International football is a tax on Celtic


Steve Clarke made the right call to leave Leigh Griffiths out of his Scotland squad for the right reasons, saying, “I feel we should just give him a little bit more time to settle into the role again at Celtic…a fully fit, firing, sharp Leigh Griffiths will always be good for us.”  It is difficult to get a quiet period of normality when you are a high profile football player, but that’s what Leigh needs, while simultaneously getting back to what he does as a top football player.

International football is a tax on Celtic, as more of our players feature in full or youth squads than our direct competitors, most of whom get international fortnights off.  It’s a pity Callum McGregor and James Forrest are not also rested.


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  1. Lesson from this game is being 2-0 up going away from home really need that away goal to make it comfortable. A 2nd for Rosenborg could really have made it quite awkward for Dinamo.


    If we score anytime on Thursday night, AIK need to score 4 just like Rosenborg tonight

  2. Have we agreed a fee for Meling? Have we agreed personal terms? Does it all hinge on tonight?



    If the answer to those questions are no, we have a long way to go to get this deal over the line regardless of tonight’s result.

  3. 67 European Cup Winners on

    GEEBEE1978 on 27TH AUGUST 2019 8:51 PM


    You Sir have not been paying attention


    It is worse than that


    AIK knock us out we do not spend a penny


    Huns knock ou Legia they spend every penny of the probable £10m EL money



    9 in a row at risk and has been since PL did not spend an extra £250k to buy McGinn




  4. Scaniel


    Yes, my cousin is called Tony, and lives in Clarkston, formerly Govanhill. It was his sister, also deaf, who passed away recently. Small world indeed.


    Hope your son-in-law and daughter enjoyed the game on Thursday as much as we did.



  5. 67 European Cup Winners…



    Relax, it’s fine. Rangers are about to implode. They’ll go bust. There’ll be a fire sale with the whole squad sold.



    Don’t you read Phil’s blog? It’ll all be fine….right? Anyone?

  6. TIMALOY29 on 27TH AUGUST 2019 9:23 PM



    Who was that? Mark Allen came from The Man City Academy and their head of scouting from the championship?



    I’d be amazed if anyone is leaving a senior role in recruitment at Southampton for a similar role at them.

  7. I am at a loss (somewhat like Rosenborg at the moment) as to why It is considered that Meling is having a blinder. Especially if Spackman thinks that. Will be interesting to see what happens next.

  8. 67 European Cup Winners on



    Im known as a happy clapper


    But the other poster i responded to, made a realistic point


    Our transfer policy is based on another teams success or failure



    I happen to be nervous about 9 in a Row


    I do not care (I do but the league is the holy grail) about the Europa League the league Cup or the Scottish cup



    If you do not think that they have improved more than we have then IMHO you are not looking



    As someone once said


    If you can keep calm when all around you are panicking – you obviously have no idea what’s going on



    We need to improve before Monday to increase the probability of winning the league – simple really




  9. 67 European Cup Winners on

    GEEBEE1978 on 27TH AUGUST 2019 9:40 PM


    I think our views are aligned



    I get frustrated that people cannot see it




  10. Lenny said he hoped to have a new signing joining them in Sweden. Meling was always due to play tonight.



    Am I jumping the gun or is it possible Meling was never an option?

  11. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Ah you see I love the craic


    But i love it more when we have our foot on the Huns throat


    I just sense we are letting him up



    But you know I love you




  12. Bankiebhoy1


    Hot Smoked beat me to it: yes, saw Hamilton Tim on Sunday, all good.



  13. So Krasnodar, Young Boys and of course Rosenborg drop into Europa League group stage draw on Friday. We would be seeded in Pot 2 all things being equal.

  14. Twitter.



    I don’t mind Lawwell being a tough negotiator when it comes to deals. What I do mind though is when the manager says something about signings and it doesn’t materialise. There’s miscommunication somewhere and it lacks professionalism.



    Tims following other teams hoping they get pumped in the CL,in the vain hope that we’ll sign one of their players is the ultimate embarrassment & confirms the utter chaos of our transfer strategy #Celtic



    @sharko67 Lawwell drags his heels with every transfer he’s an absolute pri*k when it comes to it.

  15. TIMJIM on 27TH AUGUST 2019 9:56 PM


    IF we do sign Meling can he play in the Europa Cup for us if we progress??


    Yes. Group stage and later rounds squads to be in by Sept 2nd with close of bulk of European transfer windows

  16. HeknowsWHOknows on

    Is it just me or is Celtics press duties are a big pile of Winne (he’s not a transfer target).



    I just watched the interview on the big week ahead a whole 1 minute and 18 seconds.



    I’m away to bury my head in the sand till Thursday. Doubt I’ll miss anything.

  17. AuroraBorealis79 on

    “Does Celtic ever show their hand with transfers? Did we know big FF was coming back?”



    Then again, it was only 2 week ago that it was suggested (On CQN!!) that Celtic should try & bring him back.



    More evidence that the Celtic scouting network read these pages.







    I always give the people that run Celtic the benefit of the doubt, and my own hard earned cash is already ponied up. I’ve not a clue about the balance sheet, but accept how hard it is to attract ‘multi million pound players’ to Scotland, even when you’re cash rich, like us.



    One window, two windows, three windows might be too far, not just for me, because it seems, not only can’t we attract enough of them, the methodology for attracting them, is exposed as being ‘holed under the waterline’



    The manager is on record as stating that the entire scouting network needs restructuring, change at boardroom level is never an option, even if the mineshafters stormed what’s left of the car park Dermot Desmond is not likely to be influenced, in making changes in one of his successful ‘smaller businesses’ which Celtic, certainly are.



    Hail Hail

  19. Patrick Roberts’ Norwich knocked out of some cup down south by a 4th division club. Where did it all go wrong. Well, we know Paddy.

  20. Mike in Toronto on






    As someone once said



    If you can keep calm when all around you are panicking – you obviously have no idea what’s going on






    okay… that actually made me laugh out loud.




  21. The misery of some of the pathetic pond life hunfiltrators on here today is something to behold….your mob are finished again and for the second time in 10 years you will soon be starting over again…



    I will love watching the agony and misery etched on your wretched sad faces on Sunday ….those of you who can actually afford a ticket that is….



    As for the perma rage so called Celtic ‘faithful’ malcontents I think you really ought to get a wee bit of help because just as you were all having fun telling each other how clever you all are and ‘told us all so’ then you are all in for more misery as you have to watch Celtic win again for another season. I would strongly recommend you get some professional counselling to deal with your ‘father figure authority’ issues and then try to enjoy SUPPORTING Celtic if you make that recovery… it really can be good fun…

  22. GENE on 27TH AUGUST 2019 8:35 PM





    They’re not in the EU so they set their own rules.






    Some of the nonsense you read at times.



    Holland, Belgium and Portugal all have fairly lax work permit rules and last time I checked they were in the EU. That would be because the EU doesn’t have any jurisdiction on non EU citizens.

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