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We have one league game, home to Motherwell, before facing Borussia Monchengladbach two weeks tonight, but there is a lot of football to be played before then for many in the squad.

Kolo Toure, Scott Brown and Scott Sinclair will be able to invest some time in building a training base, but the rest of the likely starters will face World Cup qualifiers with their various national teams. We have 18 players away in total and can only hope they return fit and ready.

Motherwell have experienced how difficult Celtic Park can be already this season, so on paper the forthcoming game doesn’t look too pressing, however, things ramp up for Celtic thereafter. The next five games have us home and away to Gladbach, at Hampden for the League Cup semi, and away to Ross County and Aberdeen.

A schedule like this illuminates the wisdom in Scott Brown retiring from international football. Kenny Dalglish, a player who always played for Scotland – apart from when national team manager Willie Ormand dropped him when he was about to eclipse a Rangers player’s run of 44 consecutive caps – believes Scott will regret retiring from international football.

Kenny did it all on the park, and harboured no bitterness at his SFA snub, so it’s harsh to dismiss his view out of hand. But he’s wrong on this one. Mikael Lustig should take note.


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  1. Strand67



    Apologies. No, no notice as yet but we’re hopeful Celtic will give us more than the required notice because of the nature of this resolution.

  2. What is the Stars on

    Celtic is a family club so there’s a special relationship between the players and the fans and you cannot see this at any other club in the world. I’m glad to be here and have this family around me.



    Moussa Dembele saying all the right things


    Below is the Daily Record version of the same



    I only signed for Celtic to sample the Old Firm atmosphere between the 2 wonderful giants of Scottish Football,unfortunately due to the corruption of the SFA Rangers are not able to financially compete with Celtic which isnt good for Scottish football,I must find a bigger club in a better league as soon as possible to further my career

  3. What is the Stars on



    Just emailed you a copy of the form I sent on the 27th


    Let me know if thats ok

  4. SFTB


    Ormand and not playing Jinky in 74 is one of the great football mysteries- he had taken England apart during the Home Internationals and was available to play in a must win game v Yougoslavia – a team who would have shit their pants at the sight of him (see my nom de blog, for I was there).


    The nievety of Scotland in 74 was encapsulated in their ‘after you claud’ approach to Zaire – 2-0 – Yougoslavia scored 9! We went out on goal difference.



    I here KD and wee Girdon saying that Saturday’s game is not a ‘must win’ – an analysis of the majority of our failures in Group stages shows that losing ( or drawing) with teams ranked below us has been fatal – Saturday is a must win.

  5. HT


    cheers for info re agm. If you get any prior notice can you post it on cqn?..keep up the great work with the trust pal

  6. AULD TAM on 5TH OCTOBER 2016 9:04 PM


    My nephew just texted me. Apparently Kieran Tierney playing against Hearts development squad tonight and scored from 70 yards.




    Asked for confirmation. 70 yards not a typo.










    Kieran Tierney did indeed score a 70 yard goal against Heart development squad. However it happened quite a while ago. Not tonight.

  7. Margaret McGill on

    The dropping of Dalglish and omission of jinky in the 1974 WC had nothing to do with Ormond.


    It was the tail-end of the same SFA scummery that only took a squad of 17 Scots to the 1958 WC in Sweden instead of 22 so that they could expense their wives. Ormond was told what to do. Innocent.


    Same shite but not so blatant persists.

  8. Margaret McGill on

    Who does the poor Zaire player who ran out of the wall to blooter the Scotland FK away remind you of?


    Craig Whyte?


    me too. :)

  9. Robert Tressel…..thought you were having a wee sabitical….



    The Big Cup…..you are well aware in Glasgow the tendency to drop the “The”


    And the cup looks more like a jug….


    Are you suggesting Almore,s cafe should be called Big Jugs !!!!



    Tut tut tut …..and ” i ” was careful there with my vowels!!!



    Smiley thing




  10. What is the Stars on




    Are you suggesting that had Joey Barton took the SPL by storm ,banging in goals and leading Rangers to the top of table while endearing himself to his fans and team mates with man of the match performances etc that these betting allegations would never have seen the light of day.


    Well if so I have to conclude you have a bad case of Celtic paranoia…..( smiley face,smiley face)

  11. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    Good Evening All,



    I spent a very pleasant couple of hours with The JamesGang earlier tonight.



    That man does some great work with BHF and going forward he will take the organisation in Scotland to new heights.



    HT that is fantastic news re the resolution from the trust getting support from the board. The establishment of a properly constituted forum with established representatives from the fan base goes a long way towards resolving the issues I have with the PLC structure.



    It does not and cannot cure all my gripes but hey no one ever gets everything they want in life. I would urge all fans to support this resolution, and before anyone suggests otherwise I am not a member of the Celtic Trust and had no knowledge of the resolution until reading HT’s post.



    Obviously, I am still plugging the sleepout for the homeless and if you are so minded you can donate here:






    My sincerest thanks to all of those who have donated thus far.



    Very sad to hear about Stephen Marchetti and although I do not know the details it makes the kind of work being done by JamesGang all the more important.



    Good night & God bless.




  12. An Teach Solais on



    Sorry for the delay in replying -internet problems. Just thought that a mention at AGm re caé might be hepful.



