International football is a tax on Celtic


Steve Clarke made the right call to leave Leigh Griffiths out of his Scotland squad for the right reasons, saying, “I feel we should just give him a little bit more time to settle into the role again at Celtic…a fully fit, firing, sharp Leigh Griffiths will always be good for us.”  It is difficult to get a quiet period of normality when you are a high profile football player, but that’s what Leigh needs, while simultaneously getting back to what he does as a top football player.

International football is a tax on Celtic, as more of our players feature in full or youth squads than our direct competitors, most of whom get international fortnights off.  It’s a pity Callum McGregor and James Forrest are not also rested.


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  1. It’s gonna be like this through till Sunday………..



    …and then it’ll start all over again.










    Friesdorfer of this Parish……….thanks, HH

  2. BANKIEBHOY1 on 27TH AUGUST 2019 8:16 PM



    😂😂 brilliant but not sure I agree it’s worthwhile. Thankfully I’ve met a few on here so know their credentials.



    Others like your good self I never question. No offence to anyone not name dropped as there are many, many more.



    For me CQN became a nightmare with the introduction of the ads and changed for the worse, although I do enjoy the most of the Celtic related articles and feel that’s an improvement. I’m also aware the growth of the site needed financed.



    When I read any news article online I usually just skim read to see what’s in quotes. The rest to me is just opinions.



    But the main reason I stopped coming on is I simply don’t have time to read every post, particularly when a lot are akin to the articles in MSM, that I would never buy or even read and most certainly not click on.



    The main reason I started posting again was to combat some of the negativity I was reading online in the run in last year.



    I love what the club are doing with Celtic TV. I love what the fact that I can now see every press conference in full.



    I haven’t actually watched the one yet where Lenny said about 3 players that has drew so much attention over the past few days.



    I did watch the one where he said Fraser Foster wasn’t coming.



    He was asked a direct question and he gave a definitive “NO” in reply.



    Fraser Foster signed.



    Hail Hail 💚🍀

  3. No way am I scrolling back…



    Your post above ☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼 Is enough BankieBhoy 😂



    I’m outta here until I have 2 hours free or after the game on Thursday.






    Hail Hail



    Mon the Hoops




  4. GENE on 27TH AUGUST 2019 10:19 PM






    What part of my post was factually incorrect






    Implying not having full EU membership plays any part in the Norwegian work permit criteria when it is completely irrelevant, ergo nonsense.

  5. The fact that Madden and various hun cronies will have so much say in the outcome of the game at The Dilapidated Victorian Toilet Block…..is the real scandal we should be screamin’ blue murder about – and in hun-defying unison.



    Fix Fitba’, Empty Hampden.

  6. Could someone possibly give me a clue as to who are the posters on here who are not Celtic fans and may possibly be playing for the other side.


    Now I aint sherlock holmes but I have no idea.



    Also I find the standard of opinion and post superior to anything I have come across online and love this site.


    This site is a brilliant place and I love it.I can only thank the people that run it and people who post incredibly good insights into the club i love.


    That some think it has slipped a bit possibly means I was not as active a couple of years ago when things were a bit busier?


    Also has helped me incredibly about 6 months ago when some poster posted an idiots guide[which I needed] to turn off the relevant scripts off on my laptop which stops all the ads.


    Cant even remember what it was but it worked a treat.

  7. BOURNESOUPRECIPE on 27TH AUGUST 2019 @ 10:11 PM



    “Birger Meling is 1.73M”



    £s or €s?

  8. Just in time for the night shift….


    *** CQN PLAYER OF THE YEAR 2019-20 ***


    Just for a wee bit of fun, I thought it’s be a good idea to collate opinions, on a game by game basis, with a view to determining CQN’s Player Of The Year for season 2019-20. Paul67 is happy for me to do so. My idea isn’t rocket science but is simply to collate each of your individual opinions on who our best 3 players are on a game by game basis. You don’t need to show the players in order, just the 3 who impressed you most on any given day. I’ll collate all of the votes, tally them up and then award points to the top 5 players that have been nominated – most votes gets 5 down to 5th placed getting 1.


    Votes should be sent by email – nothing long winded, just 3 players’ names! Voting will be open for (approximately) 48 hours after the final whistle for each game by sending your (up to) 3 picks to me at CQNPOTY@GMAIL.COM . This will start with this Thursday’s game against AIK. For that game you can vote up to 10.00pm on Saturday and I’ll then post the first ‘league table’ in plenty time before game 2 against you know who kicks off.


