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We have one league game, home to Motherwell, before facing Borussia Monchengladbach two weeks tonight, but there is a lot of football to be played before then for many in the squad.

Kolo Toure, Scott Brown and Scott Sinclair will be able to invest some time in building a training base, but the rest of the likely starters will face World Cup qualifiers with their various national teams. We have 18 players away in total and can only hope they return fit and ready.

Motherwell have experienced how difficult Celtic Park can be already this season, so on paper the forthcoming game doesn’t look too pressing, however, things ramp up for Celtic thereafter. The next five games have us home and away to Gladbach, at Hampden for the League Cup semi, and away to Ross County and Aberdeen.

A schedule like this illuminates the wisdom in Scott Brown retiring from international football. Kenny Dalglish, a player who always played for Scotland – apart from when national team manager Willie Ormand dropped him when he was about to eclipse a Rangers player’s run of 44 consecutive caps – believes Scott will regret retiring from international football.

Kenny did it all on the park, and harboured no bitterness at his SFA snub, so it’s harsh to dismiss his view out of hand. But he’s wrong on this one. Mikael Lustig should take note.


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  1. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Pass on my congratulations to Marc also



    Looking for a ticket for home match v The Germans for a friend who lurks



    VFR800A8 on 5TH OCTOBER 2016 11:18 AM



    Thanks. I`d forgotten his injury.



    Any possibility that he is performing below his potential to ensure his transfer fee is reasonable and do-able ?



    Like you , I hope so.




    I am working on the basis that his current form is an aberration, and I assume Man City will do likewise.



    Having said that, the wealth of talent they have available for (right sided) wide players is such that Roberts is about 5th in line; so it may be that they will be happy for him to either leave for a reasonable fee (the initial fee they paid, I am led to believe is between £4M and £7M so n-where near the £12M reported), or to stay on loan for at least another season.



    I think it will become clearer in January!




    FAC the Act




  3. The relationship between Kenny and Scotland fans wasn’t always great – there was a feeling that he didn’t try as hard for Scotland as he did for Liverpool, and he was never as effective as he should have been

  4. Paul67



    I hope this is ok to post on the blog but if it is not you can remove it.



    I have a pool table here that I purchased for the kids but they hardly ever use it they just put their jackets on it on the way in. It is a proper slate table and comes with two sets of pool balls one set of snooker balls, cues,chalk,triangle scoreboard etc etc, I have phoned the local youth club but they have plenty phoned st flannans etc no takers. Do any of our CQN members know of a club or organisation that would benefit from it. I am unsure how to post photos up but Paul has my email address if anyone is interested. It’s free of charge to any good cause but but will need uplifting in a transit type van…….ITS SLATE ITS HEAVY……….. but comes in 4 parts the slate being the heaviest.



    Just a thought but could Mary meals use it ????????



    Nas Na ri

  5. Almore,


    Congratulations to Marc , and to the 2 parents for investing their hard earned money well.Economics will prove it was an excellent return on investment. Enjoy your day. KTF

  6. Bonjour,



    Not been on for a longtime. Now moved to Paris (and canny be erchied changing my sign-in to Paree-skorrie).



    Anyway, my wee fellah (who’s 7) is showing a bit of interest in the game and is now with a PSG feeder club here. So I get a interesting view on how others see “le fut”



    My wee mhan has designs on being a keeper and his pride n’ joy is his Gordon No.01 tap which he wears to training. Only issue is, the other kids regularly give him pelters about this “unknown” team (PSG, Juve, Barca/RM and Bayern being deriguer here) .



    So, knowing what vicious wee bassas kids can be, I told him that if he wanted, and it made him more comfy, it would be OK to wear another tap.



    It just makes me mad, Dad. They’re silly boys and we’ll show them. Won’t we was his reply.



    Now with the Man City result and the news about Dembele wanting to play for France. They’re starting to listen.



    …. could go far, that kid of mines!




  7. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on




    Congrats to your lad for his achievements. You can tell from your post how proud he is.







  8. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    VFR800A8 on 5TH OCTOBER 2016 12:00 PM




    Same page.


    I would have him at that sort of price .


    Or another year on loan.



    Bigger picture.


    I love our player options.

  9. squire danaher on




    K Dalglish was a magnificent footballer, gave us 6 years of his career and we were lucky to have had him as a footballer. The least said about his other Celtic employment the better.