    Mo chara, Go raibh maith agat as do mhíanta chineál faoi mo ranganna Gaeilge. Ta mé foghlaimeoir fós, b’fhéidir ag leibhéal bhunscoil anois. Ach, le cúineamh Dé, ar fheabhsu. Slán agus beannacht.

  13. Rangers twice on the one page, eh?



    And on the blog that instigated the advert about Sevco being a new club.



    Mission very much accomplished, Charlie, Stew, Neilly, Jabba et al.



    Movin’ on apace.

  14. hrvatski jim



    I bow in the direction of Croatia. And to Mrs HJ


    Mozart was a smarter guy than I gave him credit for.

  15. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    WHAT IS THE STARS on 5TH OCTOBER 2016 10:57 PM






    Are you suggesting that had Joey Barton took the SPL by storm ,banging in goals and leading Rangers to the top of table while endearing himself to his fans and team mates with man of the match performances etc that these betting allegations would never have seen the light of day.



    Well if so I have to conclude you have a bad case of Celtic paranoia…..( smiley face,smiley face)






    I feel Barton is an embarrassment to them and that they will be searching for the cheapest way to cut their losses and terminate his contract. Could end up in Court.


    God willing. :-)


    Nothing would surprise me , mate.


    They cover their tracks by being constantly critical of the SFA .


    It`s just a tactic.

  16. Mike in Toronto ( if you’re about, but understand there is an element of ‘when the cat’s away’ going on,so you may be ‘aff oot!’ )



    I remember before our first-ever league encounter with Sevco that you were consistently stating that, unless the club made some kind of statement challenging the same club narrative and/or addressing the cheating of RFC (1872-2012), you would, with heavy heart, have to turn your back on the ‘game’ in Scotland, and thus, Celtic.



    Reading back, I couldn’t help noticing that you still seem to be very much involved with all things Celtic.



    Did I miss something, apart from the match, that day?

  17. Hearing from a West Ham fan that at last home game, supporters were standing singing “Bubbles” and stewards were noting seat numbers.



    Now season ticket holders being threatened with cancellation of tickets for standing during the game.

  18. BRTH



    It’s definitely an olive branch from both camps and hopefully is the first step in a genuine consultative body.

  19. Auld Tam



    Arsenal threw out some supporters at a game last season when they refused to sit.

  20. Serves them right Auld Tam, they should let poor old Michael Jackson’s companion rest in peace.

  21. Big Jimmy



    My mind playing tricks on me there re the WC 1974.


    Do remember seeing wee Jimmy play both in the Scottish Cup final in 1974 and also against England both at Hampden. Still a great player then no doubt about it. Ormond blew a great chance for Scotland to get out of that group.

  22. An Teach Solais on



    Will attend to submitting shareholders’ form in the morning if that’s OK.


    Will need to check out my shareholders ID number.


    Good luck with all your efforts. HH

  23. An Teach



    If you complete the form in my link all we need is your name, address, date and signature mate.

  24. King Kenny Dalglish.


    The greatest player that I have ever seen.


    The greatest player to ever play in British football….imho.


    The Jungle’s most shameful night was when KKD came back to play in Mr Stein’s testimonial when, KKD was treated disgracefully. My worst experience as a Celtic supporter.


    In other news…..


    There are way too many seats in all football grounds nowadays…imho.


    Would the SFA have, rejected the Lord Justice Taylor proposal for all seated stadiums if,….the huns were in serious decline and, needed tens of £ millions to build a new all-seater stadium with Celtic FC sitting at 6 in a row ?


    DD, hopes to keep Dembele ?!?!? Hmmmm ?


    Looks to me like the PLC-Hierarchy-Leopards who don’t change they’re spots, will be keeping yer souls for ransom for a little bit longer and, yeez’ll be sitting at the back of the bus, filling oot petitions to fight the ACT’s that will have already been rubber-stamped by the PLC-Hierarchy-Leopards who won’t / don’t change they’re spots.


    And on and on and on and on…..


    “Take me too yer Paradise I want to see the Jungle….”


    “Deary me,……it’s gone!”







    I doubt KD was to know that he was leaving Celtic,and Jock Stein,so severely in the lurch as fate decreed.



    He was only one player-incredibly difficult to replace,neither Dowie nor McAdam could lace his boots-but it was the catalogue of injuries following his departure which done us and Mr Stein.



    But our most shameful night surely was when White used that one bad season to oust Jock,a chance he had long coveted. My first experience of despising our board.



    I didn’t boo KD on his return,I was more concerned how they could sign a full-back on the way up to play us and he bloody scored!

  26. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Condolences to Mr. Marchetti’s family on their sad loss. Due to re-location for CL games we were close by to the incident and relieved to hear he had recovered after treatment. Sad news indeed RIP.

  27. mike in toronto on

    Beat bhoy



    How ya doing tonight?



    Just popped on and saw your post.



    Much to Torontony’s consternation, since the club has not addressed the issues, I am not putting any money into the Club at the moment, so no CelticTV, no merchandise, not going to the Celtic club to watch the games …



    But Some good guys on here have said to give it some time as they believe things will change, so I haven’t cut ties entirely. I hope they are right, and if so, I will start watching the bhoys again.



    And I like the lads on CQN, so I still like chatting on here. They are a nice bunch on here, and, for me, represent Celtic much better than those running our club do. So CQN is really my remaining connection to the club.



    If things don’t change (or if my fears about our Board are borne out), I will probably fade away. But for now, unless P67 kicks me off, you guys are stuck with me.