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We have one league game, home to Motherwell, before facing Borussia Monchengladbach two weeks tonight, but there is a lot of football to be played before then for many in the squad.

Kolo Toure, Scott Brown and Scott Sinclair will be able to invest some time in building a training base, but the rest of the likely starters will face World Cup qualifiers with their various national teams. We have 18 players away in total and can only hope they return fit and ready.

Motherwell have experienced how difficult Celtic Park can be already this season, so on paper the forthcoming game doesn’t look too pressing, however, things ramp up for Celtic thereafter. The next five games have us home and away to Gladbach, at Hampden for the League Cup semi, and away to Ross County and Aberdeen.

A schedule like this illuminates the wisdom in Scott Brown retiring from international football. Kenny Dalglish, a player who always played for Scotland – apart from when national team manager Willie Ormand dropped him when he was about to eclipse a Rangers player’s run of 44 consecutive caps – believes Scott will regret retiring from international football.

Kenny did it all on the park, and harboured no bitterness at his SFA snub, so it’s harsh to dismiss his view out of hand. But he’s wrong on this one. Mikael Lustig should take note.


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  1. BABASONICOS71 @ 4:02 PM,



    Wwelllll… when I said a pleasure to watch, to be fair beautiful didn’t enter my thinking:)



    Interesting though watching Robson-Kanu’s goal against Belgium… The commentator stated it was Messi-esque.



    Well, maybe so… but King Kenny scored goals like that every other week:)



    Hail Hail

  2. SFA trying their hardest to get Barton off the huns payroll.?


    Bet they won’t apply the same leniency they did to previous hun players caught.

  3. Billybear –



    I too remember Kenny stopping to tie his lace before scoring from a penalty in a 2-0 victory at Ibrox.



    My best memory of King Kenny was an autumn day at Dens Park when he scored 3 in a 6-0 rout of Dundee. He was truly World Class that day.

  4. itscalledthemalvinas on

    Im taking the opportunity as its the international break to ask if any CQN’rs have any views on West Calder. I’m going to look at a house there on Friday. Obviously I wouldn’t expect the vendors to tell me that Mrs Malvina’s and myself would be the “only tims in the village”


    What’s the word on the street, am I looking at a lark hall and being growled at if I go into a pub and cheer on the Celtic?

  5. Hope he bet on Stoke u23……



    They got well Morecambe Wised…..






    Smiley thing




  6. Tut tut, Joey.



    I’m sure the SFA/SPFL will say ‘existing measures are not working, evidently. We must make an example this time.’



    Please let some of his bets be bets against his current employer. To paraphrase Kevin Keegan, I would love it – love it!

  7. MIT…


    It’s a sad indictment of the game that teams in England would rather finish 4th than win the FA Cup.Money is now more coveted that glory.Hopefully it will eventually eat itself (reds under the bed alert ;) ) and a purer pursuit will infuse the game again.Might be a while though.





    Fair point.The night Ireland beat Italy I got quite emotional and really enjoyed it but it had nothing to do with the football I was seeing,it was a partisan reaction.If it had been Italy vs Sumbdyelse it would have been completely forgettable to me.


    Get your point though bhud.

  8. With regard to Joey Barton, he will get between 3 and 6 games with 1 or 2 suspended.



    He will miss 2 to 4 games – if it doesn’t involve betting on games involving his own team.



    Just my opinion.




    FAC the Act




  9. sixtaeseven - Gardez la Foi on



    I am also a Celt exiled in gay Paree :o)



    Probably a bit older than you, because I’ve got 2 boys (now 30 and 20) who were (and probably still are) torn between PSG and the Bhoys.



    I mean PSG, of course, before they were a Qatar play thing…


    We used to go to the games regularly at Parc des Princes – now it’s for the rich and famous…



    Could be interesting to meet up for a beer and a chat.



    Ask Paul for my email.




  10. VFR


    Ian Black bet on games involving his own team sevco with little punishment .


    Why would it be different for Barton?

  11. sixtaeseven - Gardez la Foi on

    Joey betting on a CL match – Tut Tut


    Being a Sevco player, he was therefore a spectator … probably of the arm chair variety.



    However, was it last season or the one before that a Sevco player was caught betting on a match he was playing in ??!!??


    Not a CL match obviously…



    However, don’t remember the SFA getting their twisters in a nix about it.



    Maybe they are starting to take this football governance thing seriously?



    The cynic is me thinks otherwise — a wee helping hand to get Joey off the Ibrox payroll.



    Oor heids don’t button up the back, Mr ReeKgan !!!

  12. cigalasporfavor on

    Useless info no.1



    Kenny Dalglish,s father used to sort our boats engines.


    I used to have a kick about with young Kenny on the quay but didn’t rate him because he kept kicking the ball in the sea.



    Maybe that wasn’t the best guide?

  13. FAN-A-TIC on 5TH OCTOBER 2016 4:57 PM





    Ian Black bet on games involving his own team sevco with little punishment .



    Why would it be different for Barton?




    Black got a 10 game ban, 7 suspended. The suspensions have ramped up a wee bit as well since then, so I’m making an uneducated guess that his will be longer than a standard 2 match ban but less than Blacks.



    Just an opinion.




    FAC the Act




  14. Almore



    Congratulations on the bhoy. great news best wishes to you Marc and the family



    I am over in Ireland so I have just caught up with the news.



    A big HAIL HAIL to all.

  15. I very much doubt Barton will have had an induction at the bigot dome where the do’s and dont’s should have been spelt out to him, so sacking him may not be on the cards, even if he did have an induction, I very much doubt they will be able to get rid that easily.


    Take them to the cleaners agent Barton.