    This however does not mean that he is the oracle of all known wisdom.



    Invariably during international breaks he is wheeled out on some SFA/ O** F*** pretext and usually can be relied upon to spout a complete pile of ball locks. Usually in keeping with the requirements of MSM thinking.



    And right on cue, up he popped with a cheap media inspired shot at S Brown.



    Away and gie’s peace.




    A proper creative mid a la Lubo is my next desire.



    Nir Bitton will, given time an coaching, become our next Paul Lambert IMHO.




    FAC the Act




  11. Raymond Shannon61 on

    Channelislandcelt close but Sharkeys is my local now I have to head there to buy Matt Stewart a Guinness for my Podium any excuse for a pint. HH

  12. The Pantaloon Duck on

    The Ormonds were great. Crazy Horses. Long haired Lover from Liverpool. And, er, all the rest of those great songs…

  13. Raymond Shannon61


    welcome to the madhouse :)))))))))




    Congratulations to Marc

  14. I watched Dalgleish throughout his Scotland career mostly on TV, although I did attend some games until I got fed up with “Scotland” fans wearing rankers scarfs to games and berating any Celtic player at the drop of a hat. Wee Jinky, David Hay etc etc all suffered abuse from these morons, as did Dalgleish.


    If Dalgleish had a ” poor/quiet match”, many including myself former the opinion that whilst at first glance his performance wasn’t top notch, he was making runs off the ball, and playing passes that his less talented team mates failed to read and/or anticipate ?


    So it was relatively easy to spot that Dalgleish was in fact being let down by nu erous inferior team mates, and when that occurred, more often than not Dalgleish was the one made to look stupid etc ?


    If memory serves me correctly when Dalgleish returned from the world cup finals in 1974 in Germany it was the general opinion that he had a quiet world Cup ( three group games), especially when Celtic players such as Danny MacGrain and David Hay were outstanding ( the Scotland manager Ormond never gave wee Jinky a look in ! A shocking decision considering that Scotland HAD to win their final group match Yugoslavia to qualify fit the Knick out stages).


    I would accept that Dalgleish on occasions probably got pissed off now and again when after making a great run off the ball etc, a team mate was unable to read his run, and therefore Dalgleish wouldn’t receive any pass ? Likewise, he woukd lay a ball off after shielding it brilliantly only for some numpty team mate standing idly by, like a statue admiring Kenny’s hard work ?


    IMO, for anyone to accuse Dalgleish of not caring or not working hard enough is just utter bollocks ?


    Apart from his brilliant ability and football brain, ( IMO he was usually 2 or 3 moves ahead of most team mates) in his thinking ability. Dalgleish was always a grafter for Celtic, Liverpool and Scotland .


    If I remember correctly, the following domestic season after the 1974 world cup, Dalgleish and Danny were superb for Celtic ( David Hay had been transferred to Chelsea) , but there were some who continued to criticise King Kenny ?


    As for wee Jinky ? That eejit Ormond should have been sacked for taking wee Jinky to Germany in 74, and then refusing to give him game time especially when many Scotland/Celtic fans were screaming at their TVs to get Jinky on the pitch !


    In his ” wisdom”, Ormond regarded Willie Morgan if Man Utd, to be first choice I stead of Jinky…..you couldn’t make it up !

  15. WITs,



    All good thanks.



    I was watching You Tube clips of young Dembelle at St Kevin’s in Dublin. You can see how his game has improved since all the invaluable advice he got from all the CQNers at the tournament:)



    Fair play to the Dubs on another Sam. Was hoping that the ‘Mayo Curse’ didn’t stretch in October…alas…a good game though.



    Duty Calls.




  16. Afternoon champions….



    Word of the day: “Ausländerzentralkartei”: the central register of foreigners established by the German government in 1938.



    Enjoy your day….




  17. As for the Lisbon Lions, Champions of Europe, World Class players who not only conquered all before them , but did so playing fantastic entertaining football that was recognised world wide, especially 11 Scotsmen ( not forgetting John Hughes, Willie ONeill etc) to have achieved all of this and their ” Reward” from their country ?


    If you add up ALL the Scottish International Caps that the Lisbon Lions received you may (or may not) be surprised to learn that the total number of caps ONLY comes to a total of….117.


