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We have one league game, home to Motherwell, before facing Borussia Monchengladbach two weeks tonight, but there is a lot of football to be played before then for many in the squad.

Kolo Toure, Scott Brown and Scott Sinclair will be able to invest some time in building a training base, but the rest of the likely starters will face World Cup qualifiers with their various national teams. We have 18 players away in total and can only hope they return fit and ready.

Motherwell have experienced how difficult Celtic Park can be already this season, so on paper the forthcoming game doesn’t look too pressing, however, things ramp up for Celtic thereafter. The next five games have us home and away to Gladbach, at Hampden for the League Cup semi, and away to Ross County and Aberdeen.

A schedule like this illuminates the wisdom in Scott Brown retiring from international football. Kenny Dalglish, a player who always played for Scotland – apart from when national team manager Willie Ormand dropped him when he was about to eclipse a Rangers player’s run of 44 consecutive caps – believes Scott will regret retiring from international football.

Kenny did it all on the park, and harboured no bitterness at his SFA snub, so it’s harsh to dismiss his view out of hand. But he’s wrong on this one. Mikael Lustig should take note.


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  1. An Teach Solais: A name for the café? Well, it should reflect Celtic FC. Build it and they will come. The Superstore and the Kerrydale on match day proves that. The café should have the capacity to cater for fans/visitors/locals on non-match days and an increased capacity for match days.



    To be fair to Celtic, they have plans for a café as part of a museum and I would be happy with that. Also, the various fans’ associations raise these issues with the PLC on a regular basis.



    I just think that with the appointment of Brendan, and qualification for the CL, now is an opportune time to pursue this issue.



    Tiocfaidh ár gcafé!



    Tá súil agam go bhfuil na ranganna Gaeilge ag cur feabhais ar do chumas labhartha.

  2. Greetings from a very tired Hrvatski jim on holiday in beautiful Montizana.



    Two points to make tonight before slumber overtakes me.



    First is that Rod Stewart has kindly made a donation to help the family of the Rangers supporter who lost his life on Saturday.



    Second. I saw references to opera on the blog tonight. Last year my wife and I hosted a young singer from Cape Town when he studied in Glasgow.



    I am so delighted that he has been such a success that he has gone straight to a position at the Dresden Opera House , one of the top in Germany.



    In the next 6 months he will be singing in The Magic Flute, Dr. Faust and Salome.







    Khanyiso has come from a very poor township background to the top of the arts.






    Now, wouldn’t that be a great story to write an opera about?

  3. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    An Tearmann, the Paul McStay photo in Heraghty’s was a cracker.



    I may be wrong but I’m sure Matt McGlone provided it.



    Matt was very friendly at the time with Paul and he also did some photography.



    Matt managed to blag his way into grounds we were playing at by saying he was a press photographer . You can see him quite clearly beside one of the goals at the 5 nil game at Love Street. Choccy asked him if Dundee had scored.

  4. Evening folks, a wee call out to all shareholders (in Celtic! :-))



    For the first time ever the board of Celtic are supporting a resolution proposed by The Celtic Trust. This is hopefully a ground breaking move that will aid relations and communication between Celtic supporters and the board.



    Despite this support we still need the required number of shareholders to sign up to ensure that the proposal goes before the AGM.



    Further information is contained in this link as is the form which needs to be completed.



    Yours in Celtic.




  5. Corkcelt: Great minds think alike……



    The John Lemon pub, is it near the train station, the 24 hour square or along the bus route? I’ll be out that way for Hallowe’en and will check it out.

  6. Almore It’s just off Bonanza Square, As you walk up from the sea front go through the square and about 50 or more yards beyond the square.

  7. Melbourne Mick: Haven’t heard from Marc today so I assume he’s had a great day celebrating:-)



    I thought I left a message for Paddymacoz on the bhlog last night but couldn’t find it, so just to reiterate, I really appreciate what you are doing for him.

  8. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Bobby at 9.18, John Gotti was the Teflon Don , Dodgy Dave the first is the Teflon hun.



    Paul Larkin’s Asterisk Years shows him up for what he is.

  9. Almore, There was about 60 Tims in for the Killie game, they were telling me that there were well over a hundred doing the Huddle out on the main street after the Sevco demolition job.

  10. Freethebears 7.43


    I take your point that Ormond was maybe leaned on in regards to Dalglish, but who’s decision was to take Jinky to a World Cup and not play him for one minute ?


    IMO, IF Ormond was leaned on for both those players then that tells you more about Ormond as a man and a so called football manager ?


    Over the years the MSM would tell us how wonderful guys like Archie Knox, Alex Smith, Ally McLeod, Wattie Smith, etc etc the so called typical old school style manager, when in IMO these guys just got lucky, like numerous so called p!ayers who should never have allowed to be anywhere the game in the higher leagues ?


    Sorry, my wee rant us now over.



  11. Dessy



    I sat with another Trust member sending out hundreds of forms to members, we also looked at ones that had come in that day. I don’t know your full name but there was one from a ‘Desmond’.






    Many thanks S.

  12. Guys will work out in December why Donald Findlay is defending Craig Whyte….


    Do the math…

  13. big jimmy



    Think he came on late against Zambia.


    Needed to play against Yugoslavia, didn’t.

  14. Celtic mac



    Mrs HJ assures me that Mozart was mocking the initiation rights of the Masons in the Magic Flute.



    I confess to not knowing anything about it.



    Laku noce from Croatia

  15. What is the Stars on




    Do you know if my sharehoder authorisation was received


    I emailed it last week .I can send it again if necessary

  16. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Bada Bing, its a strange choice of defence lawyer but with the way things work here involving the dead club, its unsurprising.

  17. CELTIC MAC 10.04


    If you mean Jinky playing at the world cup in Germany 1974, it was ZAIRE that Scotland player in their first group game 2-0 win for Scotkand.


    Jinky never came on in any of the three games.


    People talk about George Best never playing at a world cup, ditto wee Jinky.

  18. Hamilton Tim


    i will print of the form for agm and send it in the morning..is their a date set for agm yet?

  19. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on

    Good Evening Bhoys and Ghirls



    Caught up with Wee Shay’s Mum Mary yesterday.



    Family home safe and sound. No idea why Shay had a seizure for the first time in over 2 years. Follow up hospital appointments this week. Fingers crossed everything ok.



    Oh and Wee Shay going to be a big brother, with a little sister due to arrive in March 2017. Now that makes me happy.







  20. Big Jimmy



    I was not excusing him for the Jinky decision- that was his flawed football judgement not to give Jinky any game time in the 3 matches. Jinky had played in 2 of the 3 Home Internationals in May 74 and in both warm up matches before the WC 74 so it was a shock to see him not play. In not selecting Jimmy he showed the same flawed judgement of many Scotland managers but the evidence that it was an anti-Celtic rather than an anti-Jinky choice is just not there.



    Kenny’s one match omission is so bizarre it was a decision obviously not based on football merit and, I believe taken over the manager’s head and preference. I can see and have heard no such excuse being offered for the failure to pick Jinky. He was available on the bench in all 3 matches but Willie only ever made 2 subs in those 3 matches with Tommy Hutchison coming on for KD in both the Zaire and Yugoslavia games (KD was quiet in both matches and Hutchison had been influential in getting us there.



    I still blame the SFA and the Rangers Old Guard more than Ormond.