  16. VFR


    I expect Barton will get a long and lengthy ban giving sevco the opportunity to try and terminate his contract.


    Or if not possible then to save money on his wages during suspension.


    Proper governance and the SFA do not fit in the same sentence.


    I smell a rat and note the mssm are ramping up the outrage on such behaviour.


    Outrage whish was totally absent when other sevco players were caught gambling on football.

  17. NAS NARI


    Yes I know the shop ” morning etc”.


    I live in Eastside, near the Garden Centre.


    Maybe get together for a local beer one day, but I’m careful where I go to, or maybe wait until the Bhoys on here are meeting up again in the BV ?





    Useless info no.1




    Kenny Dalglish,s father used to sort our boats engines.



    I used to have a kick about with young Kenny on the quay but didn’t rate him because he kept kicking the ball in the sea.




    Maybe that wasn’t the best guide?


    = = = = =


    Enjoyed that,good wee post.




  19. sixtaeseven - Gardez la Foi on

    So Joey can probably expect a 6 game ban, 4 suspended.



    Will he pick up his full wages for the 2 games he’ll miss while playing “himself” in FIFA 17?


    Ha ha

  20. It will be interesting to see the difference in how the SFA & Sevco handle Bartons case compared to Blacks.


    we’ll see

  21. Dalgleish.


    In season 1975\76, Celts v Kilmarnock ( I think) on a Saturday 3pm ko.


    My wife ( now an ex wife), was friendly with a girl in her office. Thus girl had just set up hone in Glasgow with a young Spanish chap who worked in a hotel. Anyway, this wife of mine asked me to somehow befriend the Spanish chap, as he was new to Scotland etc ?


    I agreed to meet up with him in Glasgow city centre, ( I can’t remember how we would know each other ?) but we went for a few beers in the old Devils Elbow at Queen St train station.


    Turned out he was a feckin Athletic Madrid fan !!!!!!


    This meeting was probably less than a year after their thuggery at Celtic Park in 1974, and I wasn’t for forgiving, still not !


    He was a nice enough young fella, maybe a wee bit younger than me but his English was reasonable ( better than mine).


    Long before we left the pub, I had marked his card, and warned him that if ANY other Celtic fan spoke to him at the match, he was NOT a fan of Athletico cos it could cost a wee bit of aggro ?


    We sat in the old main stand, and I was too scared to leave him alone in case he told someone who he supported in Spain ?


    For some reason Dalgleish was a sub that day, and it was either 0-0 or 0-1 to Killie. The Celts were playing poorly that day and I suspected my young Spanish friend just have thought that I was a tube, after all my history lessons that I gave him earlier in the pub about the Celts ?


    Anyway, Dalgleish entered the field of play and turned the game on its head ( if I remember correctly), and the Hoops won 2-1 or 3-1 ?


    I was obviously glad that Celts had won, but I was also glad that the Celts ( because if Dalgleish), had shown the young Spaniard what we were/are all about at Celtic , phew !


    To this day I still can’t remember why Dalgleish was only a sub that day, if any e plantation was ever given in the press etc ?


    The young Spaniard came away that day mightly impressed with Celtic and Dalglish, but when I told my pals later who I had taken to see the Celts, they weren’t impressed !

  22. Marrakesh Express on

    I saw three reserve games v rfc1872 in 1971. If memory serves me Dalglish scored eight against them in 7-1, 4-0 and 6-1 victories. He looked special, as did Vic Davidson who failed to reach the heights Kenny did.


    At the start of 71-72 season, Celtic beat Clyde 9-1. I sat right next to the Celtic dugout that day. I’ll never forget the rollicking big Stein gave Kenny. At 7-0, he didn’t bother tracking back for a clyde corner but stood with their centre half on the halfway line. The big man jumped out his seat and went through Dalglish, ‘Kenny get f&&& back there and pick up a jersey’. The look of fear on his face.


    As far as I’m concerned the best British player to play in England.



    As for Ormond, he was ordered by the SFA. His decisions on Dalglish and Jinky are consistent with the Jimmy McGrory travesty.

  23. I remember not so long ago Celtic sold a young player called Ferry to Dundee.


    Soon after, I was having a few beers with my mates, and I made the remark ” I think Celtic should have pushed the boat out to keep Ferry” !


    Cue my mates suddenly deciding to go home early doors!

  24. glendalystonsils on




    Sorry, can’t help you bud, but if Livibhoy is on later ,he might be your best bet.

  25. Big Jimmy


    The only way they could would be if it’s stipulated in the contract and I doubt he would be daft enough to sign one with a clause like that in it, but we will never know, I reckon he will bleed them for a fair few bob.



  26. Joey Barton bets on over 40 football matches no SSN yellow breaking news ticker along the bottom of screen



    Celtic lose a pre season friendly and it’s emblazoned all across the screen for hours.



    Strange that

  27. Big jimmy



    I know where the gsrden centre is nice area down there with lovely views of the hills. Will keep an eye out for the next get together and have a pint or fourteen then. Don’t go to any of the pubs locally with the exception of nonnas kitchen and Mariannas restaurants and occasionally walk the canal path to the stables and sit outside in the summer. Prefer a couple bottles of Guinness golden ale or peroni in the house once the kids are sleeping.

  28. Who’s the Huns trying to kid with the Joey Barton stitch up, it’s getting beyond a joke now with smsm.


    Hopefully he will open the doors, windows on the whole shebang on the lot of them.

  29. NAS NA RI


    Cheers mate, I like the part of your post about the ” 14 pints”.


    Right, that’s the first 2 hours taken care of, what about the rest of the day ? Lol.


    All the best.