    That is a national disgrace . For that alone is it any wonder that we older Celtic fans generally speaking , couldn’t give a toss about the Scottish national team for years ?

  18. Bada,



    If your next post was ‘*Dembele’ I think I woulda literally pashed myself. :))




  19. Well it was the Big Man’s birth day today.



    I grew up watching the team blended and crafted by Jock Stein and it was a honour and a privilege to do so.



    In his 14 years at Celtic his 25 major trophies dwarfed Alex Fergusons 14 major trophies in his first 14 years as manager of Manchester United. The Big man also had a better career win average than SAF (63.58 to 58.14). Big Jock’s win average with Celtic was just over 70% which is massive:



    Played: 718


    Won: 503


    Drew: 113


    Lost: 102



    Jock Stein, IMHO, created the blueprint for Dutch total football, which in turn was taken to Barcelona by Johan Cruyff; so the end product at Barcelona that we all witness today was created at out very own Celtic Park 50 years ago! I don’t see that as fantasy thinking; I see it as the natural progression of a footballing ideology and ethos created by, again IMHO, the greatest football manager who ever lived. Definitely the most successful Scottish (and British) manager if you look at relative records.



    He was years ahead of his time, and apart from (I think) Steaua Bucharest (the Bulgarian Army Team), he led the only of home grown national players to win the European Cup; we were definitely the first.



    A true legend in the real sense of the word!




    FAC the Act




  20. The greatest goal scorer in the history of Scottish football James Edward McGrory international caps 7 international goals 6 for his sins he was born a Garngad Tim and was never picked to play for his country because he was a catholic, sad sad days, but will never be forgotten, let’s all move on,? Aye right , bitter moi? Yes, GIRFUYs

  21. Big Jimmy on 5th October 2016 1:27 pm



    As for wee Jinky ? That eejit Ormond should have been sacked for taking wee Jinky to Germany in 74, and then refusing to give him game time especially when many Scotland/Celtic fans were screaming at their TVs to get Jinky on the pitch !



    *much more galling was the Slav full back was the same on that Jinky had tormented in the 5-1 victory over Red Star in the EC, rumour had it that there was singing and dancing in their dressing room when they heard the wee mhan wisnae picked.



    In his ” wisdom”, Ormond regarded Willie Morgan if Man Utd, to be first choice I stead of Jinky…..you couldn’t make it up !



    *wee Morgan wisnae a bad wee player and was with manure at the time, rumour had it he was Celtic minded.



    I’ve rarely been a fan of the national side other than when they were playing england but I did wish them well for the ’74 WC.



    There were a fair smattering of Celtic and Celtic minded players in the squadwith sandra jardine being the only zombie player in it, as per usual Danny had to play left back tae let this “world class player ” © SMSM get a game, top players like Kenny, Davie Hay and Danny can play anywhere.

  22. tonydonnelly67 on 5th October 2016 2:05 pm


    The greatest goal scorer in the history of Scottish football James Edward McGrory international caps 7 international goals 6 for his sins he was born a Garngad Tim and was never picked to play for his country because he was a catholic, sad sad days, but will never be forgotten, let’s all move on,? Aye right , bitter moi? Yes, GIRFUYs



    *I can recall the Bear giving Jackie Charlton a roasting in a Scottish League v english league game at hunden yet in the full international a few weeks later st john was picked tae play against the same defender.

  23. wee ormond was a wimp and let the SFA run all over him, he had arguably the most talented national squad in many a year.



    As for the wee mhan, I watched him live on tele scoring 2 goals against England at hunden in a 3-4 game and the only players that congratulated him were the 2 Celts in the side plus wee Bremner and Denis Law. That’s the day I knew that England would win the WC.



    Yes you have just reminded me about the red star defender as I had forgotten all about that “story”.


    Any truth in the rumour that the Yugoslavians on hearing that wee Jinky was not in the Scottish team started belting out in their dressing room….” We got Jimmy, Jimmy Johnstone on the wing, on the wing, Jimmy oh Jimmy Johnstone, in Jimmy Johnstone on the wing” ?


    As for Willie Morgan being Celtic minded ? I honestly couldn’t care less, cos he couldn’t lace wee Jinky boots, and everybody and their dug knew it !