statements like ‘ three new players on the plane for Stockholm’



    GK – stronger.



    LB – weaker?



    RB – weaker?



    CB – same as



    CM – same as



    DM – same as



    AM – same as



    WL – weaker ?



    WR – same as



    Striker – same as

  7. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    FATHER JACK on 27TH AUGUST 2019 5:34 PM



    Who would know that? Who would be in control of that? PL chatting with stenographers?



    It’s obviously made up nonsense, but hey ho if it makes us look bad post it anyway.

  8. International football is a tax on ALL top teams – if you want decent football team , need decent players.



    More alarmingly is the lack of CQN headlines on the incompetency of our board! It is an absolute mess they way we handle our transfer business. We open up discussions , try to get them on the cheap, news is leaked when we are in discussions and we tend to lose out and move to target #5. Total shambles.



    For a club with the financial muscle of Celtic (current and projected) – to go into thee major club championship with a makeshift defense is embarrassing, unprofessional and a con to every paying fan worldwide. Even worse, we knew about this need 2 years ago.



    The foundation of the team needs strengthened – if they don’t deliver in the next few days, the fans will vote with their feet! Why should we bother with 10IAR if they don’t.

  9. TIMALOY29 on 27TH AUGUST 2019 5:32 PM



    I’d be very surprised if anyone chose to come to Celtic over an EPL team. Promoted teams spend £100m in transfer fees in one window, they can identify and sign players far easier than we can because of the lure of the Prem and the money they can pay in transfer fees and wages.

  10. FATHER JACK on 27TH AUGUST 2019 5:34 PM


    Some are reporting that we are waiting to see if Rosenborg get knocked out tonight to go after Meling, if there is any truth in that, even the slightest grain of truth, we are even more of an amateur outfit than I thought we were.






    Please explain?

  11. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    “More alarmingly is the lack of CQN headlines on the incompetency of our board!”



    STEBHOY – Once you get beyond the headlines and into the actual article itself you will find an avalanche of complaints about our board, definitely no shortage – perhaps other than as you say in the article headline.

  12. CaddingtonCommon on

    An awful lot of hand wringing this afternoon. Just as well we have a couple of easy games ahead!

  13. RTB – Thanks I see that! Its our #1 issue and has been for years – it should be headline condemnation. instead we leave it to the green brigade banners and bloggers to go off topic!



    It needs to one front and center – I feel this site panders to PL. PL has done a good job but he has been incompetent from a planning point of view and cost the club tens of millions as well as tarnished euro reputation.

  14. Lennybhoy


    Cracking post last night. Family first, always.


    Hope you are well D.



  15. Delaneys Dunky on

    Greenpinata @ 4.58



    Excellent post, that sums up the feelings of many Celtic supporters at this stage.

  16. I don’t think those comments from Lenny are anything other than playing the media.



    Maybe also keeping the ship tight after a lot of leaks.



    He also categorically denied in a previous presser that La Gran Muralla was coming back…



    Hail Hail 💚🍀




    Very accurate on numerous posts.



    A general word on transfers. If our manager states that three signings are imminent then of course we should speculate and discuss. It would be a funny Celtic blog if we didn’t.



    Cheers and HH.

  18. Friesdorfer – glad you’re on…..talking about family, is your cousin/nephew who is Deaf and BSL user called Tony. If so, I did,indeed, know him.


    Back to lurkin and keeping my sanity intact till the windae slams not with a bang but a whimper.



  19. well next week so important and this board still f…ing about and I include neil lennon no left back two bob club


    with two bob mentality.neil lennon has proven he is just a puppet.

  20. We are out of the cup with the big ears, that is a failure in anyone’s language, some will blame the manager for picking the wrong team, there is merit in that, some will blame the CEO for not having players in and bedded, there is also merit in that, the bottom line is we are a joke at player recruitment, window after window it’s the same, all the excuses are trotted out, funny how there wasn’t those same excuses when we did business at the beginning of the window when we brought three players in, now you see people blaming Rodgers for dismantling the scouting system, more excuses, if he did, the CEO should be sacked immediately for allowing this to happen, it’s excuse after excuse, our direct european opposition manage to sign players, many better than we have on budgets way below ours, why would that be, the answer is they don’t have a penny pinching CEO like we do, who just happened to be teeing off at lunch time today, obviously nothing happening that is requiring his attention.

  21. JOBO- CQN POTY: Does following the game for the entire 90 minutes on CQN updates qualify for voting rights?

  22. MOONBEAMSWD on 27TH AUGUST 2019 11:23 AM


    Lol…:) Surely I’m allowed one soppy post…:)


    Hope you are well my friend good to see you back.


    On those we are not signing or is that code for signing.


    Not getting much these days, from what I hear, Taylor plus a player, Miller or Henry most likely. Andreas Perreira was at our game on Sunday. Gummy an option but hearing there is someone ahead of him but don’t know who. The Club will wait until after the game Thursday before finalising deals. I do expect 2 or 3 in with a couple of loans, who they are I don’t know but from I hear it will be down to Thursday. So, back to who we are not signing, we’ll find out Friday.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  23. HeknowsWHOknows on

    In other news headlines., Bolton and Bury given winding up orders.



    I bet they are not the last.

  24. FRIESDORFER on 27TH AUGUST 2019 6:01 PM


    Thanks mate, doing good after a great day on Sunday.


    Hope you are well.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  25. Celtic go for player A.


    Player A signs for someone else.



    Celtic go for player B.


    Player B signs for someone else.



    See a pattern here!?.



    Its all bullshit! Or the Scottish press!; same thing!!.




  26. I have just been apprised of McKenna and Cosgrove signing for Celtic, with Hendry on his way to Aberdeen. Meling has apparently also been signed by Celtic.




  27. And the next contestant is….



    Red Bull Salzburg left-back Gideon Mensah is weighing up an offer from Celtic – according to a report.



    Ghana Soccernet claim the 21-year-old is being chased by the Premiership champions and Belgian side Zulte Waregem.

  28. BSR


    That’s not what I was saying as you well know, but anything to get the pathetic wee digs in Eh.

  29. My guess is that we have a high wages loan player [or two] lined up but we would have to know for sure that we have European football before we allow ourselves the extravagance .



    The genuine [non loan]signings are something that would happen if we had Europa League or not and we simply have not managed to find the right player for the right price because that is what we do.

  30. Scaniel at 6.24 – how would I ever know! The more votes the better. Some folk have already tried to vote in advance!!

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