    I’ll re-post this a few times over the next few days so apologies in advance! Provided the idea generates a wee bit of interest I’ll run it for the whole season and I’ll stick out a wee reminder on the blog as each game comes around. You don’t need to sign up or anything, and you don’t need to vote on every game (please just do so for those games that you actually see the whole 90 minutes!).


    Whilst it would help if you also mention your Blog Name in your email, there’s no obligation.


    As I said, just a wee bit of fun to maybe give us another topic to discuss as the weeks go on.


    Thanks for reading this far.



  9. 67 European Cup Winners on




    Eloquently written but more importantly – factual



    We can but hope




  10. Mike in Toronto on

    Lazy Dynamite…



    isn’t the old saying that if you have to ask who they are talking about, it is normally you?



    but dont feel bad …. it took me several years of reading on here to realize that I was one as well




  11. 67 European Cup Winners on

    MIKE IN TORONTO on 27TH AUGUST 2019 10:11 PM



    Well if you can’t laugh – it’s time for bed



    Hail Hail




  12. MIKE IN TORONTO on 27TH AUGUST 2019 10:50 PM



    Don’t worry mate I have been accused.Quite recently as well.!



    I was just wandering if there was any substantial fact about anyone more than these accusations I see almost daily about posters who are ‘playing for the other side’.



    In all my time here I have not thought that once about anyone.

  13. How bad is it when some of the same people who are not concerned with big pete’s transfer debacle are the same one’s who are hanging on the result of the Rosenberg result for us to make a singing

  14. My 2019 Player of the season [so far]


    Nothing definitive here just early scores on the doors BIT OF FUN…..



    Gold Medal/


    French Eddy


    Silver Medal/


    Ryan Christie


    Bronze Medal/


    James Forest



    Most improved/


    Mikey Johnson


    Most consistant/


    Kris Ayer


    Best signing/



  15. The glorious English football set up may have just turned the tide.


    How can there be so much at the top with so little filtered down.?


    Very sad day for the supporters of Bury F.C

  16. glendalystonsils on

    It could be a left back from left field , a right back from right field , a middy from midfield or a striker from Chesterfield ….jist get the wallet oot Peter!

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  18. From the Herald


    CELTIC could be on the verge of clinching a deal for a new left-back – but it isn’t Greg taylor or Birger Meling.



    Neil Lennon’s side have been heavily linked with the two defenders, who play for Kilmarnock and Rosenborg respectively, but could be on the brink of a loan move for Salzburg left-back Giedeon Mensah.



    The Ghana youth international will decide in the next 24 hours whether to join Celtic or Belgian side Zulte Waregem, according to reports from ghanasoccernet.com.

  19. Good morning CQN from a dry Garngad



    Of course we are interested in a youth international for left back….



    Would it be too much to ask for us to go out and buy a proven, international left back??



    This guy could be a sensation, but the clue is in the could be… At least with a first team ready player you what….. Auch what’s the point…



    Let’s just get through Thursday with no injuries and into next round






    D. :)

  20. fergusslayedtheblues on



    Bloody spot on ,this is getting tedious now .


    Strengthen the back line with ready now players ,played in their correct positions .


    I that too much to ask



  21. FSTB- I believe Pedrp L wants to exit every window stronger than we went into it.


    So maybe there is still time to prove us wrong. I for one think we are weaker at the back than when we went into the window.


    Also buying or getting in prospects might fit a certain model for sell on fee etc, but just sometimes we need some experienced players in there.



    All my opinion of course.






    D. :)

  22. Anyone know how the old persistence beats resistance is coming along ? Resolution 12?



    I also bought my res12 t-shirt you know.



    I heard my club is leading the way and have been since 2012.



    Oh Paul quick question to you my good friend.



    What happened to the call for boycotting the cup games if dungcaster doesn’t do the right thing ?



    My other question to you Paul my good friend.



    In your opinion do you think your club and my club CelticFC were complicit since 2012 and this is why they don’t want to tackle Res 12.



    Where’s those custodians of our fan base Morrissey and Auldheid when we need them eh to tell us to be patient it’s happening?



    I’m sure we were all told our club are waiting for the right time to pounce.

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